Cars, Cats and Crooks

R.H. Carter

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Cars, Cats and Crooks

Cars, Cats and Crooks By R.H. Carter Cars Cats and Crooks Ever Dreamt Of Becoming A Detective Peyton Has Peyton Kimble is years old and has recently been made redundant from his boring dead end job at an independent car factory in Chester UK What should

  • Title: Cars, Cats and Crooks
  • Author: R.H. Carter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cars, Cats and Crooks By R.H. Carter Ever Dreamt Of Becoming A Detective Peyton Has Peyton Kimble is 42 years old and has recently been made redundant from his boring dead end job at an independent car factory in Chester, UK What should he do next with his life Become a private detective, of course Although the answer is obvious to the imaginative and intelligent Peyton, who feels like he s been waiti Ever Dreamt Of Becoming A Detective Peyton Has Peyton Kimble is 42 years old and has recently been made redundant from his boring dead end job at an independent car factory in Chester, UK What should he do next with his life Become a private detective, of course Although the answer is obvious to the imaginative and intelligent Peyton, who feels like he s been waiting for this opportunity all his life, his other half, Sherri, initially thinks he s having some sort of mid life crisis But with the support of his sister Ros and her eighteen year old lazy, but clever drop out son, Jackson Chadwick who soon becomes Peyton s assistant the Kimble Detective Agency takes off with a bang Their first case is the mystery of Mrs Boggins missing cat, a seemingly simple, boring and childish investigation which actually ends up being a little complicated than they initially imagined, and lands them an article in the local paper after their heroic rescue of poor Speckles But when Gordon Tate turns up dead, Peyton and Jackson are drawn into an entirely sinister world that will change both their lives forever The police rule the death as a suicide, but Peyton and Jackson have other ideas Will The Outcome Be A Total Success With all the evidence stacked against them and even the police turning their backs, can Peyton and Jackson prove that this was something than a simple suicide The revelations they uncover will turn Peyton s entire family upside down, dredging up old secrets and scandals from the past that most thought were long buried and forgotten Scroll Back Up Click BUY NOW To Discover The Secrets Of The Past
    Cars, Cats and Crooks By R.H. Carter

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      124 R.H. Carter
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    One thought on “Cars, Cats and Crooks

    1. Michael on said:

      I Love English Detective FictionAnd Cars, Cats and Crooks is no exception I wish I knew Cheshire, because I enjoy visiting in my memory as I readThe main characters are interesting and believable and off the beaten path far enough to make the novel unique I look forward to getting to know them better as I read of this series.

    2. Elizabeth Haire on said:

      The Kimble Detective AgencyThis first outing of the Agency is a good read I enjoyed the humor as well as the intriguing story I anticipate enjoying by this author who is new to me with this book.

    3. Donna Thompson on said:

      What a wonderful, zany, madcap adventure this was I m absolutely in love with Kimble and Chadwick This book had me going from the first sentence There were quite a few laugh out loud moments and this light hearted and comical mystery made my day

    4. P.A. Wilson on said:

      When you get downsized, you can choose to get another job, or follow a dream Peyton Kimble decides to do what he s always wanted to do, become a private detective he s good at figuring things out after all Joined by his nephew, Jackson Chadwick they start out with the case of the missing cat and prove that they are both good at detective work Unfortunately, it s hard to make a living finding lost pets.I recommend this to anyone who likes a cozy mystery, and a couple of kind and funny detectives. [...]

    5. Allison Kohn on said:

      A good mysteryCan t wait for the next installment This is an unusually written book and a good mystery I spent a lot of the first few pages laughing and the last pages breathless.

    6. Palmreader on said:

      Clever idea for a series with lots of room for growth Could be a great series for those who like their mysteries less brutal I like story, and definitely with procedure.

    7. Marilyn on said:

      Goodthe murder of a young man that the police decided that it was sucide but the farther insists that it s murder.

    8. Karen on said:

      Quick,fun read.Had a few problems with translation at times but trust enjoyed this clean suspense novel Proves they can still be good and without foul language Thank you

    9. Kandy on said:

      Not sure how the bumblers in this book solved the crimes but they did The characters are fun and it is enjoyable to see how they get along.

    10. Rebecca on said:

      Parts of it okay, but completely broke down in resolution Cop got warrant to search house without even knowing a crime to suspect owner of And nothing on warrant about what searching for Then timeline totally broken Ladder bought almost a month before the incident that was supposed to trigger the murder Yet had fake emails, etc, setting up alibi for ladder purchase to kill someone who hadn t yet offended the murderer And murder supposedly committed by forcing someone to take pills in his sleep H [...]

    11. MJ on said:

      Enjoyable read.I wasn t too sure about the book when I started it but quickly became drawn in The character interactions became key Looking forward to the next one I think I would recommend this book to the person who enjoys a mystery but not all the blood, gore, and foul language.

    12. Nola Arganbright on said:

      First book of the seriesA new detective agency that friends and family don t think will ever work out A good book with 3 separate stories, or cases with strong plots and we ll developed characters.

    13. Laurie on said:

      slow start, was almost boring, but since it was a cozy mystery I didn t expect fireworks, still I came close to putting it down half way thru it got better and the ending was pretty good.

    14. Emma on said:

      This was a really mixed read for me It started out kind of light and funny but by the end the 2 newbie detectives end up catching a serial rapist I felt like the tone of the book became a bit muddled and went from light to serious and that didn t entirely work for me I mean, are they going to be able to go back to dealing with smaller crimes etc now that they ve caught a serial rapist who it turns out got Peyton s mother pregnant and forced an adoption on their family years before Having said th [...]

    15. CritiCalGal on said:

      Light read handles heavy topic with graceBecause I love mysteries and cats, this book seemed a likely fit for me, and it was I enjoyed the plot, the learning process for these self made detectives, and their can do attitude in the face of considerable odds It is very British, which I enjoy, and I learned many new words and turns of phrases that one doesn t encounter on American broadcasts of UK programs.Further, a delicate topic arises in the course of the investigation that is handled appropria [...]

    16. Sara Eames on said:

      A straightforward, easy read cosy mystery that is well written with engaging characters and a well paced storyline Ok, it can get a bit irritating that whenever a protagonist decides to set up a detective agency, they immediately get embroiled in a juicy murder but, let s face it, without this plot device there would be no story Well, not one worth reading anyway However, back to the book in question, I enjoyed reading this and got through it in a few hours The story flows well and the character [...]

    17. Linda on said:

      Note This is a debut novel, so expect some minor spelling punctuation grammar errors in the text Nevertheless, I was impressed, and do look forward to the second installment of the series.Peyton Kimble and his nephew assistant Jackson Chadwick are appealing and likable main characters After some initial bumbling and at first reluctant assistance from Peyton s older brother Arthur on the police force, the newly formed Kimble Detective Agency does manage to solve three crimes a stolen cat, a murde [...]

    18. Casandra on said:

      Enjoyable British humour This debut novel in the Kimble Detective Agency series is a lighthearted, easy novel There is a little excitement, but it is a momentary blip in the events surrounding our faithful gumshoes There is a teaser of the next adventure waiting for them, but this story can easily stand alone I will liken it to a lovely spot of tea and a few digestives It isn t supper, but it will get you through the afternoon It can be subtle please don t expect shoot outs or the like, but I he [...]

    19. Carole on said:

      Aside from the few quirks of the British English language to the American version I found this book to be fun, light hearted tho it did have a murder a few rapes, but there was not much detail in those The characters were fun and it was interesting to see this uncle nephew start up a detective agency from the very start I enjoyed it and will wait for future books to come out It was an easy read.

    20. Christine Woollons on said:

      FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY This is the first book in a series It grabed my attention from the first page was finnig it difficult to put down The story is about two people related to each other who started a detective angency After solving a couple of cases with the help of a family member on policeforce they are on their way Looking forward to reading the next bookk in the series.

    21. J. Ewbank on said:

      This book by Carter is a good start of a detective series It has the usual problems of setting up the start but is handled well The characters are well sketched out and the plot is interesting, but not heavy It is a nice, easy read I will be interested in further episodes.J Robert Ewbank author John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms Wesley s Wars and To Whom It May Concern

    22. Dee on said:

      Awesome first book in this series I loved this book It is a quick read and it s a pleasure to read a good CLEAN mystery Looking forward to read the next installment in this series Keep up the good work and don t change the format of your writingeping the language G rated

    23. Conny on said:

      I got this book as a free download because it sounded like a fun read, and that is exactly what it was I liked the characters, and even though it started off a little bit slow for me, it did pick up and took a turn I did not expect Overall entertaining, but I have to be honest I like a little bit action and some romance in my books.

    24. Bodwisebooks on said:

      This was another kindle book I bought for my Christmas present A Kindle Paper white A good choice as the detective character is funny, the side kick is a bit slow, but has his funny part to play I enjoyed the story and laughed a few times through the book Will wait for the next book to see what that comes out like.

    25. Kim on said:

      I found this book to be quite entertaining There was mystery, and some comedy to the story The main characters, Kimble, Chadwick, and brother Arthur, were well developed Their interactions were believable, and added to the story The mystery had it s twists and turns, and with a family secret in the mix, it kept me interested It wasn t a complicated story, but was an enjoyable one.

    26. Frances L. Ehrig on said:

      Nimble KimbleA mid life crisis and a new detective agency is born Our hero and his young assistant confidentially go forth and quickly solve their first case Their second case is complicated, a suicide or murder The investigations were interesting and held that interest until the exciting resolution.

    27. Carol on said:

      Quick MysteriesBritish mystery about a man who has been laid off from his job in a automobile factory, who decides to start a detective agency The first job is about a lost cat but his cases get progressively serious He has an excellent attitude and gets help from his policeman brother.

    28. Marvel on said:

      Review for Cars, cars and crooksThis was a fun read and a different way of presenting a mystery to be solved I am looking forward to the next adventure of the Kimble Detective Agency.

    29. Shirley on said:

      Nice readIt took awhile to get into this book but by the second case it took off I would consider reading the second book since there are questions left unanswered at the end of the book.

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