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Jordan Harper

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Love and Other Wounds: Stories

Love and Other Wounds: Stories By Jordan Harper Love and Other Wounds Stories In the hard edged tradition of Hubert Selby Jr Daniel Woodrell and Donald Ray Pollock and with the fresh complex humanity of Breaking Bad and Reservoir Dogs a blistering debut collection that unsp

  • Title: Love and Other Wounds: Stories
  • Author: Jordan Harper
  • ISBN: 9780062394392
  • Page: 286
  • Format: ebook
  • Love and Other Wounds: Stories By Jordan Harper In the hard edged tradition of Hubert Selby Jr Daniel Woodrell, and Donald Ray Pollock, and with the fresh, complex humanity of Breaking Bad and Reservoir Dogs, a blistering debut collection that unsparingly confronts the extreme, brutal parts of the human heart.A man runs away from his grave and into a maelstrom of bullets and fire A Hollywood fixer finds love over theIn the hard edged tradition of Hubert Selby Jr Daniel Woodrell, and Donald Ray Pollock, and with the fresh, complex humanity of Breaking Bad and Reservoir Dogs, a blistering debut collection that unsparingly confronts the extreme, brutal parts of the human heart.A man runs away from his grave and into a maelstrom of bullets and fire A Hollywood fixer finds love over the corpse of a dead celebrity A morbidly obese woman imagines a new life with the jewel thief who is scheming to rob the store where she works A man earns the name Mad Dog and lives to regret it.Denizens of the shadows who live outside the law from the desolate meth labs of the Ozark Mountains to the dog fighting rings of Detroit to the lavish Los Angeles mansions of the rich and famous the characters in Love and Other Wounds all thirst for something seemingly just beyond their reach Some are on the run, pursued by the law or propelled relentlessly forward by a dangerous past that is disturbingly close Others are searching for a semblance of peace and stability, and even love, in a fractured world defined by seething violence and ruthless desperation All are bruised, pushed to their breaking point and beyond, driven to extremes they never imagined.Crackling with cinematic energy, raw and disquieting yet filled with pathos and a darkly vital humor, Love and Other Wounds is an unforgettable debut from an electrifying new voice.
    Love and Other Wounds: Stories By Jordan Harper

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      286 Jordan Harper
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    One thought on “Love and Other Wounds: Stories

    1. karen on said:

      i read an early ARC of this, and i m probably totally not supposed to be reviewing it already, but i ve been in a bit of a review slump lately, and of the twenty or so books i still have to review, this was the one i was most enthusiastic about reviewing today, even though there s at least one book i liked than this one in the bunch that sentence is a mess, and gives you an idea of what happens to me during a review slump i forget how grammar works so caveat, caveat etc the copy i have has a ja [...]

    2. Brian on said:

      UPDATE I carelessly neglected to mention in February when I reviewed this fabulous collection of stories that I was reading an ARC this book is now available and I can t recommend it enough More Harper, please It s ok if most of these stories are culled from Harper s earlier collection American Death Songs If you missed that book you can catch up if you ve read ADS you can revisit stories that will make you feel like you re walking on legs recently broke and not set right.I read the titular stor [...]

    3. Richard on said:

      She had an ass like a heart turned upside down and torn in half, and that s what you call foreshadowing, friend.Holy Hell This Book Is AwesomeUNNING writing That s the first thing that kept running through my head while reading this stellar collection of dark crime stories The five next thoughts were 1 Who is Jordan Harper 2 Where did he come from 3 Where has he been all my life 4 What book is he releasing next 5 Where can I do damage to my wallet to buy said book Harper s mastery of prose is c [...]

    4. Paul Bryant on said:

      I done got shafted By Jordan Harper or his evil minions I got Jordan Harper s first book in 2013 It was called American Death Songs and it was published in 2013 by Beautiful Trash Inc which I guess is an indie publisher I loved American Death Songs gave it 5 beautiful stars.I wanted Jordan Harper but I only just noticed another collection, Love and Other Wounds, published in 2015 by HarperCollins, a big grown up publisher of proper books.I was late but heck, another book of meth head Aryan Race [...]

    5. Melinda on said:

      OUTSTANDING collection of short stories I love to sink my teeth into exceptionally written hardboiled, noir, gritty masterpieces and I was than fulfilled with Jordan Harper s stellar writing talent.Harper manipulates language shaping and forming it into amazing prose His creativity cannot be denied His style possesses a beautiful brutal in your face slap, and at other moments it s stark, smooth and melodic, highly detailed and visual as well EVERY story in this collection is amazing with its va [...]

    6. Jon Ureña on said:

      Four and a half.Gritty and sharp stories about people, mostly hardened men, struggling in subworlds where violence and death are the norm The prose was mostly concrete and to the point, and the writer took care in setting things up so the endings of many of the stories were surprising and original Plenty of strong images that will stick with me, like view spoiler the massacre in a bathtub, banging that redhead s head against the other guy and then coming outside to meet his biker friends, the in [...]

    7. Nik Korpon on said:

      Fantastic collection of short stories Many tread familiar ground within the rural crime genre, but the characters are fully realized, complex people that elevate the stories to something special A couple didn t land quite as well with me, but making every single story exceptional is damn near impossible I can t wait for his next book.

    8. Benoit Lelièvre on said:

      Good Lord, that was great I ve read Jordan Harper before, some of the stories in this collection were previously featured in AMERICAN DEATH SONGS fortunately he only kept the best stuff , but that guy is back with a vengeance and a pure, crystalline, sometimes Ellroyesque prose that would make the greats of Southern Gothic fiction jealous Perhaps my favourite aspect of LOVE AND OTHER WOUNDS is that it s not dealing with that tried street justice clich like most of the crime fiction coming out th [...]

    9. Kimmy on said:

      Love and Other Wounds starts you running for your life or maybe just half a step ahead of your death through the burning California high desert with meth and madness pounding through your veins, and while the characters and their circumstances change drastically in the fourteen stories that follow the heart pounding opener Agua Dulce, that coagulating mixture of urgency and dread in the pit of your gut will stick with you throughout.Harper flawlessly casts the reader into the vexed psyches of hi [...]

    10. Steven on said:

      Just a bunch of great gritty and gory crime noir stories Had read several of these previously in Thuglit, but sitting down and reading 15 of these back to back to back feels like being the last man standing after a two hour all hands furniture throwing saloon brawl The writing is concrete and energetic Harper uses nouns and verbs to describe, uses them as weapons, and I love to see that Whether it be in the prison yard or cleaning up after a movie star, the verisimilitude is impressive and gives [...]

    11. Terri Jacobson on said:

      The stories in this collection are bloody and violent There are stories about men who breed dogs to fight viciously, a meth addict taken to the desert to be killed, armed robbery, and armed men who supervise drug deals The writing is brisk and matter of fact The stories are well written, but this ultra violence just turns me off It s hard to decide on a rating because of this, but I ll go with 2.5 stars.

    12. Maxwell on said:

      If you like Frank Bill and Matthew McBride, you will love Jordan Harper s first collection of short stories Harper is the writer producer of Gotham on tv This collection won t give you the solution for world peace, but will entertain with a group of memorable thuglit characters as they move through their often complex dark noir situations This Harper universe is definitely not for the squeamish For example, in one story set out west, not only is there a cattle stampede, the herd runs through a m [...]

    13. Garret on said:

      If you ve never had the joy of spending a night or three in an Oroville lock up this will help you get acquainted with the kinds of characters your life is missing.

    14. Tiffany Scandal on said:

      I don t care for a lot of characters Harper writes about, but goddamn can he write a story Despicable people, despicable actions, but somehow you still sympathize and root for a positive outcome The stories Lucy In The Pit and Johnny Cash Is Dead had me tearing up in public This is a book I know I ll come back to read again and again.

    15. Christopher Irvin on said:

      Love and Other Wounds is a gritty collection that runs from Los Angeles to the Ozarks and back Poetic and raw at times, sharp and fast paced at others, it s a book that will have you longing for of Harper s work He s got a wicked dark sense of humor as well that s placed perfectly throughout For fans of Steve Weddle, Frank Bill, and Richard Lange, Love and Other Wounds is a keeper.

    16. Mark on said:

      Take one part Pulp Fiction and two parts Breaking Bad, put them in a crack pipe, and the result will be close to Jordan Harper s debut collection Harper is a film critic and TV writer, so his stories feel very cinematic They re bold, gritty and a tad vicious, but thankfully there is a little sliver of hope at the end of each tale.

    17. Paul Greenberg on said:

      I have three people s blood on me and it s not even noon One of my favorite lines from Jordan Harper s book and I think it tells you all you need to know about what s waiting for you in this excellent collection of crime short stories.

    18. Brandon Nagel on said:

      Damn Every story in this collection was fantastic This guy needs to write a book immediately One of the best collections from a single author I have read ina couple years Must read for folks who like dark, gritty, smart, grimy crime stories I loved it.

    19. Jamie on said:

      I will continue to use my tagline here for those who loved Breaking Bad but thought it was too much of a heartwarming crowdpleaser These stories use amazing language, shock value, incredible plot twists to write breathless plot after breathless plot LOVED IT.

    20. Dave on said:

      Jordan Harper s Love and Other Wounds is a collection of fifteen short stories that are so good they will literally blow your mind That s the good new The bad news is that, if like me, you picked this up, hoping this would be like his collection American Death Songs, you will find its nearly the same collection you read two years ago with a couple of items that have appeared in Thuglit, etc It appears that the earlier collection was self published and this one is legitimately published But, you [...]

    21. Michelle Appavu on said:

      A refreshing view from imperfect protagonists As a collection, these stories provide an interesting and unique look at a world navigated by flawed speakers who live between the lines Several of these stories beg for character development, but I was able to look past this by writing these stories off as plot driven than character driven Definitely worth the read and several of the stories will undoubtedly haunt you for weeks to come.

    22. Justin Robinson on said:

      Normally manages to walk the tightrope between over written and well written, which is a difficult one to manage The bulk of the stories are excellent, the exceptions being the two written in 2nd person Don t write in 2nd person unless it s a Choose Your Own Adventure I d read by this author.

    23. Eddie on said:

      This is the best collection of grimy short fiction I ve read in forever Harper is so good that he managed to get me to sympathize with a dog fight trainer.

    24. Michelle on said:

      Amazing stuff Visceral I read these short stories right after tearing through his insanely good first novel, She Rides Shotgun I am officially a huge Jordan Harper fan.

    25. Juan J. on said:

      I usually just post the starred reviews and leave it at that, but I feel the need to say THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD, I definitely recommend it

    26. Andy Henion on said:

      I publish a lot of crime stories, read a lot of crime stories Frankly, there s a sea of mediocrity out there You run across a gem once in a while, sure, but for the most part today s short crime fiction tends to sound the same after while Jordan Harper is the crime writer we all want to be.Love and Other Wounds Stories is one of the best collections I ve read, crime or otherwise This 159 page volume will go not to the bookstore for resale like 80 90 percent of the books I buy , but instead to th [...]

    27. kelly on said:

      This is a book that tries to swagger but isn t as hard as it thinks it is Very much in the same vein as Frank Bill s Crimes in Southern Indiana which I actually liked , but set in different locales and much much worse A collection of short stories with bad ass characters doing the same bad ass things with the same bad ass prose we ve already read elsewhere There s redneck prison yard gangsters, men who breed dogs to die in fighting pits, criminals, hit men, meth addicts, etc, etc the third story [...]

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