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Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business

Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business By Dolly Parton Dolly My Life and Other Unfinished Business In concerts movies and on TV Dolly Parton s singing and honest to God personality has charmed millions She has never before talked openly about her life until now In her unique Tennessee twang Dol

  • Title: Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business
  • Author: Dolly Parton
  • ISBN: 9780061092367
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business By Dolly Parton In concerts, movies and on TV, Dolly Parton s singing and honest to God personality has charmed millions She has never before talked openly about her life, until now In her unique Tennessee twang, Dolly tells her rags to riches story, as only she can with integrity, insight and her unfailing sense of humor 32 pages of photos.
    Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business By Dolly Parton

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      408 Dolly Parton
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    One thought on “Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business

    1. Vicki on said:

      I entered into this buddy read with no preconceived notions about Dolly Parton I have listened to her sing and I enjoyed her songs I have seen her moves and enjoyed them as well Other than knowing she was born in the mountains and had a lot of brothers and sisters, I didn t know too much about her, or her journey through her life and career Listening to My Life and Other Unfinished Business has been so enlightening Dolly Parton is open and bluntly willing to speak her mind She talks about the ha [...]

    2. Steven Walle on said:

      This was a great autobiography read by the author Dolly was so funny in her life She started as a share cropper s daughter in TN She was the forth child of twelve She had a dream of stardom and followed that dream I highly recommend this book to all.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond

    3. Abby on said:

      i picked this book up for 2 at a book sale for two reasons 1 i am addicted to trashy celebrity biographies 2 the song 9 to 5 has made me dance in the shower times than any other song will ever hope tod after reading it, i am telling you, with no sense of irony whatsoever, that this book is 1 one of the best books i have ever read2 by far the best memoir.i don t care who you are, you will take something positive from this book It is spiritual, simple, wise, hilarious, uplifting It left me feelin [...]

    4. Kelly on said:

      Today, most celebrity biographies are ghostwritten and it shows They could almost be written using a Mad Libs sheet, just filling in the relevant details for the star in question.Dolly wrote this book herself, and her singular voice just shines Anyone who has heard her on a talk show or listened to her music won t be surprised to learn that she s a fine storyteller.She says that God, sex and music are the three big things in her life though after reading the book, I d wager that food is a close [...]

    5. Jeanette"Astute Crabbist" on said:

      I read this one twice It s just fun and easy to read Her Southern humor is simple and refreshing, and she tells a good story without getting bogged down in details as so many autobigraphies tend to do.

    6. Tyler on said:

      I die.This book is the antidote for cool Anyone who thought there was any point in maintaining distanced hipness or stoic cool will probably be reminded by this book that they re full of shit and life is too special for it Dolly s stories are fucking adorable and chaste in a rather disarming way, and makes the mind wander away from pleasure seeking and towards seeking yourself and your dreams and what makes you truly happy Yes it s corny as fuck, and perhaps not every lesson should be taken to h [...]

    7. Candy on said:

      I read this book a long time ago, so it s hard to remember the details, but parts of it still stick with me that s how memorable they are.I don t think I ve read another autobiography that I thoroughly enjoyed so much Dolly s personality shines through every word she writes it feels like you re sitting next to her hearing her share her life story Amidst all the current emotional wrecks that constitute a celebrity today, Dolly is a beautiful example of a woman who knows exactly who she is, knows [...]

    8. Melanie on said:

      I have always been a huge fan of Dolly and found her very fascinating I hate to admit that I was a little disappointed when I read her biography She comes off as a little selfish and conceited When I got to the part where she talks about her diet and that she chews her food and spits it out, I couldn t bring myself to read any I think that would qualify as an eating disorder and not set a very good example for her young fans I liked the beginning of the book, however when she talks what it was l [...]

    9. noelle on said:

      dolly parton is forever fabulous, amazing, etc i admire her honesty and her sense of humor some other dude said it best if you don t like Dolly Parton I guess you re just an asshole also lol someone describing her as coming off as conceited and selfish it s her autobiography, for fuck s sake if ever there was a time to be selfish, it would be now that said, i do disagree she seems to never have forgotten where she came from and she gives back to her family, friends, and community there s a reaso [...]

    10. Char on said:

      I really, really loved the first 1 4 of this book and it s Little House on the Prairie ness Then Dolly started name dropping and she didn t stop The last half of the book is like a Hollywood yellowpages The last chapter of the book, she actually name drops every doctor that s ever done plastic surgery on her It was ridiculous I would have given it one star, but I did really like the beginning.

    11. ilovebakedgoods (Teresa) on said:

      For me, Dolly is a national treasure I love her honesty, her openness and her folksy humor Inspired by her memoir, I ve watched 3 of her movies today Steel Magnolias, 9 to 5 and Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, for those inquiring minds who may want to know I ve been a fan of Dolly s since I was a little girl and my mom played her album Here You Come Again If you re a Dolly fan, I m sure you ll just love reading her story in her words and hearing her voice in your head as you do so.

    12. BeautifulNerd on said:

      A great story by a great storyteller fans of her songwriting will not be surprised to note that her way with words suffuses every page like sunshine , this book is rich with warmth and self deprecating humour I always suspected Dolly Parton had a heart of gold to match her locks and this time spent in her world did not disappoint.

    13. Cassie Sanders on said:

      interesting portrayal of Dolly Parton s life Learned many things about her that I would prefer not to know.

    14. Amanda on said:

      From my blog Tea Virginia Woolf Before Bedtime She s a sparrow when she s brokenbut she s an eagle when she flies Dolly PartonRecommended Tea Celestial Seasonings Country Peach PassionOne day, my mama and I decided that we had an itch, and the only way to solve it was to go antiquin.So, we hit up what is locally known as the antique district, about four or five huge shops in a row, full of everything you can imagine and lots of things that you can t In every single one of these stores was at lea [...]

    15. Stacy Fetters on said:

      There might be a safety pin in the nose, but there s a hillbilly in the heart I can t say that I was ever obsessed with Dolly What got me into this queen was the book Dumplin Plus size gal who adored Dolly and strutted her stuff to her songs Sold I instantly became a fan and started singing her songs all over the house Pretty sure my husband was sick of me And all I had to say was They let you dream, Just to watch em shatter, You re just a step, On the boss man s ladderAnd if Dumplin didn t gras [...]

    16. Robin on said:

      Just started thisbut I do love her Dolly has a very pragmatic and fun loving sense of humor She has no flies on her either Love the story about her getting lost in the woods, finding the cow at night, hanging on to its collar for dear life, and finally making it back to civilization with some scratches to boot.Dolly is a great book for a good laugh and some home grown philosophy She is a peach.As she goes along, I get the impression she is not easy to live with and that she sleeps with other peo [...]

    17. Rusty Rector on said:

      Wellif you are a Dolly Parton fan, this is THE best source of information on the Country diva herself Very touching, heartfelt writing as we would expect from Dolly While Dolly doesn t really reveal anything new or scandalous about herself, it is still fascinating to hear about her journey from humble beginnings to the star she has become today I also highly recommend getting the book on tape for this oneDolly herself narrates, and it is great

    18. Ursula Shelton on said:

      I really enjoyed this book It is about Dolly Parton of course, but also her family, her life in the Smokey Mountains and other relations She is very honest and open about her life, she even expounds on her husband Carl She talks about religion, sex, etc, again this is a great book if you are a fan or if you just want to know a liittle about Dolly Just read it and you will love it, she is a real person with dreams and desires like the majority of us.

    19. DeniseF on said:

      I have always liked Dolly Parton and enjoyed seeing her interviewed on tv but I really didn t like this book It was not edited well there were a lot of typos and it was just very slow moving Some of the stories she told about her childhood were really cute but for the most part I just could not get into this book.

    20. Brandy on said:

      If anyone needs a pick me up inspirational life story filled with straight joy and laughter, Read this

    21. Matthew Mcpharlin on said:

      I could not put this down Such an amazing life story and extremely honest and heartfelt

    22. Eden on said:

      I m not much a fan of country music and there are a select few country singers that I even like Dolly Parton is one of them I grew up listening to her music, watching her movies My parents even took me to Dollywood a few times and I was always hoping that maybe she would be there that day so I could meet her I ve never met her, but I can still hope to meet her one day.I only know what I ve read online about Dolly Parton, but her book is a whole another experience Really, she is an amazing and in [...]

    23. Wick on said:

      I picked up this autobiography because Dolly Parton has always held a particularly strong place in my heart I m not a big country music fan outside of Dolly and a few other notable female singers but her story of growing up in a rural area and becoming who she is today is one that I find fascinating I especially share her sense of perhaps overly stylized view of what beauty means I read a lot of memoirs and Dolly s was one of the entertaining ones She does very well writing with her own particu [...]

    24. Tristy on said:

      This book was one of the prizes from my Palm Springs thrift store odyssey I do so hope a beautiful drag queen owned it before me and then got gifted another copy, so she went ahead and donated this one I knew I liked Dolly s sassy outlook on life from every interview I ve seen her do She always has been smart and incredibly funny and good hud Her autobiography did not disappoint She is truly an excellent story teller and brilliant at not directly confirming or denying that she and her husband ha [...]

    25. Daniel on said:

      Best book i ve read in a while Dolly Parton is a philosopher, a spiritual leader and an irreverent glitter hoarder all at the same time The thing that touches me most about this autobiography is how much of it isn t about her at all but about the people in her life Every person she s ever worked with was the best at what they did and a truly underrated genius each and every distant family member gets their own paragraph about what makes them so truly unique and special even Porter Wagoner, this [...]

    26. Alli on said:

      The best parts of Dolly s story are the narratives from her childhood There were many times I laughed out loud as she related the trials and tribulations of her so called bumpkin Tennessee relatives Dolly comes from good people They re weird and they are loyal and loving perhaps to a fault.Then as years go by, well, Dolly goes and gets rich and famous and the stories become superficial name dropping scandal ridden trips down memory lane I couldn t help but wonder how much was true and how much w [...]

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