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Playing Games

Playing Games By Liliana Rhodes Playing Games Love comes along when you least expect it From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Liliana Rhodes After a string of bad luck Cassie Monroe moves to Canyon Cove hoping to turn her life aro

  • Title: Playing Games
  • Author: Liliana Rhodes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Playing Games By Liliana Rhodes Love comes along when you least expect it From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Liliana Rhodes After a string of bad luck, Cassie Monroe moves to Canyon Cove hoping to turn her life around But after a leg wobbling kiss with a sexy MMA fighter, she s having a hard time thinking about anything else but him Gabriel Kohl has a reputation for getting what he w Love comes along when you least expect itFrom New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Liliana Rhodes After a string of bad luck, Cassie Monroe moves to Canyon Cove hoping to turn her life around But after a leg wobbling kiss with a sexy MMA fighter, she s having a hard time thinking about anything else but him Gabriel Kohl has a reputation for getting what he wants and when he meets Cassie, he has to have her But Gabriel isn t an MMA fighter, he is the billionaire owner of the hottest mixed martial arts organization and Cassie s new boss At first Cassie tries to keep things professional with him, but she can t forget Gabriel s kiss But once she finally gives in to her feelings, his late visits and quick exits leave her suspicious Is Gabriel just playing games or are his feelings for Cassie real
    Playing Games By Liliana Rhodes

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      234 Liliana Rhodes
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    One thought on “Playing Games

    1. sana°¤° on said:

      This book had the chance to please me, but then the ridiculous insta love happened I wouldn t have mind if it was actually written well, but in this case it was fucking stupid and extremely fast This is what the book basically is Cassie Monroe get her dream job in Canyon Cove She s warned about the boss, who happens to the billionaire playboy.But the billionaire playboy wants her and only her and he ll get her one way or another Now sounds great right No, no it wasn t, it fucking sucked As soon [...]

    2. Bayb on said:

      Playing Games is an entertaining read that kept me interested the whole way through In this story, we meet two strong characters who also have hidden vulnerabilities Cassie is a physical therapist with a Phd and a tough, spunky attitude Despite these qualities, she is unemployed and broke On a last chance job interview, she meets former MMA fighter Gabriel He appears to be a rich playboy, selfishly breezing through life Truthfully, he has secrets in his personal life that prove he is much than [...]

    3. Hooked On Books on said:

      3 out of 5 starsCassie Monroe is desperate to find a job in her field She moves to Canyon Cove to get a new start in life but she also needs to pay the bills When her roommate sets up an interview with her uncle for Cassie, she is thrilled to get a chance to put her physical therapy degree to use What better place to work than a gym filled with gorgeous men Gabriel Kohl is a billionaire who owns the hottest mixed martial arts organization in the city He takes control in everything he does When h [...]

    4. Bronwyn on said:

      This one was just ok it just seemed to lack a little something for me I like the dual POV i feel that helps you to know the characters better I didn t think Cassie had much of a back bone, even though she kept saying she would stand up for herself, she went along with everything the H said or wanted her to do all the while the H had a secret that was pretty big Not going to continue with this series.

    5. Brittany on said:

      I received this in a big bunch of books to stuff my kindle for the holidays Cassie is down on her luck and really needs a good job She doesn t expect that she will find a gorgeous man and job all in the same day Gabriel was a little heavy handed at times but I enjoyed how their romance grew It was a good read that I could not put down.

    6. Ana Oh on said:

      Why did I love this story The whole MMA thing is, of course, way hot As is him being a billionaire And some of those scenesOMFG I think the author plucked my fantasies straight out of my brain I read this as part of a 4 book set Definitely worth a read.

    7. Anca on said:

      This book made me mad as in big time, spitting MAD Cassie moves to the city and scores her dream job She meets a gorgeous guy and they instantly fall in love.Now the instalove was annoying, but I can deal with that in a trashy romance, I really don t need some big, elaborate plot in my romance novels to be honest Just a nice bit of banter in between the sexy times will do me just fine, thank you But what I do need, is respect This book was ridiculous Maddening So, so BAD Gabriel, the love intere [...]

    8. Becca on said:

      I loved this book Everyone loves a hot billionaire, and this book is no exception for that I loved everything about Cassie and Gabriel, and the little secrets here and there throughout the book give it an edge I haven t read a book featured around MMA, so this was a little different from what I normally read but I still loved it nonetheless If you love a sexy guy that rescues a girl, this book is for you

    9. Pam on said:

      Playing Games Cassie and Gabriel Canyon Cove Billionaires is by Liliana Rhodes This is book one in the series of five novels about billionaires in Canyon Cove The first book is really good Liliana manages to infuse the romance with enough action and adventure to keep it interesting It is told in alternating chapters by the two main characters Cassie Monroe is broke and unemployed She is hoping her life will change now that she has come to Canyon Cove She is sharing an apartment with a roommate, [...]

    10. Cheryl Shearer on said:

      The Game of LoveGabriel is a fine figure of an alpha male and has a small secret Cassie is a gorgeous very smart gal who gets a job at Gabriel s gym As they get to know each other better, Gabriel s private life encroaches on the time they can spend together But love will always find a way and Gabriel finally tells Cassie his secret and all is well Lovely story, a fine romance with a holiday theme and family, his and hers.

    11. Lisa on said:

      Cassie had just moved from a small town to a busier city Trying to find a job and affording her rent she sells her car Now her roomate has hooked her up with an interview But when she gets there the job hangs in the balance of one fight When she gets the job she is warned one thing Can she resist that one thing

    12. Amanda Vermaak on said:

      PlayingBillionaire meets desperate woman He has secrets though She works for him When she found out his secretsShe fell on love with her tooPassion, love and happily ever after Loved it

    13. Cynthia on said:

      TerrificWhat a great story She needs a job and is hoping the job interview goes well Mack warns her about the suit Little did she know the fighter she was flirting with was the suit.

    14. Shaly on said:

      I really wanted to like Cassie, at first she seemed spunky and just wild spirited but as the book progressed, I realized she wasn t any of those things, she was actually a doormat You know one of those women who talk a big game in their head but when it comes down to it just end up shutting the fuck up and doing whatever people tell them to do That was Cassie Quite frankly, she was pathetic She was easily swayed and manipulated to do any and every thing Gabriel wanted her to do That, a strong wo [...]

    15. Nat the WolfGirl on said:

      You read a lot of negative comments about this book and are wondering whether you should give it a try anyways NO YOU SHOULDN T This book really sucked The story was a shallow tale about 2 people falling in love for NO OBVIOUS REASONS WHATSOEVERSPOILER ALERT, basically what happens Gabriel I want herCassie I shouldn t to thisGabriel she has to obey Cassie well ok then And, oh yes, she is magically ok with all the moves he pulls I don t get it There is no in depth information on either of the cha [...]

    16. Mariela on said:

      I am trying to catch up on my reading Just finished reading this book playinggames by lilianarhodes I really enjoyed it I wasn t trying to get into a series but I will be reading the next book This story is about A girl looking for a job, while she goes for her interview and gets than what she asked for stay away from the suit is the warning she gets But when she finds him in a towel can she stay away from him A chaste kiss leaves her breathless who s is this stranger Oh you met the suit Noooo [...]

    17. Deborah on said:

      Sweet Story This story was really sweet Even though there wasn t a ton of chemistry between the characters, I still felt a connection.Cassie is in desperate need of a job While at her unconventional interview, she meets gorgeous billionaire Gabriel Kohl Despite being warned about his womanizing ways, Cassie dives head first into a relationship with him Something about Gabriel is just a little off He s keeping something from her and she can t seem to figure out what that is She s determined to un [...]

    18. Kristina Moses on said:

      spoilers It was kind of a fun little story I was hoping for of a steamy romance though I was disappointed when suddenly a daughter was involved There goes the sexy romance It was kind of sweet at the end though I was lucky when I went to finish it I was in to mood for something sweet and lovey dovey xD

    19. Jackie on said:

      It was a pleasant and entertaining enough read, that being said it was quite predictable and even cringy at the beginning The romance moved way to fast, there was no build up to it they just jumped straight in and it was all quite unrealistic But if you need something to fill your time with its lighthearted and not terrible to read.

    20. Lydia Gaona on said:

      A great HEAThis was a very sweet, romantic story that has a great storyline as well as characters There are surprises and even when you think there are no surprises, guess what there s two The characters were fantastic and it was such a breath of fresh air to read this So, if you re looking for a romantic, HEA then this is the book for you.

    21. Teri on said:

      This is the perfect fairytale rags to riches romance I say fairytale because it just all works out That s why I love this author Her characters have their own complications but their romance to the end is ez pz It is so nice to have a sweet and ez, rainbows and gumdrops kind of read.

    22. Vickie Bullock on said:

      A Nice ReadWas looking for a break from heavier reading Picked up this book I read in one evening, very sweet Characters were written with a lot of depth Enjoyable.A Happy ending

    23. Stephanie Daley on said:

      Pretty good romance.I liked this book, the characters were really likeable The author s writing style made this an enjoyable read, I just wish there was , it seemed a little rushed through.

    24. Susan Jackson on said:

      This was ok I didn t really care for how the heroine was letting the hero dictate things in her life, taking advantage of the boss employee relationship And she was wayyyy too trusting while waiting for him to come clean about things.

    25. Boxy Frown on said:

      Cute, quick readThis was like 3.5 stars I enjoyed it It was a fun, fast read I was in the mood to read a bbw themed book and this popped up in the search, but while she was described as curvy there weren t and bbw themes here I have read and enjoyed this author before.

    26. Kay Kleeberger on said:

      FairStarted out kind if slow and keeping m attention The story line got much exciting and interesting in holding ones attention Happy ending for everyone.

    27. Laurel Horner on said:

      The basics are there just a really hard instant love sell Really hard to believe any woman would move in to a place her boss owns without knowing him better.

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