Thinking About Memoir (AARP)

Abigail Thomas

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Thinking About Memoir (AARP)

Thinking About Memoir (AARP) By Abigail Thomas Thinking About Memoir AARP If living is an art it must be practiced with diligence before being done with ease Yet almost nothing in our culture prepares us for reflection on the great themes of existence courage friendship

  • Title: Thinking About Memoir (AARP)
  • Author: Abigail Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781402752353
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thinking About Memoir (AARP) By Abigail Thomas If living is an art, it must be practiced with diligence before being done with ease Yet almost nothing in our culture prepares us for reflection on the great themes of existence courage, friendship, listening, dignity those everyday virtues that can transform our world Because AARP believes it s never too late or too early to learn, they, together with Sterling PubliIf living is an art, it must be practiced with diligence before being done with ease Yet almost nothing in our culture prepares us for reflection on the great themes of existence courage, friendship, listening, dignity those everyday virtues that can transform our world Because AARP believes it s never too late or too early to learn, they, together with Sterling Publishing, have created the About Living series to address these crucial issues Each entry will be written by only the best authors and thinkers.Thinking About Memoir, the first of these volumes, helps adults look back at their past and use writing as a means of figuring out who they used to be and how they became who they are today It s written by Abigail Thomas, whose own memoir A Three Dog Life was selected as one of the Best Books of 2006 by the LA Times and the Washington Post and called perfectly honed Newsweek , bracingly honest Vanity Fair , and stunning by the Los Angeles Book Review Thomas writes that memoir can consist of looking back at a single summer or the span of a whole life Through her experience as a writing teacher, she knows how difficult that can be this book is about the habit of writing as a way to keep track of what s going on in the front and the back of your mind It inspires different ways for us to look at the moment we re in right now and will help would be memoirists find their own side door into a subject Thomas writes eloquently about how to get started and find that jumping off point for your work, and provides exercises that liberate our creativity, enable us to get the distance and perspective we need, and open our eyes to possibilities that may not at first seem obvious.Whether your words are for publication, for your loved ones, or for you alone, Thomas makes the process fulfilling, thoughtful, and even fun.
    Thinking About Memoir (AARP) By Abigail Thomas

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    One thought on “Thinking About Memoir (AARP)

    1. Sarah on said:

      Like a lot of other people, I like to think that there is a writer buried somewhere deep inside me Unlike a lot of those people, though, I don t ever do anything like, say, write to let that inner writer out I do, however, enjoy reading books about writing, and I hold out hope that I ll internalize enough of it so that someday something will reach critical mass and words will start spouting forth.I read Abigail Thomas s memoir A Three Dog Life last year and was profoundly moved by it, so I was i [...]

    2. Debbi on said:

      This could be my favorite book on writing At 108 pages it s possible to breeze though the book in a single sitting, however, I m sure I will revisit it often The structure is simple short anecdotes followed by one line prompts or questions to explore Write two pages in which your enthusiasm rapidly wanedwrite two pages of a fading memory something you have to squint to see Some of the prompts are deep while others give memory and reflection an easy place to land Although the book is geared to me [...]

    3. Lindsey on said:

      If I could give this book six stars, I would It is the only book about writing that I have absolutely devoured Amazing Abigail Thomas is my hero.

    4. Sarah on said:

      I love this book To say I ve read it seems strange it s not something you read and then put aside I ve read it, and now I m working my way back through the prompts But you needn t want to write to read this It s a great exercise in memory itself, and you ll find that Thomas pulls up things from your own past that you d thought you d forgotten Really, really lovely.

    5. Candice on said:

      If you utilize this wonderful book, you will have volumes of essays She is one of my favorite writers , so insouciantly directing her arrows to the heart, and the collected prompts will be one of your most revelatory guides for discovering who you are I believe it is out of print, but hunt it down, it s golden.

    6. Brooke on said:

      I read this once, but suspect I ll dip back into it to work on the exercises every now and then Love her writing style.

    7. Leslie Reese on said:

      3.5 starsIn this compact book of less than 120 pages, Abigail Thomas says that writing memoir is a way to examine how you got to be the person you are today or how has your trajectory shaped you She shares vignettes from her life experiences and ways for the reader to access their own memories A sampling of the 100 plus ideas Write two pages about a time when you felt compassion unexpectedly page 16 Write two pages of when you knew you were in trouble page 27 Write two pages in which you got the [...]

    8. Jean Carlton on said:

      I am not particularly interested in writing memoir at this point but I do have stories of my life I might want to put into written form someday and this helped me consider doing them as they come to me and not worrying about a full fledged memoir or chronology I get something out of every book I read about writing and this little book had some good ideas along with examples of the author s own snippets after which each has a exercise for the reader to do Just write Daily.One thing leads to anoth [...]

    9. Russell Ricard on said:

      Such a wealth of information and exercises to inspire any writer, whether it be memoir or other form of prose, or poetry for the matter Abigail Thomas guides you to think about life s process and, at the same time, your creative process.This is a book I ll retune to again and again both reader and writer.

    10. Skye on said:

      This book is filled with clever two page exercises The one I like is to take some decade of your life and write two pages with ONLY three word sentences Not two, not four Subject, verb, object Go

    11. Liz on said:

      I m giving this a 5 with a purpose to let those who wish to develop memoir writing skills know that this is a good one The write two pages of exercises will take a new writer far After checking it out of the library, I ordered it from.

    12. Ineke on said:

      .A book full of inspiration Some of the writing exercises are difficult to put in words but it makes you dig deeper into your memories from your past Her examples of life are real and I could associate with many of them A good book to use for extra memoir writing.

    13. Vicky Griffith on said:

      I love, love, love Abigail Thomas This is short but it s still as beautiful as her others.

    14. Catherine on said:

      Started reading a new book today It s called Thinking about Memoir by Abigail Thomas I purchased this on I read the first two chapters this morning however, I m writing about the first exercise she presents in the book I m sharing because I found it exhilarating.The first chapter is Writing Memoir It s about getting started.Let me quote from the book But the jumping off place isn t always so obvious You can t always find the way in Sometimes you need a side door That s where the exercises come i [...]

    15. Alice on said:

      I loved this little book packed full of thought provoking suggestions, teasers, and tempting subjects, and how to look at them And how to turn them into stories Memories are something we all have We can forget them or turn them into pictures, exciting tales, melancholy glimpses of your past scenes to last forever on the page and not lost to the winds when you leave this earth.Don t say goodbye to your past say Hello, and How are you , and where have you been Hey, let me write about you and let m [...]

    16. Amanda on said:

      This was a quick read with a lot of really good insight and suggestions on how to get started writing a memoir The book is very casual and informal From what I can gather the author carries a diary around with her at all times and makes random notes and observations which later serve to jog her memory and help with her later writings This book seems to be compiled with a lot of these little musings that start with one detail or memory and spiral off into something else After each story there is [...]

    17. Jeana on said:

      This is a book on writing memoir It s an interesting compilation of various memories of the author, which go along with little exercises for the reader to start channeling into his her memory to start writing about it I think a lot of these exercises would work for any kind of writing, including blogs and simple journaling as well I admit that I did not stop reading to write the two pages here and there on this and that I frankly didn t have time, as this is a library book and I need to return i [...]

    18. Angela Randall on said:

      Found this book because of an interesting quote from it.Take any ten years of your life, reduce them to two pages, and every sentence has to be three words long not two, not four, but three words long You discover there s nowhere to hide in three word sentences You discover that you can t include everything, but half of writing is deciding what to leave out Learning what to leave out is not the same thing as putting in only what s important Sometimes it s what you re not saying that gives a piec [...]

    19. MountainShelby on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this slender book,which is primarily aimed at the series audience, mature adults with a lifetime of memories, adults who may not want to let the memories remain locked inside Thomas doesn t say every memoir writer will publish, or that every memory is worth saving, or even repeating But in the process of thinking of our life as memoir, we re envision the memories, and perhaps even write them down, and in the process, we may remember something valuable For ourselves, primaril [...]

    20. Linda on said:

      This is a swell book to use if you are thinking of writing Since Thomas began her writing career at age 47 she knows how difficult it is to put your thoughts on paper She says, and I cannot quote, but something like, she always thought that she couldn t write because she didn t have the proper education, didn t have the background, didn t have the support of the canon, but really, all you have to do is write She sets up writing assignments for the would be writer to use to recreate memories Beli [...]

    21. Melanie Faith on said:

      I picked up this book in a bargain bin at a discount store and started to read it today while waiting for a student It is pretty awesome If you re interested in writing short CNF essays or memoir pieces and want to get some ideas for what topics to free write about, this book is ideal Lightweight and conversational, the author Abigail Thomas is a down to earth and sincere scribe, detailing snippets of her own past as she encourages other writers to share theirs Her method is to write a paragraph [...]

    22. Patricia on said:

      If you are ready to write your memoirs, This is an excellent place to start Remember that everyone has a story Everyone s story is important Only you can tell your story.In Thinking About Memoir, readers are given a series of exercises that seem to all involve writing 2 pages about a variety of subjects that are preceded by short paragraphs from the author s own life A question was posed, what is the difference between an auto biography and a memoir We came to the conclusion that autobiography i [...]

    23. Sally Maria on said:

      This is the author who wrote the memoir A Three Dog Life, where she chronicles how she lost her husband to traumatic brain injury and changed her direction Rather than self pity, that book is most beautifully written into a love story I was so moved by it, I contacted her and she promised this book.Full of exercises that poke and prod the reader writer, she talks about writing writing a memoir.where to begin, what to include, etc She is a writing teacher, but , a very remarkable woman with a rea [...]

    24. Sarah on said:

      I liked the anecdotes that Thomas spun than the writing advice and exercises A few of the writing ex look interesting but of them didn t intrigue me Of course, I m a poet by training, not a memoirist, so dredging up your worst holiday memory didn t really appeal to me Not that I couldn t write a poem about said terrible holiday, it s just not the way I initiate a poem The overall message, however, that writers should dig deeply into the odd minutiae of their lives instead of just saying that t [...]

    25. Karla Owen foisy on said:

      I love this woman She might be the most humble, honest about her humanity, author I ve read And she s funny She can use words in a way that always makes you want to be there, right next to whatever it is she is describing Her book is supposed to be a lesson on memoir writing, but I think just reading the bits she includes about her own life and completing some of the suggested exercise in self knowledge would be well worth your time and money.

    26. Stacy on said:

      I m trying to write a memoir this month so I checked out a few books All they have really done is depress me because I can t get what is in my head and heart to translate onto paper It s an exercise in frustration But don t blame Abigail Thomas She s a good writer although many of her memories seem to be melancholy Maybe, I had such a great time growing up, there s not much to write Yeah, that s it.

    27. E on said:

      Very quick read The exercises looked interesting, but as this was borrowed from a library, I couldn t keep it long enough to put it to it s intended use I love reading others thoughts and random streams of consciousness It makes me feel less crazy and alone knowing that other people have similar jumbles of abstract thought feeling memory in their own heads Heads that from the outside seem so well ordered Humans are fascinating creatures.

    28. Christine on said:

      I am perfectly mad about this book My new favorite that I want to buy for everyone I love It will inspire you to write about your memories It will give you a open field on how to do it Reading Abigail s scribbles remind me of listening to Jacqueline Purely delightfull I am going to buy one for each of my children and myself And I will buy myself a little diary and start jotting down the myriad of thoughts that always crowd my brain If I could give it 6 stars I would

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