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My Little Monster 11

My Little Monster 11 By Robico My Little Monster Usai pesta ultah Yuuzan hubungan Haru dan Shizuku memburuk Diperparah dengan absennya Haru dari sekolah selama berminggu minggu

  • Title: My Little Monster 11
  • Author: Robico
  • ISBN: 9786023392902
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Little Monster 11 By Robico Usai pesta ultah Yuuzan, hubungan Haru dan Shizuku memburuk Diperparah dengan absennya Haru dari sekolah selama berminggu minggu
    My Little Monster 11 By Robico

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      204 Robico
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    One thought on “My Little Monster 11

    1. Pinky on said:

      I feel so relieved with everything after reading this volume The volume before this was really hard to go through because of the misunderstandings I wished that the characters would communicate instead of avoiding each other The best thing to do in an issue with friends is to confront the person, and I understand why it is hard because I can t do that myself I have trouble talking to the person that I have a problem with, which made the last volume very easy to relate to This aspect of the serie [...]

    2. Mehsi on said:

      4.5 stars We are getting closer and closer to the end of this manga Last volume Haru and Shizu had an argument, and Haru disappeared This volume continues on that, and also on the consequences, on the feelings of others Because even though it is about Haru and Shizu, all their friends are affected as well They all miss him, they all want him back The manga also shows that while Haru might not think so, he does have a whole lot of people who care about him clubs, classmates, schoolmates and It w [...]

    3. Cammie on said:

      Yamaken is still my fave I love him as a character so much because he is so real He is in fact a jerk but he is a nice jerk, he has a lot of good traits and it is very complex As much as I wish Shizuku and him were the main couple, I m happy with them being friends Yamaken confessed again, he exposed his feelings and the reasons why he wanted to be with her and why they would be good for each other I agreed with him he told Haru that he confessed they have a weird friendship but it was still som [...]

    4. Coyora Dokusho on said:

      The male and female main characters are soooooo funny together, I really laughed a lot.

    5. Nur Ötken on said:

      Ne ciltti ama ya Yamaken, dostum seni sevemiyorum ben, zorlama Haru ile Shizuku aras nda kriz olmas n istiyordum, k ymetlerini bilsinler G zel oldu ama Arada cidden d nen meseleleri anlam yorum, s k nt oluyor D

    6. Paula on said:

      Me encanta la evoluci n en la amistad de Natsume y Shizuku, de ser una completa tsundere a abrirse ante una persona que se preocupa por ella, y YAMAKEEEEEEEN yo me quedo con los dos, hehe.

    7. Danyka on said:

      I d read the manga and I loved it But I don t have a copy Only read it online For now, I got no plans for buying a copy.

    8. Frances on said:

      My heart aches I feel sad but happy for Yamaken and Shizuku, and even Haru because they are all good characters I couldn t help but get teary for Yamaken when he expressed his love for Shizuku, despite knowing that would be rejected He had the courage to put his heart on the line, and I love him for it Of course I feel happy for Shizuku and Haru, but I ve always loved their honest dynamic It was a little frustrating in the beginning because I feel that they were only going back and forth, but no [...]

    9. Ali on said:

      Estoy muerta y les escribo desde el m s all Qu lindo tomo TODO lo que pas fue ajsdjdndjwjs.9

    10. Hana Bilqisthi on said:

      Kau belum pernah dibenci orang ya Kau tak pernah mikir reaksi orang atas ucapanmu atu menahan apa yang ingin kau katakan karena takut dibenci mereka Hem, biar tahu rasa YamakenMasalah tak akan selesai kalau hanya dipikir saja Aku harus menemu Haru Karena ini masalahku dan dia Shizuku Jadi kau paham perasaanku waktu dia tanya begitu untuk pertama kalinya aku mengerti kalau aku ingin dimengerti harusnya aku berjuang lebih keras.aku mengerti kenapa aku belajar mati matian selama ini, aku tak tahu a [...]

    11. Christine Zarah on said:

      Series review 5 5 I ve gotten fed up with tsundere characters so I went out to test read of this other subtype known as kuudere google kuu cool dere lovestruck literally cold and emotionless characters that slowly show their feelings A quick google search of top rated favorited ones included this and Akuma to Love Song, which I stopped reading a loooong way back and must re read again soon so I did And I am pleased Very pleased One of the reasons why I stopped reading shoujo mangas is because o [...]

    12. KaYeah on said:

      Series rating 5.0 starss I read this series on a whim while waiting for Ao Haru Ride updates.I never expected to love this one so much I love the illustrations of the mangaka and the plot of the story too It s filled with cutesy scenes and such though not all of it.The story starts with a misunderstanding on Haru kun s side, as he thinks that Shizuku is a friend of his The guy is pretty dense on just about everything though, so that explains it From this encounter then starts a rollercoaster rid [...]

    13. K. B on said:

      Like I hoped, everything simmers down between Shizuku and Haru No sign of Yuuzan this volume but Yamaken tried his luck one time After the party and the small fight Haru had with Shizuku, he went MIA for 2 weeks this gave Shizuku and Haru a little break to think things over And when he came back he found Yamaken confessing his love to Shizuku one last time But Shizuku lets him down again Yamaken got rejected Again LOL All this time Haru kept patience In the end, I m glad they both made out and [...]

    14. Tsaki on said:

      Perlahan lahan dibahas, udah menjelang akhir deh Omong omong, side story Grup Diskusi Wanita buat ngakak banget.

    15. Aldi on said:

      Ah, listo Con ese ltimo cap tulo todo llenito de Yamaken ya me hicieron feliz jaja No puedo creer que falte solo un tomo para el final u.u

    16. Claire on said:

      Oh Haru you keep breaking my heart with your sweetness.Yamaken give up man.

    17. Florence Liu on said:

      I may or may not be reading too much of this Nevertheless, this was a good read.

    18. Fauziyyah Arimi on said:

      i really like the story in this volume and i think i m going to write a full review for this one

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