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Blackhawk By L. Ann Marie Blackhawk Alternative cover edition of ASIN B Y VAJ Badass Native ex Seal Cloud Blackhawk Book CJ has given up on men and is happy to focus on her foster homes When the MC invades her house and heart she t

  • Title: Blackhawk
  • Author: L. Ann Marie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Blackhawk By L. Ann Marie Alternative cover edition of ASIN B00Y3VAJ58Badass, Native, ex Seal Cloud Blackhawk Book 5CJ has given up on men and is happy to focus on her foster homes When the MC invades her house and heart she turns to her gifted freaky kids for advice Indians, MC and Baxters are a lot to handle all together, but the help they are offering her and her children is life changing.AlAlternative cover edition of ASIN B00Y3VAJ58Badass, Native, ex Seal Cloud Blackhawk Book 5CJ has given up on men and is happy to focus on her foster homes When the MC invades her house and heart she turns to her gifted freaky kids for advice Indians, MC and Baxters are a lot to handle all together, but the help they are offering her and her children is life changing.Already accepted to the MC, Cloud must prove he s worthy of CJ and her kids With a warrior s determination, the visions, autism and indigo kids have Cloud seeking answers back on the reservation The MC is at war and the kids may have some answers, but getting the Brothers to listen can be problematic As they are drawn in, the MC realizes, it s CJ s five year old who doesn t talk that holds the key.With special needs kids she doesn t need giants in helicopters, trucks and motorcycles invading her little family or her home She gets both in the span of minutes and they change her life forever This book has Cloud s grandmother an Indian shaman with her customs and beliefs, Crystal and Indigo children references and some friggin cute freaky kids.
    Blackhawk By L. Ann Marie

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      402 L. Ann Marie
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    One thought on “Blackhawk

    1. Michele bookloverforever on said:

      really good story mc soap opera mixed with psychic children, violence, attempted murder, passion, joy a really wild and crazy ride ar tragedy turns into triumph great characters reread June 12, 2016good enough to re read a third time in april of 2017.

    2. Kim on said:

      Pretty much a DNF mostly skimmed after a few chapters, thought it was part of the MC series but other than them being there not much to do with the actual MC It was all over the place again with characters kids coming out of the woodwork and way too far fetched for me Just not my cuppa, too bad I would have enjoyed a story about Cloud but from what I skimmed there really wasn t much story about him and way too much friggin CJ

    3. KarriBrown on said:

      Absolutely phenomenal This series just keeps getting better and better CJ and Cloud are absolutely 2 of my favorite then add in the Club Kids I am super excited to see how this continues The writing is great and so new to tead stuff about Indian heritage and culture Beautifully done MUST READ

    4. Deb B on said:

      I first started by reading MC Knight and then realised that I wanted the whole story and that started with the Baxter s although the first books didn t have a lot of crossovers they did set the scene for what is to come in the other books as the stories move along so their importance to the series as a whole cannot be overstatedI have just read the 22 books to date back to back in the order published on the author s website and decided to review them as a whole I really don t think they stand we [...]

    5. AnnieK on said:

      Great StoryI loved the subtle paranormal theme in the series In the last book, Rich, Tess and Patches story, it became the story s focus Cloud and CJ s story continues the theme, bring Native American mystical and spiritual practices into the mix.CJ is a foster mother caring for six special needs kids in the MCs yard She meets her MC neighbor s when they run an ops right through her house She is drawn to Cloud as are her kids He is moving in within in a few days Like Tess one of CJs boys is a se [...]

    6. Emily on said:

      Blackhawk MC Series Book 5 by L Ann Marie is a great read This is an excellent addition to this series I loved getting to know Cloud, CJ, Christian, Joey, Brantley, Taylor, Jeremy, and Jacob I enjoyed catching up with all the other entertaining characters from the MC and Baxters This story is packed full of action, drama, passion, hot former military guys, strong women, amazing kids, close families and friends, and supporting those that need it I can t wait to read in this series and from this [...]

    7. Beth Hastings on said:

      Loved this book This book is the 5th in the MC series I think it would be best to read the MC books in order to get the most enjoyment out of the series I just love all of these books I look forward to reading anything by this author She has created characters that I would love to have as friends and a family that would be wonderful to be a part of Her imagination is awesome i can t wait to read her next book It might be Bob s book or another kid s book or something different I would always give [...]

    8. Joanne on said:

      Each book this author writes gets better and better This is an amazing story of selflessness and luv Cloud Blackhawk is one serious badass brother but a tender and gorgeous lover His luv and care for C J is inspiring So much happens in this book it keeps u on the edge of your seat Luvly to catch up with the Baxters as well Some of this book is so unique It blows the mind One of my favourites so far.

    9. AlligatorSmith loves to read on said:

      Enjoy this MC series and this one with Cloud is both the MC and the Baxters Lots of foster kids, lots of sex, lots of danger The writing is different than with most other biker books, but the editing is getting better with each book Sometimes it does get confusing with all the names characters, so this probably isn t a good stand alone book start from the beginning and you probably won t get as lost as starting with this book on its own.Thanks for reading

    10. Stephanie Beasley on said:

      Blackhawks ruleCan t help but fall in love with these awesome kid s and Adults Can t wait to read of this series I am so happy for these kids, such a amazing family they make I loved reading the history and the Native way that was shown in the book I hope there is in the next book I hope we get Kid s Club in future books I recommend this series and the Author.

    11. Sandy Emary on said:

      I think this is my favourite book in the series so far It combined all my interests into a story that was a joy to read My Native heritage and the spiritual plane that only so many believe in Crystal and Indigo children run in my family not to mention the thrill of an action movie playing out in the pages of a book and sexy badass bikers Makes for one amazing book I would love to read on the Fosters, maybe learning of Steve s heritage

    12. Kimberly Morrow howe on said:

      Amazing I am loving this whole story progression I absolutely love the interesting talents the little kids have and seeing how they are able to use them I love the Cloud, Steve, and Brody story line Cloud and CJ are absolutely adorable and love everything about it I am such a sucker for a good story and great love Kudos Can t wait for

    13. Joanne on said:

      Altho this story is centred around Cloud C J and the children it s still has a huge Mc involvement with it It s one of those books that steals your heart and you fall in love with all the characters It s truly amazing This author has an unique style about her and I can say I cannot wait for every book she writes Each book has so much detail and thought in it I m truly amazed every time.

    14. Gskm on said:

      A good oneAnother good book as expecting from one of my favorite authors I enjoyed the Indian lore attached to the romance and mystical children capabilities Really a great way to spend an afternoon.

    15. Jo Powers on said:

      Love the mysticWhat s not to love I love everything about this book From beginning to end, it kept my attention The action, the interaction, the passion, and the mystic all interwoven to create a wonderfully unique story.

    16. Kim Richards on said:

      BrilliantApart from the 1st book I think I have enjoyed this the best I loved cloud I think he s my favourite in this MC, I do like Steve, Danny and Rich as well.This would is really good and I m so pleased I read it

    17. Glenda Fleming on said:

      Love the bookGood continuation of the series Would love to see about little brothers and mystical themes Please continue books.

    18. starla mcmanigal on said:

      ReviewI love this series it makes me smile, it gets my blood pressure up, I feel like I m a member of the club and part of the family So well done

    19. Brandy on said:

      Cloud and CJ s story was one of my favorites because of the kids

    20. Sandra Brine on said:

      I love this series The humor alone keeps me reading I can not wait for the next one, will it tell us what also happens to Lily

    21. Rosie on said:

      Mind BogglingSince I started reading this series kind of backwards, I was going to read the Baxter s last Since so many characters from those books are popping up, I decided to go back to the beginning and read first three before I start book 6 The style of writing is UNIQUE, refreshing and just plain awesome.

    22. Susan Curtis on said:

      Cloud Me Anytime Captivating, romantic and intriguing book L Ann Marie has done it again and provided a great book, this time about Cloud and CJ and their 6 kids Well developed characters and storyline Totally recommend it

    23. Marilyn on said:

      Goodthe book is one that has many different people in the story and shows how child in foster care need

    24. Lamar R Cullen on said:

      I love reading ,any books with continuing story lines is great for me,seen others reviews ,not all books need sex filled scenes to be good,these books are about love,protection and really children.

    25. Cheesecake on said:

      Cloud and CJ I started out enjoying this despite the cloying perfection of the Good guy characters and the heinously despicable evilness of the Bad guy characters It s like Biker la la land where life is the way you wish it would be You know, money grows on trees, everyone is beautiful and illness and injury can be miraculously healed with wishful thinking There are a handful of randomly evil people who pop up periodically, just when the story starts to fall stale But the book goes ON and ON and [...]

    26. Julie Breil on said:

      AwefulThe editing was soooooo bad Sentences are hard to follow One sentence has them at CJs house, the next they are on the reservation, one sentence his name is Taylor, then the next it s Tyler Its like the author published the wrong copy I had to stop reading at 66%, I couldn t take any It is so unrealistic SPOILER Just about every character in the MC and their entire families have a special powereing the future, healing people, reading minds I finally stopped reading Cloud was flying with his [...]

    27. latisha kennington on said:

      Read book one book two book 3 book four but this one I don t know I just couldn t get into it I was so long lost a little crazy for me I guess couldn t get into this one but it does sound like a good story I m going to go back and try to read it again maybe there was something in the beginning I missed I just I couldn t get into this one I may skip this book and move onto the next one so far I loved all the rest of the books that came before this one

    28. Catherine on said:

      I liked the storyline and the characters, but the writing was so poorly executed I gave up about 50% into it Another reviewer mentioned how annoying the use of a particular swear word was, but I couldn t imagine how grating it would actually be It was used in a way the author thought was a cute quirk but failed entirely I am being generous with an extra star since I did enjoy the storyline.

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