The Mafia Hit Man's Daughter

Linda Scarpa Linda Rosencrance

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The Mafia Hit Man's Daughter

The Mafia Hit Man's Daughter By Linda Scarpa Linda Rosencrance The Mafia Hit Man s Daughter The world called him a killer She called him Dad We were always worried Always looking over our shoulders Linda Scarpa had the best toys the nicest clothes and a close knit family Yet classmates avo

  • Title: The Mafia Hit Man's Daughter
  • Author: Linda Scarpa Linda Rosencrance
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Mafia Hit Man's Daughter By Linda Scarpa Linda Rosencrance The world called him a killer She called him Dad We were always worried Always looking over our shoulders Linda Scarpa had the best toys, the nicest clothes, and a close knit family Yet classmates avoided her boys wouldn t date her Eventually she learned why they were afraid of her father.A made man in the Colombo crime family, Gregory Scarpa, Sr was a sThe world called him a killer She called him Dad We were always worried Always looking over our shoulders Linda Scarpa had the best toys, the nicest clothes, and a close knit family Yet classmates avoided her boys wouldn t date her Eventually she learned why they were afraid of her father.A made man in the Colombo crime family, Gregory Scarpa, Sr was a stone cold killer nicknamed the Grim Reaper But to Linda, he was also a loving, devoted father who played video games with her for hours In riveting detail, she reveals what it was like to grow up in the violent world of the mob and to come to grips with the truth about her father and the devastation he wrought.
    The Mafia Hit Man's Daughter By Linda Scarpa Linda Rosencrance

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      111 Linda Scarpa Linda Rosencrance
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    One thought on “The Mafia Hit Man's Daughter

    1. Autumn on said:

      I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review For me I enjoy reading stories like this because you get an inside look at how being in the Mafia affects everyone just not the victims This story is not only from the point of view of Linda his daughter but from other people who were affected by The Grim Reaper With this story it just goes to show you that just because you have someone in the Mafia it isn t glamorous or anything there is death, heartache, broken families, revenge I thi [...]

    2. Deana on said:

      I am giving this book 5 stars because it reads like a fiction book When I kept reminding myself that it s real, I was floored I really think Linda Scarpa was brave to put her story out there for the public to read I started reading thinking that there wouldn t be a whole lot of detail because other books like this hide details or sugar coat those details Linda pulls no punches and tells it like it is It really got me thinking about how those who are fascinated with the Mafia really don t sit and [...]

    3. CL on said:

      This was no surprise as far as the mafia mentality of the era goes with people being afraid of them and not wanting to cross paths with the families for fear of retaliation Every child believes their father is the best and it s not until we get older that we realize our parents are only human but to discover that people are afraid of your father for the horrific crimes he has committed against other people would be devastating to any daughter This was a great read about the mind set of the Mafia [...]

    4. Janet Robel on said:

      I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review When I was auto approved for this book, I thought it was a fiction thriller I had no idea this was a non fic memoir A mobster s daughter shares her story about what it was like growing up This is so well written with a no holds barred brutal honesty that had me turning the pages as fast as I could to read .

    5. Adrienne on said:

      When I was 20, my friends and I went through a mob movie phase We watched all the Godfathers, Goodfellas, Scarface all of those great, classic gangster flicks Back then, I probably would have liked The Mafia Hit Man s Daughter if for no other reason than that it was an inside look at what my friends and I were watching onscreen.Co written by Linda Scarpa and Linda Rosencrance, The Mafia Hit Man s Daughter is billed as the true story of what it s like to grow up with a mob hit man for a dad The e [...]

    6. Loretta on said:

      I was not really impressed, I read the book, and it wasn t awful, but it wasn t good either The book was a challenge to read because of the poor writing It was repetitive, confusing, not chronological, and at times difficult to figure out whose POV I was reading.Also, it is hard for me to comprehend that someone can say what a loving father and family man Scarpa was and yet he exposed his children to the horrors of his life by talking openly about the murders he was planning or had committed in [...]

    7. Jackie Roche on said:

      I would like to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest and open review.Normally I prefer fiction to non fiction but I was intrigued by the description of this book I totally admire Linda Scarpa for having the courage to chronicle her life.Discovering, in her teenage years that the man she thought was her father wasn t and that her real father was a killer must have been extremely traumatic.This was an interesting account of how t [...]

    8. Debbie on said:

      For me, this book was okay It wasn t the most insightful as she didn t really know what her father was really up to So mainly, it was mostly about her life and while the author said she wasn t trying for a woe is me story That s pretty much what I got out of it I think in this instance, it would be hard to write a story like that and the reader not get that impression I certainly know you can t pick your parents However, like I said, for me, this book was just okay I gave it an extra star just b [...]

    9. Albert Gregory III on said:

      This book takes you from nail biting hit scenes to loving family moments its a roller coaster of emotions and real look into the life and not just the life of Mrs Scarpa it gives you a side of Gregory the grim reaper Scarpa that you may never have know or believed This book is AWESOME Linda Scarpa can write This book is a must read for any fan of the life of family and of overcoming and accepting Should be 5 stars.

    10. Pam Mooney on said:

      I loved the inside perspective as well as the opportunity to learn from others involved in the story.I truly empathized with a daughter s attachment to her father and not seeing him the way others do Also the coming of age realization that you are looked at differently because of where you came from It truly is a no holds barred account of a fascinating family in good times and no so much A good read.

    11. Susan W on said:

      Book review to be printed in the Daily Republic on Dec 27 Link dailyrepublic news loc

    12. Michelle Banks on said:

      Fabulous book Linda shows the whole picture The good, bad, and ugly Some seen him as a monster but his little girl seen him as a father, protector

    13. P.e. lolo on said:

      This was a look into the family of a member of a crime family and the toll it takes on them Though her mother knew the man she was getting into with it would take some time for her and her brother to become aware of the life he led Her tale is real and the stories you will remember if you followed the crime families or were from the area Her story is sad because of the deaths around her family and losing her brother to the violence at a young age She explains her love as a daughter loving her fa [...]

    14. Steve Kemp on said:

      I ve read a lot about Greg Grim Reaper Scarpa , but this is the one you need to read Imagine if your father was super dad at home and a sadistic murderer for the mafia when away Well , read this and find out Five Stars Top Notch

    15. Neats on said:

      The Mafia Hit Man s Daughter is the memoirs of Linda Scarpa whose father was Gregory Scarpa, a made man in the Columbo crime family and known as The Grim Reaper.Right from the outset this book pulls no punches, opening with Linda almost being sexually assaulted by the driver who was supposed to be taking her to school.As a young child Linda grew up thinking a mild mannered man named Charlie Schiro was her dad, and that Greggy was just a friend of the family It was only as a teenager that she lea [...]

    16. Sharon on said:

      Kensington Books and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.The Mafia Hit Man s Daughter is a true crime biography about Linda Scarpa, whose father Gregory Scarpa, Sr was the mafia killer with the nickname of Grim Reaper Well known on the streets, both feared and revered, Greg was just Daddy to Linda As Linda grew older, her innocence slowly drifted away and was replaced with the knowledge of real life as a mafia hit man s daughter.This memoi [...]

    17. Read Ng on said:

      This was a GoodReads giveaway win It is an Advance Uncorrected Proof The narrative style takes some getting used to it comes across as the voiceover movie soundtrack, but does sound just like Linda is sitting in the room with you Her story unfolds in a too horrible to believe it is true manner There was an acknowledgement at the end of the book thanking the transcriber for their work, so much of the story telling must have been verbatim from interviews I have to wonder how much of the story happ [...]

    18. Susan Riley on said:

      Told by the daughter of Gregory Scarpa, The Mafia Hit Man s Daughter pulls no punches in telling the story of growing up in the Mafia life Ms Scarpa tells of growing up with privileges, but also of listening to her father matter of factly talking of murders and other crimes She also says that her father wasn t a monster, after talking of him killing several persons, including innocents The book jumps about chronologically, making it difficult to follow in spots In addition, the Kindle format goe [...]

    19. Wanda Wright on said:

      Wow, I can honestly say this is absolutely the best memoir I have ever had the pleasure of reading I won my copy from As many of us have wondered what it would be like to live in a MAFIA family, Linda Scarpa takes you inside with the most personal details, it makes you feel as if you know her personally I hope she understands what a strong woman she is to have lived such a horrendous yet loving life and come out with her sanity stillintact She helps the reader to understand how her father can be [...]

    20. Mirella on said:

      Stories about the Mafia definitely spur interest, and this book was no exception The Mafia Hit Man s Daughter is a memoir by Linda Scarpa whose father was Gregory Scarpa, a member of the Colombo crime family In the frank retelling of her family life, she brings to life her family s fears, loves, and horrors She writes with frank honesty revealing her personal struggles with the Mafia lifestyle With its many photos and stories of betrayal, jealousy, and violence, this is a great inside look at wh [...]

    21. Becky on said:

      This title reads like a journal The subject matter is interesting but not always chronological or even linear We are given the facts as the people who lived them remember It may be true but I was disturbed by the amount of double standard running rampant through the accounts.It was okay that the father was a killer, and even admitted to its necessity if not his enjoyment of these murders It was not okay that a member of their own family was killed Did these other people not have families, making [...]

    22. Mary on said:

      SInteresting mob storyIt seems written from the heart so I gave it five stars The story isn t new nice family man is also psychotic killer Or some kind of killer I ll just never get a handle on what s going on in their minds.And the families suffer the fallout dysfunctional, halfway in and halfway out of mob life, dealing with friends and family getting murdered.In one part, she talks about Scarpa s FBI handler I would love to know the truth of that Mob life looks so stupid, insane and pointless [...]

    23. Tammy Whitten on said:

      Fascinating insider view of the Mafia and what it was like to grow up with so many secrets, yet so many things out in the open Towards the end of the book, I found my own feeling revving up As a therapist, my empathy is constantly in motion At this point, I realized just how her mindset had been shaped from such an early age It broke my heart to see her confusion and conflicting emotions It s a great read to show people how someone can have a parent who does terrible things, and yet they really [...]

    24. Denise MacDonald on said:

      This book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Without even getting into the subject matter or the characters, I found this book very hard to read It jumped all over the place, which left me feeling lost much of the time I felt like I was missing something, like I skipped over something important, except I didn t skip anything In my opinion, this book needs some serious editing This ruined the book for me and it couldn t hold my interest.

    25. Aprille on said:

      OkJust made me crazy with the misspellings and exclamation points all over the place Interesting subject matter, a bit too talky,insights from friends and family were sketchy at best altho perhaps the co author was attempting to keep the color in the book Not really sure I get that he was someone s dad I appreciate that I appreciate that he was someone s uncle and husband I just don t feel much of the additional flotsam was needed to make this book good.

    26. Anne on said:

      This was an interesting story, told in a conversational style, by people who lived to tell the tale Although this lifestyle of the Mafia is foreign to this rural Midwest gal, it brought new light and a new perspective to the families that were entrenched it For anyone curious about how people could possibly live like this, I would recommend reading The Mafia Hit Man s Daughter I received a free copy from Giveaways.

    27. Romina Croteau on said:

      Thank you for being honest and putting you life out there no matter what others may think Your view point as the daughter is seldom what people hear, and it really needs to be I m sorry for you pain and everyone else s that suffered as you are and also you have also expressed In your book I recommend this book so people can see a families vanquish from both sides Very well written I hope all families are on the mend

    28. Monica on said:

      I read Linda Scarpa s book and I also believe Linda to be one of the bravest courageous people I know I honestly cried at alot of parts alot , laughed at how funny Your brother was at his wedding the nicknames he gave everybody LOL I have to add that, yes, Linda, there are people who would ve ended up at Willowbrook but not you You re a strong person, but you know that already friend

    29. Ellen Loulou on said:

      This book was fascinating on so many levels Though apparently written simply with a nice use of other voices, it s actually very revealing about human nature How we might view ourselves and our own lives differently than others do, and how we apply different standards when judging ourselves Took a lot of courage by the author to put her story out there.

    30. Judy on said:

      BOAT good story, often gory details Written like a teenager s diary with additional narration by other persons in the story A good glimpse into the horrible family life of the Mafia Although there is love, there is messed up love and lots of revengeful hate This book put me in her shoes, but I still can t understand a life like that.

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