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Scorched By R. Holmes Scorched Hale Jarreau left my life the same way he entered it all at once We once burned like a fire raging and consuming and I spent my life loving him I didn t have a choice And then he was gone Leaving my

  • Title: Scorched
  • Author: R. Holmes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 164
  • Format: ebook
  • Scorched By R. Holmes Hale Jarreau left my life the same way he entered it all at once We once burned like a fire, raging and consuming and I spent my life loving him I didn t have a choice And then, he was gone Leaving my heart aching and my soul empty.Time doesn t heal a damn thing and pain comes in many forms But time only makes that pain ache deeper It makes forgetting impossible.Hale Jarreau left my life the same way he entered it all at once We once burned like a fire, raging and consuming and I spent my life loving him I didn t have a choice And then, he was gone Leaving my heart aching and my soul empty.Time doesn t heal a damn thing and pain comes in many forms But time only makes that pain ache deeper It makes forgetting impossible Every love has its story This one is ours.
    Scorched By R. Holmes

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      164 R. Holmes
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    One thought on “Scorched

    1. Dee Montoya on said:

      3.5 Sweet Stars Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review Hale and Ember met when they were just kids He didn t have the best family situation at home and very quickly he became attached to Ember and her grandparents.A beautiful friendship turned into love and these two were perfect for each other You can feel the great chemistry and devotion they shared from the moment you start reading the story When they get older and the relationship becomes intimate, the sexy times did justic [...]

    2. Erika on said:

      3.75 stars Right before reading this book, I DNFed another book with a similar starting premise childhood best friends soul mates In that book, the hero had sex with OW while the heroine waited to give her virginity to him This book fixed that double standard for me D Here, both the hero and heroine waited for each other And then, even better the were both celibate during the long separation again, unlike the other book in which hero was manwhore and heroine had one lover fianc So while this was [...]

    3. TheCrazyWorldOfABookLover on said:

      DNF at 40%The writing style was not for me TO ME this is MY PERSONAL OPNION there was no fluidity, the sentences were choppy, it had a good amount of grammatical errors, the transitioning was way off and the pacing was rushed I realize this was an ARC and it will go through further editing, but I am reviewing what I read at this point in time.After a certain event, the plot was a tad predictable, and AGAIN TO ME it doesn t seem like a lot of thought was put into plot, character development, them [...]

    4. Chantal ❤️ on said:

      Basically I still love the book but the hero pissed me off here and I don t know why It s just he could see how tortured she was and he did nothing She made all the grovelling and begging for his love Why does his actions all of sudden piss me off so much 4 stars I would even say 3.5 I know it s crazy Maybe I should not reread books I thought were awesome I just ruined it original review I just felt the love between these two I loved this story and I will not spoil this book for those who have n [...]

    5. RJ on said:

      4 stars for having a couple that were each others first and last H h who have only ever been with each other make my romantic heart happy And I absolutely adored how much the H h loved each other.

    6. Gi's Spot Reviews on said:

      I just loved that their love and devotion was unbeatable The H was one of the most secure MCs I ve had the pleasure of reading, his love and belief that they are true soulmates was just incredible They were truly each other s first, last and only everything My rating was also influenced by the fact that this the author s first book, so Congrats I hope she keeps giving us this amazing MCs, that doesn t require the artifice of OM and OW to create a good ROMANCE On a side note I would have like a [...]

    7. Cyndi on said:

      I loved that Hale and Ember were each other s first and only when it came to love, relationships, and sex Their relationship was sweet and their love was strong The steamy times were very steamy and well written My problems came with the different lengths of time that were given for their separation They were apart for 3,4, or 5 years I m not sure which because all 3 time frames were mentioned I also wish we saw them together in high school They were in love from the time they were children but [...]

    8. Kate on said:

      I was struggling between 3 and 4 stars, but i know i give 4 just when i know i will be reading the book again Even if it was great, the plot wasnt anything special, nothing you will remember in the future.Hale and Ember are each other firt everything and very in love before Hale decides to join the army With everypage my heart was breaking for Ember and and i was thinking, hell the girl just must broke every minute There was definitely some tears blinking on my side and i DONT cry by books.I w [...]

    9. Denna✌ on said:

      My rating stays the same I still love it as much as the first time I read it Although Hale pushing the h away was frustrating didn t remember it being that much I still loved him I loved the way they loved each other Beautiful Safety Note completely safe they are each other s first only everything and are both celibate while apart Loved that not many books like this do that The hero usually pushes away the h and bangs everything that walks But not this bad boy

    10. Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads on said:

      2.5 2.75 StarsReview later.

    11. Soonya on said:

      Really liked this book, it was cheesy though but I liked it anyway I really love the fact that h and H were each other s one and only, it was so sweet that they stayed true to one another during separation Hero has his TSLT moments after he comes back, but quickly snaps out of them I mean I could understand some of his issues, he had horrible childhood and then his time in the armywasn t really that good But he really loved his h deeply and she loved him back.Curious about Tyler All in all, good [...]

    12. Deserie williams on said:

      Contains Spoilers Such a sweet story with a little bit of pushing away Great debut Loved Hale and Ember and their beautiful love they have for each other Nice to read That they were each other s first and last D Was it perfect no but it s a damn good start I will be waiting for to read by this author Hopefully she stays safe D Love HEA Forgot to mention Hale was awesome I loved him and I wouldn t change a thing about him safety when h thought H was dead 3 years later she does go on a date forci [...]

    13. Talltree on said:

      Sweet medium angst second chance story Safe romance but there is some angst bcos of view spoiler H being thought dead in combat for a few years when he was actually a POW and the H pushing h away when he s back bcos of his PTSD, but that only lasts a few days hide spoiler 3.75 stars

    14. Michelle on said:

      Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewFor all the fans of first loves and soul mates, Scorched by R Holmes is a sweet story that reminds readers of two childhood friends turned lovers who had their love tested through adversity and time In this book, Ms Holmes introduces Hale and Ember, whose love for each other were ingrained into their hearts, soul, mind, and body It was a first love whose embers flicker and burns with such heat and intensity So when Hale returns from his mil [...]

    15. Janie on said:

      Wow I loved this story that was sometimes filled with sadness and heartbreak but always filled with unconditional love Ember and Nash were both very likeable characters They were both strong and fought for what they wanted There was a time that Hale pushed Ember away for a bit but I understood why He still never wavers in his love For some reason this story really touched me than many others I ve read I think it truly had to do with the fact that they had an unwavering love that time not space [...]

    16. Cynthia Rodriguez on said:

      Before Was gifted an ARC Will review after reading final product.After DNFThis book wasn t for me.Right off the bat, I noticed the errors in editing Dialogue not starting a new paragraph being the toughest to get over.I encourage the author to invest in her work as well as a professional editor After all, your product is only as good as your team EDIT To be clear, I read both the ARC and the published novel The published novel is what was reviewed.

    17. Barbara➰ on said:

      What a sweet love story Was the writing the best grammatical and punctuation things to be cleaned up but the actual story was beautiful I think I cried until about 50% and kept hoping it got better and it did Hale and Em deserved the happy ending Can t wait to see what the author comes up with next.

    18. Kiki on said:

      There are different kinds of disrespect.This hero treats the heroine as an imbecile juvenileNE of the life altering decisions were taken as couple HE decided to join marine and then simply told her 4 days before deployment.He decided after coming back she s better off without him So that s what he does.He then decides he ll be part of her life That s what happens.At no point of time is it about the heroine This is NOT a relationship.Just because he s sweet about his domination and selfishness an [...]

    19. Cristina on said:

      I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from this beautiful lady in return for an honest real reviewwell, here you go, I keep it real 100% I wish there was a way to add starsOh well, I guess the 5 will do for right now Just keep in mind this story goes WAYYY above the 5 star rating This story literally from start to finish consumed me, seriously Like how a shark swallows a fish, that was how I felt.I felt like if I stopped reading I would miss something as crazy as it sounds lolYou never really kn [...]

    20. ♡Tonya♡ on said:

      Such a beautiful, emotional read Hale and Ember have loved each other since they were children There was never any question that their life together would be a happily ever after Hale lost his mother young and had an abusive, alcoholic father Ember lost her parents young in a car accident and went to live with her Nan Nan showered them both with love and got them through tough times As they got older, Hale knows he has to make a life for them and he joins the Marines When things don t go as plan [...]

    21. Amy M. on said:

      A sweet romance with a touch of bitter angst Hero view spoiler He went through a lot but you never doubted his love for the h hide spoiler Heroine view spoiler She was sweet and loyal hide spoiler Romance view spoiler There was a bit of push pull from the H It was giving me emotional whiplash Once they were together, it was all good hide spoiler Heat view spoiler Med High hide spoiler Safe view spoiler Yes No cheating hide spoiler

    22. Amalyn on said:

      Can t wait to read my southern bells debut novel Insert dancing emoji here Yas

    23. Portia Lynn (itsportiasbooks) on said:

      I was fortunate enough to watch Hale and Ember s love become something beautiful from the first draft I felt obsessive and protective, like Hale was mine and I did t want to share him with other girls, because I knew that they would love him too and I just don t have time to fight them all off As much as this is a love story, there is also heartache So be prepared Longer review to come closer to release September 15th ___________________________I CANT WAIT FOR MY GIRLS BOOK TO COME OUT It is goi [...]

    24. Lucy Harvey on said:

      I absolutely loved this book Even so I love Hale What I love about this story is that Ember and Hale have history and just by the first ten pages you can see how deep their love lies As a huge romance buff this drew me in straight away The book is a realistic and captivating tale of misfortunate lovers and the whole way though I was literally screaming FGS JUST KISS AND MAKEUP

    25. Julie on said:

      Am I alone here or is there others out there getting their click on way too much I don t ever recall me wanting to get my hands on so many books at one time

    26. LakerL24vr on said:

      I don t know how I missed this sitting on my currently reading shelf for so long I devoured this ARC the week it was received review to comeking some tweeks and updating my GoodReads account.

    27. Michelle on said:

      Hales and Ember story had truly brought tears to my eyes the love these to share is truly unconditional Ember is one strong women she would honestly make a great teacher Hale I m honestly very confused by his up and downs and the shocker that you you will experience in this book will bring you to the end of your seat I don t agree with how he acted in some parts of the book I get that he has been through he ll but I know one thing for sure one you have someone you love with all your heart you do [...]

    28. Laurie Breitsprecher on said:

      This story was unlike any other love story I have read It was real, it was raw and it was tragically beautiful The chemistry between Ember and Hale is perfection Hale isn t your typical millionaire, CEO, privileged Alpha, he is believable and realistic This book will make you fall in love Break your heart Leave you shattered and yet make you want I couldn t put it down For her debut novel, this is phenomenal I will read anything else she is willing to share

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