The Chairs

Eugène Ionesco Martin Crimp

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The Chairs

The Chairs By Eugène Ionesco Martin Crimp The Chairs In a house on an island a very old couple pass their time with private games and half remembered stories With brilliant eccentricity Ionesco s tragic farce combines a comic portrait of human folly wi

  • Title: The Chairs
  • Author: Eugène Ionesco Martin Crimp
  • ISBN: 9780571194513
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Chairs By Eugène Ionesco Martin Crimp In a house on an island a very old couple pass their time with private games and half remembered stories With brilliant eccentricity, Ionesco s tragic farce combines a comic portrait of human folly with a magical experiment in theatrical possibilities.
    The Chairs By Eugène Ionesco Martin Crimp

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      Eugène Ionesco Martin Crimp

    One thought on “The Chairs

    1. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      Les Chaises, Eug ne Ionesco 2004 135 98 20 1381 125 1387 150 9789640358351 1393 112 9786007061169

    2. Linda on said:

      The play, written by Eug ne Ionesco, consists of an Old Man and an Old Woman, moving around many chairs It s one of the plays that became the foundation for a theatrical movement called Th tre de l Absurde.There are only two people in the play, except the orator that make an entrance later The other characters are invisible Perhaps the Old Man och Old Women are the only ones left in the world Perhaps an apocalypse has destroyed the earth, leaving nothing behind They say that there is no Paris an [...]

    3. Helga on said:

      A tragic play written by Ionesco about the relationship between a very old couple after being married for than 70 years, their love for one another, their what ifs and would have been s, their reminiscences and disappointments over lost opportunities.

    4. Susan on said:

      A crazy crazy play to say the least Try ot understand it if you dare There are so many ways to interpret this play but ultimately I think I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see it staged I think that with Absurd drama that is the only way to get SOME grasp of what is really going on, or the true feel of the play Two old people going in and out of many doors bringing hundreds of chairs into a room full of visitors that are not there You try to understand Honestly earth shattering stuff Love this play Prob [...]

    5. Anelis on said:

      Les Chaises is, so far, my favorite play of Ionesco s.It took me an absurdly i love puns long time to read it, mainly because I only found it in French and had to first brush up what French I used to know 7 years ago, but every single damn unknown word was worth it.Plus, I can read in French again, so double win.

    6. Michelle Lynne on said:

      I loved reading The Chairs The plot in itself and the concept of trying to find the meaning of life, when the endeavour in itself seems almost pointless, was really interesting to read about I loved the absurdist and existential themes.

    7. Conor Morgan on said:

      Not sure if it s pretentious or really really intellectual, either way though, it doesn t really make sense, and is therefore interesting yet hard to enjoy.

    8. ivana18 on said:

      What is the meaning of life Can we really know the answer to that eternal question Or better yet, can we handle the answer to that question Is that the reason the chairs are empty, because no human being can truly know the answer and still be alive, still exist as a rational human being Are the chairs empty because the guests are there in flesh but their mind is not really present, because they don t want the truth, or can t handle the truth The Old Man, the Old Woman the deaf mute Orator, and t [...]

    9. Mateo R. on said:

      Me hizo acordar un poco a Fin de partida de Samuel Beckett teatro del absurdo, escenario bastante despojado y supuestamente aislado del mundo de la di gesis, veladas alusiones post apocal pticas, actitudes pat ticas El tema de la obra parece ser la imposibilidad de la comunicaci n, como en El rinoceronte Al ser una farsa y encima teatro del absurdo, las situaciones son poco realistas y es dif cil encontrarle la continuidad y el sentido a los di logos Hay que dejarse llevar por la atm sfera de la [...]

    10. Indu Muralidharan on said:

      I was unable to get the point of The Birthday Party and was not sure about picking up yet another play belonging to the theatre of the absurd But reading The Chairs was an experience by itself, so much that I could see the play unfold scene by scene through the pages, in spite of the cryptic stage settings, the large cast of invisible characters and the disconnected, often meandering dialogue The play remains open to a number of interpretations it is never clarified if the main characters of the [...]

    11. Mia on said:

      O piesa absurda despre viata si timpul ireversibil, despre cum acesta isi bate joc de noi si cum incercam din rasputeri sa il manipulam prin memorii Batranul si Batrana, doua personaje care isi regreta viata si si o amintesc fiecare cum vor, nu stiu decat sa traiasca unul langa celalalt, se contopesc Ei asteapta oaspeti care vin, imaginari, la un discurs, o dorinta din tinerete, acea schimbare in lume care nu apare niciodata, caci Oratorul, absurd, si singurul la fel de real aici ca cei doi, e s [...]

    12. Karla Hernández Krugmann on said:

      El teatro del absurdo no es adecuada para mi Todo el tiempo intent seguir el mensaje de trasfondo, pero tantas incoherencias me distra an Sillas Sillas Sillas Me preguntaba que importancia ten an las sillas, pues se repet a la palabra casi en cada linea Cre que enloquecer a si continuaba leyendo Personas invisibles hablando con otras personas invisibles La Bella El Emperador La Dama La Anciana hablando con personas invisibles y el Anciano hablando con un Emperador invisible Oh, es m s de lo que [...]

    13. Rick Homuth on said:

      Of the three of his I ve read so far, this play is probably the closest to what I d call traditional absurdist theatre which is an oxymoron itself and should make it all the apparent that I don t really know what I m talking about One of the key issues with describing the movement again, from what I ve observed is that each artists body of work is so incredibly different The Chairs, however, definitely has a Beckettian air about it.

    14. Kauane Borges on said:

      Of the four of his plays I ve read so far, this is probably the closest to what I d call traditional absurdist theatre One of the key issues with describing the movement is that each artists body of work is so incredibly different.

    15. Madeline on said:

      I can tell this must be an amazing play to see, but all I could muster up while reading it was polite interest.

    16. Nikki on said:

      I do believe this is one of my favorite plays Thanks to once again my English teacher, this was recommended to me because of my penchant for stranger reads Boy did it deliver.

    17. سحاب on said:

      This play is my favorite one I enjoyed studying and reading it

    18. Elena Neacşu on said:

      Sensul absurd al vie ii Vom l sa urme, noi suntem oameni, nu ora e.

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