Half a Lifelong Romance

Eileen Chang Karen S. Kingsbury

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Half a Lifelong Romance

Half a Lifelong Romance By Eileen Chang Karen S. Kingsbury Half a Lifelong Romance Shanghai s Shen Shijun a young engineer has fallen in love with his colleague the beautiful Gu Manzhen He is determined to resist his family s efforts to match him with his wealthy cousin so t

  • Title: Half a Lifelong Romance
  • Author: Eileen Chang Karen S. Kingsbury
  • ISBN: 9780307387547
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Half a Lifelong Romance By Eileen Chang Karen S. Kingsbury Shanghai, 1930s Shen Shijun, a young engineer, has fallen in love with his colleague, the beautiful Gu Manzhen He is determined to resist his family s efforts to match him with his wealthy cousin so that he can marry the woman he truly loves But dark circumstances a lustful brother in law, a treacherous sister, a family secret force the two young lovers apart As Man Shanghai, 1930s Shen Shijun, a young engineer, has fallen in love with his colleague, the beautiful Gu Manzhen He is determined to resist his family s efforts to match him with his wealthy cousin so that he can marry the woman he truly loves But dark circumstances a lustful brother in law, a treacherous sister, a family secret force the two young lovers apart As Manzhen and Shijun go on their separate paths, they lose track of one another, and their lives become filled with feints and schemes, missed connections and tragic misunderstandings At every turn, societal expectations seem to thwart their prospects for happiness Still, Manzhen and Shijun dare to hold out hope however slim that they might one day meet again A glamorous, wrenching tale set against the glittering backdrop of an extraordinary city, Half a Lifelong Romance is a beloved classic from one of the essential writers of twentieth century China
    Half a Lifelong Romance By Eileen Chang Karen S. Kingsbury

    • [E-Book] ↠ Half a Lifelong Romance | BY ✓ Eileen Chang Karen S. Kingsbury
      Eileen Chang Karen S. Kingsbury

    One thought on “Half a Lifelong Romance

    1. Aubrey on said:

      4.9 5It was a memory she could not outlive.You should take the average rating as a accurate representation of my views than what the current star system will afford When I read Love in a Fallen City, I didn t have half the proper awareness that I have now, so what went into that book s positive rating was a feeling half proud of, half in love with the sense of venturing where few readers my age, at that time and to my perspective, ha gone before Misguided as that was, it led me to Chang transla [...]

    2. Zoe on said:

      A fantastic female writer It is her poignancy that I love so much This is a woman who had loved and lost, in a turbulent time in history War, love, a wait of half a lifetime, holding on and letting go Eileen Chang is one of my favorite writers A woman who knew about women.

    3. Matthew Sciarappa on said:

      New favorite book This might be my new favorite book.Review forthcoming.

    4. James on said:

      Half A Lifelong Romance is perhaps Eileen Chang s most popular novel, telling the story of Gu Manzhen and Xu Shijun, between whom love quickly blossoms yet traditional family pressures and events beyond their control soon destroy any possibility of their future together Fourteen years pass before they find that as Manzhen says to her first love, Shijun, we can t go back Eileen Chang s masterful prose, translated by Karen S Kingsbury, is perfectly able to capture the everyday struggles of pre 194 [...]

    5. Heatherblakely on said:

      I still have no idea how I got this book it showed up on my doorstep one day This book was enjoyable for the most part I need to read books that don t take place in the US or Western Europe, and Chang s writing flowed enough so I wasn t bored, even though not a whole lot happened I knocked off a star because there was a sexual assault that was just kind of breezed over, but it bothered me for a good 50 pages All in all, I d recommend this.

    6. Bettie☯ on said:

      Description Manjing is a young worker in a Shanghai factory, where she meets Shujun, the son of wealthy merchants Despite family complications, they fall in love and begin to dream of a shared life together until circumstances force them apart When they are reunited after a separation of many years, can they start their relationship again Or is it destined to be the romance of only half a lifetime This affectionate and captivating novel tells the moving story of an enduring love affair, and offe [...]

    7. Melody on said:

      Eileen Chang is one of the most prominent authors in Chinese literature and Half a Lifelong Romance is one of her most beloved novels She s also the author for Lust, Caution and its film adaptation is released in 2007 it is with this film that Director Ang Lee won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival for the second time Set in 1930s Shanghai, Half a Lifelong Romance is a dramatic story of love, betrayal and family oppression revolving Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen two young people who [...]

    8. Lilian Kong on said:

      It s been a long time since a book has made my heart ache I can hardly find words to describe how much Half a Lifelong Romance has moved me Will love flourish if you learn to properly love someone Will that make love persevere through anything Or will that only kill love, slowly and so ironically that it almost wants to make you laugh Eileen Chang is not afraid to grapple with this difficult question She uses painfully restrained prose to illustrate restrained love in the midst of unfavorable so [...]

    9. Beverly on said:

      An overcast of melancholy paired with a cinematic touch makes this story of star crossed lover in 1930s and 1940 s Shanghai so heartrending.This is one of Ms Chang s most popular novels and was originally serialized in 1948 in a Shanghai magazine but finally thanks to translator, Karen S Kingsbury recently published.While at times this novel moves along at the pace of a soap opera, the reader will be so engrossed in the couple s lives that they will be anxious to read if they finally grabbed the [...]

    10. Bob Martin on said:

      Set in 1930 s Shanghai and Nanking against the backdrop of the Japanese invasion, which seems to have surprisingly little to do with this story It is very elegantly written, conveying the innermost unspoken conflicts of each of the characters But it was a painful book to read.Two young people, coworkers, fall in love, innocently, and almost unexpectedly, but circumstances beyond their control conspire against their happiness Misunderstandings, terrible coincidences, unwritten rules of conduct, a [...]

    11. Jacqueline on said:

      It s about a good woman s life, and how all the coincidences happened to her brought her from the heaven to the hell What I learned from this book is being good cannot guarantee you to lead a happy life because lots of unexpected things will just happen What can you do You cannot do much, since you have no control over them The only thing you can do is to be strong and face it even when you have to live in regrets.

    12. Matteo Cavelier on said:

      A fascinating book, despite difficulties in translation and its distance from the Western cannon that makes it difficult to appreciate Still, the story is as gripping as it is tragic Despite the cultural and linguistic gap, Chang shapes a timeless story Timeless may be the wrong word, since time is by far the most important component of the novel.

    13. Julian Lees on said:

      This is a sad tale which left me feeling blue The story of Manjin is especially tragic.

    14. Gail Nelson on said:

      4.5 stars Loved the story Love the genre Beautifully portrayed, heartbreaking characters.

    15. Lynn on said:

      Eileen Chang wrote many novels in Chinese and English She wrote this novel in the 1950s in serial form for a magazine and over the years, it became a source of Chinese pride in two different forms for Communist China and Taiwan She eventually moved to the US and stayed for the rest of her life This novel mainly takes place in the 1930s in Nanking and Shanghai Two lovers, Shijun and Mazhen are working together in Shanghi and plan to marry for love, in a country where the elite families choose the [...]

    16. Maureen on said:

      I challenged myself to read this classic of modern Chinese literature I haven t made much headway with the towering and five times humongous Dream of the Red Chamber, so I was determined It s one of the most depressing novels I ve read Society and fate and horrible selfish characters intervene to keep earnest young people apart That s the book Pre WW II China had no social safety net, so families were left to fend for themselves when a breadwinner died and there was higher mortality in that les [...]

    17. Marc on said:

      An engineer and a clerk soon find themselves having feeling for each other, but can their love make it through the harsh reality of the Chinese culture Picked this book on the whip, as I was intrigue by the cover and the author herself And I am happy that I brought and read this book It was a slow burn, and Chang match pieces perfectly to make a heartbreaking and warming story This book has one of my most hated characters in recent time She can chokehahaThe romance of the two characters I enjoye [...]

    18. Jac on said:

      Such a strangely relatable book on many levels A story about the struggles of class difference, contentious relatives and missed connections Makes your heart all twangy and really hits home for me.You don t always end up with the love of your life and there s no going back Favorite observations On the corruption of wealth Rich people are always the stingiest They think their money money s worth than other people s On sympathy of the disadvantaged She didn t, at that point, understand that the p [...]

    19. Tassy Vasi on said:

      The book was long winded and slow at the beginning It picked up speed around Chapter 11, and then a lot seemed to happen So if you read the book do persist Patially based on the author s life, the book gave a detailed account of culture, and lives of those living in Shanghai around the period before and after the war Later I found out that it was written to be a television serial and it was perfect for that.

    20. Ashley Smith on said:

      InterestingThis was not all what I expected it to be It is still a love story, but it s a love story through real life, not one where the gets the girl and things turn out the way they re supposed to be And I like that actually It feels like real life in a way other love stories haven t, at least haven t to me.

    21. Allison on said:

      This book picked up for me in the second half and my lasting impression is 4 stars But it was so slow for me starting out It would drag out an hour of sitting and waiting on a train for pages and then skip 10 years in a chapter The customs and culture were very interesting I would recommend but only if you are willing to give up some time.

    22. Chitrangi Kakoti on said:

      Hooboy I didn t expect a fairy tale, but I sure hadn t expect it to be as dark and heavy either At its core,Half a Lifelong Romanceis a tale of romance, of missed opportunities and of longing However, I have to say that I was entirely invested in Manzhen s plight The romance become a tertiary aspect of the book for me Manzhen s plight devastated me, and I was screaming at Manlu and her husband during the latter half of the story I loved getting an insight into the ordinary lives of middle class [...]

    23. Caitlin on said:

      3.5 StarsSuch a beautiful tragedy defined by an act of unimaginable cruelty This was an engrossing read, but I didn t enjoy it and it was actually painful to read about these characters, misunderstandings and the horrible evil we inflict on each other I get why this is so highly revered but I could certainly never read it again.

    24. Katrina on said:

      I thought the book was written beautifully, but I personally didn t like the way things turned out in the plot I would give this a 3.5 5 if I could.

    25. Kristin on said:

      so readable, lush in detail, dramatic, painful, the very definition of an emotional journey ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES

    26. Sarah C Smith on said:

      I planned to give this 5 stars until I got to the last five pages but now I m too bummed about the ending.

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