Fortunata y Jacinta

Benito Pérez Galdós

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Fortunata y Jacinta

Fortunata y Jacinta By Benito Pérez Galdós Fortunata y Jacinta La novela m s importante de Benito P rez Gald s y junto a La Regenta de Leopoldo Alas Clar n una de las m s populares y representativas del realismo literario espa ol El protagonista de la historia

  • Title: Fortunata y Jacinta
  • Author: Benito Pérez Galdós
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fortunata y Jacinta By Benito Pérez Galdós La novela m s importante de Benito P rez Gald s y, junto a La Regenta de Leopoldo Alas Clar n , una de las m s populares y representativas del realismo literario espa ol El protagonista de la historia es Juan, hijo nico de una adinerada familia de la Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes
    Fortunata y Jacinta By Benito Pérez Galdós

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      491 Benito Pérez Galdós
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    One thought on “Fortunata y Jacinta

    1. Francisco H. González on said:

      Habla Jaime Fern ndez en en este art culo de cada vez nos es m s dif cil pararnos a leer un libro de m s de quinientas p ginas Incluso a los escritores se les hace m s cuesta arriba emboscarse en la escritura de una novela de esas dimensiones A no ser que uno est hecho, creo, de la misma pasta que Stephen King, Abercrombie, etc, autores que escriben buenos tochos sin despeinarse A pesar de lo anterior, creo que hay esperanza Hay cr os que est n leyendo con 11 a os libros de Harry Potter y simila [...]

    2. El on said:

      The subtitle for this book should be Two Stories of Married Women, Their Men, Their Aunts, Some Other People, and All of Their Crazy This is a massive book and I m surprised that it took Gald s just a year to write it There are a lot of characters here, a lot of different plot lines, all interconnected yet separate, and all quite enjoyable to read Some call him the Spanish Dickens, and that s fine, but I feel like Gald s is on a planet of his own Maybe it s a cultural thing, but this book felt r [...]

    3. Bettie☯ on said:

      view spoiler Bettie s BooksThe shelving, status update and star rating constitutes how I felt about this book hide spoiler

    4. Dagny on said:

      I put off reading this book for years because of its length It began a bit slowly with the focus on the Santa Cruz family Once the focus changed to Fortunata and her family and acquaintances, the characters really came to life for me The last few chapters are breathless Fortunata and Jacinta is well worth the time needed for the read.

    5. Wanda on said:

      2 AUG 2014 a 20% discount coupon allowed me to purchase a new copy from Barnes Noble today Many thanks Barnes Noble 8 FEB 2015 read with the 19th Century Literature Group at Yahoo This group reads the absolute best books Fortunata and Jacinta is an outstanding read The entire time I spent reading this book, I felt as though I were sitting in a Spanish cafe gossiping with an old friend He knows everyone, everything about everyone, and has shared these stories with me Outstanding I love this book

    6. Caro Reyes on said:

      Durante la secundaria, tuve mi primer encuentro con P rez Gald s Nuestro puente fue Marianela su novela m s conocida, quiz Recuerdo poco de aquella lectura, pero hubo una sensaci n que qued arraigada en mi memoria el tedio Aquel libro me aburri tremendamente y lo conclu s lo por obligaci n, puesto que su lectura resultaba necesaria para presentar un examen Hace poco m s de un a o le La de Bringas y conoc a otro Gald s, muy diferente del que recordaba En medio de aquella trama fluctuante entre lo [...]

    7. Laura TvdB on said:

      S que puede parecer extra o gastar tiempo escribiendo una rese a sobre un libro tan manido y con una fama tan tostonera como Fortunata y Jacinta Pero, sinceramente, me da igual Quiero haceros cambiar de opini n.Empecemos por el principio Fortunata y Jacinta es la obra m s reconocida de Benito P rez Gald s junto con La Regenta de Clar n , la m s alabada del Realismo espa ol despu s del Quijote, la novela m s importante de la literatura en Espa a Y mucha gente no estar de acuerdo con eso Bueno, pu [...]

    8. Ricardo on said:

      Esta novela cuenta la historia de dos mujeres, Fortunata y Jacinta, y su relaci n con un hombre, Juanito de Santa Cruz Exquisitamente escrita, describe en gran detalle y con un humor particular caracteres y situaciones en Madrid a finales del siglo XIX Es realmente una obra maestra y muy compleja ya que aborda temas como efectos de la pobreza especialmente en lo relativo a la moral, el papel de la mujer, la maternidad, el machismo, la religi n, y el contexto pol tico de la poca, entre otros Una [...]

    9. Laura on said:

      Spanish version Free download available at Project Gutenberg.According to Free Literature, Fortunata and Jacinta wasn t translated until 1973 article at Neglected Books here

    10. Thomas J. Hubschman on said:

      Superb and surprisingly modern in every sense Galdos is right up there with the best and yet remained out of my ken until this past year Such is the American disdain for foreign authors.

    11. LadySabrina on said:

      Galdos is the Spanish Dickens He s completely underrated andif you like Victorian literature you are certain to like thistoo Gald s, Benito P rez, Fortunata and Jacinta Two Stories of Married Women Translated with an Introductionby Anges Moncy Gull n The University of Georgia Press Athens 1985.Gald s masterpiece work Fortunata y Jacinta Two stories of married women is , an accurately drawn social portrait of nineteenth century Madrid Written in four parts from 1886 1887 According to Turner, who [...]

    12. Wendell on said:

      This is a fabulously written book about everything that was happening at the turn of the century in Spain centered around a small community of relationships The language usage is spectacular

    13. Raúl on said:

      Una de las obras M s importantes en Espa a Un cl sico universal Imprescindible para todo espa ol Son 2.000 p ginas Pero merecen la pena Esta obra se seguir editando en 2100.

    14. Lise Petrauskas on said:

      I feel as though I ve been living in Madrid for the past week while reading this What an author Gald s is My thoughts are completely disjointed right now as I vejustfinished reading the last page a moment ago So This is a draft of a review right now The response from the famous judge of literary works was that it had the makings of a play or a novel, although in his opinion the artistic texture wouldn t be especially attractive unless it were warped in places so that the vulgarity of life might [...]

    15. Josh B. on said:

      Just finished it today, I m actually kinda sad that it s done, over 800 pages, and I actually wouldn t have minded if it went longer This is a really fabulous book about 19th century Spain, particularly the intrigue and complexities of society in Madrid Galdos talks about all layers of society, from the very bottom to the top His grasp of society is very much like Dickens or Balzac in its complex scope Galdos writing style is very vivid and energetic, so it s hard to get bored while your reading [...]

    16. Tiffany on said:

      I kind of feel like this might be considered a classic because it s sooooooooooo long I mean, sure, the story of the two women in one man s life his wife and his mistress and their lives outside of him is an interesting premise, and how their lives overlap makes for a good story However, does it have to be 800 pages long Especially because some of those pages are about people outside of this immediate love triangle I m not saying you can t have other characters, and I m not saying you can t talk [...]

    17. Alleluialu on said:

      Although it took me one year to read the entire 818 pages, I really did enjoy it and I FINISHED IT TODAY This giant book is the story of two women who were in love with the same man a cad, by the way The characters were memorable for their antics and their personalities From the saint who went around helping all kinds of people, collecting money and articles from merchants and builders to construct her orphanage, to Maximilliano who went through many different personality disorders The one thing [...]

    18. Ricardo on said:

      I recently re read this after many years The only other time I had read it was while I was taking a graduate seminar on Gald s This time I was able to read it at a leisurely pace, and I really enjoyed it I was most impressed with the way Gald s creates such a complex psychology for the main character, Fortunata The other people in her world are constantly trying to pigeonhole her, drawing on stereotypes of immoral women taken from religion and or literature, yet she resists such categorization I [...]

    19. Diego on said:

      Gald s es un absoluto maestro Recomendabil simo, no s lo por la belleza de su lenguaje sino tambi n por la profundidad del estudio de la condici n humana y la acuarela que poco a poco va bosquejando del Madrid del siglo pasado La historia est contada con ritmo cambiante y diferentes registros de humor Algunas descripciones de personajes son de partirse de risa Pero en el fondo, siempre subyace un tono triste y tr gico.

    20. Kathleen on said:

      I had my Spanish seminar read this during the past semester, and wanted to recommend the English translation for those who like 19th century literature There aren t many English translations of Galdos s novels, and he was the greatest author of 19th century Spain He gives a great panorama of Madrid society His novels give a much complex representation of social inter relations in general and women in particular than Dickens, and his picture of society isn t as grim as Zola s.

    21. Hana on said:

      Set in Madrid in the late 19th century It s very much a book of Spain, where the day is interrupted by siesta, everyone comes out to stroll the streets after dusk, and suppertime starts at around 10PM Do not start this novel if you re not willing to spend at least a few weeks on it neglectedbooks p 1277

    22. Dan on said:

      There is no human being, no matter how despicable he may seem, who cannot stand out in something This line from early in the novel is spoken in relation to the character Izquierdo, a useless man up to that point , who is a braggart but also surrogate father to a little boy, the near feral Pitsuo The line is interesting because while at first glance it might seem a positive statement it could be an internet platitude Gald s does not actually say that the something anyone can stand out in would be [...]

    23. Lysmerry on said:

      I have read countless 19th century novels, and was amazed to finally, after years of giving up, find one that felt fresh and different I am at a point where I put down a book that has too many tired cliches, especially concerning women Fortunata and Jacinta has many of the staples of French 19th century literature, and especially reminded me of Zola and Balzac It is not afraid of grime, of poverty, of moral relativity, or social outcasts It also brought to mind Dostoevsky I really enjoyed the ca [...]

    24. Lauren on said:

      Madid, the later half of the 19th century Fortunata the working class mistress and Jacinta the rich wife are both in love with the same cad of a man A crazy cast of characters surrounds them The do gooder upper class woman, the crazy woman in the nunnery who you can t help but like , Fortunata s patronizing and mentally disturbed husband in name only, the horny old man, the easily flustered servant girl And They re all there, and they re all wonderfully engaging They throw tantrums, they find G [...]

    25. Monty Milne on said:

      Utterly engrossing It easily stands comparison with Dickens, Balzac, or Tolstoy I am ashamed I had never heard of the author until very recently There are two particularly difficult problems facing the translator how to render the very varied narrative register of characters from a wide social range, and how to deal with the subtleties of tu usted In the first case, some of the plebeian voices speak with American vulgarisms which some may find odd or grating although they serve the purpose In t [...]

    26. Nicholas Whyte on said:

      nwhytevejournal 1162077 return return It took me a long time to get around to reading it, and also a long time to read it it is over 800 pages But it is rather good return return Fortunata and Jacinta are two women in 1870s Madrid who both love Juanito Santa Cruz, the scion of a dynasty of clothing magnates Fortunata is working class and bears him a child Jacinta, his cousin, marries him by a family arrangement which becomes largely a love match Most of the book is about Fortunata s ups and down [...]

    27. Txe Polon on said:

      Indudable obra maestra que cuenta no s lo con un repertorio de personajes secundarios estupendamente conseguidos Maxi, Do a Lupe, D Evaristo, Ballester que sustentan la trama en torno a una Fortunata de nombre ir nico cuya impresi n en el lector var a a lo largo de la novela hasta llegar a quererla tanto como la quiso Gald s Pese a que la vinculaci n con el momento hist rico y los paralelismos entre el devenir de Espa a y de las protagonistas puede dificultar la lectura en la primera parte, el e [...]

    28. Tim and Popie Stafford on said:

      Written in 1887, this book deserves to be on the list of outstanding nineteenth century literature How come I never heard of it I suspect it s a result of Spain s cultural isolation The writing is marvelous and inventive, full of irony and dry humor It s a fascinating sociological and psychological portrait of ordinary people, rich and poor, in Madrid in the 1870s Because the narrator has such a gossipy, relaxed and discursive voice, the plot takes hundreds of pages to get moving But the payoff [...]

    29. Altado on said:

      Qu decir de este libro Sencillamente, magnifico Es una de las obras m s emblem ticas de Benito P rez Gald s, y a pesar de ser extensa, no decae en ning n momento Su forma de describir los distintos ambientes madrile os, las distintas clases sociales, los diferentes comportamientos, incluso de la misma persona, ante la misma situaci n la religi n En fin, estupenda novela, para leer y releer.He le do algunas revisiones de este libro hechas por otros lectores, y son verdaderos estudios sobre Gald s [...]

    30. Alguien on said:

      Vivir es relacionarse, gozar y padecer, desear, aborrecer y amar La lectura es vida artificial y prestada, el usufructo, mediante una funci n cerebral, de las ideas y sensaciones ajenas, la adquisici n de los tesoros de la verdad humana por compra o por estafa, no por el trabajo.Mi valoraci n

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