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Adele Clee

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What You Desire

What You Desire By Adele Clee What You Desire Sebastian Ashcroft the fourth Marquess of Danesfield had no intention of accompanying Sophie Beaufort on a ludicrous quest to find her missing brother Nor did he want to be part of the investigation

  • Title: What You Desire
  • Author: Adele Clee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What You Desire By Adele Clee Sebastian Ashcroft, the fourth Marquess of Danesfield, had no intention of accompanying Sophie Beaufort on a ludicrous quest to find her missing brother Nor did he want to be part of the investigation into her brother s dealings with the mysterious Comte de Dampierre.But desire can do strange things to a man.Threatened with an indecent proposal from a dissolute French comSebastian Ashcroft, the fourth Marquess of Danesfield, had no intention of accompanying Sophie Beaufort on a ludicrous quest to find her missing brother Nor did he want to be part of the investigation into her brother s dealings with the mysterious Comte de Dampierre.But desire can do strange things to a man.Threatened with an indecent proposal from a dissolute French comte, Sophie Beaufort is forced to travel to London to discover the reason behind her brother s mysterious disappearance Capable of handling her own affairs, the last thing she wants is to be encumbered by the dishonourable Marquess of Danesfield a man she so desperately wants to hate.But does love, once blossomed, ever truly fade
    What You Desire By Adele Clee

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      310 Adele Clee
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    One thought on “What You Desire

    1. Crazychriss889 on said:

      Mhm.I guess that was an okay novel.Characters Yeah, they are just so not historically accurate.Our female main character She s way too brazen, too direct, too outgoing for this time period It s just too much Sure she seems to be one of those strong women.But she s not if she gives in that easily to temptation That s contradicting and so wrong Plus, at that point she doesn t even like him and thinks the worst of him, so why She s weak to fall prey to such a libertine.There were some feminist view [...]

    2. BigComfyChairBookReviews on said:

      This is my 2nd or 3rd favorite in the Anything for Love series, of which I have read them all I loved Sophie and Danes story I liked that they already knew each other and that Sophie already had feelings for him I thought Sophie was very relatable, maybe strong willed but enjoyable I loved how Dane referred to Sophie as his wife so early on even before discussing it with her he knew his own mind I also liked that Sophie went off to the cottage It gave Dane time to obsess and miss her Clee does a [...]

    3. Theresa Brandt on said:

      Tedious Minor spoilers This is not my first book by Adele Clee, but it s been a while since I read any of her work When considering this BookBub selection, my memory was that Adele Clee was pretty good because I remembered enjoying her one book that I had read up to this point which was To Save a Sinner As a matter of fact, to quote my own review of that book I enjoyed it and didn t feel as if either my time or my money was wasted I wish I could say the same for this book, What You Desire I don [...]

    4. Nicki Markus on said:

      I liked the plot idea behind What You Desire, which had all the makings of a great Regency adventure story However, characterisation let down the book for me There is no disguising that this is a bodice ripper and, as such, historical accuracy has to have a little leeway Nevertheless, I found Sophie s behaviour untenable She seemed to equate strength with petulance and a high libido That a woman, however independent, who d been brought up the way she had would act in the manner she does just did [...]

    5. Maggie Whitworth on said:

      The first book in the Anything for Love Series Our hero is Sebastian Ashcroft the 4th Marquess Of Danesfield , his heroine is Sophie Beaufort a neighbours daughter and sister to his good friend James James has passed a necklace to Dane for safe keeping and also the safety of his sister Due to working abroad Dane has not seen her for many years , she has matured nicely from what he can see , and now she has faked illness to get into his estate and get back the necklace, but why Sophie has always [...]

    6. Jenika Ioffreda on said:

      More than once I thought to stop reading but I managed to last until the end The romance put me off the story, it was too rushed I know the heroine had a crush on him for years but still it didn t feel very developed they meet after not seeing each other for years and bang Insta attraction.I skipped the sex scenes because I honestly didn t care much about their romance.The story was full of cliches too one being the virgin who becomes sex bomb within seconds.Still the story wasn t bad and the wr [...]

    7. Suzanne on said:

      Sophie s brother had disappeared and she must travel to London to try to figure out what is happening She can take care of herself but Dane, her brother s friend, doesn t agree Their quest to find Sophie s brother involves a necklace, a French count and the madam of a high class brothel During their adventure Sophie both hates Dane and falls in love with him Dane lusts after Sophie for most of the book and when he finally realizes that he loves her, she has run away Ultimately there is a HEA.I h [...]

    8. Sarah on said:

      A Fun Start to a Historical Romance SeriesWhat You Desire was exactly what I was hoping for a fun read with a little history and a little steamy ness The characters Dane and Sophie are fun to follow Sophie s willingness to be herself over society norms is expressed in a way that is enjoyable instead of over the top and obnoxiously like some other authors The way other characters are developed is done in way in which it enhances the story, while still nicely setting up future books without being [...]

    9. Virginia Tican on said:

      It has a promising start it even has a noble slant to it but I just cannot make myself like the annoying dithering of Sophie with regard to Sebastian s feelings for her That didn t stop her having constant sex with him though Makes me wonder who s the slut here and who s using whom The problem with Sophie is that she has no self respect or self worth plus she is also reckless She should have waited for Sebastian to have his say before bolting A woman in her timeline always bow to convention give [...]

    10. carol on said:

      Not a book, a chapter.I hate teaser books If you re looking to increase readership give me a sample novella and SAY that s what it is don t give me a chapter and expect me to buy the rest.

    11. Cheryl Adamkiewicz on said:

      A very good readThis book was fun to read Light and witty, the plot and characters were a delight I thought the descriptions of how the characters felt about being in love as notable.

    12. Cynthia Houser on said:

      DesireWow What a good book I thoroughly enjoyed this book with it s fantastic characters I didn t want to put this book down, it was so engaging I enjoyed the wonderful banter between the characters and at times the plot was very intense at times.

    13. Heather on said:

      This is the second book I ve read by this author and I truly enjoy her voice There is a lot of action and twists and turns in this story The romance warms my heart I really enjoyed this book.

    14. Cassandra on said:

      Loved itIt was a fantastic story line that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I fell in love with the characters.

    15. Jean Smith on said:

      A good plot and a full ending plus enough to make you want to read the sequal adult romance

    16. Monica Smith on said:

      Wonderful bookThis was a well written wonderful read the characters were refreshing I really enjoyed reading this Sophie was fun and independent and I loved Mr Shandy.

    17. Sheila Sharp on said:

      Opening with a chaseThat set the stage for the story which included, a passionate physical attraction, scandalous behavior for a lady along with a kidnapping and salvation.

    18. Jessica Adams on said:

      This book was hard for me to get through It wasn t bad, but it wasn t good either.

    19. Saeeda on said:

      Sexy historical romanceWell written If you like a feisty heroine and a sexy hero, a bit of intrigue and action This book has it all and Loved it

    20. Natasha on said:

      After thoroughly enjoying To Save a Sinner, I thought I d give another one of Adele Clee s books a try This book did not move me I could not become engrossed in it I would read it and put it down without caring if I finished it or not The characters just didn t jump off the page I couldn t get into their story as much as I wanted to I didn t like the hero and the heroine just seemed too unrealistic for this time period.

    21. Elizabeth Sirk on said:

      great read just started reading her she writes good books

    22. Sylvia on said:

      I received a free ebook from the author.This is a delightful historical romance story.

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