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Mythmaker By Tim Waggoner Mythmaker Teenager Renee Mendez is a talented artist living in a small Illinois town She loves drawing the strange beings that feature in her dreams without realizing that when she depicts them on paper they

  • Title: Mythmaker
  • Author: Tim Waggoner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mythmaker By Tim Waggoner Teenager Renee Mendez is a talented artist living in a small Illinois town She loves drawing the strange beings that feature in her dreams, without realizing that when she depicts them on paper, they come to life in the real world These gods begin to seek worshippers and battle for supremacy, killing humans and each other until only the two strongest remain Sam and DeanTeenager Renee Mendez is a talented artist living in a small Illinois town She loves drawing the strange beings that feature in her dreams, without realizing that when she depicts them on paper, they come to life in the real world These gods begin to seek worshippers and battle for supremacy, killing humans and each other until only the two strongest remain Sam and Dean come to town to investigate the murders and miracles these new gods perform, slaying some of them in the process The last two gods standing prepare for their final conflict, which only one will survive The brothers must find a way to stop the gods war before the entire town is destroyed.
    Mythmaker By Tim Waggoner

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      195 Tim Waggoner
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    One thought on “Mythmaker

    1. Francis Delisle on said:

      Took the storyline of Highlander and blended it with Supernatural, with a lot of filler thrown in You can skip this one

    2. Melyssa Winchester on said:

      It took me awhile to get my feelings about this story straight This, like a lot of other reviewers have said before me, felt like a Supernatural meets Highlander story One that was focused a great deal than other novels on the supernatural being and less on the boys that make the show what it is I liked the idea of this, Highlander thing aside I think in terms of watching something like this as an episode, it wouldn t have been all that bad Where I sort of ventured off where the writing was con [...]

    3. Charlie Louise on said:

      It has a star purely for the fact that it was Supernatural, but aside from that I think the main reason I want to rate this so low is the writing, Waggoner actually used Speeded in a sentence

    4. Craig on said:

      This is a fun novel set within the framework of the Supernatural television series I m not a regular watcher of the show, but don t feel like that caused me to miss anything from this story Fans of Highlander should like this one, too.

    5. Hazel West on said:

      This one was okay Sam and Dean were pretty much in character though I still felt they were a little overwrought and didn t have much life in them as is usually the case in these novels and yet people can write perfectly awesome canon fan fiction Come on Titan, start finding better authors It was still a good read to get me through the mid season hiatus though The concept was interesting, but my main complaints were 1 there seemed to be page time with the supporting cast than with Sam and Dean, [...]

    6. Sylvia McIvers on said:

      Fun story Gods coming to life is the stuff of comic books, and while this story had no pictures, the descriptions were absolutely wonderful.No Spoiler Story line Sam and Dean are 2 brothers who battle the Monster of the Week and win.Nice story technique Sam s flashback seems like spacing out and going to a better place in his memory, but it ends up helping in the moment.Maybe a spoiler but certainly not a surprise The gods coming to life are not, in fact, here to help humanity gasp They are here [...]

    7. Mrs.M.Williams on said:

      DisappointingHave loved every one of the SPN novels however this one was so much basically Highlander with the boys occasionally dropped into it that it was very disappointing The fact that the Winchesters always give a tip of the hat to pop culture especially Dean with his love of action movies made for the Highlander films to become the very obvious elephant in the room whenever someone repeated There can be only one in the end It was such an obvious direct storyline that to not mention it mad [...]

    8. Maggie on said:

      Definitely not the best of the Supernatural tie in novels The author over explains the characters past in the most simplistic ways and doesn t capture Sam and Dean s personalities the way some of the other books have The writing in general is just flat This one can be skipped even by the most die hard fans.

    9. Heather on said:

      2nd of the Supernatural books I have read, this one left a lot to be desired I feel like the author had his own storyline with the gods, which was a excellent premise and hook, but then had to wiggle Dean and Sam in somehow The ending seemed rushed and weak with the solution being to easy and the catalyst the painter an afterthought and weakly explored.

    10. Makenna Appleyard on said:

      Interesting enough If you love supernatural you ll like this book I read this as a stand alone and made out ok because I knew the characters from the TV series If you haven t seen supernatural though I wouldn t recommend starting with this book.

    11. Kristin Herrick on said:

      Another fun Supernatural book The characters felt slightly off towards the end though.

    12. Becky Rhoades on said:

      As Always No Complaints No complaints with these books Always loved them Love Live the show as well Love how they tie in with the show.

    13. Kristina🥀🖤 on said:

      Used it as a school reading book It was very well written and I went through it quickly Super good

    14. Gene on said:

      This story has a lot of potential, I just feel like it ended too quickly it would have made a good season long arc.

    15. Laura-Louise Elliott on said:

      The only reason this is two stars and not one is because I love supernatural and liked the general premise of the book This book seems like it is built out of a fleshy outline and some flat character descriptions The only real excitement I saw from the author were the bloody descriptions of battles and violence, which were perfect for both the series and the story.Everything else that I wanted it to do, like dive into the inner minds of Sam and Dean, something we never get in the show, or explor [...]

    16. Chloe Smith on said:

      Having been a fan of the Supernatural TV series, I couldn t miss up the chance to read a book from the series that breaks away from the screen Admittedly, I haven t watched the TV series since series 9 where things went down with Dean die hard Supernatural fans will know what I am on about and have struggled to get back into it since Also, having never read one of the Supernatural books, I was intrigued to see the differences between media forms.One of the aspects I enjoyed the most was that, ev [...]

    17. KevinKempf on said:

      This book was a solid disappointment I had high hopes for another supernatural read I am amazed that this got printed and even amazed that the creators of Highlander have not sued the pants off the author About the only thing you didn t rip off was Duncan McLeod s Scottish accent There can be only one

    18. Teralyn on said:

      I agree with a lot of the reviews on this site Goofy Supernatural episode mixed with Highlander and, while that is typical for Supernatural, I would ve preferred they had a little fun with it or were creative No one had depth or reason for doing what they did Why was Renee a mythmaker What was the point of the apotheosis They kind of touched on the idea that the boys had done too much god killing in the past and this was the natural cycle of things, but it felt like a throw away conversation t [...]

    19. Judy Haak on said:

      I have read every book in this series and wait expectantly for the next one There was such a lull before Cold Fire that I welcomed it from sheer anticipation This one however is such a better story, true to the characters, and very well written My only complaint was the over use of the corsucating in referring to the electrical charge coming from Adamatine, and my belief that having the Mark of Cain would make Dean already bound and not suseptible to her Can t wait till November for next instal [...]

    20. Wit on said:

      I would have given this one a higher rating, except that it took me far to long to get into the story This was because a lot of time was spent on Adamantine the god when I didn t find her particularly interesting and many of the other gods seemed pulled straight from the background of an ensemble superhero comic In a way having the gods be one dimensional works, but for the most part it s boring.

    21. Anfal Khan on said:

      Actual rating 3.5 starsI m a huge fan of the show and I had no idea these books existed but I m so happy I found this one While it wasn t the best thing I ve ever read, it was still good I will definitely be picking up the other books The only thing that I didn t really like that much about this book was the long chapters but other than that, I found it pretty enjoyable.

    22. Maureen S. Berk on said:

      Bad bookThis book sucked It was banal and boring I can t believe I wasted my time and money on it There is nothing Supernatural about it The story reads like a blist movie Dean is represented as a lazy donut eating clod.Don t waste your time and money.

    23. Kimberly Souza on said:

      I love the supernatural show, but I didn t love this book I didn t feel that the author had a good enough feel for Sam and Dean and it showed in the story I also just didn t care for the actual story very much All and all it wasn t a bad read, just not my favorite.

    24. Michelle Diaz on said:

      The description details of the gods were great However, this book lacked a feel of being a true Supernatural story with Sam and Dean They didn t have much action and their roles in the book were a bit of a let down.

    25. Judy on said:

      If you re looking for a good character development book about the Winchester brothers, this is not it But if you re looking for a book about god like monsters fighting each other with the Winchesters peripherally involved, have at it.

    26. John Keegan on said:

      The events of this novel are so extreme that it seems impossible that it wouldn t have gotten a huge amount of attention and even overshadows much of what happened in mid Season 10 The ending just doesn t address that properly Also, there is way too much similarity to Highlander.

    27. Hazi on said:

      It s Supernatural meets The Highlander with goofy gods meeting in a small town It was textbook Winchesters I was hoping for a interesting story from Waggoner, his writing is usually less bland It felt like an episode you don t rewatch.

    28. Mirhanda on said:

      Ok, but way too little of Sam and Dean and way too much of random characters.

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