The Wages of Sin

Alex Beecroft

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The Wages of Sin

The Wages of Sin By Alex Beecroft The Wages of Sin Charles Latham wastrel younger son of the Earl of Clitheroe returns home drunk from the theatre to find his father gruesomely dead He suspects murder But when the Latham ghosts turn nasty and Charl

  • Title: The Wages of Sin
  • Author: Alex Beecroft
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Wages of Sin By Alex Beecroft Charles Latham, wastrel younger son of the Earl of Clitheroe, returns home drunk from the theatre to find his father gruesomely dead He suspects murder But when the Latham ghosts turn nasty, and Charles finds himself falling in love with the priest brought in to calm them, he has to unearth the skeleton in the family closet before it ends up killing them all.
    The Wages of Sin By Alex Beecroft

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      250 Alex Beecroft
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    One thought on “The Wages of Sin

    1. Josephine Myles on said:

      An eighteenth century, autumnal ghost story just perfect for reading around Halloween The story opens with a really creepy scene where a drunk Charles is accosted by a ghostly presence, but was it simply his imagination And was it in any way linked with his father s death, which may or may not have been murder This was one of those novellas that kept me guessing all the way through I loved the way Alex Beecroft managed to sketch so many memorable characters in such a limited word count, while si [...]

    2. Erin (PT) on said:

      This was a book that I wanted to like far than I did While the story is an interesting one ghosts, murder, passion and romance, the author s choice to write her story with not only historical subject matter but with a style that harkens back to the time period made the story much less powerful than it would ve been otherwise The prose is rather purple and passive, which has the effect of taking the passion right out of the words and making it intellectual than emotional Because the story hinge [...]

    3. Elisa Rolle on said:

      This is a classical ghost story, both for the style, that reminds me of some old gothic novel, than for the setting, so dark and oppressive even when it s full daylight the author doesn t exactly say that, but I had always the feeling that it was raining outside, or at least it was foggy Not that in the English country you can expect something else Anyway, at the beginning of the story, Charles, second son to an earl, is coming home he is probably like most of the second son of his time, no heir [...]

    4. K.Z. Snow on said:

      My name is KZ and I am a horror addict If we could give half stars, I d rate this darkly delicious gothic delight a 4.5.At a time of year when the the world of m m fiction is inundated with the warm sparklies of holiday romance, I found myself craving exactly this It proved to be the perfect palate cleanser Occasionally wonky punctuation and pronoun confusion aside, The Wages of Sin had me eagerly returning to my desktop since I don t have an e reader for three nights running And believe me, it [...]

    5. Karen on said:

      4.5 starsI m familiar with novels that take place in the 19th century, but The Wages of Sin instead takes place in the 1700s That era was an interesting and effective choice although, for me, men in powdered wigs is a little strange I evidently like my men natural The writing style is rich and descriptive, which seems congruent for the time period portrayed.The gothic style haunting is top notch and the two main characters are likable I wish the protags had been fleshed out just a little of th [...]

    6. Alison on said:

      This was a cool ghost story It s genuinely creepy and quite Gothic in style big country house, fog, ghosts, secrets, murder, stormy weather, strange relatives, exorcisms, and I really enjoyed this Alex Beecroft is so good at creating an atmosphere and this story is eerie and dark I do recommend reading the prequel story first, Buried With Him, as it adds a lot of character detail and some background story I love that this is set in the less commonly seen 1700s everyone s hair and face are powde [...]

    7. Lillian Francis on said:

      Excellent ghostly horror story that managed to chill the blood and warm the heart at the same time The aura of of uncertainty permeated both the horrific deed and Charles s blossoming feelings at first but love conquered all, in every respect I honestly didn t know what was coming next and the ending had me perched on the edge of my my seat.In the blurb at the end Alex asked if readers would like to read stories of Charles and Jasper s adventures The answer from this reader is a resounding yes. [...]

    8. Sadie Forsythe on said:

      A good gothic like ghost story, but the writing killed it for me I liked the story, I really did Unfortunately, the writing is purple, heavy, overly wordy and artificially intense It distracts from the mystery and characters ditto for the sex scenes They are too long, too built up and given too much importance There were times I wasn t even sure what was happening It was too obscured in the language used Don t get me wrong, it s pretty, but that doesn t excuse it.

    9. Anne on said:

      Lovely, lovely I finished this today and already want They have to have adventures these two They just have to.

    10. Lena Grey on said:

      George and his younger brother, Charles, lose their father under mysterious circumstances George believes that the house is haunted and the ghost is getting revenge on his family the only clue, a white handprint on the victim s face.In an attempt to solve the mystery, George calls upon the only man he knows who may be able to help Jasper, childhood friend, former lover, defrocked priest, and convicted sodomite Last, but not least, Jasper can see and communicate with ghosts George summons Jasper [...]

    11. Erastes on said:

      Anyone familiar with Beecroft s writing will know that she has turned her hand successfully to Georgian Age of Sail and also fantasy To blend the Georgian era about which she is superbly knowledgeable with a phantasmagorical element seems a very logical next step.The story is included in The Mysterious a trio of stories including others by Josh Lanyon and Laura Baumbach However, The Wages of Sin which, incidentally, if you are interested, seem to be sin, happily is available as a standalone tit [...]

    12. Sophia on said:

      Spine tingling chills, inexplicable sights and sounds, raised hair on the back of the neck, menacing invisible touches to the skin are enough to terrify the young and impressionable Charles Latham when he returns home in the wee hours of the morning after a night of dissipated fun And then he is to learn what true horror awaits.After the gruesome death of his father and his own inexplicable night time terror, Charles is confused, frightened and looking for answers even while his older brother Ge [...]

    13. Susana on said:

      4.5 starsCharles Latham s first encounter with the supernatural takes place the night he arrives drunk to his Manor only to find his father murdered and the house in chaos Despite the terrifying experience, and decided to find the truth behind his father s dead, Charles struggles with his attraction towards his main suspect, Jasper Marin Jasper s subtle warnings soon become real threats for all members of Charles family, and the race to save their lives a really dangerous one The Wages of Sin is [...]

    14. Kaesa on said:

      This was m m supernatural romance, and while I thought the ghost aspect of it was incredibly creepy and well done, and the main character s horrible family came across well, the romance didn t really work for me and I m not sure why.Also, I wanted the narrator s brother George thoroughly, 100% dead by the end and he wasn t I know why he wasn t killed off that way Charles gets to go off with Jasper and have adventures as a ghost hunter in later stories rather than being tied to the estate and I a [...]

    15. Andrea on said:

      Alex Beecroft s writing is so quietly elegant that you can almost miss the substance but then it hits you in the gut.This book is rich in history and its a grand ghost story It also addresses homosexuality as viewed in that era and it isn t pretty Romance is definitely secondary to the ghost story.

    16. Mat on said:

      I loved this book every page I read several times it was so poetic and atmospheric so well written I felt totally immersed in a hauntingly beautiful world I will be definitely be buying books by Alex loved it

    17. Heather on said:

      An awesome historical paranormal Creepy fog, disturbing noises, interesting characters and it s all held together with mystery and romance What s not to love Charles definitely has his hands full and you don t want to miss it.

    18. Carycleo on said:

      Genuinely eerie historical ghost story, with romance Two deaths in the family blame a murderer or angry spirits Charles, the second son, and George s old friend Jasper, who became a priest, are the central characters Elegantly told and fascinating novella.

    19. Matthew Vandrew on said:

      A nice ghost story ruined by too many words A half of them would be enough.

    20. Sasha Ambroz on said:

      I m completly enthralled by the language of this author, though sometimes it seems too elaborated for the quick pacing of the plot But still those metaphors are beautiful as stained glass windows.

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