Inspector Proby's Christmas

John Gano

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Inspector Proby's Christmas

Inspector Proby's Christmas By John Gano Inspector Proby s Christmas Snow is falling in Hampton and the city s inhabitants are busy with festive preparations when a young woman is savagely murdered in the city s picturesque cathedral Then another young woman is murdere

  • Title: Inspector Proby's Christmas
  • Author: John Gano
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Inspector Proby's Christmas By John Gano Snow is falling in Hampton and the city s inhabitants are busy with festive preparations when a young woman is savagely murdered in the city s picturesque cathedral Then another young woman is murdered and another Inspector Proby is assigned to the case As a seasoned detective, it s not difficult for him to figure out who did it, but proving it is another matter altogetSnow is falling in Hampton and the city s inhabitants are busy with festive preparations when a young woman is savagely murdered in the city s picturesque cathedral Then another young woman is murdered and another Inspector Proby is assigned to the case As a seasoned detective, it s not difficult for him to figure out who did it, but proving it is another matter altogether It will take all of his wit and courage to catch this killer before he strikes again But his quest takes a dramatic turn when he finds out his own wife is sleeping with the killer Was she involved with the slaughter The chilling killer watches Proby taunts him thinking he s got away with his crimes With the superintendent away on holiday, and the Chief Constable threatening suspension, Proby is not sure he can rely on his own police department Everyone doubts Proby s ability to solve this case, but his instincts point him in the direction of one vital clue The inspector must use the only person he can rely on as bait but is Proby willing to pay the ultimate price
    Inspector Proby's Christmas By John Gano

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      365 John Gano
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    One thought on “Inspector Proby's Christmas

    1. Richard Thomas on said:

      A good thriller with plenty of twists to engage anyone The killer is identified quite early but the motive and reasoning behind his crimes are what makes this worth reading.

    2. Karen on said:

      Sometimes what seems dull quickly becomes very sharp.Such was my experience with this book I had a hard time getting into it, but all at once I realized it was quite good and I couldn t put it down Quite a few surprises really grabbed my attention and then I was a goner This is the first time I ve read this author and I can t wait for of Inspector Proby I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries with a twist.

    3. Mai on said:

      i found inspector proby s book entertaining as i found the twist interesting even though i kind of had an idea who the killer was definitely recommend it if your locking for a crime novel.

    4. Kat Lebo on said:

      Inspector Proby s Christmasby John GanoThis was a very nice English mystery, set at Christmas time The gist of the story is a series of seemingly random killings of young women, always shot in the head by a shotgun The sub story is the story of Inspector Proby and his relationships, with his wife, with his co workers, and with his friends I found the writing to be very smooth, well plotted and paced The characters were interesting, and the main characters were well fleshed out The novel was exce [...]

    5. Barbara Zavadil on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed Inspector Proby, but sadly can t seem to find any books written by John Gano in e reader form There was only one other Inspector Proby and that was in hardback Since I see it was released for the first time in 1994 I am afraid that is all we are going to see of the Inspector Too bad.

    6. Maureen Ryan on said:

      EnjoyableIt s a short book but I found it a good read with it s main character being a little than your usual detective with his complicated emotions It was quite well paced and I was disappointed that the author hadn t published further books featuring this character.

    7. P. on said:

      The plot is a bit weak and neither Proby nor the bad guy were all that convincing in their assigned roles Then there are all those coincidences.

    8. David on said:

      A very enjoyable read A pity the next two are not available on kindle.

    9. Jennifer Stark on said:

      Interesting characters, but left to many questions unanswered, a bit too unrealistic

    10. Liz Terek on said:

      Without references to computers modern conveinences, one could read this as a classic British mystery John Gano has a style that mimics Agatha Christie era authors Jim Proby, too, would be at home with Holmes Poirot as contemporaries While Proby serves as our hero we desperately want him to solve the case, his personal life gives cause to shake him His peers wife seem determined to emasculate him How a die hard policeman can be so docile outside of work is a bit puzzling However, it is difficult [...]

    11. Julie Griffin on said:

      This book features an Inspector pursuing a prominent man in his community who he knows has killed three women to cover up the murder of his wife He is closing in, and doing good detective work, but there is one large problem looming for his investigation the inspector s much younger wife is having an affair with his prime suspect, and he and everyone else knows it This throws his pursuit into a potentially bad light All around the snow is falling, Christmas is happening, the inspector is full of [...]

    12. Marie on said:

      I liked this book Well, I liked the way it was written, I should say If the story line had been original, I probably would have given it a higher rating The book felt like I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds I love Criminal Minds, though, so it wasn t bad Except that I ve seen it and read it before Even the amount of the murders has been done It s ALWAYS the third homicide that is the intended victim No big surprise who the killer was, either Also, I couldn t help but notice how shallow [...]

    13. Wendy Soliman on said:

      It was interesting to be told half way through the book who the killer was and to watch him pitting his wits against Proby and his team Using the inspector s wife to gain an edge of the man himself showed just how arrogant the killer actually was Speaking of the wife, I felt Proby handled her affairs badly He knew she was unfaithful and turned a blind eye Made him look a bit pathetic But still, it was a good, old fashioned English whodunit and the frustration of the forces of law and order when [...]

    14. Judy on said:

      This was a somewhat dark police procedural set in England As probably happens than we know, the police knew fairly early on who the murderer was, but the trick was to prove it The situation is complicated by the fact that the perpetrator is someone of importance in the government, and is having an affair with the wife of the police detective in charge of the case It had enough action to keep me interested, as did the interpersonal interactions.

    15. Grey853 on said:

      This one was a bit too cold for me Despite the terrible killings, I didn t get the sense of urgency from the characters It totally fits with the British police procedural format, distant and about how the killer is captured rather than the emotional impact on the characters.This was listed as a holiday book, even has Christmas in the title, but that has nothing to do with anything that happens, so it didn t get listed as a holiday story on my list.

    16. Gail on said:

      About halfway through the book the killer is obvious to Inspector Proby though no one believes him He must go on to prove it and prove it he does while keeping the reader very interested There are several murders in this book Although they are well described, they are not gory I m hoping the author John Gano writes books with Inspector Garby.

    17. Betsy on said:

      This features one of the most pathetic detectives ever Professionally, he s halfway competent, but privately he s a disaster Suffice it to say, I wouldn t recommend Proby to anyone unless they are a masochist.

    18. Beverly June Davis on said:

      Good Read5 for complexity of Proby s life and how it touched upon his case A smart, evil murderer killing youngish women in an English village I enjoyed the book which doesn t take long to read.

    19. Jane on said:

      WELL WORTH A READI thoroughly enjoyed this novel Loved the story line even though I found it hard to believe Proby s acceptance of his wife s affair It is a shame John Gano hasn t written any stories featuring Inspector Proby A good whodunit

    20. JaniceMosinski on said:

      A real spellbinder.It kept me wanting to know because of the story being spellbinding It was evident who the killer was.

    21. Vera Mottino on said:

      A damn good yarnWell written, no extra fluff, imaginative comparisons, tight story, likeable realistic characters Recommended Bravo John Gano I will read of his books.

    22. Cheryl Marrtucci on said:

      ExcellentAbsolutely loved the characters and the plot I want to read of this Could not put the book down

    23. Linda Underwood on said:

      English murder mystery with a series of women shot and the prime suspet is having an affair with the Inspector s wife.

    24. CAROL VANATTA on said:

      A REAL FAVORITE THIS IS I m intrigued by PROBY , and his mates at work It would be lovely to have PROBY from MR GANO.

    25. Katie J Dvorak on said:

      Great funEnjoyed the story Knowing who did it all along but watching him escape was fun Sure am amazed at the behavior of inspector

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