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Kim Stanley Robinson

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Oral Argument

Oral Argument By Kim Stanley Robinson Oral Argument We re thrilled to have the opportunity to publish internationally bestselling author Kim Stanley Robinson s first stand alone short story in years In it we get a glimpse of a very green future thr

  • Title: Oral Argument
  • Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780765390660
  • Page: 465
  • Format: ebook
  • Oral Argument By Kim Stanley Robinson We re thrilled to have the opportunity to publish internationally bestselling author Kim Stanley Robinson s first stand alone short story in 25 years In it, we get a glimpse of a very green future through the lens of a Supreme Court transcript.
    Oral Argument By Kim Stanley Robinson

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      465 Kim Stanley Robinson
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    One thought on “Oral Argument

    1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ on said:

      Oral Argument is a stand alone SF short story by well known author Kim Stanley Robinson, amusingly presented as the transcript of one lawyer s oral argument presentation to the U.S Supreme Court SCOTUS He s repeatedly interrupted with questions from the justices, but the story doesn t include their questions or comments, only the lawyer s responses It s a humorous story, but with serious undertones.It begins with some rather dry and difficult to comprehend discussion by the lawyer of biochemical [...]

    2. Alina on said:

      Quite interesting subject, but the novelty and beauty of this short story was the interesting approach on the narrative, seeing just one side of the dialogue and having to imagine the other party s lines.

    3. Amy (Other Amy) on said:

      No, I don t know where they are But if I did, that would be a matter of attorney client privilege.Spokesperson confidentiality, yes Like protecting my sources That s what I meant to say.I do know what contempt of court means, yes I brought my toothbrush.No, I m happy to answer any questions you have Really.One sided transcript of oral questioning at the Supreme Court Started out promising, but ceased to be a story and became grandstanding about politics I gather the author does not appreciate th [...]

    4. Claudia on said:

      A transcription of a special hearing in a Supreme Court Witty, funny and unusual, the narration is somewhat unexpected questions from the judge are missing, only the lawyer s answers are presented KSR never disappoints You can enjoy it here tor 2015 12 07 oral ar

    5. AdamMcPhee on said:

      Kim Stanley Robinson describes a very green future indeed Interestingly, he works out a science fiction concept I first encountered when reading about the neohumans inThe Possibility of an Island, and I think maybe the neohumans inOryx and Crake used it too But I like KSR s version best, in the old stories it was always something that could only be bred into future generations, but KSR realizes there s actually an ancient technique that might allow any old human to incorporate one of nature s gr [...]

    6. Nadine Jones on said:

      A one sided legal conversation that starts off kind of interesting, becomes rather smug, devolves into blatant sociopolitical commentary, and finishes extremely smugr 2015 12 07 oral ar

    7. Antonio Diaz on said:

      Una muy interesante historia de ciencia ficci n escrita en forma de transcripci n de una declaraci n de un juicio.

    8. Jaffa Kintigh on said:

      Fictional voices emulate the voices of many forms journals, letters, notes, scientific treatises etc As the title implies, this vignette is an oral argument to a court case and a one sided one at that, as they are The lawyer is cagey about his representation of his clients that aren t present and surprisingly familiar and increasingly sassy with the justice trying the case It s through the lawyer s interrupted argument that the judge s comments can be reasonably puzzled out The case involves a p [...]

    9. Pedro L. Fragoso on said:

      What it comes down to is that my sometime clients, using nothing but synthetic parts found in the Registry of Standard Biological Parts, created photosynthesizing human cells Very funny and thoughtful, with something to say about the current financial situation crisis Michael Hudson will love it.

    10. Mairi on said:

      This story didn t work for me It s supposed to be a one sided Supreme Court transcript, but it in no way read like one And the core idea view spoiler of photosynthetic humans hide spoiler fell flat for me, because my recollection is that the actual energy requirements are such that photosynthesis alone cannot provide them, and the story did nothing to address that question.

    11. Steve Lockett on said:

      Fun short story by my favorite science fiction author A brief tale involving patent law and biotechnology, what could be better I m assuming this will tie into his next novel coming out in 2017.

    12. Marco on said:

      A short sci fi story and a political commentary, set in a not too far future It is a fictional transcript of a supreme court case, and I will not say to avoid spoilers Humorous and well written, this is probably one of the best stories I have read so far this year.

    13. Michael on said:

      An excellent thought provoking story Exactly what science fiction should be all about If this is indeed the author s first short story for 25 years, we have been missing a lot of good fiction over the years

    14. Hayley Stone on said:

      Fascinating idea of a future where people can photosynthesize through the use of chloroplast tattoos, and the economic trouble that causes The execution was fun, but a little gimmicky for me.

    15. Maryam on said:

      3.5It was really interesting and I found that the idea behind it was great However I thinl tthat it was too short, even for a short fiction Maybe that s because I don t read a lot of it.

    16. Patrick Justo on said:

      Cute story in the form of a very funny Supreme Court transcript, in which a lawyer argues for the continued use of photosynthetic tattoos don t let any of the previous sentence throw you, this is a very funny entertaining and enlightening story.

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