Junie B., First Grader: Boss of Lunch

Barbara Park Denise Brunkus

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Junie B., First Grader: Boss of Lunch

Junie B., First Grader: Boss of Lunch By Barbara Park Denise Brunkus Junie B First Grader Boss of Lunch Come and get it Something very wonderful is happening to Junie B Jones And it s called she s getting to help in the school cafeteria And that means hanging out with her friend Mrs Gutzman And working

  • Title: Junie B., First Grader: Boss of Lunch
  • Author: Barbara Park Denise Brunkus
  • ISBN: 9780375802942
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • Junie B., First Grader: Boss of Lunch By Barbara Park Denise Brunkus Come and get it Something very wonderful is happening to Junie B Jones And it s called she s getting to help in the school cafeteria And that means hanging out with her friend Mrs Gutzman And working behind the counter And even getting to wear a real actual hair net Who knows Maybe one of these days she ll be the boss of this whole entire operation
    Junie B., First Grader: Boss of Lunch By Barbara Park Denise Brunkus

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    One thought on “Junie B., First Grader: Boss of Lunch

    1. Melissa Newton on said:

      Title Junie B First Grader Boss of LunchAuthor Illustrator Barbara ParkGenre Transitional Chapter BookTheme s The Lunch Room, Elementary School, Responsibility, Growing UpOpening line sentence Dear first grade journal, Hurray Hurray It came It finally came Brief Book Summary Junie B Jones first gets a new lunchbox in the mail, and her interest in lunch time at school begins to grow At lunch one day, she learns that Mrs Gutzman, a lunch lady she used to adore, still works at her school Upon learn [...]

    2. Genna on said:

      Plot The book Junie B First Grader Boss of Lunch, is about a first grade girl who gets to be a lunch time helper Last year for Junie s class Mrs.Gutzman brought cookies and milk for her class every week so when Junie saw her working in the lunch room she asked her why they didn t get cookies any When Mrs Gutzman told her that only the kindergarten kids get them Junie got really mad and threw a fit In order for Mrs.Gutzman to get her to calm down she invited Junie to help in the kitchen for lunch [...]

    3. Paige Scott on said:

      1 This book is about Junie B, as a first grader wanting to help in the cafeteria at school so bad that she cannot stand it She really wants to help after she realizes Mrs Gutzman works in there, the lady who would bring her cookies in Kindergarten She begs her parents, and then she finally gets to experience working in the cafeteria with Mrs Gutzman Anything that needs to be done, she is willing to do, and is so proud to be working alongside the other lunch ladies However, Junie B runs into a co [...]

    4. Gloria Copeland on said:

      Realistic Fiction reviewELM 5722 19 2015In Barbara Park s, Junie B First Grader Boss of Lunch , I enjoyed the realistic fiction about Junie B being a helper in the cafeteria with her kindergarten sugar cookie friend Mrs Gutzman because she was her favorite Junie B did not realize the responsibilities of being a helper and following the rules was such a big job But, with the permission and advice from her parents she was ready to help her friend in the cafeteria Mrs Gutzman outfitted Junie with h [...]

    5. Katherine Austin on said:

      1 Book summary, in your own words 3 pts Junie B Jones is a first grader in Room One She is very excited because her mom just bought her a new lunch box and matching thermos and can hardly pay attention in class because she cannot wait to show it off Unfortunately, another girl in the class, May, is constantly making fun of Junie B and the new lunch box just gave May material to use against her May insists that buying lunches is better and cooler than bringing a lunch Mrs Gutzman takes pity on J [...]

    6. Lorie Kleiner Eckert on said:

      My seven year old granddaughter and I bond further with still another Junie B book This time little Tillie gave me the book and a quiz sheet with four questions to answer after reading the text I think I will get 100% correct on the test I love to do well I had two favorite parts in the book One was Junie B s mention of her baby brother, Ollie She says of him, Ollie is ten months old He cannot skip or play tag or color So far, I am not satisfied with him Since my Tillie has a nine month old baby [...]

    7. Yara on said:

      I like the book Because it is funny and it has really good characters some are funny like Junie b jones I have read almost all of her books and I like all of them the reason that I like her book it s because she have learned her lesson to not be mean to her friends and don t say bad things about them then she got in trouble because mrs Guzman heard her talking to his friends like that than she was not going to work in the kitchen no than Junie b was sad than mrs Guzman came and a mean girl said [...]

    8. Tawnie on said:

      Grades 1 to 3 Genre Realistic FictionJunie B is excited about her new lunch box It is too much of a temptation, so she keeps peaking at it during class, much to her teacher s annoyance When lunch finally comes, Junie B is a little disappointed that none of her friends brought their lunches as well She notices that one of her classmates has a cookie just like the ones that Mrs Gutzman brought to her class when she was in kindergarten She is trilled that Mrs Gutzman is one of the lunch ladies and [...]

    9. Jessica Lee on said:

      In this book, Junie B gets an opportunity to help out in the kitchen at school and ends up ruining everyone s lunch, so all her classmates are mad at her, however, she apologizes later and makes everything okay again with cookies This book is important for my database because it teaches that when you are in a place where you have the power to ruin someone s lunch that other people worked hard on, you probably shouldn t do it Junie B s shenanigans are always teaching lessons, even though Barbara [...]

    10. Loraine on said:

      As a retired elementary teacher, I know young children really enjoy the Junie B book series They are full of humor and contain stories and events that Pre K through second grade children can relate But I have to admit that as a teacher some of Junie s behavior does not set a good example Also now that Junie B is a first grader, I would actually like to see some improvement in her speech grammar These books are great read alouds for younger students Some of the humor might have to be explained to [...]

    11. Brianna Holbrook on said:

      Junie B Jones is very excited about her new bird lunchbox She keeps looking at it during class, sparking a debate over whether it is better to bring your lunch or buy it In the cafeteria, she realizes that she and another boy are the only ones who do not buy their lunch Her friend Jose lets her have a bite of his cookie, and she talks about Mrs Gutzman, who used to bring cookies to her class last year Junie B runs to the kitchen when she hears that Mrs Gutzman is working there Her teacher gets m [...]

    12. Rick Silva on said:

      Junie B meets up with an old friend Mrs Gutzman, the lady who used to deliver snacks to her classroom back when she was in kindergarten Well, now that Junie B is a first grader, there are no cookie deliveries, and Junie B finds herself engaged in the longstanding debate of brought lunch versus bought lunch.But meeting up with Mrs Gutzman opens up a whole new opportunity for Junie B when she gets the chance to be a lunchroom helper Junie B is determined to be the best lunch helper ever, but her [...]

    13. Hannah Ellison on said:

      Junie B Jones is a first grader who tends to have obsessive tendencies when she finds new things that she likes and she just received a new lunchbox in the mail and this sparks her sudden interest in lunch time and the cafeteria This leads to Junie finding out she gets to help in the cafeteria at school She is so excited because she is always wanting to hangout with her lunch lady friend Mrs Gutzman Junie is also really excited about the fact that she gets to wear a real hair net, and apron, and [...]

    14. Andromeda on said:

      Note This is a review of the entire series as a whole because I feel the same about each book Quite honestly, I think this should be one of the first chapter books you let your kids read Sure, the grammar is a little off at times it s a small child, come on and the subject matter can get a little crazy Once again, it s a small child these books are entertaining and easy to read for your little readers My cousin who is 6 LOVES these books, and when I was little I loved them too Overall a cute and [...]

    15. Amber on said:

      There were parts of this book that were funny, and the writing style is actually fairly accurate for how a young kindergarten aged and first grade aged child would speak However there is a character Mary in the book that I thought was really rude, she was kind of a bully really Then there is Junie B herself who is kind of a brat, and she doesn t speak nicely very often to or about anyone or anything.

    16. Rachel Robinson on said:

      I am just doing some light, summer reading Being that I am a first grade teacher, and that Junie B Jones is a first grader, I think that my students will enjoy this book, as well as the others in this series I found it to be amusing, and look forward to reading the rest

    17. Christy on said:

      Just read this one with my 6 year old I m so excited she s old enough for chapter books Cute story, and I love the main character s voice My daughter giggled through the whole book We ll definitely be reading Junie B Jones books

    18. Cynthia Boggs on said:

      AWESOME Loved the book My daughter thought it was awesome, she cant wait to read the next one Great bedtime story.

    19. Kayla H. Hoard on said:

      Junie B Jones is a first grader and she just got a brand new lunchbox with baby birds all over it Junie B just couldn t wait until lunch time to open her new lunchbox so she opened it in class, and of course, her mean classmate May tattled on her It finally got time for lunch and Junie noticed that her and only one other boy named Sherman brought their lunch A few of her classmates went on to explain to her that in first grade, BOUGHT lunch was way better than BROUGHT lunch but Junie B didn t ca [...]

    20. Kristina on said:

      Junie B Jones is thrilled to bring her new bird lunchbox to school and leave behind the brown paper bagged lunch During class, she finds herself in trouble for looking at it during instructional time May, a bully in the class, always tattles on Junie B May told on Junie B for looking at her lunch box during class The girls begin arguing about which is cooler Bought or brought lunch Junie feels uneasy about her new lunchbox, and realizes she and one other child do not have a sugar cookie for lunc [...]

    21. Alex on said:

      Most all of us have read about Junie B Jones in kindergarten, but Junie B First Grader Boss of Lunch is a different experience about Junie in first grade In this book Junie B Jones is starting first grade Mrs Gutzman, the lady who brought cookies to her kindergarten class the year before, asks Junie if she wants to help in the lunchroom She is super excited and can t wait for the first day But, she has a tantrum on the first day of the job, and ends up not working in the lunchroom any All of her [...]

    22. Ariel Smith on said:

      Personal Reaction I loved Junie B when I was younger so I decided to relive my childhood and reread some of them Junie is such a great character for children to relate to especially in the younger grades Reading them now I don t think that she is a child I would want my child to be like because she is a brat and doesn t listen to her mother or teacher, but it is appropriate for when you re a child Junie B books were my favorite, and truthfully still are The writing just makes me happy Independen [...]

    23. Ashley Simpson on said:

      Junie B Jones receives a cool new lunchbox and ends up getting into an argument with her classmates on whether its better to bring your lunch or to buy your lunch from the cafeteria Once lunch rolls around, Junie B notices that since she brought her lunch, she didn t get a sugar cookie which she loves She sees Ms Gutzman working in the lunch room and runs to her throwing a fit about not getting a cookie of her own After a few events of Junie B breaking some rules, Ms Gutzman offers her the job [...]

    24. Ashley on said:

      I LOVE IT when i was littel, my mom would read the Junie B Jones books to me and not to long ago i had gone down in our basment and cleared out all of the younger chilidren chapter books, thinking we would give them to my younger cosins well my grandmother had said that we could send them to the town where she lives and give them to the library, so i had pulled the Junie B Jones just to look at and found my apsolut favorit one, Boss Of Lunch i read it and laughed the entire time i havent laughed [...]

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