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Dissolution By Lee S. Hawke Kisa Whipkey Dissolution What would you sell yourself for Madeline knows She s spent the last eighteen years impatiently waiting for her Auctioning so she can sell herself to MERCE Solutions Limited for a hundred thousand cre

  • Title: Dissolution
  • Author: Lee S. Hawke Kisa Whipkey
  • ISBN: 9781925299021
  • Page: 140
  • Format: ebook
  • Dissolution By Lee S. Hawke Kisa Whipkey What would you sell yourself for Madeline knows She s spent the last eighteen years impatiently waiting for her Auctioning so she can sell herself to MERCE Solutions Limited for a hundred thousand credits But when the Auctioneer fails to call her and two suits show up at her doorstep, Madeline discovers there are far worse bargains to be made.So when your loved ones areWhat would you sell yourself for Madeline knows She s spent the last eighteen years impatiently waiting for her Auctioning so she can sell herself to MERCE Solutions Limited for a hundred thousand credits But when the Auctioneer fails to call her and two suits show up at her doorstep, Madeline discovers there are far worse bargains to be made.So when your loved ones are in danger, there s a bounty on your head and your entire city might turn out to be a lie what would you sell yourself for
    Dissolution By Lee S. Hawke Kisa Whipkey

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      140 Lee S. Hawke Kisa Whipkey
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    One thought on “Dissolution

    1. Carrie on said:

      Madeline has spent her life training and preparing for the day she would be eligible to put herself up for auction at eighteen She wants nothing to escape from Anron Life Limited and being a human lab rat and be purchased by another company called Merce that is technology oriented On the day of the auctions though Maddie finds herself still standing after all of the others have been auctioned off and she s told that she s not on the list Now it comes to light that she was never able to be sold [...]

    2. Kisa Whipkey on said:

      Now, I know what you re thinking yay, another dystopian to add to all the other dystopians flooding the market But trust me, this one is unlike anything you ve read Yes, it does have some shades of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and even a bit of The Giver embedded in it, but the premise underneath those elements is refreshing, different, and thought provoking Everything a good science fiction tale should be.Hawke s world is dominated by corporations, and a person s value is entirely dependent on [...]

    3. Stéphanie on said:

      DISSOLUTION was an interesting dystopian novella that had great authentic ideas but lacked in detail and execution I really liked the idea of corporations owning its employees and seeing them as assets to be traded and sold However, the world building felt incomplete and the characters underdeveloped.Madeline has waited her whole life for her Auctioning After 18 years of waiting, after countless hours of training, she s ready for the next step in her life In her city of Unilox, five corporations [...]

    4. Lindsay on said:

      Science fiction is my jam So when I run across a story with a fascinating premise and stellar characters, I obviously want which is where I run into a serious issue There isn t any Dissolution is a quick read, giving just the briefest of glimpses into a futuristic world, where humans literally have a value Like, here s a check, now give me my human Because it was so short, there simply wasn t enough time to go into detail about how the world became this way The desolation of the world as we kn [...]

    5. Ashleigh Neame on said:

      Lee S Hawke has achieved something amazing Not many writers could pull off a social commentary and make it fun to read, but Hawke nailed it.The story is set in the fictional city of Unilox, where the people are owned by one of 5 companies ANRON, HARLIN, MERCE, PERCO, DRAYTH Which one does Madeline belong to You ll have to read the book to find out When you turn 18, you re eligible and required to participate in an Auctioning You will be sold to the highest bidder You don t get a choice Each comp [...]

    6. Danielle on said:

      Read this review and on my blog.I received a free copy of Dissolution via XpressoBookTours in exchange for my honest opinion.Dissolution is a dystopian novella that is not all that it seems Instead of it being a fun read , even though it is, it directly and willingly makes you question ideas that you may have been brought up with.In this community, everyone before they turn 18 is to be auctioned off to the highest bidder For what, it was not clear enough for me too understand that is one of the [...]

    7. Dixie Goode on said:

      Madeline is a character who would be at home in the world of Divergent, The Giver, or Hunger Games In fact her story starts very much like The Giver, or Divergent do She is excited about turning 18 and being able to auction herself and finally have the assignment which will be hers for the rest of her life, but it is as those two books set precedent for, and she isn t allowed to fulfill the expectations which her whole life has taught her was the next logical step In fact her next step, rather t [...]

    8. Shelley on said:

      Source Xpresso Book Reviews Genre Science Fiction, Dystopia Rating 3 My Thoughts Author Lee S Hawke s Dissolution asks the question, What would you sell yourself for If Hawke s world, before a person turns 18, they are put through a series of trials, and testing, and testing in hopes of getting bid on at the Auction But, what happens when your hopes and dreams of working for another corporation goes up in smoke thanks to a silly contract that was signed by your own parents Are you actually a pe [...]

    9. S.E. Anderson on said:

      AN AWESOME NOVEL YOU NEED TO READ STAT Full review here readcommendations 2016 03 The future Madeline lives in isn t a bright one Toxic rivers, arid deserts the world beyond the wall is beyond hope of saving But her city, Unilox, seems to be a beacon of life and hope, minus the freedom You see, the city is run entirely by corporations, and being a citizen means being a part of one of them Not just as an employee but as a purchased product what belongs to them At 18, gaining citizenship means bei [...]

    10. Amanda on said:

      The short version Inventive and interesting dystopian setting, good story Description sometimes a bit confusing, but plot makes up for it Payoff is surprisingly thought provoking And sweet glory hallelujah it s a YA novel without a love triangle You should read it just for that The long version Dissolution is set in the city of Unilox, where people are born into corporations as assets, then bought and sold once adults Madeline Anron, property of the corporation whose name she bears, anxiously aw [...]

    11. Ethan Gregory on said:

      Full review and available at oneguysguidetosp My Thoughts As anyone who follows my reviews well knows, I love a good dystopian novel For far too long I ve heard dystopian is dead dying , yet incredible new stories keep flying into my inbox I still haven t quite figured out why the bookish community has written off this fascinating genre With so many unique twists on dystopian literature floating out there, I m confident there s something out there for all readers.Last week I was contacted by a [...]

    12. Kyle Wendy Skultety (gimmethatbook.com) on said:

      This review originally appeared on my blog at gimmethatbook.Thanks to the author for this review copy I had reviewed her other novel, DIVISION, so when she contacted me about this one, I immediately said yes Hawke is a master of the dystopian genre, and this book is a wonderful, thrilling, well written bit of pleasure.Madeline is a great protagonist a girl coming to terms with the world around her, and losing her faith in things she believed were to be true She is strong and capable, with a clea [...]

    13. Nancy (The Avid Reader) on said:

      Madeline has dreamed all of her life of Auctioning day when she turned eighteen and would be sold to the highest bidder Her dreams have been of being bought by MERCE one of the five corporations in the city where she lives In Maddie s world everyone is sold at the age of eighteen to the highest bidder and they become their property for the rest of their lives When Maddie s Auctioning day arrives she stands with everyone else of her age waiting to be sold but when the auction is over and she real [...]

    14. Zopersel on said:

      I read a lot of fantasy sci fi distopian literature, so I was a little worried at first that this would feel too familiar, but I was glad to be proven wrong While there are some basic similarities with other series such as Divergent, Dissolution stands very well on its own thanks to the original concept of Unilox, Dissolution s distopian city, and its treatment of human beings The idea that each human being is a commodity that can be sold or even destroyed at a moment s notice was really interes [...]

    15. Theodore Ashford on said:

      Dissolution is a dystopian story in which a handful of corporations have gained complete control of everything, to the point where they own even the people living in the society When children come of age, they can then choose which company to sell themselves to that is, if they get than one bid on the table Madeline ends up getting surprised at her own auction and ends up discovering difficult truths about her society while on the run from the government This book has such an amazing premise an [...]

    16. Jim on said:

      Be prepared to be shocked by this one It s pretty edgy The story starts with our heroine, Madeline preparing to be auctioned to a number of corporations She s hoping to go for over a hundred thousand credits, a century as she calls it I don t do spoilers so I won t reveal what happens but it s nowhere near what she expected and that s what launches the rest of the book Things go from bad to worse to hopeful to Wow, did that really just happen and it s the journey that makes it fun.The characters [...]

    17. Anna Tan on said:

      Taking the concept of selling your souls to work literally, Hawke builds a city where at 18, you sell yourself to the highest bidder Madeline has known all her life that Merce is where she wants to be so that she can help fix up Unilox through her modding skills But when the Auctioning goes terribly wrong, she finds herself on the run.Dissolution is a gripping read Hawke takes you down to the depths of rejection and out to the wilds of fear and desperation, before holding out a little carrot of [...]

    18. Victoria on said:

      I want to take a moment to thank Giselle from Xpresso Book Tours for sending me a copy of this book to review I will be giving this book a 3 out of 5 stars I wanted to love this book so much I mean it sounds like Divergent and Hunger Games put together and those books were amazing This book is like Divergent because it has Corporations that are like the factions only in this book you are auctioned off to the Corporations instead being able to choose for yourself It has shades of the Hunger Games [...]

    19. EJ Roberts on said:

      Have you ever read a book that shakes you to the core and makes you take a close look at the world around you Well, Dissolution was definitely one of those books for me.After training for eighteen years to be auctioned off to MERCE, Madeline discovers things aren t as they should be When her name isn t called during the Auction, and two suits show up on her doorstep, Madeline s life takes a drastic turn Everything she believed in dissolves before her eyes and she has to decide how much she s rea [...]

    20. Nadine on said:

      I love Dystopian novels, they are dark and gloomy and yet in the middle of all that darkness there is the one that shines and brings in change Dissolution is really great and a wonderful representative of the genre.Madeline our main character has spent her life training and preparing for the day she would be eligible to put herself up for auction She has an interest in science and engineering and wants nothing than to escape from Anron Life Limited the company she belongs to as a human lab rat [...]

    21. Amanda Lunder on said:

      Lee S Hawke s Dissolution is an introspective look into society wrapped in a thrilling, science fiction tale The book gives us light character creation, allowing us to drop our own thoughts, ideas and identities onto the characters The book slowly draws us into the setting, world and conflict before throwing us into the fast paced conflict and drama, making it chaotic as we, like the character, struggle to understand her world The world building is fantastic and play into the morals and questio [...]

    22. Caz Geary on said:

      I don t usually read much science fiction but I think this book may have changed my mind I really enjoyed it In this futuristic page turner we follow the story of Madeline, who has her hopes pinned on being auctioned off to a huge corporation at 18 years of age When her name isn t called she is heartbroken but the reasons why soon become clear as she learns some shocking truths about the world as she knows it In a fight to survive and save her loved ones we watch her venture into the unknown as [...]

    23. Vicky Garlick on said:

      I enjoyed this novella It was an interesting concept and the general story was good My only main issue was a slight lack of explanation as to what all the companies did I know it was explained but I got confused with them all because some of them weren t really talked about The characters were good, and there was a good amount of mystery surrounding the city and the corporations I do however feel that the ending was a little bit of ananticlimax, after all we never actually found out anything abo [...]

    24. Vânia Cardoso on said:

      As a fan of the Divergent and Hunger Games sagas, I was fully ready for Dissolution The story starts out slow, with Madeline, the main character waiting to be auctioned Which, once it doesn t happen as all her peers names get called except hers , sends our heroine on a quest to find the how s and why s The author gets every detail just right and you get to live on Madeline s skin for the extent of the book Going from a girl who wants to do everything right, so she can be bought for a hundred tho [...]

    25. Leslie on said:

      Fantastic story with a great message and poignant style Lee Hawke does it again with that same care and attention she gave each story in her first release, DIVISION.I loved the way Maddie came to life in the story, how the reader feels all the same sensations right along with her, sees what she sees, hears what she hears It s a relevant and timely declaration for today s society, and the result gives the reader power and hope instead of leaving them hanging and wondering or fearful Masterfully d [...]

    26. Nicola on said:

      Dissolution is not your typical Distopian novel Lee S Hawke creates a very realistic universe and leave you sitting on the edge of your seat while reading this Madeline the main character in the book is a very relatable Nearing the last pages of the book I found myself wishing it wouldn t end however the ending is just one that leaves you with a pondering silence and a definite book hangover.

    27. E on said:

      If you are a fan of the DIVERGENT series, I recommend this book It was a very slow start and I admit I was confused for the first two chapters There was so much happening that I wasn t sure exactly what was happening I had to keep reading though, it was intriguing By the third chapter all the confusing pieces started falling together That s when I was hooked and read the entire book in one sitting Dissolution was a completely refreshing read.

    28. Alicia on said:

      A completely unexpected pleasant surprise Hawke doesn t bother inviting or introducing you to her world, she just starts running and expects you ll be able to keep up A very engaging, thought provoking, fast paced read.Extra points for being a YA novel, but resisting the battered crutch of a love triangle or other complicated geometry that would only have slowed and bloated this quick, no bloat plot.

    29. Deb Wilson on said:

      This story poses a world where everyone is owned by a corporation, and they can do what they want with you It s somewhere between Divergent and slavery, and it s a very good read albeit a bit short I really enjoyed it from the first page and look forward to the next thing from this author The reason I only give 4 stars is because I wanted it to be just a bit longer.

    30. Sandra on said:

      Living in a brave new worldThis story is frightening While I read I found it impossible not to relate to the power held by corporations today, particularly pharmaceutical and research factions The average person really has no idea what plans are driving today s investments.

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