About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution

Paul Davies

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About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution

About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution By Paul Davies About Time Einstein s Unfinished Revolution An elegant witty and engaging exploration of the riddle of time which examines the consequences of Einstein s theory of relativity and offers startling suggestions about what recent research may re

  • Title: About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution
  • Author: Paul Davies
  • ISBN: 9780684818221
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution By Paul Davies An elegant, witty, and engaging exploration of the riddle of time, which examines the consequences of Einstein s theory of relativity and offers startling suggestions about what recent research may reveal The eternal questions of science and religion were profoundly recast by Einstein s theory of relativity and its implications that time can be warped by motion and graviAn elegant, witty, and engaging exploration of the riddle of time, which examines the consequences of Einstein s theory of relativity and offers startling suggestions about what recent research may reveal The eternal questions of science and religion were profoundly recast by Einstein s theory of relativity and its implications that time can be warped by motion and gravitation, and that it cannot be meaningfully divided into past, present, and future In About Time, Paul Davies discusses the big bang theory, chaos theory, and the recent discovery that the universe appears to be younger than some of the objects in it, concluding that Einstein s theory provides only an incomplete understanding of the nature of time Davies explores unanswered questions such as Does the universe have a beginning and an end Is the passage of time merely an illusion Is it possible to travel backward or forward in time About Time weaves physics and metaphysics in a provocative contemplation of time and the universe.
    About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution By Paul Davies

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      261 Paul Davies
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    One thought on “About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution

    1. Molly Westerman on said:

      I bought this book in 1999, as I graduated from college somehow I never quite got around to reading it until this month, over a decade later So I ve hauled it from home to home and state to state, through a Ph.D program and childbearing and all sorts of other changes I m glad I finally read it.About Time is engaging and thought provoking That Ph.D is in English literature, so I am ill positioned to comment on the quality of the science and analysis here aka, is it true correct accurate And I m s [...]

    2. Keith on said:

      One of the better popular science books I ve ever read, and certainly the best I ve read recently Well written, engaging, and well referenced, it not only improved my understanding of General Relativity, but made the very concept of time both in terms of the experience of its flow and it s scientific sense as a dimension of unified spacetime both clearer and diffuse what is time after all How can it even be defined in any meaningful way These questions may seem ridiculous on their face, as time [...]

    3. Remo on said:

      Mi autor favorito empatado, pero el favorito hablando sobre mi tema favorito, la naturaleza f sica del paso del tiempo Este libro es para leerlo y releerlo Se adentra en la f sica lo m s que puede y luego complementa desde la filosof a Muy recomendable.

    4. David Olmsted on said:

      Paul Davies has for a long time been one of my favorite general physics writers and he does a very good job here I only have two minor quibbles The first is probably due to his editor telling him not to use equations but it has to do his explanation of why space and time make an inseparable space time The reason is a certain quantity involving both is an invariant under any sort of change like like volume is an invariant when an object is moved That quantity is ct squared x squared where t is a [...]

    5. rmn on said:

      A perfectly good book on time using Einstein and Einstein s theory of relativity to explain how time is relative and how our perception of time is incorrect in many ways The author, Paul Davies, seeks to illuminate questions such as whether time flows in one direction, whether time is it s own dimension, whether time existed before the big bang or whether the big bang happened , whether time travel is possible, and whether time exists at the singularity of a black hole.Davies uses physics, quant [...]

    6. Simon Mcleish on said:

      Originally published on my blog here in January 2000.About Time is an eminently readable popular account of the current ideas about time in physics, with a short historical section examining philosophical perceptions of time from the ancient Greeks to the time of Newton The main concerns of the book are to explain the role played by time in the keystones of modern physics, general relativity and quantum mechanics Since much of physics is concerned with processes, time can be used as a single the [...]

    7. Jenn on said:

      I have never had a Physics or Astronomy course in my life nor have I previously read any other books on the subject matter Dr Davies made no assumptions about the background of his audience and was able to explain concepts in such a way that I was able to move through the book without back tracking and whilst retaining a good portion of the material The flow was impeccable I plan to reread this book in a few months Thank you, Dr Davies

    8. White on said:

      In the spirit of Shrodinger s cat, this book talks about paradoxes in a humorous light Taking what Davies believes is unfinished business of Einstein, he throws out endless possibilities of what doesn t make sense Intriguing as it is, we are missing some elements in knowing things that can answer all the questions we have and can turn the paradoxes into sense.Davies tackles this with this read It s fascinating.

    9. Gabriel Joseph on said:

      For those of us who couldnt grasp quantum physics or physics itself in school, this book is a joy After I read this book I saw existence, time and my reality forever changed.

    10. Eric Hollister on said:

      Probably of a 3.5 Although it is a bit dated, I found this book quite interesting, and it helped me understand Einstein s Theory of Relativity and it s relation to perceptions of time as well as other theories and operations I must admit, however, that the last third of the book lost me I imagine that is my fault than the authors.

    11. Kiridaren Jayakumar on said:

      An excellent book that we all should read because everyone of us are affected by time Knowing time should be made a necessity.

    12. Lawrence on said:

      There were a few interesting parts, but I felt that it was not worth the time I spent with it.

    13. Armand on said:

      Previous to reading Paul Davies About Time, I had seen a few documentaries like PBS Fabric of the Cosmos on astrophysics and Time, so I was aware of the some of the fundamentals, but About Time really helped me get a formal grasp of the whole picture of Time which it turns out might not exist at all.Davies does a nice job of building sections chapters around specific questions that amateurs like me might want to see addressed like Is time a physical process Can time ever run backwards Are there [...]

    14. Daniel on said:

      This alternatively enlightened me, confused me, and terrified me no mean feat for a science book While I find the author s style to be good enough, I do feel that he doesn t always succeed in his primary mission, which is to explain the concepts in a layman s enough way About half of what I understand was intelligible because I already have some exposure to physics and to these specific topics, but I fear would ve been over the head for a casual reader though who knows if such a person would bo [...]

    15. Sam Eccleston on said:

      This is an extremely interesting book The scientific content is explained clearly and in simple terms, but when it comes to drawing philosophical conclusions from the available data the work would benefit from significantly longer discussion of what concepts like time actually mean Often, conclusions are drawn about time but the concept is never adequately defined Thus, it sometimes seems as if the author is eschewing the concept altogether, but a closer reading reveals that in fact only one asp [...]

    16. Nicholas on said:

      The author writes in a comprehensible manner that is both engaging and informative that leaves you wanting to read of his work.The book is mainly dedicated to the modern history of Physics with a bit of Cognitive Psychology thrown in towards the end.I found he elucidates theories very thoroughly and does not shy away from giving examples from several different viewpoints on the same process Even though this book is a few years older than ones I had read recently in the same area,it still remain [...]

    17. Tim on said:

      An interesting if somewhat dry read on the concept of time Does the universe have a beginning and an end Is time an illusion Can we travel backward in time Some of the passages will give you those I never thought of it that way moments others seemed better suited for a scientific journal But the history is enjoyable, and there are light moments For example There was a young lady named Brightwhose speed was far faster than light She set out one day, in a relative way,and returned on the previous [...]

    18. Larry Gerovac on said:

      Thought provoking You will never look at time the same it s all relative Love the way Paul Davies writes to his target audience Davies explains the link between light and gravity in simple everyday terms As he moves through history you get a glimpse of how different scientists perceived time in their own field of study Very well written Best of all no math required.

    19. Tyson on said:

      A very interesting book that gives an overview of time as it relates to philosophy, Einstein s theory of relativity, quantum physics and human consciousness Though many of these subjects are very complex, Davies discusses them in a manner that is understandable without oversimplifying things I d highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys talking about time in any context.

    20. M.J. Mandoki on said:

      Normally, the philosophy of time is a very interesting subject to read about Although the book did cover most topics, the articles in the book were not well developed Some of them are confusing and the arguments have obvious philosophical flaws that any skilled graduate student can point out There are better books on this subject.

    21. D.W. McAliley on said:

      Great book that digs deep into the mystery of what time is vs what we perceive it to be Time is one of those difficult to define concepts that is intuitive in its experience, but counter intuitive in nature This book is a fascinating, albeit mind bending, read I ve read it about six times so far, and still get something new out of it every time pun intended.

    22. Terry Tsurigi on said:

      This is a fun and fascinating book, but a very frustrating one because it poses questions than it can answer I wish scientists would hurry up and solve these perplexing, fundamental questions about time before I die so my curiosity could be satisfied.

    23. Sergio ruocchio on said:

      testo interessante a molto molto affascinante.Davies riesce come sempre a portarti nel nel mondo della fisica esotica lentamente e con crescente interesse , arrivando ad esporre anche concetti che normalmente sarebbero di difficile comprensione

    24. Arthur on said:

      Very well written and simple enough for laypeople to understand the basic principles of Einstein s therory of relativity If anyone is interested in how traveling at almost the speed of light makes one age less this book is for you

    25. Julia on said:

      I first became interested in the physics of time when I was assigned a project related to The Once and Future King how did Merlin travel backwards in time I was hooked This was a great book for a high school student with a strong science background but no particular gift for physics.

    26. Vance J. on said:

      A good read on a topic not often discussed what is time We reach the end with the conclusion we really don t know That s OK The author weaves a good narrative that is mostly easy to follow I did some deep thinking on this.

    27. kuarkdelima on said:

      Seperti buku buku beliau yang lain, saya amat menyukai buku ini.Saya menekuni buku ini pada tahun SPM, sekitar 1997 Masih mencari jawapan kepada kehebatan teori kerelatifan einstein dan kosmologi kuantum.Best

    28. David Schumacher on said:

      A great book for those who knew what the theory of relativity was but didnt understand it fully It has many interesting theories about time that ll make you look at your surroundings quite differently

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