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Coming Home

Coming Home By Jourdyn Kelly Coming Home Blaise Knight is content She owns a trendy in demand flower boutique has wonderful friends and an obsession with red velvet cake After a string of disappointing dates Blaise decides to give up on

  • Title: Coming Home
  • Author: Jourdyn Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780692621721
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • Coming Home By Jourdyn Kelly Blaise Knight is content She owns a trendy, in demand flower boutique, has wonderful friends, and an obsession with red velvet cake After a string of disappointing dates, Blaise decides to give up on dating, and focus on the things that are most important to her.Greyson Steele is the family stud After his stint in the Delta Force, he is coerced into the family businesBlaise Knight is content She owns a trendy, in demand flower boutique, has wonderful friends, and an obsession with red velvet cake After a string of disappointing dates, Blaise decides to give up on dating, and focus on the things that are most important to her.Greyson Steele is the family stud After his stint in the Delta Force, he is coerced into the family business His manipulative mother is planning a wedding for him to a woman he can t stand But Greyson had other plans At thirty nine, Greyson is ready to settle down, but only with a woman he chooses After meeting the fiery owner of Knight in Bloom, Greyson finds his match.Sparks fly when Blaise and Greyson meet Can he convince her to take a chance on him Or will Blaise s past ruin their chances for a future Their romance forces Greyson on a chase halfway around the world to solve a mystery, and find his love.
    Coming Home By Jourdyn Kelly

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      368 Jourdyn Kelly
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    One thought on “Coming Home

    1. Laura on said:

      ARC Provided by the author and NetGalley I wanted to like this The cover and storyline in the blurb appealed to me I liked that Greyson was 39, as the heroes in books seem to always be 28 32 I liked that Blaise was a florist But, I did not like it When I give a really low rating review, I like to give the reasons why I came to the determination I did about the book.1 Dialog it was uneven, stilted, and there were a few places in the book where it was so awkward I felt that it was pulling me out o [...]

    2. DJ Sakata on said:

      My Rating 4.5Favorite Quotes There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence, Mr Steele I abhor arrogance Be careful how close to the line you get She risked red velvet cake asking Ellie to do this You screw that up for her, and ultimately for me, I don t think your military training will help you at all Action movies and a muscle car You realize you re every man s wet dream, right Tell me you drink beer and watch sports, and I ll marry you right now You made me even later If I lose my red [...]

    3. Mia Elbaf on said:

      I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review This book was sooo good that I was surprised to be changing my opinion on contemporary stories I really enjoyed this one and the only thing that kept me from finishing it in one sitting was work The story was very simple, yet highly addictive Blaise Knight decided to give up on dating after many unsuccessful experiences in that department For her, she didn t believe in love any and she needed to focus [...]

    4. purpletri on said:

      AmazingBy far one of the best stories ever Pulled me right in from the start Good chemistry Then the plot got even better and I was up half the night because I couldn t put it down.

    5. Christina on said:

      What Worked For Me Warning prepared to fall in love over and over again I have never read anything by Jourdyn Kelly, but after reading Coming Home, I know I will read of her in the future Coming Home is a beautiful and haunting romance about two people who find love when neither of them were looking for it Blaise and Greyson stumble upon each other quite by accident He parks in her designated parking space and she loses her mind over it, and eventually, him Their first meeting is funny and poet [...]

    6. i fall in love book blog on said:

      4.5 STARSThis is the first book in the LA Lovers series It is a standalone, though the characters from the next book make an appearance in this one, and vice versa It s told in alternating viewpoints that add an authenticity to the story that may have been missing if it had just been told in Blaise s point of view.I loved Blaise She s a cake eating, flower shop owning woman with a passion for life Her relationship with her best friend was one of my favorite things and you just really wanted them [...]

    7. Wanda Shull on said:

      Finally A heroine that is not a damsel in distress Blaise Knight may be one of my all time favorite characters, and this book does not disappoint in telling her story I got to read this book in advance, and I am so glad I did Some of my favorite things about this book are 1 The friendship between Blaise and Ellie I love this relationship The personalities of the two women play well off each other, and this being weaved through the story gave an added flair that worked well 2 Blaise s character i [...]

    8. Arantxa Herrera on said:

      I give this book 4 5 starsFirst, I must start with how shocked I was about 3 4 of this book It gave me one of the biggest plot twists I ve read in a very long time I was slightly scared but mostly excited.So this book tells us the story of Blaise Knight, a New Zealand woman living in the States who owns a flower shop called Knight in Bloom She lives a good life doing what she loves not only selling flower arrangements but also experiments with them which I loved about her , has an obsession with [...]

    9. Karen Whittard on said:

      Ohhh I hate it when you are stuck with what you feel about a book I mean I didn t hate it but then I didn t love it either I think o just felt a bit confused by it Looking at the cover and then reading the bio I went into this book thinking that it would be a sweet love story But it s nothing like what I expected and that s both a really good thing and a bad thing because when you have your mind set about something it s sometimes hard to turn it around to see it differently I don t think it s a [...]

    10. Bella'sBlog on said:

      This was my first time reading anything by Jourdyn Kelly and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story Jourdyn Kelly has given us a lovely and haunting romance about two people who finally fine love without looking for it.The characters are sweet and very likable ,and I like how each chapter seems to flow into the next This is Greyson and Blaise touching story Greyson is a man who wants somebody good in his life He was a man I had a hard time liking.Why Because he didn t know enough to tak [...]

    11. Karen on said:

      Coming Home, written by Jourdyn Kelly, is the first book in the LA Lovers series This is the first book that I have read by this author, and have to say that I was truly impressed I wasn t sure what to expect because this was an author that was new for me, however, this story exceeded my expectations I am looking forward to reading by Jourdyn Kelly.Blaise Knight is the owner of a successful flower shop, Knight in Bloom She has some pretty amazing friends, and life is going great for her for the [...]

    12. Ashley (Reads by Ashley) on said:

      This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.I m a person who loves to read contemporary romance This book is worth to read it than twice I even want to give it than just five starts Here is Greyson a man who is kind of desperate for somebody good in his life , as I like to call it That in the story I start to hate him, don t even know the reason It was just he hates when a women says to him Like why do you have to keep bothering because she say no to you in the first place This b [...]

    13. Tonia Amet on said:

      This book was a pleasant surprise for me I wasn t expecting the mystery and a little suspense in this romance but it was really good This is my first Jourdyn Kelly novel but it will definitely not be the last I hope she writes a book with Cade and Ellie Blaise is the owner of floral shop that has been unlucky in finding a man she can put up with who doesn t allow he ego to come into play In walks Greyson, he isn t any different from the losers she s encountered but there s something about him th [...]

    14. P Leslie on said:

      I got this book from net gallery for an honest review.The narrative was good and I like how Greyson pursues Blaise I even liked the fact she played hard to get and enjoyed the encounters they have together However, Blaise s character after awhile annoyed me the phrase one step forward two steps back comes to mind because when the story makes a small progress forward, everything goes back again somehow I liked Greyson s character, as he was a little forthcoming with his feelings Greyson might co [...]

    15. Rebecca on said:

      I received this book in advance for review This book is a just one chapter type of book I have been lost in this book loosing sleep and time to find out how the relationship of Blaise and Greyson turned out One chapter flowed into another, and the characters are very likeable You just want them to get on, get everybody else to keep their noses out and for love to blossom Will they or won t they make it into the new territory of relationship status When a turn in events has Greyson travel half w [...]

    16. Juliana Ignácio on said:

      I received this book in exchange for an honest review.I really liked the story and the characters I found myself laughing in various parts, especially the friendship between Blaise and Ellie, and Jessie, their friendship is strong and beautiful, and really fun as well.And when Greyson Steele appears in Blaise s life, her opinion of relationships changes completely, until the hideous Greyson s family appears to disrupt everything.A very well written history and well developed characters I loved e [...]

    17. Brittany Crouser on said:

      This is honestly one of the best books i have read in awhile The story between Greyson and Blaise is wonderful with twists and turns that made it capture your attention I tried to make the story last as long as i could but it seemed impossible to lay the book down I would love for there to be another book about them.

    18. Greeva on said:

      This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.I love to read romance, especially contemporary romance This is the kind of book which once you start reading you want to know what happens next and keep on turning page I personally loved the book.

    19. sherri faubion on said:

      You want to take along fun time to read a good book here it is It has love, friends fun and suspense, and happiness and happily endings Girl gets boy, cars and boy get to save girl from stupid people

    20. Tami on said:

      This review is based on an ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.This book was a solid 4 until Blaise was forced to go to NZ I have no clue what was held over her head to get her there.

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