Smile and be a Villain

Jeanne M. Dams

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Smile and be a Villain

Smile and be a Villain By Jeanne M. Dams Smile and be a Villain A holiday on the picturesque island of Alderney leads to a case of cold blooded murder for American Anglophile Dorothy Martin When Dorothy Martin and her husband retired police detective Alan Nesbitt

  • Title: Smile and be a Villain
  • Author: Jeanne M. Dams
  • ISBN: 9780727886293
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Smile and be a Villain By Jeanne M. Dams A holiday on the picturesque island of Alderney leads to a case of cold blooded murder for American Anglophile Dorothy Martin When Dorothy Martin and her husband, retired police detective Alan Nesbitt, decide to visit the beautiful island of Alderney in the English Channel, they hope for a pleasant, peaceful holiday It s not to be Taking a walk on their very first day A holiday on the picturesque island of Alderney leads to a case of cold blooded murder for American Anglophile Dorothy Martin When Dorothy Martin and her husband, retired police detective Alan Nesbitt, decide to visit the beautiful island of Alderney in the English Channel, they hope for a pleasant, peaceful holiday It s not to be Taking a walk on their very first day, they discover a body, apparently the victim of an unfortunate accident, on a precipitous hill path The dead man, they learn, is an American named Abercrombie who had made himself both loved and hated during his few weeks on the island Although there is no concrete evidence of foul play, both Dorothy and Alan are uneasy about the death and decide to delve further And then they unearth some most disquieting revelations .
    Smile and be a Villain By Jeanne M. Dams

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      Jeanne M. Dams

    One thought on “Smile and be a Villain

    1. Ellen on said:

      Smile and Be a Villain by Jeanne M Dams.Dorothy and Alan are hoping to relax and enjoy their two week vacation at the island of Alderney Taking one of their usual walks together they find a body of a man who may have fallen to his death The man, Abercrombie, has established himself in the small village bringing on mixed emotions by the villagers themselves Some of which are not sorry to learn of his death.Abercrombie s death has also brought on mixed emotions in both Alan and Dorothy The questio [...]

    2. Anne on said:

      I ve missed a couple of books in this series, but had no problem picking up Smile It stands alone well because Dorothy and Alan are on vacation in Alderney, a small island in the Channel Islands.The book reads like a travelogue than a mystery We get lots of background and history, we go along with Dorothy and Alan on their touristy excursions Of course, they stumble upon a body But is it an accident or murder Well, I m sure you can guess what Dorothy and Alan think.There s a lot to like here in [...]

    3. Jan on said:

      This is of a 3.5 star bookjust a bit too thin on the plot end for me, but an engaging read nonetheless.

    4. Damaskcat on said:

      Dorothy Martin and her husband Alan are off to Alderney for a fortnight s holiday Naturally, with their record of finding dead bodies they stumble across one while out for a walk It is the body of William Abercrombie an Anglican priest from the US who seems to have polarised opinion on the island Some people love him and think he is a force for good, others have horror stories to tell of his lack of concern for others and his suspected theft from church funds Which group is right or is there som [...]

    5. Susan on said:

      I have read all of the books in this series but, to be honest, I miss the Dorothy I had come to love in the previous books This Dorothy has lost her spark, her joy in living life to the fullest Yes, she is older and reacts accordingly but she worries way too much and I wanted to sit her down and have a real heart to heart with her As for the storyI loved the setting but the mystery dragged in places and I did do a bit of skipping pages Overall, it s still an excellent series and I m not giving u [...]

    6. Paula on said:

      I think Dorothy really needs to learn to just mind her own business I really didn t get why she felt so compelled to mettle in this one I felt kind of sorry for Alan I think author needs to give her readers one novella where Dorothy and Alan have a really great vacation with no dead bodies.

    7. Donna on said:

      I love the look inside the world of a woman transplanted into the world of England Who marries a retired Police inspector and settles into his world Thinks happen and murders occur that the two embark on solving This is the 17th volume and i have read every single one Very well written this one is about a killing in a small island off the coast of England where a most disagreeable character meets a nasty end The ending for me is somewhat of a surprise i definitely didn t expect the murderer to b [...]

    8. Anne on said:

      I ve so fully enjoyed all Jeanne Dams Dorothy Martin series This wasn t one of the best Dorothy comes across as moody and petulant There were lovely travel log scenes, but they seemed inserted Where s the spunky Dorothy Where s Alan s cheerful cohort Perhaps Dams was trying to create a dramatic mood, but it wasn t effective.That said, the Dorothy Martin series is still better than many contemporarily written cozies.

    9. Laura on said:

      I love these books This was not my favorite one though too much history about the island that I didn t care for and I didn t really like any of the characters except the two main ones I also like the fact that the author lives in South Bend which is where I live

    10. Lorraine Dunlap on said:

      Lovely setting it does make me want to explore this particular island The mystery is a bit convoluted, but, on the other hand, for once Dorothy doesn t wave a red flag at the murderer and try to get her self killed, so it is an improvement over the last couple of books.

    11. Donna on said:

      This one kept me guessing right to the end I look forward to reading from this author.

    12. Tracey on said:

      Jeanne Dams and her Dorothy Martin have been favorites of mine for years I haven t read the whole series yet, and in fact was a bit startled to find that this one is the seventeenth book it s nice to have a backlog of pretty reliable quick and fun reads, but I had no idea that much time had gone by Dorothy is an American ex pat in England, basically living the life I would claw any random person s eyes out for She and retired Chief Constable husband Alan Nesbitt plan to enjoy a vacation on the i [...]

    13. Karen on said:

      Dorothy Martin and her retired police detective husband, Alan Nesbitt, are looking forward to a relaxing holiday on Alderney, a picturesque island in the English Channel All is not what they anticipate, however, when on their first day, they discover the body of a man on a cliff path Although there is no evidence to suggest that this is anything other than an unfortunate accident, their suspicions are piqued when some unsavoury revelations come to light that paints the victim in a not too pleasa [...]

    14. Jean Kolinofsky on said:

      I would like to thank NetGalley for providing this book in exchange for a review Vacationing on Alderney, one of the Channel Islands, is supposed to be relaxing There are nature preserves, hiking trails and, unfortunately, a dead body While the death may be the result of an accident on a steep trail, Dorothy Martin and her husband Alan Nesbitt feel a responsibility to find the truth after discovering the body Alan is a former police inspector and Dorothy has not been a stranger to murder investi [...]

    15. Jan on said:

      I have loved this series from the very first book, The Body in the Transept, where we are introduced to Dorothy Martin, a sixty something expat from Indiana to the fictional town of Sherebury, England She is a recent widow Move ahead several years and she is married to the retired Chief Constable, Alan Nesbitt, of their shire and they are on holiday at Alderney Island of the Channel Islands Right on cue, they discover a dead body A visiting American Episcopal priest, William Abercrombie has fall [...]

    16. Anam Cara on said:

      Date may be wrong as I read this on a cruise and didn t keep track of the dates I was reading Not the best, but excellent as always Dorothy and her husband have gone for a simple holiday to an island in the English channel Of course, nothing is simple for them and while on one of their walks, they discover a body.The deceased is an American Episcopal priest who apparently is emigrating to the UK During the short time he has been in the village he has developed a following of many admirers But he [...]

    17. Breakaway Reviewers on said:

      Smile And Be A Villain by Jeanne M Dams 4 stars A mystery set in the beautiful island of Alderney Smile And Be A Villain is the eighteenth mystery featuring Dorothy Martin and her husband Alan Although I haven t read any others in this series, I certainly enjoyed the setting and plot as it unravelled.Dorothy and Alan, a retired couple just wanted to enjoy a peaceful holiday in Alderney, but they became embroiled in the mystery of what actually happened to an American visiting priest named Willia [...]

    18. Mayda on said:

      Dorothy and her husband Alan are off on a two week holiday to visit the charming island of Alderney But taking a hike up a rather steep hill, they chance to discover a body on the trail, and all hopes of a peaceful time away are gone The victim turns out to be a relocated priest from America, and Dorothy cannot resist finding out how a fellow American came to die on an island so far from home The she and Alan dig into the priest s past, the stranger the case becomes It seems that this priest wa [...]

    19. Jacque on said:

      Dorothy and her retired detective husband, Alan, have gone to Alderney for a relaxing vacation They plan to take lots of walks on the scenic island, but on their first hike along a cliff, they find a dead man The police rule it an accident, but Dorothy and Alan can t help wondering whether he was murdered The dead man was active in the local church and loved by almost everyone Was he too good to be true Smile and Be a Villain is a good British cozy with tales of forgiveness and letting go of hat [...]

    20. Val on said:

      Dorothy and Alan take a vacation to the channel island of Alderney But it s a busman s holiday for them of course, since they stumble across a body the first day out The best part of this book are the things that we learn about the island, it s geography and history and idiosyncrasies It s a place I ll never go, but now I feel as though I ve been there The resolution of the crime, if there is one, is well done Throughout the book we are introduced to many villagers and get to know many of their [...]

    21. Suzi on said:

      I ve enjoyed all Jeanne Dams Dorothy Martin books and look forward to each new one eagerly Each is a cozy English mystery with a nice dose of tea and travel, this time to the island of Alderney.

    22. Cathy on said:

      I love the way Dorothy does let her age or her knees stop her from sleuthing This time she and Alan are visiting Alderney one of the Channel Islands and, of course, stumble over a dead body The ending is a bit disappointing but Dorothy and Alan s response is completely appropriate.

    23. Sheila on said:

      I love all her books The killer and the why are a surprise I want a husband like Dorothy s

    24. Lauren Fidler on said:

      Nope, not the series for me.I felt I needed a nap AND a snack every twelve pages or so At this rate, I d be 52 and 200 pounds by the time I got through the series.

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