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Lynda Engler

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Time's Anchor

Time's Anchor By Lynda Engler Time s Anchor Ophelia s husband disappears at the most inopportune times After years she s not sure why she puts up with it other than the fact that she s loved him since she first saw him in college before t

  • Title: Time's Anchor
  • Author: Lynda Engler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Time's Anchor By Lynda Engler Ophelia s husband disappears at the most inopportune times After 10 years, she s not sure why she puts up with it, other than the fact that she s loved him since she first saw him in college, before the physics experiment that started Will involuntarily sliding through time And there s nothing anyone can do about it Or is there
    Time's Anchor By Lynda Engler

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      361 Lynda Engler
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    One thought on “Time's Anchor

    1. Vicki on said:

      As a time travel fan, I was really taken with this book The story was captivating and although intricate, it read smoothly I loved the weaving of the story from both Will and Ophelia s viewpoint.

    2. Rabid Reader on said:

      I enjoyed this short time travel audiobook, it kept my attention and I was sorry when it ended It is a well written and narrated story that captured my imagination and soon had me pondering about the nature of reality I quickly became attached to the main characters and loved the way the narrator portrayed them She captured the worry, confusion, frustration and emotions well, her tone was pleasing and she gave the characters individual voices At first I thought the story was going to be like The [...]

    3. Zora Marie on said:

      What an excellent short story I don t usually read short stories, but I needed something to decompress between writing research papers for college and working on my novel Turns out that this little time travel story was just what I needed Well, back to the grinned, those papers aren t going to write themselves after all And neither is that pesky little, or rather not so little, textbook going to read itself.

    4. David Avoura King on said:

      Short book but great idea in the story, worth reading if you like time travel sci fi.

    5. Lashonda Beauregard on said:

      I enjoyed this book Couldn t stop reading The book was a good length I think the author did a good job If you are a fan of time travel books you will enjoy this book.

    6. Nancy Foster on said:

      I had this ebook on my Kindle for several months and finally decided to read it this morning I had no idea what to expect from the book I never bothered to read the blurb or the reviews but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtfulness that was used to craft this interesting twist on Time Travel stories.Whereas most time travel stories are of an Indiana Jones save the world theme, Time s Anchor uses a fully different approach that is mostly based on the POV of the wife Opheli [...]

    7. Lisa Bateman on said:

      This was such a delightful read I know a lot of readers don t like short stories but let me tell you, this one gives you a BIG meaty story for how short it is I got as much out of it as I have many a 300 page book Right away I found myself engrossed in the suspense of Will disappearing I have a brother that teaches physics at a local college and this made me think of some of the theories he s posed to me before Chills actually ran down my spine at what too place in this book Ophelia and Will hav [...]

    8. Norma on said:

      Format Audiobook We ve had Rufus for 6 years, since he was a kitten A clever twist on the time travel concept A small group of students who knew each other at college become reluctant time travellers, each individually unexpectedly vanishing to reappear moments, hours or days later, which can cause far difficulties for the wives left behind than might at first be obvious Then one day, a traveller returns, murdered Something has to be done But where had he been This clever, twisting short story [...]

    9. Toad Oliver on said:

      Great short story about time travel and it s effects It s about a group of college students who participate in an experiment to earn a little extra cash An unexpected side effect was time travel The participants would experience random slips back in time, some lasting a few hours and others a few weeks Things they do in the past definitely affect the future Very cool story and great narration

    10. P.S. Winn on said:

      This short story takes a look at time travel through the eyes of Will and his wife Ophelia Will is the traveler, but what he does has a profound affect on both of their lives and it would seem in the lives of the world around them When Will travels in time, even the smallest thing he does can change history as we know it This is an intriguing look at the idea of time travel and I think it would make a great full length novel.

    11. Laura Reading on said:

      This is a short story about time travel, but instead of focusing on those who travel, the twist here is on those left behind.It is sort of exciting in the beginning of this experience, but after time, the true dangers, risks and results come to be known Would these people make a different choice Can they change the course of history in a predetermined way A lot of content for the brief time allowed and well done.

    12. Roger on said:

      My third read from author Lynda Engler Time s Anchor was wonderfully written work with engaging characters The problem with short works is just that, they re short I m happy to see the story is not complete because it s so engrossing that it needs completion.

    13. Ciayrra The Scorpion Flower on said:

      Time s anchor is a A mystery exploring what happens when an experiment in time travel goes wrong This story is a little sad in some parts.

    14. Kai on said:

      Time s Anchor is a short story with so much theories about time traveling Ophelia has had enough of Will s involuntary time traveling Ever since the accident in a physic class experiment, Will has been slipping into time and returning unexpectedly Even moving away didn t distance the effect from the experiment of Will disappearing and returning Ophelia has always a time s anchor to Will She is what kept Will going to find away to stop the experiment from taking place.For 35 pages in this story, [...]

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