Soul Bound: The Warrior

Jas T. Ward

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Soul Bound: The Warrior

Soul Bound: The Warrior By Jas T. Ward Soul Bound The Warrior MurdererJace Camden is haunted by his past One that has many believing he got away with murder He s run from it trying to start over in a new town But his past hasn t let him escape and it s determin

  • Title: Soul Bound: The Warrior
  • Author: Jas T. Ward
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 210
  • Format: ebook
  • Soul Bound: The Warrior By Jas T. Ward MurdererJace Camden is haunted by his past One that has many believing he got away with murder He s run from it, trying to start over in a new town But his past hasn t let him escape and it s determined that his future will not be a long one Death will demand its due And his dead wife will make sure that debt is paid in full.Kitt Thomas life is in a rut, but thatMurdererJace Camden is haunted by his past One that has many believing he got away with murder He s run from it, trying to start over in a new town But his past hasn t let him escape and it s determined that his future will not be a long one Death will demand its due And his dead wife will make sure that debt is paid in full.Kitt Thomas life is in a rut, but that changed when she looked into the sad, haunted, eyes of Jace Camden Something about his wounded soul called to her like a whisper of a melody in a mysterious abyss she should have the sense to ignore.But his past will make sure Kitt is no part of Jace s future than life is Because he s soul bound And that s a shackle that can only be broken by death His It s Not About the Happily Ever After It s About Surviving the ReadFrom Bestselling Author, Jas T Ward Comes the highly anticipated first book in the Soul Bound SeriesSoul Bound The Warrior
    Soul Bound: The Warrior By Jas T. Ward

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    One thought on “Soul Bound: The Warrior

    1. A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog on said:

      I am speechless with my first ever read from this author Jas T Ward has written a remarkable, soul destroying, action packed, supernatural blockbuster which enthralled me from start to finish The storyline flowed perfectly, with my heart racing in every page The characters were perfectly sculpted with soul aching events throughout that makes you want to dive in there and get them the hell out of this supernatural phenomenon Every chapter I thought would be the moment that these characters get so [...]

    2. Jas Ward on said:

      Part of me can not wait to get this book to you.Another part of me is so scared to Soul Bound isn t about having an HEAIt s about surviving the journey to see if one can even exist.

    3. Niki_g on said:

      arc has been received by me for an honest opinion for this dark horror palpitating romance fix The story left me perplexed, sweaty, haunting and gasping I had cried and had nighmares over this novel in real It is a definite read for people who are looking for paranormal, horror, romance with second chances and lots of pity and some tight fist, bone cracking action scenes The scenes were diabolical They played out in my mind as if I was watching a horror flick itself Although it was my first horr [...]

    4. Kandy on said:

      I was not sure what to expect to read opening this book Honestly, I didn t look I decided to read this book sight unseen I am glad that I did I didn t have a preconceived opinion to keep me turning the pages That is what the author did She wrote a really good story line, with great characters, and the suspense whoa The suspense You will not be sorry turning past the great cover.I am so glad I got to read this book, I must have needed it It is kind of dark, broody, made you want to hope for the g [...]

    5. The Book Junkie Reads . . . on said:

      Jace did not have much left in his life The one woman he loved was gone The business he world so hard to grown was being attacked The life he build was all crumbling Years later he finds that life still keeps handing him lemons The harder he tries to make lemonade the things seem to sour That was until he finds something to live for and fight for Kitt finds that her life has come down to the here and now Taking a chance on a date for a friends She finds that she has a connection to the man wit [...]

    6. Dee Winston on said:

      WoW I didn t know what to expect with this book I usually don t read books like this so I kept an open mind And when I first started reading it i didn t know where it was going Then the I read the I got vested in Jace s life I could feel his pain and his heart ache I was so happy when he met Kitt And when she stopped running and started listening to him I thought this is his chance again But they want him so bad So how is he going to keep the ones he love safe and fulfil a destiny he knew noth [...]

    7. Felicia on said:

      I enjoyed reading this book Jace s journey was a difficult one and with the help of his awesome friends and girlfreind, he wouldn t be able to find out what he is or to fulfill his destiny This book touches on mythology and how that comes into play with what Jace is and why he is having the problem he is having I am looking forward to continuing this story.

    8. Petra Gleason on said:

      3.5 stars A good beginning to this new series with engaging characters Look for my longer review on lovenbooks

    9. Brittany on said:

      Jas has left me speechless SB has broken me out the monotony of the same storyline again and again.

    10. Joy on said:

      Jace Camden is haunted by his past and by haunted I don t mean just some bad memories, I mean memories so powerful they feel as if the dead is manifesting into solid form and coming back to mess with him physically, mentally and emotionally Now turn on the lights or read this book while it is day time and make sure the temperature in your house is nice and warm so you don t confuse that chilly feeling with something sinister lurking in your room, something dead and cold trying to grip onto your [...]

    11. Racheal Celatka yunk on said:

      Interesting Finds Updated DailyKindle Store All Departments Alexa Skills Video Warehouse Deals Appliances Apps Games Arts, Crafts Sewing Automotive Parts Accessories Baby Beauty Personal Care Books CDs Vinyl Cell Phones Accessories Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Men Girls Boys Baby Collectibles Fine Art Computers Courses Credit and Payment Cards Digital Music Electronics Gift Cards Grocery Gourmet Food Handmade Health, Household Baby Care Home Business Services Home Kitchen Industrial Scientific [...]

    12. Monique on said:

      Review written August 7, 2017Star Rating Heat Rating This is a really hard book to categorize, which I think is part of the point It doesn t read like a romance, but it s the first of a series and I have been told the end of the series is an HEA , so I am calling it a romance Ward calls it a bit of horror I think of it as paranormal or maybe urban fantasy with strong romantic elements It s an intricate story, sometimes told rather inelegantly But at it s core, it s a love story than anything el [...]

    13. Nikki Payne on said:

      Soul bound The Warrior Jas T Ward This isn t you re average paranormal romance This isn t your typical happy ever after love story If that is what you were expecting, then think again And prepare yourself to survive a read of a lifetime This is different from anything you have ever read before This is an emotional roller coaster that you want to get off, then get back on and ride it all over again just for the thrill of it It will have you screaming and throwing things in a way you didn t think [...]

    14. Love N. Books on said:

      Pet s 0.02This kind of book is totally in my wheelhouse I read what some might call horror paranormal fantasy all the time and if I m honest, they re my favorite genre.Jace s story is what kept me reading this book He s such a tragic character The guy has been drug through the wringer ckwards Jas did a great job of making me feel his pain strongly while I still questioned whether or not he actually had a hand in his wife s death or what the fuck was actually going on.Kitt as the love interest is [...]

    15. Books Laid Bare on said:

      I have no idea how many times I have uttered the words I don t read paranormal and I never envisaged that changing but I like to challenge myself and after reading the blurb, this story really appealed to me.So, taking a leap of faith I dove straight in and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed, this was a really super read.I have no idea what an paranormal romance would normally be like all I can go on is the story that was laid before me, so here goes Emotionally this was edgier than I [...]

    16. Brenda Henderson on said:

      I don t even know where to start, have you ever read one of those books where sometimes you just have to close it to take a break from the intensity of the story Well if you have ever experienced this, I can assure you this is definitely one of those books Now this is definitely not a bad thing and all credit to the author that she can actually make you feel this strongly The book has a dark storyline and the author certainly makes you feel everything the characters are going through This book w [...]

    17. MLBC on said:

      Dark, a bit scary, but worth the read You have to like this kind of darkness in romance And I completely understand if many don t It generally isn t my thing, but I will read it After finishing this book, I stood back and said, Wow How refreshing to read a book that did not have a predictable plot How breezy it feels for the main characters not to be stereotypical Was it dark He yeah But I came away with such a different view of dark than I d had before Ms Ward has earned a spot on my reading li [...]

    18. Lori Greis on said:

      Dark romance lovers rejoice Get ready to be swept away into the world of the haunting, tortured soul that is Jace Camden This book is unlike anything I ve ever read, in the darkest, most amazing ways Jas has a way of storytelling that literally grabs you thrusts you into the heart of the action Her characters are raw, complex real And don t be surprised if at some point you want to throw your e reader because the plot twists come often at the most unexpected places This book is a roller coaster [...]

    19. Susan Angela Wallace on said:

      Soul bound the warrior by Jas T Ward.This was a fantastic read.Jace Camden is living in hell Ever since his wife Laura commited suicide 5 years Kitt has agreed to a date with Jace which was organised by their friend Skylar They have idea a about his hell They are about to find out.Absolutely fantastic read I loved the story I really felt for Jace I just wanted to take him away from it all Good for kitt Highly recommended 5 Netgalley and pikkos house.

    20. Nina on said:

      A dark paranormal romance that borders on horror Suspenseful Very engaging The author has you running 100 miles an hour then brick wall I want to say it felt rushed, but I was reading so fast to get to the resolution HEA that I can t really say it was rushed Just well, hope book 2 resolves a few things I received this book from eBook Discovery This his my honest review, which I voluntarily post here.

    21. Maria Angie Mendoza on said:

      Fascinating story this is not your typical romance Captivating, fast paced, exciting, supernatural horror story.This is normally not my favorite genre but the title captured my attention and I m so glad it did.The writing was brilliant, the characters were were so well developed and likable, I was hooked.The twisted and emotional journey of Jace, Kitt, Zane and Skye was raw, edgy and dark I can t eat to read about these characters

    22. Eva LeNoir on said:

      Who said romance had lost its originality aspect Soul Bound is far from anything you ve read The original storyline, the flawed yet endearing characters and the gasp inducing plot twists will have you devouring this story Sometimes we are certain that our lives are just straight lines from birth to death but in this story, that line is riddled with curves, dips and rollercoaster descents into hell You definitely want to dive into this series

    23. Dawn on said:

      Wow Didn t expect all that This is not a roses and rainbows kind of book You will need a strong desire to finish this when you read it as it is quite frightening It s definitely not one to read at night I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    24. Destiny on said:

      What a great read , the author did it again This book will keep you interested from beginning to the end Could not put it down Thank you Jas T Ward

    25. Elsie Caba on said:

      ARC received in exchange of an honest review This is a different story from your typical book It s very interesting At the beginning it took me a while to catch the flow on the story but as I got further along I was feeling captivated Jace is running from a past that hurts him and along the way he discovers things about himself he didn t imagine and he found love I would ve like for this book to have a different ending but I ll be waiting for the second one to get the rest of the story.

    26. Tracey on said:

      SBsurvivethereadThis is not my normal type of read, yes I do PNR but I generally keep away from the scarier side, but I am so glad I took the chance to read this book I thoroughly enjoyed the rollercoaster of emotions it put me through.There is a hashtag for this book survivetheread Well I survived the read, but felt emotionally wrecked and my nerves needed a vacation It also left me with a book hangover My thought after finishing the book was Omg that was a good read There are romance and super [...]

    27. Jennifer Adams on said:

      The lead character in this book, Jace, is clearly haunted by a tragic event that had occurred It plagues him mentally and physically to where he s afraid of falling asleep This is a paranormal fantasy horror I read quite a lot of paranormal fantasy, yet haven t read too many horror, but this would be one I would recommend, especially if you are looking for something suspenseful.

    28. Shelly Reynolds on said:

      Amazing Just Wow There are no other words to describe how I feel about this one I could not put it down Is Jace crazy Did he do it Is this real You Just Don t Know I can t even summarize this book properly You just have to read it yourself But be warned It will change you It will change how you think It will freak you out And you will love it too Do you think you can survive the read I did But barely Now I need the next one

    29. Megan L Harnett on said:

      I liked this book overall but it left me a little confused The story was good but they kept the suspense right up until the very end Then when everything was explained the story ended suddenly I felt it rushed at the end and I had so many questions Maybe the author did this deliberately for a cliffhanger ending but it just kind of stopped and left you with no satisfaction I might read the next book but I didn t like how this one left off.

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