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James Webb

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Lost Soldiers

Lost Soldiers By James Webb Lost Soldiers Once in a great while there comes a novel of such emotional impact and acute insight that it forever changes the way a reader sees a nation or an era Writing with an unerring sense of suspense and of

  • Title: Lost Soldiers
  • Author: James Webb
  • ISBN: 9780440240914
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lost Soldiers By James Webb Once in a great while there comes a novel of such emotional impact and acute insight that it forever changes the way a reader sees a nation or an era Writing with an unerring sense of suspense and of history experienced firsthand, James Webb takes us on a myth shattering cultural odyssey deep into the heart of contemporary Vietnam, with a riveting thriller that tells a loOnce in a great while there comes a novel of such emotional impact and acute insight that it forever changes the way a reader sees a nation or an era Writing with an unerring sense of suspense and of history experienced firsthand, James Webb takes us on a myth shattering cultural odyssey deep into the heart of contemporary Vietnam, with a riveting thriller that tells a love story love for those who perished, for family and friends, and between a soldier and the land where he had always been ready to die.Brandon Condley survived five years of combat as a U.S Marine only to lose the woman he loved to an enemy assassin Now he is back in Vietnam, working to recover the remains of unknown American soldiers On a routine mission, Condley finds a body that doesn t match its dog tags a body that propels him into a vortex of violence and intrigue where past and present become one.As the mystery of the dead man unravels, a link is revealed to two well known killers Salt and Pepper, a pair of treasonous Americans who led a deadly Viet Cong ambush against Condley s own men Galvanized by a fresh trail to these long lost deserters, Condley has finally found a purpose Under the auspices of his government job, he is going to hunt down the traitors On his own, he is going to kill them.Condley s hunt cannot be kept secret from his former enemies, or his friends And in the shadows that linger from Vietnam s long season of darkness and terror, he has no way of knowing which side is dangerous Surrounding him is an unforgettable cast of characters Dzung, Condley s closest friend, a South Vietnamese war hero who might have led his country if his side had won the war, now reduced to driving a cyclo as his family starves in Saigon s District Four Colonel Pham, a battle hardened Viet Cong soldier who lost three children to American bombs Manh, a cutthroat Interior Ministry official who blackmails Dzung into a mission of murder The Russian soldier Anatolie Petrushinsky, who left his soul in Vietnam as his empire collapsed around him And the beautiful Van, Colonel Pham s daughter, who spurns the scars of war as she pursues her dreams of freedom As Condley stalks his elusive prey across old battlefields and throughout Eurasia, returning always to the brooding streets of Saigon, his mission and the odds of his surviving it grow precarious with each step he takes toward the truth.Lost Soldiers captures the Vietnam of past and present its beauty and squalor, its politics and people Propelled by a page turning mystery, shot through with adventure and intrigue, it irrevocably transforms our view of that haunted land and brings us as complete an understanding as we will ever have of what happened after the war and why No writer today is qualified to take us into that world than James Webb.From the Hardcover edition.
    Lost Soldiers By James Webb

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      487 James Webb
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    One thought on “Lost Soldiers

    1. Bonnie on said:

      When I read than one book by an author I know I m getting to know the author rather than the characters I picked this book after reading Webb s Born Fighting, which isn t a novel, but puts forth his premise about the Scotch Irish culture being the predominate white culture of rural and working class Americans This book, which is a novel about a veteran of the war in Viet Nam, draws a picture of how that culture influenced our military, and the events of that war On the surface it s an engaging [...]

    2. Peter on said:

      James Webb is not only an excellent writer, he s an American icon a Navy Cross winning Marine, a U.S Senator, and a Secretary of Defense His Fields of Fire 1978 is one of the best Viet Nam era novel memoirs I ve read very powerful Lost Soldiers, published in 2001, is quite different It is a novel about the social impact of Viet Nam, as well as a thumping good mystery Brandon Condley, five years a U S Marine in Viet Nam, has bounced around Asia for thirty years since the war He is now employed by [...]

    3. Larry Bassett on said:

      Not nearly as good as Fields of Fire but better than Something to Die For Several times when I had to stop, I wished I could go on reading The main character, Condley, is interesting and well developed I enjoyed seeing the presentation of Vietnam after the war, but it has probably changed even in the years since the book was written in 2001 Not sure why the archaic Sai Gon is used when it became Ho Chi Minh City in 1975 A definate anticommunist bias, not surprising given the history of the auth [...]

    4. Jennifer on said:

      The is a story of a Vietnam Vet Brandon Condley who is an expat living in Vietnam He normally drifts through day, rather aimless However, he is asked to assist an anthropologist who is attempting to aid in identifying US vet remains Trouble comes up when they discover the wrong dogtags found on another soldier s remains This is a story of government coverups and mystery But it is also a wonderful description of the Vietnam and Banghok Those that have visited Vietnam before, whether as a tourist [...]

    5. Karen Davis on said:

      War Continues in the Mind After the War Is OverThis was a very good read for me The story is of an ex marine who decides to live in Vietnam long after the war was lost He also lost his true love to the brutality of war He storyline weaves in and out from person to person, town to town, country to country,back to the war and revenge, yet comes back to his love of this country.

    6. Jean Bulatao on said:

      I love to read historical fiction and decided to give this untraditional historical fiction a go I loved it This book kept me reading The characters were engrossing and real to me Give it a try It s an easy reading style

    7. Jonathan Reskof on said:

      LostThis book captures the spirit of the country and the collective friendliness of the people that I once knew a long time ago I enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

    8. LeighAnne Cully on said:

      Not my normal read, fantastic 5 stars because the story and characters grabbed from page one Picked this up as a 99 cent book Will be racing

    9. Jon Oswalt on said:

      Another great Webb story.I like this author and follow all his books This book had some twists and turns making it an enjoyable read.

    10. Teresa on said:

      Great bookI wish James Webb would stop wasting his time in politics and just write Typically well written with a surprisingly fresh plot line You ll enjoy every page.

    11. Steve Woods on said:

      Webb is a great story teller I have enjoyed all his books I have read so far, maybe becasue there is so much experience shared Like the others this is a great yarn, a who dunnit set against the background of post war Vietnam it is than that though He provides some tremendous descriptions of what life was like post war in Saigon, particularly for those on the losing side I felt tremendous guilt at having been part of the war that eventually abandoned the South Vietnamese to their fate Guilty and [...]

    12. Frederick Bingham on said:

      This book by James Webb, the newly elected senator from Virginia.Brandon Condley s job is to find bones of American soldiers in Vietnam He works part time in Saigon and part time in Hawaii One day he comes across the bones of a soldier whose remains he cannot identify because the bones do not match the dog tag This leads him onto the trail of a pair of Vietnam war deserters who made it a calling to fight for the Vietcong He finds that one of them is dead, but the other one is still alive He deci [...]

    13. Rob on said:

      If you enjoy James Webb s novels and Fields of Fire was terrific and want to view a modern portrait of Vietnam, this is a great read A page turner with mystery, intrigue, history and culture, you won t need to be a war vet to appreciate Webb s character development and twisting plot Although written a few years ago, it s still timely It gives you a good idea of where the country has been it s still torn between the north and south and where it is going Saigon Ho Chi Minh City is leaving Hanoi in [...]

    14. Lee Wallace on said:

      The pow mia issue was spoiled many times by the movie industry during the eighties.Too bad, they didn t used the best plot I ever read in my life The one I found in this book.The plot revolves around the Salt and Pepper urban legend.This legend was a real one, and so is the book A book born from a what if question.Webb builded his plot from reality, which is why this book is so interesteing.And he has a good pen too.

    15. Roy loe on said:

      This is the novel that Republicans tried to use against Webb when he was running for Congress Has a short paragraph containing a disturbing sex act Webb has been to Vietnam a number of times and this action novel has some interesting insights into the country Webb apparently has a great affection for Southeast Asia Webb isn t an exceptional writer, but good enough for an interesting read.

    16. james on said:

      Excellent story about modern day Vietnem American investigators are notified by the Vietnamese government that remains of a US serviceman have just been uncovered An invesigator finds that the remains seem to be a long missing Marine, but there is evidence that the body may not be who it appears to be This book reminded me of Up Country by Nelson DeVille, except that the characters in Lost Soldiers operate in Vietnam with the permission of Hanoi.

    17. Frank Cavanaugh on said:

      Slow at times and sometimes deeply psychological Some adventure but really a look at the Vietnam Nam war and its effect For me, it was not a page turner but I enjoyed the well developed characters and the opinions and information about Viet Nam and the aftermath of a war I avoided through the luck of a high draft number.

    18. Kelly on said:

      I enjoyed this on two levels the story is simple and enjoyable, but the hidden character in this is the country of Vietnam As you read you realize it plays just as vital a role as any of the characters.

    19. Judi on said:

      Awesome storyI very much enjoyed this book Webb s style is very descriptive and there s a good balance between violence and sex, plus a look at Vietnam and its people that strikes me as authentic Highly recommended.

    20. Lynn on said:

      On the surface, this is a good political thriller or mystery But the reason I rated this so well, is that the highly qualified James Webb, has written a sad but believable story of the current day Viet Nam people Read it and weep for what is and what could have been.

    21. Chuck on said:

      An ex Viet Nam era marine, now trying to identify the remains of American servicemen in present day Viet Nam, pursues a vendettaagainst an Army turncoat who he suspects is still alive and living in the far east Story starts slowly but patience is rewarded.

    22. Jill on said:

      Decent book, creepy in some parts I only read it because I wanted to say in the interview that I did.

    23. Kara on said:

      Webb former Marine, Navy Secretary, Asst Secretary of Defense, current Senator is an unlikely novelist This book could be made into the kind of bad action film that I usually enjoy.

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