The House of Binding Thorns

Aliette de Bodard

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The House of Binding Thorns

The House of Binding Thorns By Aliette de Bodard The House of Binding Thorns From the multi award winning author of The House of Shattered Wings comes a beautifully wrought fantasy of fallen angels set in a Paris ravaged by a Magician s War as the Dominion of the Fallen series

  • Title: The House of Binding Thorns
  • Author: Aliette de Bodard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The House of Binding Thorns By Aliette de Bodard From the multi award winning author of The House of Shattered Wings comes a beautifully wrought fantasy of fallen angels set in a Paris ravaged by a Magician s War as the Dominion of the Fallen series continues
    The House of Binding Thorns By Aliette de Bodard

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      287 Aliette de Bodard
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    One thought on “The House of Binding Thorns

    1. Mogsy (MMOGC) on said:

      2.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2017 05 25 Ultimately, my second foray into the Dominion of the Fallen did not turn out the way I d hoped, though to be fair, I did have a lot riding on this sequel It s true that the first book left me with mixed feelings, but I found the premise intriguing enough that I wanted to see where things would lead, and maybe give this series a another chance to sweep me off my feet Regrettably, this did not quite happen despite The House of Binding Th [...]

    2. Aliette on said:

      Not leaving a rating because this is my book, but here s what you can expect focused on the House of Hawthorn and the dragon kingdom Like its predecessor, standalone, though characters from the first book will obviously be around Major characters angel essence addict Madeleine, Houseless Annamite Fran oise who wields rather peculiar and powerful Fallen magic , dragon prince Thuan with a talent for getting into major trouble , and ex Immortal exile Philippe on his quest to resurrect his friend An [...]

    3. Shelley on said:

      Source Publisher Genre Fantasy, Paranormal Rating 3.5 MY Thoughts The House of Binding Thorns is the second installment in author Aliette de Bodard s Dominion of the Fallen series In a Paris that never was, a city of magicians, alchemists and Fallen angels struggles to recover from a devastating magical war that left the city in shambles The House of Hawthorn, led by a Fallen Angel named Asmodeus, is where this story begins But, it also includes the Dragon Kingdom, which is an under the Seine Ri [...]

    4. Fran on said:

      A magnificent follow up to House of Shattered Wings, with everything I loved about the first book fallen angels, House drama, Paris, dragons amped up to 11 Will absolutely re read, which is one my favorite ways to praise a wonderful book.

    5. imyril on said:

      Any book that has me struggling not to squeak on public transport and then has me nearly miss my bus stop is going to get a big thumbs up I loved Aliette de Bodard s introduction to her vision of a blasted, magic torn Paris in The House of Shattered Wings and I delighted in the chance to return to it and peer into one of the darker Fallen Houses.Madeleine is back in House Hawthorn, terrified of her future and unable to move on from her past When Asmodeus makes it clear she can choose to die but [...]

    6. Mike on said:

      This was a marked improvement over its predecessor, The House of Shattered Wings Shattered Wings had a somewhat confusing plot, and only a handful of its characters really interested me, but it had such a great setting that it elevated it to 4 5 stars Not that the characters and plot were BAD, they just didn t really grab me The House of Binding Thorns improves on both, and the setting managed to be even better.So Binding Thorns is a semi standalone sequel It follows after the events of Shattere [...]

    7. Kate Elliott on said:

      This book works as a standalone and also as a companion novel to The House of Shattered Wings The House of Shattered WingsBodard writes with an intricate and intense style and is able to explore the way conflicts both within the heart and those of external politics collide with and influence each other Vivid and emotional Recommended.

    8. Rob on said:

      I generally enjoy De Bodard s work, both stylistically and because of the themes she uses, and this novel is no exception I thought the plot of this novel flowed a bit smoothly than that of the House of Shattered Wings It is dark and desperate, full of characters overreaching in an effort to prevent what little they have managed to salvage from destruction slipping from their grasp It tackles some of the problems of today s society with a touch of Victor Hugo and a bit of magic It blends the Ch [...]

    9. Kristen on said:

      The House of Shattered Wings is a beautifully written book set in a fascinating world, but I was on the fence about reading the standalone sequel since it was also bogged down by so much narrative introspection that didn t add much to the story or characterization However, I decided to continue after discovering The House of Binding Thorns had Asmodeus and I m so glad I did because it s a far superior novel with Asmodeus and of the dragon kingdom Like its predecessor, the characters aren t qu [...]

    10. Melanie Haynes on said:

      This book was amazing in context and plot line I love the way it lets you know how everyone fits in without giving too much away so that you can predict the ending I would not use as a tutorial for my younger kids that I tutor but would recommend for 8th grade to adults This is mostly because of the complexity of the writing There is no vulgarity which makes it a good read for higher level school kids.

    11. Ale on said:

      More like 2.5 starsI struggled a lot with this one and I feel that s due to two main things one was a reading slump the likes of which I ve never really experienced I don t think I ve ever really felt this much of a slump, to the point of near indifference the other was the fact that for the vast majority of the book, the main POV character is Madeleine and hers was the perspective that really dragged down my overall enjoyment of The House of Shattered Wings, so I would be lying if I didn t say [...]

    12. Tim Hicks on said:

      So, this book is best understood after you have read the Further Reading notes at the end Y see, this is an allegory on the early history of French interference in Vietnam, merged with the story of the British running opium into China, but set in Paris sort of with dragons and magic Not gonna work, you think, and I fear you are right First off, some Parisian places are named, but for all that they are tied to the story we might as well have been in Barsoom or Lyonesse Second, there are way too m [...]

    13. Tom Lloyd on said:

      A subtle, breath of fresh air novel capable of being elegant and nasty in the same breath The pervading sense of decay and threat is a looming presence as we step a little further out of the Houses and onto the streets in the river of Paris Its very different to most fantasies I read and all the better for that, with none of the markers that would make me avoid an angel urban fantasy novels Having read book 1 I found this all just clicked much easily into place in my brain, though there were th [...]

    14. Gawelleb on said:

      4.5 en r alit J ai beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup aim mais sans avoir ce truc en plus pour un coup de coeur qui ne s explique pas c est motionnel chez moi du coup des livres beaucoup moins bons que celui ci peuvent avoir un 5 bref Donc, une histoire terrible, on s attends toujours au pire Un univers d une telle richesse que je relirai le livre en fran ais pour saisir les petites subtilit s que j ai rat s Des personnages avec un tel relief Et Asmodeus Maintenant je me demande bien ce que va nous r se [...]

    15. Pandora Black on said:

      C est mal de l aimer autant mais rhaaaaaa, Asmodeus toujours aussi fascinant, et on le voit beaucoup dans ce tome De nouveaux personnages qui apparaissent coeur coeur coeur sur Thuan , des anciens qu on suit toujours Philippe et Madeleine complexe, mais passionnant, je le relirai aussi la sortie fr pour tre s re de n avoir rien zapp Et vivement la suite

    16. Glaiza on said:

      I know that I ve fallen for a fantasy series when I find myself ensnared by the second book.A dark slow burning urban fantasy feat queer fallen angels and a queer Vietnamese dragon prince with magic and rival houses in post apocalyptic Paris Thuan is my new favourite dragon prince and character, so I need the next book asap.Full review to come.

    17. Stephen Richter on said:

      In the follow up to The House of Shattered Wings Aliette de Bodard adds to the series with a focus on the House Hawthorne and its attempt to gain allies in the aftermath of the war between the Houses Set in 1900s style Paris, multiple POVs tells the tale of House Hawthorne attempt to draw in the Dragon Empire that lay beneath the Seine River Took notice of the series as two reviewers from Tor put this book in the Best of 2017 So far Plus Aliette was at World Con 75 and could not have been nicer. [...]

    18. Pauline on said:

      my entire reaction to this book at this point is it took me ages to finish bc I was continually confused at how the pacing usually overthrew the plot two people talking to each other it can happen without 75% internal dialogue and I didn t understand the plot until the very endyone who s read house of shattered wings and wants to read this should know a it s a STANDALONE SEQUEL, which I did not understand and b paraphrased from her own notes at the end, the relations b t the dragon kingdom and t [...]

    19. Nikki on said:

      Received to review via Netgalley publication date 4th April 2017I know this review is terribly late I salved my conscience by buying a copy as well Aliette de Bodard has built a fascinating world in this post apocalyptic Paris, and it s so refreshing to get Vietnamese influences running through a story like this it might be set in France and involve angels of a rather Western bent, but it also features dragons of a rather Eastern variety.I don t think you can really read this without The House [...]

    20. Jen on said:

      Just like with the first book, I have mixed feelings about this one On the one hand, this is a fascinating, unique world with cutthroat politics and diverse people groups, and that s fun to read On the other hand, I still can t bring myself to care about the characters, which seriously dampens the thrill factor I wanted to like this much than I actually did.

    21. Hesper on said:

      Still the same technical issues as the first installment my god, please stop using the word predator , but overall far enjoyable Probably because I knew what to expect Hint it s a story about postcolonialism told through a fantasy lens, and relying almost exclusively on an atmosphere of superb decay to make its point.

    22. Casey on said:

      The House of Binding Thorns is the sequel to The House of Shattered Wings I will fully admit I forgot most of the plot of the first book, even characters that I noted I liked I couldn t quite remember their actions I think you could read this as a standalone, since I managed to make it through really only remembering Phillip s background If you re interested in the world and characters, then you can go back and read book one I read the first book about two years prior I didn t realize it was tha [...]

    23. WaterstonesBirmingham on said:

      The House of Binding Thorns is the second entry in Aliette de Bodard s invigoratingly different Dominion of the Fallen series In a dystopian, post WWI Paris Fallen angels have organised themselves into complex, political Houses full of dependents who are magically linked to the leader of the House A powerful clan of Vietnamese dragons lives under the Seine, besieged by illness and rebellion Massed around these two linked societies, are the Houseless a web of outsiders, and hungry gangs, who have [...]

    24. Juushika on said:

      Not long after the events of the first book, House Hawthorne becomes embroiled in conflicts and alliances with the dragon kingdom This has a slow start there s a big cast and numerous subplots, all tied together by something like a murder mystery of which Bodard is fond, and I am not it stands largely independent of The House of Shattered Wings, and maintains most of that book s weaknesses like repetitive descriptions and indulgences like the moldering elegance of the setting It s the second hal [...]

    25. J.A. Ironside on said:

      ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I probably did not get the full impact out of this book since I haven t yet read book 1 sonething I will rectify so I am coming at this a bit out of order That said picking up the storybin the middle in no way damped my enthusiasm and enjoyment of this book I love the world building and mythology Madeleine and Phillippe are great characters and the narrative was character cyntric with sharp, elegant and sensory prose The nasty aspects pu [...]

    26. Judith Moore on said:

      Full review up on my blog bit 2r5HvwhAliette De Bodard has a way of creating atmosphere that very few other authors have She creates this alternative version of Paris that makes me wish I had any artistic ability whatsoever because I would love to paint it Something about her descriptions and her writing style just conjures these really powerful images and intense feelings I just can t pick it apart it is so captivating.What I will critique, even though I don t want to get negative because I rea [...]

    27. Jill Urbanek Gauger on said:

      A lot going on at times but I really liked this book Asmodeus is the man you love and hate at the same time I really loved the strength of Madeleine She was a real heroine in the end Philippe came through for his people and Isabelle With Thuan sharing responsibility with Asmodeus for the house things may really be different in a good way for House Hawthorn.

    28. Kristy Sartain- Whispering Pretty Stories Reviews on said:

      I wish I hadn t read the first one before it came out I had a hard time with characters and back stories in this book The I read, the I remembered I did enjoy this book It s like an angel version of Game of Thrones So much political back stabbing, deception, etc.

    29. Danya on said:

      4.5 starsHOLY SHIT THIS BOOK Y ALLProse Tighter Stakes Higher Scheming Full throttle Dragons More of em Best sequel I ve read in ages

    30. Stephanie on said:

      I loved the rich, dark first book in this series, but The House of Binding Thorns hits a whole new level of depth and complexity and sheer magic I ve read it twice now, and I loved it the first time, but the second time absolutely blew me away as I picked up even of the carefully entwined details and how seamlessly they d been worked together.From the fabulously conceived dragon kingdom beneath the Seine to the various neighbourhoods in above ground Paris and all the complex dynamics among thei [...]

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