Propulsão Antigravitacional

James Morcan Lance Morcan Grant Hayman Takaaki Musha

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Propulsão Antigravitacional

Propulsão Antigravitacional By James Morcan Lance Morcan Grant Hayman Takaaki Musha Propuls o Antigravitacional The Portuguese translation edition of ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION Human or Alien Technologies

  • Title: Propulsão Antigravitacional
  • Author: James Morcan Lance Morcan Grant Hayman Takaaki Musha
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 149
  • Format: None
  • Propulsão Antigravitacional By James Morcan Lance Morcan Grant Hayman Takaaki Musha The Portuguese translation edition of ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION Human or Alien Technologies
    Propulsão Antigravitacional By James Morcan Lance Morcan Grant Hayman Takaaki Musha

    • [E-Book] ↠ Propulsão Antigravitacional | by ☆ James Morcan Lance Morcan Grant Hayman Takaaki Musha
      149 James Morcan Lance Morcan Grant Hayman Takaaki Musha
    • thumbnail Title: [E-Book] ↠ Propulsão Antigravitacional | by ☆ James Morcan Lance Morcan Grant Hayman Takaaki Musha
      Posted by:James Morcan Lance Morcan Grant Hayman Takaaki Musha
      Published :2019-07-27T13:11:08+00:00

    One thought on “Propulsão Antigravitacional

    1. Sheri on said:

      ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION Human or Alien Technologies By James Lance MorcanThis book includes never before mentioned accounts of popular UFO topics like Area 51, Roswell and alien abduction claims Also subjects such as Nazi and Japanese antigravity experiments and rare theories involving quantum physics and lost civilizations of the ancients The book is well written and researched I found the photos and photos of articles intriguing, compelling, shocking and last, thought provoking I was never one [...]

    2. Hamilton Carter on said:

      S alright I found out about this book when I joined the Underground Knowledge discussion group, it s written by the group s founder , here on If you re looking for a basic primer to introduce you to the field of all things fringe science with respect to hidden civilizations and UFOs, this book is as good as any It s breadth is an advantage to the newbie, while it may have sucked some of the quality away from the text for folks already steeped in the genre It s worth the 3 or so that is charging [...]

    3. Marcha Fox on said:

      I was particularly impressed by the unbiased, objective, journalistic views presented in this interesting book The authors look at all angles and possibilities, allowing the reader to digest them on his or her own merits versus being nudged or sometimes shoved to the conclusions desired, as is the case of many such books The authors assume that UFOs do indeed exist, a fact which is gradually being accepted as evidence is released and credible witnesses continue to come forward However, rather t [...]

    4. Harry Whitewolf on said:

      I can see this Underground Knowledge series of books of which this is the second fast becoming a first port of call for any reader wanting an overview of the topic at hand These books are designed to introduce themes of conspiracies and alternative subjects with an unbiased, level headed approach that sticks to the very best examples in each case My only criticism of Antigravity Propulsion Human or Alien Technologies is that the title doesn t reflect how much the book addresses the question of w [...]

    5. Daniel Chong on said:

      I find it interesting that as we become smarter, we tend to question and of our own existences Are we an enigma of evolution Did God create us Neither of those questions could answer why in this vast unimaginable universe do we feel so removed I mean, where did we come from Whether we seek God or the greater unknown, we tend to look up at the skies And somewhere up there and beyond, something mysterious, something extraordinary holds the answers.This book, Antigravity Propulsion outlined some [...]

    6. Pennie on said:

      After reading The Orphan Trilogy and The World Duology Book 1 2, I was hooked on writing of these talented father and son team duo, Lance and James Morcan had to offer This indeed is a very different kind of book than there others, it being non fiction, but just as equally engrossing In Antigravity Propulsion , we are given astounding insight into UFO accounts from The Roswell and alien Abduction claims, to the popular Area 51 beliefs, which includes never before mentioned claims and reports on [...]

    7. Matt Tobin on said:

      An interesting book that refreshingly looks at the possibility of antigravity propulsion from many different viewpoints, rather than focusing on an pre conceived theory presented as fact I appreciate the authors efforts in admitting their own personal opinion while not discriminating against reports of any other potential sources of antigravity technology.This book, like the authors GENIUS INTELLIGENCE Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ, is a great stepping stone for the reader to [...]

    8. Georgiann Hennelly on said:

      This book tells us about some never before mentioned stories like Area 51 , Roswell and Alein Abduction claims We also learn about such subjects as Nazi and Japanese anti gravity experiments, rare theories involving Quantum physics and lost civilizations The book is well researched and written I found the photos and articles to be intriguing and thought provoking I never really believed in aleins or life on other planets but after reading this book i winder how much the government has kept secre [...]

    9. Lisa Norris on said:

      This is an excellent read for an individual looking to expand their thinking regarding government cover up, hidden advanced technologies, and the possibility of alien communication.James and Lance have done a vast and intense research which can be seen in the large variety of sources they present to the readers This makes it easy to follow up on their material in order to learn The book includes some interesting photos and multiple fascinating quotes from high ranked individuals, including some [...]

    10. Udai Kumar on said:

      I have started to read this book owing to my intriguing mind that always wonders about the existence of aliens If they really do, what would they be like, how would their life style be I picked this book by the title, but what I read really amazed me The author so vividly accounts the esoteric knowledge that lay hidden in the classified documents The book amazed me, scared me and enlightened me at the same time One of the best of all non fiction irrespective of subject I can t wait till I read t [...]

    11. Donald D Giesler on said:

      As suspect our government has been concealing technology, keeping us in the dark.Your book covers much needed information for future fixes to our planet of education pool to correct the problems we have created.It is food for thought and widen our possibilities.I enjoyed reading the book well worth the time to consume it.

    12. Teresa on said:

      I liked it There was a lot in it that I knew about, but there were may things I didn t I particularly liked how the author presented the information without passing judgement, so the reader wasn t baited one of the other Nicely done A quick, interesting read.

    13. Irene on said:

      Anyone who has any interest in the esoteric should read this book.

    14. Lynn on said:

      Great collection of factual stories and speculative stories.This book is very well written and researched I spent many hours trying to keep up read up on the scenarios.

    15. Stephen Martino on said:

      This was a quick, fun book to read It covered many interesting topics, and left one thinking well after reading it I highly recommend it

    16. robert dougherty on said:

      Antigravity propulsion.Its about time that someone told the truth about the visitors I wish that they could help us with things that are going on here on earth Our government officials are liars and they would not know the truth if it was standing in front of them Such people we have to represent use whole thing is disgusting What douch ebags.

    17. Robin Houghton on said:

      A good overview for anyone unfamiliar with the subject matter Concise and to the point this will leave you thinking what if many times throughout.Personally, there was very little in it that I had not read about previously and in a lot detail I would rate it an extra star if it had included a bibliography and further reference section.

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