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Nightwylde By Kimberleigh Caitlin Kimberly Cates Nightwylde A Passion As Hauntingly Beautiful As An Irish BalladA country torn by the flames of rebellion Ireland held the destiny of Maryssa Wylder a woman scorned for her willful spirit and banished from the

  • Title: Nightwylde
  • Author: Kimberleigh Caitlin Kimberly Cates
  • ISBN: 9780515098013
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Nightwylde By Kimberleigh Caitlin Kimberly Cates A Passion As Hauntingly Beautiful As An Irish BalladA country torn by the flames of rebellion, Ireland held the destiny of Maryssa Wylder a woman scorned for her willful spirit, and banished from the social whirl of London.A Love As Tender And Sweet As The MoonlightA gentle, kind, and handsome man, Tade Kilcannon touched Maryssa s heart with his glorious dreams of freedom A Passion As Hauntingly Beautiful As An Irish BalladA country torn by the flames of rebellion, Ireland held the destiny of Maryssa Wylder a woman scorned for her willful spirit, and banished from the social whirl of London.A Love As Tender And Sweet As The MoonlightA gentle, kind, and handsome man, Tade Kilcannon touched Maryssa s heart with his glorious dreams of freedom and his penetrating gaze.A Desire As Fierce As A Raging StormA rival to her love, a masked patriot known only as the Black Falcon aroused a burning passion in Maryssa unlike any she had ever known a smoldering sensuality that could not be denied Soon, her life, her heart and soul, were trapped in a web of intrigue and torn by her wildest, deepest longings
    Nightwylde By Kimberleigh Caitlin Kimberly Cates

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      455 Kimberleigh Caitlin Kimberly Cates
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    One thought on “Nightwylde

    1. Regan Walker on said:

      Enthralling Story of Forbidden Love in Tumultuous 18th Century IrelandOriginally published under the title NIGHTWYLDE by Kimberleigh Caitlin, this is a beautifully written story with a compelling hero and a wonderful heroine You will not be disappointed The author has now republished it under her well known name of Kimberly Cates Set in Donegal, Ireland in 1718, it is the story of wealthy English Protestant Maryssa Wylder and poor Irish Catholic Tade Kilcannon, the heir of a proud Irish family [...]

    2. Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb" on said:

      I am sorry I had to give this story 2 stars But this is just so depressing Falcon Tade Kilcannon Irish Catholic and the Protestant Maryssa Wylder says it all It was the 1718 when the British were still persecuting the Catholics by horrific means Torture of unspeakable degrees, burning children alive at the stake, disembowelment with the cutting off of the private parts hanged to near death first then quartered a treasonous death For this death all you had to do was be Irish and or Catholic There [...]

    3. Mary on said:

      The story is interesting and well written, despite a few minor editing issues I found the historic details interesting thought I m not sure of their accuracy I don t mind the descriptive passages, but it had a few other fatal flaws instalove, characters behaving and conversing in ways far outside of what is reasonable for the time period, and a heroine who, having just barely survived an incredibly traumatic experience, can t control her lustful thoughts towards a man she just met Rolling my eye [...]

    4. Patricia Schuette on said:

      Another Irish TaleA story about an English Lady who because of some trouble at a ball is sent to her father s castle The English want to rid the Irish of their Catholic religion by taking away their property, forbidding them to teach their children or practice their religion She gets involved with a loving Irish family and the problems these people have just living Great story with a little history thrown in.

    5. Deborah on said:

      Maryssa Wylder has never known love or kindness, her mother died when she was a baby and her father has removed everyone from her life who s shown her any attention, despite this she s grown to be a lovely, intelligent and quiet young lady.She finds herself banished to Ireland for objecting to the torture of a young woman but this turns out to be the best thing that s ever happened to her and it s here she truly blossoms.Tade Kilcannon hates the Wylders after all they stole his birthright but Ma [...]

    6. MaryLynn Kebort on said:

      I enjoyed reading Black Falcon s Lady Even during war times love still blossoms.Black Falcon s Lady is a story of love and fearsome hate, when England had it in their mind to concord Ireland Black Falcon s Lady is a peak into the reality of broken promises, the loss of old friendships, unspeakable cruelty to human beings, and still love finds a way to bring family closer together.I enjoyed reading Black Falcon s Lady, it was too interesting to put it down I believe all ages of people will enjoy [...]

    7. Katy on said:

      DNF 42%There was nothing particularly terrible about this book, it was just a little bit too everything A little too slow, unnecessarily wordy, a bit too unrealistic, way too instalove, and the characters bordered on obnoxious.Okay, that sounds terrible It really wasn t It just wasn t my cup of tea When the thought of finishing the book makes you think, Ugh do I haaaave to , you should probably just put it down Step away from the book Pick up a different one.

    8. Rosie on said:

      Tear jerkerLoved this story Strong warriors showing there emotions with tears and showing affection physically Not by sex Even though there is a little sex, the story line is superb I enjoy a book with good plots and suspense Descriptions of Ireland landscapes is detail but not boring I recommended this book.

    9. Becky Gates on said:

      AwesomeWell done Kimberly Cates A heart worthy story about two people caught up in sociatal dictates and two hearts finding a way to be one while battling pressure from all sides to make their love for each other work Loved it Bring tissues before you start reading.

    10. Mary on said:

      This book just didn t work for me, the story just seemed to drag on and on without much happening, you had the instalove and the yes no, go away I hate you, can t trust you, oh wait I caught my breath on second thought, oh I love you can t live without youblahjust blah.

    11. Courtney Klein on said:

      Overall an enjoyable story My digital ebook had a lot of grammar issues thought.

    12. Virginia Tican on said:

      This book has managed to wring some thoughts and emotions that would probably swing my ratings from 4 to 5 stars Historical romances such as this may or may not be accurate as to the timeline but the Irish persecution and diaspora were most definitely and tragically real Books and the net has made it easily available to readers to know about history and what England did to suppress Irish Catholics at that time This, for me, is most definitely NOT a light read It is heart warming as well as hear [...]

    13. Rose on said:

      While this book gives a look at what the Irish suffered under English rule, it leaves much to be desired I think my largest complaint was the main characters sleeping together and everyone knows, but nobody really cares Um, this is Ireland, these people are Catholic They didn t do that sort of thing It was called immoral, and it is still and always will be, a mortal sin So somebody who has a priest for a brother would never behave like that And really, that is one problem out of many for this bo [...]

    14. ALevy on said:

      I didn t know what to think at first The story took several twists and turns and I was a little surprised that I liked started to like Maryssa Maura as the story went on At first all the tears was a bit grating, but with all she went thru, understandable The falcon of course was a strong hero and loved his character I tested up a few times reading this book, and expect others may as well.

    15. Stacy menihtas on said:

      High PraisesIn my previous read Morning Song I rated it incorrectly Notice after I submitted review Should be highest rating and beyond Can t wait to purchase of you writings Tap away on those keys I have been once again pulled into these characters lives Great read Thank you Avid Fan

    16. Dawn Wells on said:

      BoringThe booked started off ok But, it wasn t long before it became a chore to finish Long in uninteresting details and immature writing patterns

    17. Michelle on said:

      What a roller coaster ride will they won t they till the end everyone trying to do what they thought was best for everyone else.

    18. Catherine Iriarte on said:

      I was on the edge of the seat almost the entire book.

    19. Cindy Woods on said:

      Mixed reviewThis is one of the most difficult to review books I ve ever read It starts out a bit confusing, but has enough there to just keep the interest The writing is so hard to explain The basic plot is very good and strong You get a real sense of the ignorance, greed and prejudice that envelopesIreland in the early 1700 s The English dominance, genocide of all things Irish and bloodlust of Catholics is well documented and laid out in an eye opening, heart rending storyline built on an impov [...]

    20. Gilda Rose on said:

      I really loved this book Have spent a great deal of time researching my Irish roots lately and am a firm believer that the best way to learn some real history, in a very enjoyable venue is to find good historical romance authors Kimberly Cates definitely falls into that category Black Falcons Lady is a touching, poignant and sometimes heart wrenching story of two people caught on different sides of a cultural divide that can be very brutal and very ugly They are young and passionate, not only in [...]

    21. Tina Ullrich on said:

      Maudering LoveTade and Maryssa have what most people long for, love With hard times for all it is love that saves them Torn between His faith in God and the be woman that captures his heart Tade chooses both He rides as the Black Falcon to deep the injustice of the people for their choice of religion As he closes love to see him thru the days and nights for his peace Maryssa has never known a mother s love as hers died when she was a baby, her father relish A sine tinglung showed her any either [...]

    22. Agnes on said:

      I was intrigued by the Romeo Juliet story arc of a pair of star crossed lovers caught in the feud begun by their fathers Set against a backdrop rife with conflict, persecution and oppression of the Irish Catholics by fanatical, Protestant England, the tale bore great promise However, I found myself skimming some parts of the narrative as the writing became a tad garrulous and plodding Otherwise Tade and Maryssa made an engaging couple and their story is proof that love conquers all Overall this [...]

    23. Leslie on said:

      Brain Food Moldy Chocolate strawberriesScandal Level satin redViolence 1 musket and a hangingMust be ___ old to read 18Read if you liked HarlequinRe readability didn t finish Thoughts Free on What is it with smutty books and Scotland Ireland It must be the accents Any way, seemed interesting with the Catholic suppression and history of the area coming into play, but I didn t finish once the bosoms started heaving I actually would probably go back and read this later when I was in a skipping mood [...]

    24. Mary on said:

      Wow Talk about an intense story Intellectually I knew about the terror that the English imposed on the Irish, but this really went into what happened.I know some reviewers have commented about the insta love , but I accepted it The two main characters face so much, and it s a long road fraught with so much intense emotions including the ultimate betrayal.If you want a light romance, this is not one The brutalities are not sugar coated and this will leave the reader exhausted.

    25. Barbara on said:

      Sweet, passionate love storyA passionate love that defies the cruelties of fate The hero is reckless, daring and determined to defend his.God, family and country from the horrors of religious persecution The heroine has lived a life devoid of love, held prisoner by a father who loathes her and betrothed to a wicked, soulless man Their new found love must withstand prejudice, pride, and betrayal Enjoyable read.

    26. StrangeBedfellows on said:

      This was literally the first romance novel I ever read I ve held on to it for fifteen years and still break it out almost annually for a reread It s also the book I loaned out to all my friends to get them started on romances This book is high in drama and romance, so if you re looking to sit down with a captivating love story, this is the one the English landlord s daughter and the Irish highwayman, what s not to love Romeo and Juliet have got nothing on Maryssa and Tade.

    27. Joann Herley on said:

      I really enjoyed this story I struggled a little at first with language The characters, Maryssa Wylder and Tade Kilcannon were enchanting It was a power fun story and gave you a glimpse of the treatment of the Irish This is the first book I have read from this author and I am sure to read another.

    28. Irene on said:

      My ReviewIreland will always have a hold on my heart I loved this book This book takes me to long ago Ireland, where the people struggled for their freedom everyday Where the struggle to survive was in every moment Maryssa and Tane s love flourishes despite those who stand in the way.

    29. Annie on said:

      So far my attempts to read an Irish historical aren t the least bit encouraging The writing is terribly overdone, the characters are irritating and the situation is just grim I m not sure why I m not just throwing in the towel and starting something else, but I keep hoping it s going to improve It didn t Although I cared enough about the characters to see what happened to them.

    30. Lynne Fredo on said:

      Black Falcon s LadyThis was such a good book as Maryssa the proper English woman meets with the Black Falcon and falls in love with Tade before she realizes who he is Two people so different but really do act the same This is such a good read

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