Short Letter, Long Farewell

Peter Handke Ralph Manheim Greil Marcus

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Short Letter, Long Farewell

Short Letter, Long Farewell By Peter Handke Ralph Manheim Greil Marcus Short Letter Long Farewell Short Letter Long Farewell is one the most inventive and exhilarating of the great Peter Handke s novels Full of seedy noir atmospherics and boasting an air of generalized delirium the book starts b

  • Title: Short Letter, Long Farewell
  • Author: Peter Handke Ralph Manheim Greil Marcus
  • ISBN: 9781590173060
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • Short Letter, Long Farewell By Peter Handke Ralph Manheim Greil Marcus Short Letter, Long Farewell is one the most inventive and exhilarating of the great Peter Handke s novels Full of seedy noir atmospherics and boasting an air of generalized delirium, the book starts by introducing us to a nameless young German who has just arrived in America, where he hopes to get over the collapse of his marriage No sooner has he arrived, however, thanShort Letter, Long Farewell is one the most inventive and exhilarating of the great Peter Handke s novels Full of seedy noir atmospherics and boasting an air of generalized delirium, the book starts by introducing us to a nameless young German who has just arrived in America, where he hopes to get over the collapse of his marriage No sooner has he arrived, however, than he discovers that his ex wife is pursuing him He flees, she follows, and soon the couple is running circles around each other across the length of America from Philadelphia to St Louis to the Arizona desert, and from Portland, Oregon, to L.A Is it love or vengeance that they want from each other Everything s spectacularly unclear in a book that is travelogue, suspense story, domestic comedy, and Western showdown, with a totally unexpected Hollywood twist at the end Above all, Short Letter, Long Farewell is a love letter to America, its landscapes and popular culture, the invitation and the threat of its newness and wildness and emptiness, with the promise of a new life or the corpse of an old one lying just around the corner.
    Short Letter, Long Farewell By Peter Handke Ralph Manheim Greil Marcus

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      310 Peter Handke Ralph Manheim Greil Marcus
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    One thought on “Short Letter, Long Farewell

    1. Pantelis on said:

      To read in tandem with Wim Wenders Alice in the cities This helped me become of a traveller and less of a tourist

    2. Tony on said:

      Peter Handke can be glib with facts Is that all true he asked No, said Judith, it all happened And he s prone to generalization His Austrian narrator in this book is wandering across America, gathering and forming opinions So far, I thought, I had hardly met anyone in America who was immersed in anything One look was enough then you turned to something else Anyone who stopped to look a little longer assumed the pose of a connoisseur.And In America there are no paths, only roads So, you know, not [...]

    3. Cody on said:

      A sort of compact bildungsroman for a rather neurotic quarter life crisis, Short Letter, Long Farewell is, on the surface, a quest a road trip West across America with nods toward noir, John Ford, and American history as a whole in hopes of personal peace and freedom It s a journey wherein the nameless, young Austrian narrator attempts to somehow reconcile the contradictions and conflicting themes that have consumed his life isolation association dreams reality past present future anger happines [...]

    4. Jeff Jackson on said:

      Early novella from Peter Handke the German enfant terrible who had a great run in the 1970s similar to fellow countrymen Herzog, Fassbinder, and his pal Wim Wenders Partly European in existential crisis story eh , but it s also equally a road trip, love story, and revenge narrative with a handful of unsettling Hitchcockian elements It s like Goalie s Anxiety with a ruminative first person narrator and genre trappings, although they re ultimately less important The book is deeply about the icon [...]

    5. Lucas Sierra on said:

      Los instantes finales de una ruptura amorosa sirven de tel n de fondo para un viaje de descubrimiento personal, durante el cual el protagonista narrador parece volver a visitar los temas comunes de sus reflexiones la memoria y su papel en la definici n del presente, el miedo a la muerte, la construcci n de la personalidad en relaci n con los otros, y el n cleo de lo que pueda llamarse esp ritu americano.Con una prosa lenta, introspectiva, Peter Handke consigue por momentos descripciones hermosas [...]

    6. Katie on said:

      I liked this book a lot Especially for how the heartfelt observations, from the slightly unbalanced narrator, quickly established a bond I felt the intimacy with which he ruminated over people and situations When the lovers spoke of people who had come to see them, it was usually in reference to the damage they had done one had leaned against the wall and left the imprint of his heel, another had torn the label off a towel, a third had left a fingerprint on a painting that was not yet dry, a fou [...]

    7. Bud Smith on said:

      Incredible book Here s what America is The narrator punches himself in the head, whacks off to the Great Gatsby, moves from town to town being slightly batshit loony Vivid writing.

    8. Ian on said:

      Peter Handke s novel Short Letter Long Farewell chronicles a journey through America s heartland The story opens in Providence, where the narrator, a young man of German origin who remains unnamed throughout the book, checks into a hotel to find that his wife Judith has left a letter warning him not to go looking for her in New York What ensues is a quest of sorts in which the narrator and his wife pursue and evade each other across an American landscape that is anything but idealized with stops [...]

    9. Scott Miller on said:

      This is the third Handke book I ve read the familiar I get with him the I enjoy his books I could say what this book is about but for me his books are really all about his writing If you re unwilling to submit to his dream like scenarios disorienting observations, you re sunk But once I got used to his pace succumbed to the writing, I came to look forward to living in his world It definitely helps if you have a decent stretch of time to read it seems like a waste of time to read 20 pages of Ha [...]

    10. Jacques le fataliste et son maître on said:

      Libro curioso andavo avanti nella lettura in attesa di una rivelazione, rileggevo le frasi sospettando di avere perso un pezzo importante, cercando di capire se qualcosa di importante fosse successo o stesse accadendo Anche il protagonista sperimenta qualcosa di simile Il tempo passava cos lentamente che guardai di nuovo l orologio Fui preso dal senso del tempo, noto fenomeno isterico Anni prima avevo visto una donna grassa che faceva il bagno in mare, e ogni dieci minuti l avevo riguardata, per [...]

    11. Gabe on said:

      Two seconds ago I knew what I wanted, but now I ve lost it I m happy only when I know exactly what I want Then I m so happy I feel as if there were no teeth in my mouth.

    12. Lee on said:

      Read as part of the mass market sized paperback novella collection called Three .

    13. Christopher on said:

      So I decided to read this heretofore unknown book, by an Austrian author I had never heard of, after seeing it mentioned in another book I just completed a few weeks ago, Chris Krauss s I Love Dick The prospect of reading a short novel about a dysfunctional couple that meets with the film director John Ford after chasing each other across the United States had its appeal, or so I thought The book itself, however, though conceptually interesting, was a bit of a drag, mired in elliptical asides an [...]

    14. Ben on said:

      He is a foreigner but it reads just like a being from another world navigating the roads no paths through american culture and finally ending up with its patron saint the director John Ford Good but somewhat challenging like most offerings from NYRB.

    15. Mark on said:

      Short Letter, Long Farewell is a classic case except even worse than usual of disappointment by a book I should have liked on paper The action begins in Providence, zigzags on a road trip across America with the aid of Greyhound buses, and constantly references John Ford movies and even includes him as a character But as much as my own expectations may have been to blame, there was a significant amount of false billing here the jacket copy of the new NYRB Classics printing advertises this as f u [...]

    16. Raluca on said:

      A bit awkward all in all but I cannot say it was bad, just, strange.

    17. Shane Jones on said:

      Handke kind of does whatever he wants and it doesn t always work but that s something I admire

    18. Don on said:

      Pure Americana Imagine Walker Percy s The Moviegoer but written by a playwright from a small town in Austria Handke translated Percy into German, and the connection between them makes so much sense now.And like Bola o, I can see that all of Handke s books are really one big book.

    19. Nevena Kotarac on said:

      U Njujorku sam Molim te, ne tra i me Ne bi bilo dobro da me na e Sa ovim pismom po inje jedna duga i nerazmrsiva potraga, iscrpljuju e i sanjarsko putovanje sa kraja na kraj Amerike Pismo je primio mu karac iz Austrije koji boravi u Americi Napisala ga je D udit, ena koju je nekada volio On odlu uje da nazove hotel iz kojeg je pismo poslato i saznaje da je D udit napustila hotel, ali da je u sobi zaboravila svoj fotoaparat Tako on kre e na put, iz Providensa u Njujork, ne bi li uzeo D uditin fot [...]

    20. Milan on said:

      V blurbe na preds dke p e Lothar Baier, e v centre pozornosti rom nu nie je forma v povede, ale jej obsah Kniha, od Handkeho prv , som tal v preklade, a teda nedok em pos di platnos t chto slov, no textov zkostlivos , pr snos slovenskej verzie ve a priestoru na vnorenie sa do obsahu nepon ka Nezaujat l tkou som sa teda s stredil aspo na jej spracovanie, ktor som si po as tania sfromuloval do fr zy procesu lne limbo individualizovan ho pre vania sveta , ktor napriek jej a kop dnosti v z sade potv [...]

    21. Ben on said:

      To my surprise, Benedictine took little notice of nature to her the artificial signs and objects of civilization had become nature She was much likely to ask questions about television antennas, the stripes on the pedestrian crosswalks, and police sirens than about forests and fields The presence of traffic lights and electric signs seemed to soothe her and at the same time to make her lively She took letters and numbers for granted and felt no need to decipher them they stood for themselves A [...]

    22. Dewey on said:

      A distant cousin of Nabokov s infamous novel Lolita that can also find itself in the tradition of Kerouac, Short Letter Long Farewell is Austrian writer Peter Handke s version of the American road trip It involves a runaway wife who threatens the husband narrator with death, and an acceptance of the small irritating things that tire and disturb the narrator Handke s character travels through an America that is of a wondrous place than for Humbert Humbert, but is still nevertheless a little irri [...]

    23. Patrick on said:

      I don t usually give a book from a publisher I admire a less than 4 star ratingbut here it goes The plot line of Short Letter is simple An Austrian on his second trip to America is given a letter from his ex wife that tells him where she is, but warns him not to follow her would be dangerous Thus, a nameless Austrian begin on a strange journey purpose that take him to various cities like Philadelphia, St Louis and beyond He links up with an earlier lover once they made love and travels with her [...]

    24. Bodine on said:

      Toen ik hieraan begon, vond ik het meh Maar dat komt waarschijnlijk doordat ik er na Vermessung der Welt aan begonnen ben en dat is een heel ander genre veel avontuurlijker Dit boek is meer filosofisch Er gebeuren best wat dingen, maar daar worden eigenlijk niet veel woorden aan vuil gemaakt en zeker in vergelijking met Vermessung gebeurt er bijzonder weinig noemenswaardigs Er is geen gezeur De relaties in het boek z jn gewoon, of ontwikkelen zich gewoon, worden beschreven, maar er zijn vrij wei [...]

    25. Benjy on said:

      Fun, odd little book It s a delirious spaceman version of Democracy in America, an inverted noir mystery, a solipsistic road trip story not unlike Ross McElwee s Sherman s March.At times hysterically funny, at other times nearly off putting in its narrative feints Ultimately, the ideas and the actions aren t nearly as enjoyable as the narrator s descriptions of things and people and what all this says about him There are moments when everything comes together into a page or two of some of the mo [...]

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