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Nox By Randi Cooley Wilson Nox Love has revived an ancient war Jealousy has risen and torn lives apart And one prophecy demands the ultimate sacrifice What if rewriting your destiny means that you must sacrifice the one you love Se

  • Title: Nox
  • Author: Randi Cooley Wilson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nox By Randi Cooley Wilson Love has revived an ancient war Jealousy has risen and torn lives apart And one prophecy demands the ultimate sacrifice What if rewriting your destiny means that you must sacrifice the one you love Serena St Michael has forsaken her future for him Tristan Gallagher has renounced the throne for her The Vergina Sun prophecy has been fulfilled, but at what cost Their lovLove has revived an ancient war Jealousy has risen and torn lives apart And one prophecy demands the ultimate sacrifice What if rewriting your destiny means that you must sacrifice the one you love Serena St Michael has forsaken her future for him Tristan Gallagher has renounced the throne for her The Vergina Sun prophecy has been fulfilled, but at what cost Their love has renewed an ancient war With Serena gone, will Tristan save her in time Or will the dark army of Diablo Fairies descend upon the Royal Protector Academy, destroying the London clan s legacy and ending the existence of the gargoyle race forever Nox is the final novel in the Royal Protector Academy series This dangerously exciting and darkly romantic conclusion will take your breath away It can be read as a stand alone trilogy or after the bestselling Revelation series Intended for mature readers 18 due to language, mild violence, and sexual situations The Royal Protector Academy novels are a serial trilogy meant to be read in order Vernal Book 1 Aequus Book 2 Nox Book 3
    Nox By Randi Cooley Wilson

    • [EPUB] ✓ Nox | By ç Randi Cooley Wilson
      280 Randi Cooley Wilson
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    One thought on “Nox

    1. Kalli Bunch on said:

      It starts off right in the middle of the action, so to speak, right where the last book ended However, I really wish that the author had taken a bit time on this book before releasing it because the first half of the book made it a little hard to get into I wasn t able to connect with the characters until the 2nd half of the book That s not to say this book isn t good, because it is We still see each character s core personality traits through out the book However, the book is titled Nox, and h [...]

    2. Lora Nowak on said:

      Randi Cooley Wilson has created the best character s in my literary world I am sad to see the end has come, however thrilled with the final outcome of Nox and the Royal Protector Academy The gargoyles and nymphs are truly like an extension of me and part of my world I adore the life Randi has instilled in them Serena and Tristan are fated to be together but have obstacles in their way of their happily ever after The final book includes all of the London Clan of Protectors so I got to laugh and c [...]

    3. Tracy on said:

      I m still in shock that it s over What a beautiful ending to such an incredible series These characters feel like they became part of my family I have such a strong connection with each and every one of them This author has a way of fascinating you with her brilliant mind and captivating stories RPA has quickly become one of my favorite series Nox had so many gut punching moments, I can even bring myself to describe all of the emotions that ran through me Serena and Tristan may have been fated b [...]

    4. Jessica on said:

      Excellent conclusion to Tristan and Serena s story I m now tempted to re read the Revelation series for gargoyle antics.

    5. Caroline Dominguez on said:

      Must Read Epic love story between Tristian and Serena Lots of action, drama and funny moments I would love to see a tv series made about the Gargoyle s Royal Clan.

    6. Meg at on said:

      Well, it s over.Years of love, lust, loss and lunacy tales of good versus evil and bad ass heroines, mixed with broody and hot protectors that have kept us warm at night, and made our blood run cold at the epic moments It s an epic conclusion.No, that s not all I will tell you about Nox by Randi Cooley Wilson But I also have no plans to give anything away, so I will do my best to share the vibes of the story without the details.Wilson s Royal Protectors have enthralled us since the first book in [...]

    7. Jeraca on said:

      I received this eARC from Red Coat Publishing and the author This is my honest review I am going straight into my thoughts without doing a synopsis overview Serena and Tristan are two of the most stubborn characters I ve ever met, and I have definitely had my fair share of stubborn characters I wanted to strangle them both because they just won t communicate with one another Seriously, if they would have just talked to each other about what they were planning, life would have been so much better [...]

    8. Kelly Mccurdy on said:

      Once upon a time I started this series on book 2, don t question me as to why, I quickly remedied that and started at the very beginning of the entire series When a person is a book reviewer, like I am, I am lucky to be able to get to read books before they are released The downside to that is trying to gather the thoughts you have when you are reading the book You try to come up with words that would mean something meaningful about the book Most people probably think that being a reviewer is ea [...]

    9. Brittany Karnes on said:

      The journey of Tristian and Serena over the course of the three RPA books was a beautiful one and Randi could not have done a better job concluding the series than she did with Nox Each book in the series just kept getting better and better however, this finale outshined them all.She made us feel all of it Laughter, pain, intense love, pride, fear as to what was going to happen next, so many emotions rolled into one novel But the ending That ending was one of the most beautifully depicted ending [...]

    10. This Literary Life on said:

      I am so thankful for authors who write HEAs, and Randi never lets me down I don t want to ruin anything for anyone so thats all I will say about that Tristan and Serena s story is complicated, and schmexy and sometimes its frustrating as hell A time or two I wanted to shake them both and just say Will you both just work together and stop trying to protect each other but those are growing pains my friends and these characters are still young and had a lot to learn I am happy to say that by the en [...]

    11. Secretly Adorkable Readers on said:

      I cannot believe this is the end of the series I have been a huge fan of this author for years had the pleasure to finally meet her this last year at Penned Con My throat constricts, my lungs seize, and my heart soars because it hits me hard that I love this intelligent, attractive, vulnerable warrior With everything I am And I will destroy anyone or anything that tries to hurt her Nox is the final book in the RPA series for Tristan and Serena s story The author brought out some major emotional [...]

    12. Angela on said:

      What Happened I really, really wanted to love this book I put it down and re started it twice The first part of the book was difficult to get into It kinda picks up where the last one left off But it took so long for then this book to spool up The second part of the book held my attention better But it still lacked the excitement I was hoping for I don t know if the author over thought this book, or just wanted away from the gargoyle story Run, hide, love, smolder, run, hide, sex, smolder, fight [...]

    13. Heather Lovelace on said:

      I m not quite sure I understand how Randi did it But here we are At the end of a gargoyle era And as much as I want to hate her for this story ending, I love her that much for sharing it with us This final chapter, in my eyes, was the perfect ending to this series It felt real and full and balanced Sarcasm and wit balance drama and struggle Each character is flawed and beautiful and relatable somehow.Randi, if ever we should meet, I will hug you if my introverted self can get over the shock and [...]

    14. Tarissa on said:

      I m still in shock that it s over What a beautiful ending to such an incredible series TI have such a strong connection with each and every one of them This author has a way of fascinating you with her brilliant mind and captivating stories Nox had so many gut punching moments, I ran the gamut from tears to laughter and back again Serena and Tristan may have been fated but it took all of their strength and determination to stay together I can t wait to see if we get a story on Striker next

    15. Kristine on said:

      What a wonderful read Randi has done justice to these characters What a rollercoaster of emotions this book took me through I cried happy tears, sad tears, had plenty of laughs and hey, yes the St Michael s are quirky.This was the perfect ending to Serena and Tristan s story as well as all the St Michael s one The story flowed beautifully and it just won t let you stop reading.I ve fallen in love with the world Randi has created and be sure they re something you can go back to again and again.A [...]

    16. Angela Hillier on said:

      This book just like the whole RPA series was a real blast I love all the witty banter between characters Some of the stuff these characters get up to and say will have you laughing Also at times your heart will be ripped out You feel so desperate for things to work out for them.The romance is heart warming and steamy.Randi Cooley Wilson is a genius She has a great way of describing her worlds so well you can see them come to life in your mind Although this was a great end I still find myself wan [...]

    17. Courtney Huchton on said:

      The end of RPA I loved how this entire series was written It was awesome getting a few parts from all the St Michael s clan How fierce Tristan s love for Serena is and how the both of them go back to back to save one another Zander was the best He brought such humor to the story Every part with Gage in it I was wanting I cant wait for his story to come unfolded I am sad to see the end of the St Micahels There was a part where we all ugly cried it was that good.

    18. Kristi M on said:

      Wow What an epic conclusion to this incredible series I am a HUGE fan of Randi s writing and her books and she definitely does not disappoint If possible, I fell in love with the charactersey made me laugh, made me cry and want to throw my kindle across the room You will definitely devour this book as I did and will not be sorry you decided to read the series The only downside is that it is all over I look forward to what is next

    19. Andrea Vickers on said:

      Wow What an amazing finale to this fantastic series I really did not want this series to end, and hope there s plans to continue with the newly introduced striker at the end of NOX I honestly think I could read about these characters forever The forever die for you kind of love the main characters share is in a word EPIC The writing is flawless and makes it so easy to follow the genius story line This is a definite must read for all

    20. Sophie on said:

      By the Grace Randi did it again Loved every moment of it and as usual Randi does not disappoint The story line has a good movement and keeps you glued tho the screen, the conclusion of the RPA come with a punch and makes you second guess about the finale but what a finale it was I will miss the Gargoyles, Callan specially Damn Gargoyles to make me fall in love with you

    21. Susan Ney friedlander on said:

      Amazing endingOf course, Nox, does not disappoint Randi Cooley Wilson is a phenomenal writer and engrossed you in a story and it s characters Tristan and Serena were amazing separate, but even so together It was also awesome to get to have so much of the whole St Michael clan especially my favorite, Asher An awesome trilogy that will leave you with a smile

    22. Rosanna on said:

      Absolutely amazing What an amazing ending to the Royal Protection Academy series Nox has it all I can t even believe that the story ends here I need gargoyle protectors I m just about ready for Stryker s story The ending to Tristan and Serena s story will forever be of the epic kind

    23. Karmin on said:

      I have to give it to Randi Cooley Wilson I fell in love with the Revelation series first then of course the RPA series This finale is epic I laughed I cried I laughed until I cried Only Randi can pull a series and it s spin off into one AMAZING ending Tristan and Serena s story might be over, but there is definitely room for another epic love story to be told.

    24. Becki Davies on said:

      This was a real bitter sweet, it s the end I loved it although it wasn t as epic as Asher and Eve I still enjoyed Tristan and Serena as a story There was some LOL moments and Zander proved to be a big part in this book which is great coz he s a fantastic character It also left open some possibilities for new stories in the future, I especially felt a live grow for Nox xx

    25. Tricia Randall on said:

      A beautiful way to end the RPA series I have never wanted a series NOT to end as much as I did reading NOX I loved it Zander and Callan are hilarious They need to have a book all of their own Tristan and Serena fight for what they want Protect what is theirs At any cost I will miss reading of the gargoyle world Randi has written, but look forward to her other future books.

    26. Angela K. Parker on said:

      Tristan his raindrop are back at again along with Zander, who makes everything fun and exciting A twist here a turn there Will the realms finally be joined or will everything Tristan worked so hard for crumble by the hands of his enemies You have to read to find out.What a great ending to the series and dare I say an opening to a spin off Only time will tell.

    27. Casha Grimes on said:

      Wow I wish I could give this book 10 stars it was fucking amazing from beginning to endI loved that Tristan and Serena actually went through shit and got mad at each other and it wasn t all love this and that

    28. Angela on said:

      Wow loved itThis was the perfect ending to the series I loved Callens and Zander s humor I laughed so much and then I cried and then I laughed some What a perfect roller coaster of emotions this book had I m sad that this is the end but it was perfect.

    29. Leslie Stuart on said:

      Fantastic Series I was hooked from the first book Serena and Tristan are strong characters who you respect and love Hearing from both points of view was really insightful Love this strong truly is forever epic.

    30. Amanda Floyd on said:

      This was an amazing end to a phenomenal series I cried in this story both sad and happy tears I fell in love with all these characters and am so sad to see their story end This book was perfect and is everything I love about Randis books This was fantastic I strongly recommend this series

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