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Joe Football By Autumn Sand Joe Football Hate the game not the playerOnly the good die young but did it really have to be my brother the only person in my family who understood me Growing up in a house that s built entirely on Super Bowl w

  • Title: Joe Football
  • Author: Autumn Sand
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  • Page: 439
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  • Joe Football By Autumn Sand Hate the game, not the playerOnly the good die young, but did it really have to be my brother the only person in my family who understood me Growing up in a house that s built entirely on Super Bowl wins, I refuse to love the game and the men who play it Football has a way of destroying lives And here I am frustrated, angry, and empty sick of everything that has anHate the game, not the playerOnly the good die young, but did it really have to be my brother the only person in my family who understood me Growing up in a house that s built entirely on Super Bowl wins, I refuse to love the game and the men who play it Football has a way of destroying lives And here I am frustrated, angry, and empty sick of everything that has any connection to the sport But then Brice comes alongHe s everything I want, and everything I hate Now that he s a part of my world, I can t give him my heart It s too shattered and fragile for someone like him But I keep wondering, can he mend the broken pieces, or will he toss it away like just another one of his touchdown passes
    Joe Football By Autumn Sand

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    One thought on “Joe Football

    1. Siobhan on said:

      I m a big fan of Autumn Sand s Twisted Hearts series, and when I found out she had a sports based romance story I was so excited In fact, I m excited about everything the author has planned for the future a simple look at her profile promises lots of great reads in the future In other words, I m liable to consume everything Autumn Sand releases.The Twisted Hearts series is a very dark series It is not at all for the faint of heart Comparatively, Joe Football is a very light read I m not saying t [...]

    2. Amber on said:

      Joe Football by Autumn Sand is a good sports romance book It is a standalone at this time When Favors brother dies she is devastated He was the one person who truly understood her She hates football because of her father Their house is built on super bowl wins and she feels that football ruins lives She even has a rule that she doesn t date football players and then Brice comes along It isn t always perfect and sometimes it s heartbreaking but the love between them is amazing I really enjoyed th [...]

    3. Sara on said:

      Joe Football by Autumn Sands a fabulous five star read This is the third book by this author I have read and I have loved them all, I will be honest as I didn t realise Autumn Sands was the author when I picked the book us as it s a little different to the other books I read by her in the Twisted Hearts series But I loved it and got a lovely surprise when I realised it when I read the Letter from the author at the end Autumn Sands writes a good story, you get sucked in and spat out at the end, u [...]

    4. Chantelle Smith on said:

      When the only person that truly understands Favor dies, she is left frustrated, angry and empty Growing up around and in a house full of men who love the game and play it, Favor has learnt to hate football, it has a way of destroying people and families and has become sick of everything connected to the game itself.Until Brice comes along.Brice is everything Favor could ever want and need to help her begin to heal, but he loves everything I hate Giving him her heart can t happen as it s way too [...]

    5. Lisa on said:

      Joe Football by Autumn Sand Rated 5 starsWow Just Wow I just finished this book and I am having feelingsThis author is a story creator I laughed, chuckled, had some shock and awe, and yup even teared up while reading this book So I can honestly say I LOVED this book It caught my attention right away seriously just look at the cover ha ha and it was so easy to read that I moved right along Before I knew it I was half way through The characters and the multiple stories were all told so wonderfully [...]

    6. Ksandra on said:

      4 5 StarsAn exquisitely beautiful and heartbreaking romance.Favoris a college student trying to live her life after her brother s fatal car accident She and her family blame his best friend for his death, and she has built a wall around herself to protect her from football players and football related things in general Brice is the new quarterback of their college team He is hot, nice, and there is an unspoken attraction between the two But can Favor lower her walls to let this football player i [...]

    7. Angela Hayes on said:

      4 StarsJoe Football is a fantastic standalone story by the very talented Autumn Sand It is a contemporary romance with a football sports element to it There is drama, heartache and humour throughout the book.Favor Fontaine is a college student who has had a plenty of heartache in her young life She was overlooked as a child in favour of her brother He was the golden child, the heir to her father s football legacy Favor doesn t want anyone to find out that her father is football royalty, Kyne Hol [...]

    8. Patricia Knight on said:

      Let me tell you that once I started reading Joe Football I was hooked and couldn t stop reading It was such an emotionally poignant story This book isn t just about two people meeting and possibly falling in love, there are other storylines weaved in that bring it all together beautifully You feel the heartache, the lessons and the love that may or may not triumph thru out I did not want this story to end and hope that maybe another book will be inspired either by one of the other characters who [...]

    9. Marilyn on said:

      Joe Football by Autumn Sand is such an awesome book We are out through a roller coaster of emotions This was my first book by this author and won t be my last In this story we meet Brice and Favor Brice the the star of the football team at the college they attend He came from the wrong side of the tracks so to speak He felt drawn to Favor since the first time he saw her but waited to approach her Favor is grieving from the death of her beloved brother She longs for the love she felt she never re [...]

    10. Bobbi Wagner on said:

      Joe Football by Autumn Sand is a sports romance that can be read as a stand alone This story is about healing and trying to figure out how to move on after losing a loved one This story is a little bit different than what you will find from this author but her writing style is still the same She writes with detail and creates true to life characters This story will pull you in from the first word and will keep you engaged until the end These characters will take you on a roller coaster ride of l [...]

    11. Melinda on said:

      TOP 10 RECOMMENDEDOkay not to sound like a fangirl but OH MY GOD this book had it all for me by Autumn Sand Don t get me wrong I m not into football lol but Autumn Sand just converted me I love that Brice is actually not a dumb jock but so much that Favor is seeing in him Now Favor is not your usual heroine and actually has a very good reason why she hates this sport Let me tell you when you read this book and find out exactly why you will understand her hate for it What I loved the most about [...]

    12. Jennifer on said:

      Autumn is a new author to me and I got an opportunity to preread this book I love everything about this book The cover I love too How can you not fall in love with these two They love hard and no matter their courses lead them they stay together as a team to pull through it Autumn brings the sex and drama too Anyone who reads this book will fall in love with this football superstar

    13. Angelina Smith on said:

      Joe Football by Autumn Sand is a standalone and well worth the 5 stars I ve given it.Favor bumps into Brice one evening at a football party a party she didn t want to attend but her two best friends, Jana and Cal, convinced her to go to Favor hates anything connected to football as her father was a star quarterback in the NFL and her parents weren t really around during her childhood because of it She wants to distance herself from the great Kyne Hollister her father , so is using her mother s m [...]

    14. Katie on said:

      5 stars Joe Football is a new standalone novel by Autumn Sand This is the author s third book and I have had the privilege of reading all of her work now and I have to say what an amazing author she really is This book is completely different to the first two I read but equally as fantastic It goes to show just how versatile this author is becoming Her books have a way of drawing you in straight away and she creates likeable characters that you just want to read and about Mayhem and Bedlam wer [...]

    15. Nikki on said:

      Joe Football by Autumn Sand is a 5 star read Favor Fontaine hates football, not just a little bit she hates everything about it and refuses to date anyone who plays football, she never explains why to anyone but her 2 best friends Favor grew up the daughter of Kyne Hollister the star quarterback for the Charleston blockers, he was noticeably absent for most of her life only really showing an interest in her brother because he played football too, when he retired Favor thought she d get to see hi [...]

    16. Lyndsey Fairley on said:

      Joe Football by Autumn Sand 5 StarsAnother great read by Autumn Sand, Joe Football isnt your average sports themed romance story Oh no, it tore me to shreds in places, made me fall in love with Favor and Brice, and I went from hating a couple characters to feeling their pain and loving them Told in dual POV of Favor and Brice we see their losses and gains and love.Favor is in college and avoids all things football The players, the games, everything Why Because its her secret to keep and why she [...]

    17. Stacey on said:

      Favor isn t your typical heroine she absolutely detests football and wants absolutely nothing to do with football players which you will truly understand why she feel s this way when you read this novel and you will feel sorry for her Brice isn t your typical arrogant jock he s actually a really decent guy and he has been watching Favor for a year from afar and finally now hes determined to get her to give him the time of day which is definelty not easy for him she has walls built around her and [...]

    18. Pam Snell on said:

      Incredible This book took me on a roller coaster of emotions but I simply could not get enough of it I craved it and needed to know what was going to happen It was so incredibly amazing that words cannot even describe how I feel after reading it Brice Walker is absolutely, positively the best book boyfriend EVER He is just as sweet as molasses and makes you want to just eat him up I loved his character and how genuine he really was He loved with his whole heart and gave 100 percent at all times [...]

    19. Chanah Dickson on said:

      This book goes through so many amazing journeys i don t know where to begin with my review I expected a love story and I got that and an abundance The story of Favor and Brice plays lead in this book but it also brings in to play the terrible relationship Favor has with her mother and father and the turmoil that has on her life,she enrols in college under her mothers maiden name to hide who she really is life has been terrible lately and she just needs an escape no one really knows what she is [...]

    20. Maura on said:

      Joe Football by Autumn Sand 5 stars THIS IS A STANDALONE Joe Football isn t a person, it s a state of mind that both protagonists can relate to Brice because he IS Joe Football he s that good looking college quarterback on his way to a winning season Favor because she is the daughter OF a retired Joe Football Favor avoids football in her personal relationships because she knows what it is to take second place over a sport HOWEVER, one shouldn t judge a book by its cover so harshly because Brice [...]

    21. Jana on said:

      Joe Football is a standalone novel by Autumn Sand I have read her other works before so I knew well ahead that I am in for a treat She did not let me down Joe Football is a college sports romance but really, it is not about just sports and just about romance This book is a love story, a story of finding a way to one s happiness, forgiveness and so much The story is about Favor Fontaine and Brice Walker Favor is the daughter of a pro footballer and Brice is a successful college football player h [...]

    22. Krystal gaston on said:

      Joe Football written by Autumn Sand I m not quite sure where to begin with this book I wasn t quite sure what to expect other then the description I was not prepared for this story It started out as a quick reading session before bed and its now 3 am and I just finished it This is one of those books that smacks you right in the face You know its coming, you can feel the intensity in the story I could not put the story down I was hooked right away Favor is such a strong character at first she com [...]

    23. Loren on said:

      Joe Football is such a brilliant read The Standalone novel by Autumn Sand is such a bittersweet and beautiful read It is definitely a recommendation from me The story is set in Philadelphia, and in College It is set around two people, Favor, the daughter of a famous football star, and Brice, the star quarterback with a bright future They entail a journey of love, passion and heart break The journey that they take together, as a couple, will change them and their lives forever Favor is a careful, [...]

    24. Sam Clingenpeel on said:

      Joe FootballBy Autumn Sands5 Star ReviewJoe Football by Autumn Sands is a hot five star read This book is a roller coaster that I really wanted to continue, did not want this story to end I hope this is a beginning of a series because there are so many characters that could very well have their own story,Brice is hot football player, but he is also so much He has a desire to be a professional football player but that s not all He loves his family and has had the same best friend since they were [...]

    25. Danielle Marlowe on said:

      Joe Football is written by Autumn Sand Autumn Sand did a great job on this book The story is well written This book is filled with emotion I couldn t put the book down The two main characters in this story are Favor and Brice Favor has suffered a lost, her brother Favor s brother than just a brother to her, he was her best friend, the only person that understood her Favor grew up in a house hold that is built around the Super Bowl But Favor refuses to enjoy or like anything about football, she [...]

    26. Morgan on said:

      Joe Football by Autumn Sand is an amazing sports romance I absolutely loved this book, and was so sad to see it end Autumn Sand created a great story about love and loss, heartbreak and healing These are characters that anyone can relate to and deal with real situations She had me pulled into this story and completely captivated by the first chapter An amazing 5 star read Favor has experienced a great deal of loss at such a young age, one a sibling never wants to experience She s lost the only p [...]

    27. Dawn Brown on said:

      I received a copy of this book for my honest and unbiased opinion JoeFootball was the first book that I ve read from Autumn Sand and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.This book has everything that people go through on a regular such as death, ridiculing, gay bashing, and hate crime and forgiveness.This book is about Favor, a woman who grew up in a household of an NFL father, a mother who really couldn t care about her and a soon to be NFL brother who was killed in a car accident caused by [...]

    28. love to on said:

      There are so many things that I loved about this book 1st I love how Favor grows and learns through the death of her brother how to be a stronger woman, forgiving friend, and loving girlfriend 2ndly The names in this book trip me out Favor and Egon Crazy But what I really loved about this book was the idea that forgiveness can be so powerful How it can release the anger that poisons us all This book was really a 4.5 I only ding a little for predictability, but other than that great read

    29. Lynn Jones on said:

      Joe Footballby Autumn Sand5 StarsWow This is one of those books that when you start reading it you cannot put it down until you have read every word of it It has all the qualities that a good book should have like romance, friendship, conflict and heartache.Favor Fontaine looses her brother and the only one that understood her She grew up in a house where football was important than her which causes her to believe that football destroys families When she starts college she goes by her mother ma [...]

    30. Laura Furuta on said:

      Joe FootballBy Autumn Sand5 out of 5 starsThe story Joe Football by Autumn Sand is a new adult contemporary romance book This is a wonderful book about two people falling in love and the obstacles they overcome to hold on to each other I loved this story from the very beginning and once I started it I couldn t put it down until I had finished I just had to know how it ended I have read other books by the author and she is an amazing writer that with each book takes you on a journey that you will [...]

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