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Alex Berenson

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The Faithful Spy

The Faithful Spy By Alex Berenson The Faithful Spy John Wells penetrates al Qaeda for ten years until only CIA handler Jennifer Exley believes he is still true blue Omar Khadri malicious mastermind plots major strike in States orders Well in from t

  • Title: The Faithful Spy
  • Author: Alex Berenson
  • ISBN: 9780345478993
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Faithful Spy By Alex Berenson John Wells penetrates al Qaeda for ten years until only CIA handler Jennifer Exley believes he is still true blue Omar Khadri, malicious mastermind, plots major strike in States, orders Well in from the cold Tarik Durant, abusive husband in Montreal, concocts in basement lab Neither Khadri, still suspicious, nor Exley, romantically intrigued, knows what to expect next.
    The Faithful Spy By Alex Berenson

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      336 Alex Berenson
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    One thought on “The Faithful Spy

    1. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      WellI think for you bottom line types I d say this one is, not bad I m not thrilled about it but neither am I really disappointed I ll give some details below but I know some like an answer of sorts up front.Now what s good and what s not Well the story is treading some well trodden ground though with a new twist John Wells is a deep, deep cover CIA agent He is the only agent CIA has ever place in al Qaeda Sadly there s a lot of doubt about him back in Washington as he doesn t check in very ofte [...]

    2. Tim Warner on said:

      I gave up on excellent spy novels years ago when my taste for LeCarre could not be satisfied with anyone else So I decided to take a risk with Alex Berenson s The Faithful Spy If nothing else, this novel has restored my faith in the genre as relevant, as vital, and as a vehicle for truly good writing I am convinced that Alex Berenson is every bit as good as the best of those who write fiction thrillers I now have to check out other authors who write contemporary spy books but not right away I ha [...]

    3. James Schubring on said:

      Alex Berenson paints John Wells, our faithful spy, so well that I could imagine sitting across the table with steaks and beers chatting about his life He s got a fully fleshed existence between the pages of this taut book, quite an accomplishment We catch up to him after he s infiltrated into al Qaeda and has to sacrifice all the men in his cell to make contact with the Americans he s been out of touch with his masters in the CIA but he s still faithful It s a wonderful scene, one of many in thi [...]

    4. MightyA on said:

      Hang in there if you like this first book in the John Wells series, you will love the 2nd book I am currently in the 3rd book of John Wells series, and really enjoyed Mr Berenson s writing style, the characters development, and the plots It would a treat for Vince Flynn s fans, including myself.

    5. Anne(Booklady) Molinarolo on said:

      The horrific events of 9 11 have changed the espionage thriller genre and new authors with huge followings have taken up the war on terror Among these popular authors is Alex Berenson He brilliantly introduces readers to John Wells, a CIA operative who has given up his family, parents, wife, and son to successfully infiltrate al Qaeda Both his agency and the terrorists are wary of him He has spent 10 years proving himself to UBL and al Zawahiri in the desolate plateaus of Pakistan and in the bit [...]

    6. Mal Warwick on said:

      Al Qaeda from the inside out a thriller filled with suspenseJohn Wells is the only CIA operative ever to succeed in infiltrating Al Qaeda Now, after a decade undercover in Afghanistan and Chechnya, he finally appears to have gained the confidence of the group s top leaders Summoned to an audience with Ayman al Zawahiri, Wells is dispatched to the USA to play a key role in a terrorist plot to rival 9 11.As the story unfolds, we learn that Wells is no longer trusted by the CIA with the exception o [...]

    7. Jim on said:

      Not a bad spy thriller certainly relevant today One thing the story shows quite clearly is how bureaucrats with their CYA mentality have a lot of trouble with the terrorist threat Nothing is ever certain chances have to be taken.There s a good, balanced view of religion throughout the book Prejudices are shown from both sides.

    8. Wesley on said:

      My rating 3 terrorists John Wells is a complicated man, a man of irony Living in Afghanistan and Pakistan with tribal members, a Muslim convert, absent father, and American, all make for an interesting plot The first was fantastic, but slowed down toward the end Still, it was a fun read.

    9. Steven Z. on said:

      Alex Berenson s first novel, THE FAITHFUL SPY introduces us to a new type of operative in the war on terror John Wells is a CIA agent who goes underground trying to infiltrate al Qaeda before 9 11 He is successful in penetrating the terrorist organization and proves his metal in Chechnya, Afghanistan, and Iraq While embedded inside al Qaeda he develops an attraction to Islam as a way of life and converts Wells, who originally hailed from Montana remains loyal to his country despite his conversio [...]

    10. Ginger K on said:

      This book started off somewhat interesting, including characters caught between the need for intelligence and the rights of suspects post 9 11 I suspected I d disagree with it politically but hoped it would be a good read anyway Halfway through, though, it turned from political thriller into a bad romance novel in which I hoped the protagonist and his handler love interest would never meet again She continued to believe in him despite serious questions within the CIA and refused to pull him in, [...]

    11. Jeffrey on said:

      a very well done espionage novel about John Wells, a CIA spy who infilitrates Al Quaida and comes in from the cold to attempt to stop a plot to destroy New York City with a dirty bomb The characters are very well drawn, and Wells problems, issues and characterization is much better drawn out than in the next two books The various terrorists are also given than a little attention.Somewhat like some other super agents of recent vintage Wells is a killing machine, but he has a soul and that goes a [...]

    12. An Odd1 on said:

      John Wells, deep undercover in Afghanistan Pakistan border mountains, still sacrifices Arab fellows to American strangers Only CIA Jennifer Exley is certain Wells hadn t flipped p 308 We are too This review is tricky, where to plug spoiler alerts, because I was fairly positive, for many pages, that John had to die, Jen had to die, good guys were doomed How and how long can he survive How can he fight alone In US, he still hides, so villain leader Omar Khadri will include him in major US attack A [...]

    13. Comrade_Bazarov on said:

      The latest installment of this series got a glowing review in The Economist so I was intrigued and decided to check out the first book Being a fan of the international spy thriller genre which, in my opinion, was perfected by the likes of John Le Carre and Alan Furst , I was curious to see how Berenson would hold up He seems to have the right kind of credentials reporter for the New York Times with a stint in Baghdad, a contract from Random House, a movie deal The subject matter of terrorism is [...]

    14. BAM The Bibliomaniac on said:

      One word review anger Now to expand this book did nothing but feed off hate I have no idea why GR recommended this book to me I m actually a bit upset.

    15. Tom Tabasco on said:

      This was fun In fact, one of the best I ve read in this type of CIA action spy thriller genre, in terms of characterization and plot Also, 2006 Edgar award winner That s not an award for every Clive Cussler ghostwriter who happens to walk by Something that stood out for me the hero is not presented as a perfect James Bond spy He is a rather flawed man with a hyper aggressiveness and a taste for violence that makes him much believable I guess that s how many of these special ops guys are, after [...]

    16. Kenny Bellew on said:

      This is book 1 of 11 in the John Wells spy thriller series It s 352 pages, rated 3.96 5.0 on GoodReads and I rated it 4.0 This novel was nominated for the Barry and Edgar award for Best First novel, and I d agree that it was a good opening for Alex Berenson This book is about an American agent who is deeply embedded with Islamic extremists who want to destroy the USA There s a constant back and forth with John Wells trying to prove his loyalty to both sides, a love interest, and a ticking bomb t [...]

    17. Tim on said:

      I found this first in the series average at best and depressing than I expected 4 of 10 stars

    18. Mr. Gottshalk on said:

      This book is interesting, because the spy is different John Wells has gone so far undercover to find information on terrorists in Afghanistan that he is actually forgotten by most of the CIA And then he reappears with some information that could help save the United States from another attack I really like these kinds of books where good guys go off the grid the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn and the Sam Fisher Splinter Cell series, I think, are both terrific What I didn t like is that this bo [...]

    19. Leslie on said:

      2.5 The story of the faithful spy for the CIA who has been undercover in Al Qaida for years Not bad but if I hadn t gotten it for free I probably wouldn t have read it.

    20. Zohar - on said:

      The Faith ful Spy by Alex Beren son is a novel fol low ing a man who was a CIA asset in al Qaeda The novel takes place in Afghanistan and the United States.John Wells is the only CIA agent man aged to infil trate al Qaeda, in the process he has become a faith ful Mus lim but still an Amer i can patriot Under stand ably, John s al Qaeda bosses don t fully trust him, but as a result of his long absence and find ing a new reli gion, his CIA bosses don t trust him either.Try ing to prove him self as [...]

    21. James on said:

      This book really caught my eye when I found it on here It takes a unique as far as I know viewpoint on the war on terror, with the protagonist being a deep cover CIA agent in Al Qaeda During his time there he has come to see the west as decadent and has converted to Islam, but he still works against Al Qaeda So when he is sent home by Al Qaeda to do a mission, he is confronted by a decadent world, mistrusting employers and a plot to re ignite the Jihad on America and its western allies Yeah, sou [...]

    22. Jerome on said:

      A nuanced, gruesome spy thriller.The basic idea is original if not easily believable A CIA agent manages to infiltrate Al Qaeda and then quite sincerely becomes a Muslim without however losing his basic patriotism and loyalty to America The result is that his CIA bosses no longer trust him while his Al Qaeda bosses do not completely trust him either He is a man in danger of being lost between two worlds This part of the book is subtle and nuanced Berenson describes the psychology of the Islamist [...]

    23. Ricardo Mendes on said:

      O primeiro livro do escritor Alex Berenson veio se a revelar um bom livro quando se fala de espionagem e contra terrorismo At data este foi o livro mais fiel realidade que li No mundo dos espi es f cil perder se na fic o e come ar a acrescentar pequenos detalhes que na realidade n o existem N o tenho d vidas que Alex Berenson teve um excelente trabalho de pesquisa e escreveu um enredo com p s e cabe a.Passando hist ria propriamente dita, John Wells um espi o que se infiltrou nas mais altas esfer [...]

    24. Tasha on said:

      This was a great read The thrill factor is high and the story is very well done I am definitely moving on in the series I can t wait to see what happens in the next in the series I am knocking it down a star though for a part in the story that I found to be so irrelevant except to maybe the author view spoiler There is a scene that happens between the 2 MCs that is utterly ridiculous and useless and as a woman, I just can t get over it It seems completely self indulgent on the author s part The [...]

    25. Tom on said:

      This book was a single gulp on a long airplane flight Just right for killing five hours Another episode of Jack Ryan, or Jack Bauer, or whatever your favorite secret hero may be.Terrorists, bombs, lies, and germs The submarines and fighter jets of today.Not great literature, not even a really great story, per se, but overall, much better than spending five hours staring at the back of the seat in front of you.

    26. Shira on said:

      I loved this book The characters are thoughtful and not without flaws His observations of America are scarily on point and reminiscent of Andre Dubus in the The House of Sand and Fog and the action delightfully plotted I happily clear two days when each of Berenson s books come out I like a little brains with my boom boom, and this author delivers it in spades but I m stealing that quote from an author and when I remember his name, I ll attribute it properly.

    27. Yvonne on said:

      Non stop acton and amazing suspense John Wells is perfectly written as the tortured hero and his relationship with Jennifer Exley was a good balance to all the drama This is the first book I ve read by Alex Berenson but it will not be my last

    28. Ed on said:

      1 in the John Wells series 2007 Edgar Award for Best First Novel Finalist 2007 Barry Award for Best First Novel Finalist 2007 Steel Dagger Award Promising debut novel for a series that has at this time increased to 11 entries A novel in the Mitch Rapp Scot Harvath mold, with the added twist that John Wells not only operates in al Qaeda territory but is actually ably to infiltrate and join al Qaeda Some of the politics back home were tiresome, but on the whole it was an exciting novel and had an [...]

    29. Ric on said:

      Literary spy novel about a deep cover agent in the War against Terror.John Wells has taken the extreme path To become a sleeper within the Al Qaida organization, he lives in the hills of Afghanistan and Pakistan for years, learning the culture and language and even adopting the religion He is gone so long that his handlers think he has flipped, except for Jenny Jenny was a young CIA recruit when she and Wells first met, but she always knew Wells would surface someday And he has, with an ominous [...]

    30. Mike on said:

      Well, my initial impression was that this author ripped off the TV series Homeland, the original Claire Danes Damian Lewis story line, but he won an Edgar for the book four years before Showtime premiered that series so maybe it was the other way around Whatever, this book well deserved its award with a great plot and excellent complex characters Highly recommended

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