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Kate Furnivall

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The Betrayal: The Top Ten Bestseller

The Betrayal: The Top Ten Bestseller By Kate Furnivall The Betrayal The Top Ten Bestseller Could you kill someone Someone you love Paris This is the story of twin sisters divided by fierce loyalties and by a terrible secret The drums of war are beating and France is poised ready to f

  • Title: The Betrayal: The Top Ten Bestseller
  • Author: Kate Furnivall
  • ISBN: 9781471166242
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Audiobook
  • The Betrayal: The Top Ten Bestseller By Kate Furnivall Could you kill someone Someone you love Paris, 1938 This is the story of twin sisters divided by fierce loyalties and by a terrible secret The drums of war are beating and France is poised, ready to fall One sister is an aviatrix, the other is a socialite and they both have something to prove and something to hide Discover a brilliant story of love, danger, courage Could you kill someone Someone you love Paris, 1938 This is the story of twin sisters divided by fierce loyalties and by a terrible secret The drums of war are beating and France is poised, ready to fall One sister is an aviatrix, the other is a socialite and they both have something to prove and something to hide Discover a brilliant story of love, danger, courage and betrayal.This epic novel is an unforgettably powerful story of love, loss and the long shadow of war, perfect for readers of Kate Morton and other exceptional historical fiction.
    The Betrayal: The Top Ten Bestseller By Kate Furnivall

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    One thought on “The Betrayal: The Top Ten Bestseller

    1. Miriam Smith on said:

      I have just been on a thrilling and compelling journey to 1938 Paris with twin sisters Romaine Romy and Florence DuChamps in the truly captivating book The Betrayal The author Kate Furnivall has created an entertaining, intriguing and gripping story that I enjoyed from the start to the tense finish.Could you kill someone Someone you love Both sisters have something to prove and something to hide Their worlds clash while fear stalks the streets of Paris France is poised, ready to fall, but who wi [...]

    2. Brenda on said:

      4.5 sWhen twin sisters Florence and Romaine were seventeen years old their father was killed under horrific circumstances Eight years later, a tortured Romy flew small Tiger Moth aircraft from Paris, delivering parcels and people to the places they needed to go And Florence was married to Roland with a six year old daughter, Chloe War was on the horizon while Hitler was causing great divisions in the people of Germany and France But Florence and Romy both had secrets to hide terrible secrets tha [...]

    3. Karen Whittard on said:

      Kate had written a fabulous page turner of a book Set in Paris in the late 30 s The war is yet to rage but Hitler s reign has already started to take devastating effect Two sister are joined together by a secret But the secret makes them both take very different paths This book has you guessing what is going on until the very last reveil at the very end of the story There is enough interest, intrigue, love, romance and betrayals to keep you racing through the book Kate really is a master story t [...]

    4. Carolyn on said:

      The Betrayal by Kate Furnivall is superb writing and a truly captivating experience.I was just locked into this book.Twin sisters in 1930 s Paris one a pilot, the other a socialite.Your heart will be beating as you fly through this book like a Tiger Moth in the sky The story is totally gripping.This one s a winner as far as I m concerned.See what The Betrayal is in this new, mysterious and exciting novel by Kate Furnivall.Highly recommend.

    5. Vanessa Wild on said:

      I loved this I always know I m in for a great read when I start Kate Furnivall s books The story begins in 1930 in Paris A traumatic incident occurs, involving twins, which has tragic consequences Time rolls on to 1938 just before WWII when Adolf Hitler and his cronies are on the warpath For the twins, it s a period of confusion and tumult as events from the past keep coming back to haunt them.This is a rollercoaster of a ride and quite a journey It s action packed, exciting and keeps you on the [...]

    6. Gail Atkins on said:

      Kate Furnivall has written yet another brilliant page turning book The story is set in Paris in the late thirties The war hasn t stated yet but Hitler is well on his road to make Germany pure.Two sisters are joined together by a secret but the secret makes them take a different path way As they get older the secret becomes between them.The loves, the beliefs and betrayals guide you through the pages The bond as twins remains there but the trust has disappeared I was trying to guess the connectio [...]

    7. Andrea on said:

      4.5 stars.This book really gripped me The 1930s French backdrop adds a certain je ne sais quoi that is quite charming and the characterisation is just superb This novel kept me at the edge of my seat throughout Loved it Many thanks to Netgalley who provided me with this ARC I chose to read it and give a voluntary and unbiased review.

    8. Michelle Ryles on said:

      The Betrayal is another excellent book from Kate Furnivall set in pre war France I ve read and adored three of Kate Furnivall s books now and I have found that each one has swept me away to Kate s chosen location and historical era they are pure escapism with riveting storylines and surprises galore The writing is so vivid that it feels very much like you re living in the book with these unforgettable characters.The Betrayal has an amazing first chapter set in 1930, Romaine Romy regained conscio [...]

    9. Alice Peterson on said:

      With most books you read, you tend to guess how it might end, but what I loved about Kate s book is she led me on a thrilling journey where I really had no idea what the ending might be This is an exciting, intriguing book, incredibly well researched and all the characters come to life on the page In Romy, Kate has portrayed so beautifully a damaged soul, wrecked by guilt, drink and lack of sleep but also someone compassionate, talented, vibrant and a real risk taker I was fascinated by her rela [...]

    10. Helen on said:

      When I saw a new Kate Furnivall book, the rush was on where do I sign up This author is a certain go to as she just never fails to deliver In this particular story, Kate has created an entertaining, intriguing and gripping story that I enjoyed from beginning to end Packed full of details about the time preceding World War 2 and the rise of fascism in Europe, made this a gripping and intelligent read.We begin in 1930, Paris, where a traumatic incident occurs, involving the twins, which has tragic [...]

    11. Helen (TBC) on said:

      A thrilling, obviously well researched, intriguing and beautifully written book Set in pre WW2 Paris and centred around two strong female characters sisters at opposite poles in their political outlooks, who share a dangerous secret and an extremely complex love hate relationship The settings and events are evocatively described and the tension builds steadily making the last third of the book a riveting, thrilling page turner.I ll certainly be reading of Kate Furnivall s books and highly recom [...]

    12. Karen on said:

      A tense family drama that was a bit unbelievable for me to enjoy it

    13. Kate Forsyth on said:

      I bought this novel at the airport, having finished the book I had taken with me to read I had never read anything by Kate Furnivall before, and bought it because the cover and the blurb made it sound like the kind of book I would like to read a story of love, danger, courage and betrayal set in Paris, 1938.The story begins with the brutal murder of the father of seventeen year old twins, Romaine and Florence The family s Arabic gardener is guillotined for the crime, but the twin sisters know th [...]

    14. Patricia Dixon on said:

      I have just returned from pre war Paris where I spent a thrilling few hours immersed in the story of Romaine and Florence Within minutes, just a few pages in fact, I found myself drawn into the story such was the descriptive power of the author I walked the streets of Paris, flew through the clouds above France and felt the tension of being caught up in the Spanish Civil War I have a passion for books that during the tale not only inform but inspire, and the courage of some of the characters alo [...]

    15. Annette on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this historical novel set in Paris just before World War Two where spies and intrigue abound.Romy and Florence are twin sisters who are bound together by a terrible secret but kept apart by their political ideals.Romy is a bold aviatrix who flies dangerous missions into war torn Spain in order to aid the Republicans fighting Franco and the German fascists Her sister is mother to Chloe and wife to the hateful Roland who seems to engage in collaboration with Nazi officials as [...]

    16. Georgina Roberts on said:

      As soon as I saw the synopsis for this book I knew it would be my kind of read, it didn t disappoint I love period dramas especially wartime ones and this ticked all the boxes This is the first of Kate s books I ve read and it won t be the last She is a fantastic story teller and this book kept me guessing right up until the end Five stars

    17. Jaqui on said:

      In Paris in 1938 Romy is alone in a closed study with her dead father and blood on her hands She knows she has murdered him A paper knife is sticking from his throat So we are straight into the story She is afraid Her twin sister Florence helps her conceal what she assumes she has done.It is an interesting period in history just before the outbreak of the second world war Florence and Romaine view the unfolding events from different perspectives morally and politically Romaine Romy thinks only m [...]

    18. Heather Fitt on said:

      This is the second of Kate s books I have read and I absolutely LOVED them both I will, of course, need to hunt down and devour her entire back catalogue now Kate writes amazing, strong female characters that we would all love our daughters nieces to turn into Not only that, but she manages to set these characters in a period where this was not the norm She writes them into war time Europe with a sensitivity to the time period that is difficult to describe here Clearly Kate is a far better write [...]

    19. Heather Copping on said:

      I enjoyed this book Kate Furnivall is a new author to me and I will certainly be reading of her books This was a wartime story set just before the second world war in Paris and follows twin sisters Romaine and Florence Romaine or Romy is a skilled aircraft pilot and her sister is a Paris socialite The story starts with a secret that is so big it threatens to tear the sisters apart and this thread goes right through to the end of the book when you learn the truth This is an epic story that will [...]

    20. Nikki Howson on said:

      Just finished reading this one, and some of the characters will stay with me for days Here s to bold women

    21. Judith Spencer on said:

      Another gripping, tense, and addictive read from Kate Set in Paris just before the second world war, it is about female twins, Romy, the aviatrix, and Florence who harbors a secret At first Romy s character really annoyed me, as the story unfolds she is pretty deep, and the reader eventually grows to love her I loved the mystery between the murder of the twins father The book I felt was so well researched, I felt i was living in 1938 in Paris, the intrigue, the smells, and the atmosphere, once I [...]

    22. Tracy on said:

      In The Betrayal twin sisters, Romy and Florence are united by a secret yet divided by their ideals Set in Paris just before the outbreak of the Second World War, this book has it all, a bit of history, some romance and a lot of intrigue to keep the reader interested, guessing and turning the pages The Betrayal is well written, the cast of characters is varied but easy to keep track of and the book had my heart racing with fear for them at times, a sign of engagement with the story and characters [...]

    23. Jo on said:

      This was a beautifully written drama set against the backdrop of WW2 France The story is centred on Romy and her twin sister Florence and what happened the night their father died It keeps you guessing right up until the end This book took me a while to read mainly because I wanted to savour the story Thank you to TBC and the author for the chance to read this title

    24. Zoe on said:

      Thanks Simon Schuster Australia and netgalley for this ARC.I loved the fast pace and high adrenaline charged danger in this novel You will not be able to put this down until you finish in one sitting I think this is my favorite novel from Kate Furnivall.

    25. Jo Barton on said:

      The story starts in Paris in 1930, when a devastating family tragedy occurs when twins, Florence and Romaine Duchamps are teenagers, only for the story to then flip forwards to 1938 when the twins are living very different lives Socialite, Florence is married to a powerful business man and she has a five year old child, whilst Romaine is a female aviatrix who regularly risks her safety to take to the skies in her flimsy, Gypsy Moth, aeroplane That, Romaine is risking much than her safety in the [...]

    26. Incy Black on said:

      Why, oh, why are the very best books always so hard to review Probably because in heaping too many superlatives one runs the risk of appearing to gushbut, damn it, gush I must Set in pre WW2 Paris, The Betrayal is about choices Hard choices, destructive choices, brave choices, personal and political, current and past And your heart will bleed as the consequences of the choices made by Romy and her twin sister Florence unfold on the page Unfold because of the perfect pacing, but smash you in the [...]

    27. Shehanne Moore on said:

      Divided by belief United by love.Paris 1930, Hitler may not be there yet but his shadow is Scroll forward eight years and this is a city already falling apart at the seams As ever Kate Furnivall chooses not to write the obvious but to find the story loitering in the back streets as much as her characters do A snapshot of a time And, let s face it, that s what people are part of in their every day lives The lives of her two central characters, twins Romaine and Florence, are hardly every day thou [...]

    28. Marguerite Kaye on said:

      I loved this A story set in France just before the start of WWII, with twin sisters who have diametrically opposing points of view, and both of whom have secret lives One is an aviatrix, the other a glamorous politicians wife, and both are bound together by the murder of their father eight years ago This is a book where nothing is ever what it seems It s a romantic book though not a romance in the sense of wild ideals, high adventure and danger, and some truly wonderful characters, goodies and b [...]

    29. Beverley on said:

      The Betrayal by Kate Furnivall is an extraordinarily beautiful novel with a wonderful sense of place and with two strong, independent women as protagonists Set in Paris in the summer of 1938 the threat of war is looming, Hitler is working towards domination, Spain is in the midst of civil war and twins, Florence and Romaine Romy are consumed by a huge secret.It begins with the untimely death of Florence and Romy s father in 1930 When we meet them again 8 years later, Florence is a wealthy and gl [...]

    30. Suze on said:

      This is definitely a mystery thriller historical fiction book that kept me guessing till the very end If I hadn t been so busy with Christmas plans, I would have been up very late at night reading The characters are compelling and complex, making it difficult to solve their parts in the plot This all takes place in France just before WWII, so the danger is palpable as Germans obviously are making plans to invade.The question is who is responsible for the murders taking place in Paris It s not ea [...]

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