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Go Fetch! By Shelly Laurenston Go Fetch How much trouble can one small female be to a modern day shapeshifting Viking Well it really depends on local gun laws Conall V ga Feilan direct descendent of Viking shifters never thought he d meet

  • Title: Go Fetch!
  • Author: Shelly Laurenston
  • ISBN: 9781599981413
  • Page: 396
  • Format: ebook
  • Go Fetch! By Shelly Laurenston How much trouble can one small female be to a modern day shapeshifting Viking Well it really depends on local gun laws.Conall V ga Feilan, direct descendent of Viking shifters, never thought he d meet a female strong enough to be his mate He especially didn t think a short, viper tongued human would ever fit the bill But Miki Kendrick isn t some average human With an IHow much trouble can one small female be to a modern day shapeshifting Viking Well it really depends on local gun laws.Conall V ga Feilan, direct descendent of Viking shifters, never thought he d meet a female strong enough to be his mate He especially didn t think a short, viper tongued human would ever fit the bill But Miki Kendrick isn t some average human With an IQ off the charts and a special skill with weapons of all kinds, Miki brings the big blond pooch to his knees and keeps him there.Miki s way too smart to ever believe in love and she knows a guy like Conall could only want one thing from her But with the Pack s enemies on her tail and a few days stuck alone with the one man who makes her absolutely wild, Miki is about to discover how persistent one Viking wolf can be.
    Go Fetch! By Shelly Laurenston

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      396 Shelly Laurenston
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    One thought on “Go Fetch!

    1. Lisa on said:

      Miki held up a tennis ball, looked at Sara s new Pack, and tossed it out into the forest away from the ongoing rave They all watched it go, then they turned back to Miki Okay Go Sara and Angelina slapped their hands over their friend s mouth before the word fetch could come out of it.Go Fetch is book two in Shelly Laurenston s Magnus Pack series Telling the story of yet another feisty female with no verbal filter and a sexy, head strong viking alpha wolf man, this second installment is just as f [...]

    2. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) on said:

      Looks like feminism just committed suicide again Surprise, surprise This is Feminism, my once evil, nefarious cat, self defenestrating after reading this book Sad.A note to talented PNR authors everywhere making your heroine an obnoxious, vulgar, hateful, rude, selfish, foul mouthed bitch doesn t magically turn her into an assertive,bold, strong female character I kid you not Even when you give her an IQ of 170 view spoiler hide spoiler I kid you not It simply magically turns her into an obnoxio [...]

    3. Anne on said:

      5% into the bookShe put her free hand to her face to rub her eyes in exasperation, but she smelled her scent on her fingers again Dammit Masturbating in her sleep again.Um I m going to put this one down now.And I didBut I m not quitter, dammit So I re downloaded this sucker from the library a few days ago and finished it.Why Well, it was recommended to me by my good pal, Sara, so I wanted to give it a fair shake In her defense, she recommended the series to me, because I enjoyed Laurenston s Dra [...]

    4. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears on said:

      Firstly, let me state for the record I AM MIKI I claim her somewhat questionable behavior and her unapologetic geek girl dom I read Go Fetch as an e book and not only was it hilarious the first time around, but now that it s available in print, it s even funnier Yay I say, an interracial romance WITH NO ANGST Lots of lust but no hand wringing Lots of humor and hot sex with characters who actually feel like they do exist No perfect bodied heroines or fits of the vapors Nice Conall and Miki make a [...]

    5. Yodamom on said:

      Light smexy fun with Aplha shifters Loved the Mega Man Viking Wolf shifter Conall, that man is the stuff fantasies are made from He s big strong, sensitive and has a fabulous sense of humor.Miki, she is a genus, but acted like a freaking idiot many times She drugged someone not knowing if it would kill them, she didn t listen to advice and put others in danger She was rude, nasty even to people just trying to help her Her few semi redeeming excuses did not sway me to enjoy this character I did n [...]

    6. Wendy on said:

      This was a nice, funny and steamy read It didn t blow me away however.I think part of that is really my own fault, because I skipped book 1, so for some parts, I didn t know what was going I liked the heroine in this one, she was smart and feisty and didn t take crap from anybodye was quite dangerous actually The hero was a hot alpha maleyou can never go wrong with that In shortis book is about a human female and a hot Alpha wolf not the alpha, that s book 1 They get it ona lot and end up being [...]

    7. I ♥ Bookie Nookie (bookienookiereviews.blogspot.com) on said:

      Love this series b c both H h are strong willed No damsels in distress in these booksI think that makes the males even dominant and a little insane b c the females don t take orders very well There is also a lot of humorke smart ass humor I love it In This 2nd book, Connal lovingly dubbed the Viking , persues Miki, a genius working on her dissertation and is far from looking for a mate Of course there is a little mystery, but there is a lot of sexual tension and humor This is a new favorite for [...]

    8. Julie (jjmachshev) on said:

      Stayed up late again last night to finish GO Fetch by Shelly Laurenston This is the second book in her Magnus Pack series and it s just as erotic and humorous as the first one If there s one thing I can t resist, it s an author that can combine hot sex and humor WELL Shelly Laurenston seems to have the knack and as a result, her books seems to find their way to my keeper shelf with regularity.Conall hasn t been able to get the short, nasty tempered friend of his Alpha s new mate out of his head [...]

    9. Dina on said:

      Considering that I didn t like Pack Challenge, the 1st book in the series, very much, I approached this book with some apprehension But I was willing to give Ms Laurenston another chance, so I kept my mind open Well I m glad I did, because I really enjoyed reading this funny and sometimes downright hilarious story.I m not much into the Viking Thor like look, but I wouldn t mind having Connal howling after me, LOL Once he decided Miki was his, there was nothing she could do to turn him away While [...]

    10. Wendy on said:

      Not good, not bad I would have enjoyed it if it wasn t for the loud and potty mouthed heroine, who irritated me all the way through the book Apart from that I enjoyed Shelly Laurenston s sense of humor and I adored the hero Connall What a wolf Growl

    11. Ren on said:

      WARNING HOT PICS INSIDE PWe know the H h, Miki and Conall from the first book, Pack Challenge Miki Kendrick is Sara friend, together with Angelina, they known as crazy b tch But Miki had a brain Well, her IQ is than 180 and she love bitchslapping to anyone P Conall Viga Feilan, big bad wolf with teddy bear personalities had stalked Miki and adore her fine ass P When finally Miki stay in Sara and Zach mansion, and then found her in his room, Conall think he s already in heaven no kidding There p [...]

    12. Jamie *Gypsy Smut-a-teer* on said:

      Have I mentioned lately that I love me a good shifter story Well, I do, absolutely adore them actually, but a shifter story with a girl that has sarcasm and wit and who can defend herself plus add in some sheet scorching sex, I m on that so fast, I ll make some peoples head spin, lol This was that book Go Fetch picks up right after the last book for a short time then jumps ahead 6 months Miki and Conell can t get each other off their minds To the point they are giving themselves hand jobs in the [...]

    13. RondaTutt on said:

      Fun and Hot Erotica Great follow up from the 1st book in the Magnus Pack Series The Magnus Pack Wolves are awesome but when you add Sara s two best friends to the mix that are human, the story becomes funny as hell with their smart ass attitudes and their kick ass abilities as independent women Miki and Conall story was great and of course the erotica scene was hot as hell I loved all the interaction between all the characters, they made me laugh several times with their remarks Great Read.

    14. Zeek on said:

      Wolf shifter Conall s been on Mici s tale from first introduction literally and in Go Fetch he finally runs the mouthy, uber intelligent friend of his Alpha s mate to the ground.But a new clan of shifters are on the warpath and his woman is the first target can he protect her and woo her without having her run for her life in the opposite direction Of course he can he is a descendant of Viking s after all but not without a fight.Really liked this one the heroine actually turned out to be very en [...]

    15. Samantha on said:

      I really loved this book Miki was my kind of girl The characters were less bitchy in this book, IMO I realize that I really don t like Sara, but I HATE Zach He was out of line in this book I didn t like that Whenever I get to the 3rd book, I hope those they are not in there that much.

    16. Monica **can't read fast enough** on said:

      Pure paranormal entertainment with humor, sexiness, and fun characters.

    17. Elise-Pinterest+Goodreads=The Perfect Book Boyfriend on said:

      I started reading this book first because someone recommending it as a good bwwm book However, you really need to begin with the first book in the series to understand this one Unfortunately the first one is not as well written as this one, however, you need it This book I like the fact that although the hero was huge and could be a bully, he was not He was gentle and understanding to the heroine, who actually was a aggressive She was a great AA heroine in that the focus was never on race In fac [...]

    18. Anino on said:

      All I can say is that this book was so good, that I decided to go ahead and buy the next installment in the series Go Fetch was absolutely fantastic with it s perfectly balanced snark, well written dialogue, and excellent timing that made it simply irresistible Giving this one 5 Fantastic Stars

    19. Laurie on said:

      Miki Miki Miki That s what Miki s little geek friends shout when she comes around and I love her so much, I find myself shouting it with them She s beyond genius, funny, witty, and could be crowned the queen of snark She s the poster child for small but mighty because even though she s a human, she has a cunning creativity when it comes to her mean streak that scares the shit out of shifters.How can you not love a woman who is without a filter, saying whatever comes to mind, no matter how inappr [...]

    20. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) on said:

      I LOVE Miki and Conall together They are just so adorable Miki is definitely my fave out of the girls She s smart and mean and isn t afraid to get dirty I love the banter between Conall and her Miki has some sass in her and she loves giving Conall a hard time Sparks are bound to fly when they re around each other I really liked reading about Zach and Sara again Even though I still feel like these books are too short, the fact that we get to see them again kind of makes up for that I don t see as [...]

    21. Sharon (Simi) Ehcstasy on said:

      Well I loved this book I knew when I read the first one that the story between Miki and Connal was gonna be good and it did not disappoint Talk about funny, sexy, heart stopping I loved these two It is going to be hard to beat the chemistry these two have with the next one.We all think the heroes in the books are hot but let me tell you Connal was one hot viking He saw Miki, chased and conquered her and along the way in typical Miki style she sassed and gave back as good as she got.You will enjo [...]

    22. Riverina Romantics on said:

      I have said it before and I will say it again There should be a shrine built for Shelly Laurenston I would pay homage daily I love everything that I have read from this fine lady and Go Fetch was no different.

    23. Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead on said:

      I didn t know Laurenston was so funny This book was a riot AND very hot Now I know what I m missing.

    24. Steph on said:

      Go Fetch is the 2nd book in the Magnus Pack series, so some series spoilers may exist.Reading Order Go Fetch give us Miki Conall s HEA But, their journey to that HEA is just as rewarding as the HEA itself Miki, with her big brain, snarky humour, witty comebacks and obsessive need to know everything about everything, quickly became my favorite character in book 1, Pack Challenge So, I was thrilled when I realized she was one of the the mains in this one Miki is off to argue her thesis and get her [...]

    25. Monique on said:

      I loved Conall as soon as he was introduced in the first book as a Thor lookalike so of course I couldn t not picture him as Chris Hemsworth in Thor Then I fell in love with him in this scene in the first book view spoiler Miki held up a tennis ball, looked at Sara s new Pack, and tossed it out into the forest away from the ongoing rave They all watched it go, then they turned back to Miki Okay Go Sara and Angelina slapped their hands over their friend s mouth before the word fetch could come ou [...]

    26. Mariana on said:

      I did not see this coming So good CastingSince the first time he saw her, Conall knew he wanted her in his bed But he s in for a rideMiki is one crazy, temperamental ball of fire wrapped up in a tiny package You do not want to mess with her Unless for example you want to suddenly wake up one day without hair OoopsThey re both a little bit in denial Im not looking for marriage here, Zach I just want to fuck her until one of us dies But that huge Viking is pretty stubborn DI laughed my ass off, Mi [...]

    27. Laurie Garrison on said:

      Here is an enjoyable read, it has just about anything you want, friends, shape shifters, action, blood, humor, Hot Sex and a storyline to boot You have to love a woman that can be in a middle of a wolf pack, throw something and say, Go Fetch few spoilers below A few months after Zack, Sara and the pack leaves Texas, Conall and Miki has found they can t quit thinking about each other Miki comes to visit Sara and Conall is hot to trot for her to get there I really like Miki she may be short, but s [...]

    28. Cindy on said:

      Another one for the keeper shelves Shelly Laurenston consistently does HOT, funny stories about shifters She delivers great characters, witty dialogue and fast paced plots on a consistent basis Go Fetch is part of the Magnus series about a pack of motorcycle riding wolves.Magnus PackPack Challenge Magnus Pack 1Go Fetch Magnus Pack 2Here Kitty, Kitty Magnus Pack 3 re release coming in 09The anthology WHEN HE WAS BAD contains a related short story Miss Congeniality Her Pride series is1 The Mane Ev [...]

    29. Emily on said:

      Conall Vga Felian knew from the first moment he met feisty tempered Miki Kendrick that he wanted to bed her, the problem was she wanted nothing to do with him and she let him know it The she pushes Conall, the certain he is that Miki is the one for him When Miki s life is put in danger, Conall is determined to keep her safe but Miki has other ideas, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.Loved this book, so far my favorite in this series Conall has the patience of a saint when it comes to Miki [...]

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