Introduction to Graph Theory

Richard J. Trudeau

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Introduction to Graph Theory

Introduction to Graph Theory By Richard J. Trudeau Introduction to Graph Theory A stimulating excursion into pure mathematics aimed at the mathematically traumatized but great fun for mathematical hobbyists and serious mathematicians as well This book leads the reader from simpl

  • Title: Introduction to Graph Theory
  • Author: Richard J. Trudeau
  • ISBN: 9780486678702
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • Introduction to Graph Theory By Richard J. Trudeau A stimulating excursion into pure mathematics aimed at the mathematically traumatized, but great fun for mathematical hobbyists and serious mathematicians as well This book leads the reader from simple graphs through planar graphs, Euler s formula, Platonic graphs, coloring, the genus of a graph, Euler walks, Hamilton walks, Includes exercises 1976 edition.
    Introduction to Graph Theory By Richard J. Trudeau

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      412 Richard J. Trudeau
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    One thought on “Introduction to Graph Theory

    1. William Schram on said:

      This slim volume does what it says on the cover, making the introduction to graph theory as painless as possible Contains problems with solutions to certain questions.

    2. Ben Gutierrez on said:

      What a delight I picked this up with the intention of deepening my understanding of graphs and graph algorithms I did learn about graphs, but I don t think I ll ever apply any of it at work or anywhere else.And I m fine with that I d had this belief that pure mathematics would be somewhere beyond my abilities, but anyone that can do algebra can enjoy this book It s math for the sake of math The problems can be explained to a child, but the solutions require rigor and concentration It s a wonderf [...]

    3. Ida Momennejad on said:

      A fast read, very introductory Useful to have around I d recommend a advanced book if you use graph theory for your research.

    4. Ira Ko on said:

      Fascinating read Trudeau balances depth with brevity, mathematical proofs with humorous commentary Trudeau avoids confusing technical jargon, preferring a frank, down to earth teaching approach Having never been previously exposed to graph theory, I was surprised as to how easily I was able to digest this books contents Definitely worth a read for those interested in graphs, math, or theoretical ideas Bring a pencil

    5. Michael Cayley on said:

      Graph theory normally receives little if any attention at school but is an interesting subject with a range of practical applications This is an extremely lucid introduction, requiring very little previous mathematical knowledge just elementary arithmetic and is readily comprehensible to non specialists Thoroughly recommended.

    6. Ryan on said:

      Trudeau really wants the reader to understand and enjoy graph theory His thought process is accessible, and he s interested in finding an intuitive way to get to a result Sometimes that intuition is wrong, and the author is right there with you expressing his surprise, which reminds you that mistakes are inherent to furthering understanding.

    7. Vilém Zouhar on said:

      I m not sure whether this book should be called popular or not, but it certainly is briliant All of the topics covered were easy to understand Suited for those who aren t going to do professional graph theory, but are still interested in it.

    8. Gustavo Jaime-Muñoz on said:

      enough for a quick introduction to graphs and concepts.

    9. Alex Iadicicco on said:

      Don t let the title fool you, this is far from a math textbook However, it is definitely not a leisurely read either The topics can be a bit challenging, especially toward the end, but if you re willing to interact with the author and try your hand at some of the problems, you shouldn t have much trouble following along Nothing is introduced without first being explained.This book challenges the widely held notion that mathematics is all about crunching numbers, or is so abstract and subtle that [...]

    10. Brett Kistler on said:

      About as comprehensible as a book on Graph Theory could probably be, though dry at times The author starts out with a great introduction that claims that this book will be the first pure mathematics book most readers have read, and promises that it ll be so much exciting than traditional, boring applied mathematics However, for me, the interesting moments in the book were when he veered in the direction of applied territory the knights tour, traveling salesman problem, highway inspector s prob [...]

    11. Volkan on said:

      This book, like most Dover books, is a hidden gem, a forgotten classic Despite being 40 years old, written just before the 4 color theorem was proven with the aid of computers first theorem to be so proven it s a solid introduction to the fundamentals of graph theory In addition, there is some eye opening background material on the roots of geometry, pure mathematics, mathematical proofs, and topology If you re curious like I am, you will find a lot to mull over in here A lot In fact, it can be [...]

    12. Hertz He on said:

      Very good introduction to Graph Theory, intuitive, not very mathematically heavy, easy to understand A great book if you are trying to get into the graph theory as a beginner, and not too mathematically sophisticated That being said, it doesn t include a lot of application related graph algorithms, such as Dijkstra s algorithm While it serves its purpose, you may need to find a thicker book to continue the journey, especially as a computer scientist.

    13. Nick Black on said:

      Really too basic to be of any use save as a high level survey Besides, graph theory is merely topology s West End and no, not the nice Londonian one disclaimer I live in Midtown.

    14. David Fernandes on said:

      I just read half of this book the proofs of the theorems are just too long and too uninteresting to simply invest the time, specially when a practical application of the theorems are missing However, the other half provides a good introduction to graphs, other pure mathematics concepts and explains why a donut and a cup are the same.

    15. Victoria Trevino on said:

      A simple, yet enjoyable, read Advanced math courses are not necessary, although basic proof courses make the book much easier to understand The book does not go into much depth as it is an INTRODUCTION but there is still some valuable information Would recommend to other interested in different branches of math.

    16. Prathik M on said:

      This is the perfect book for someone who wants to start learning Graph Theory, you don t need too much mathematical background to understand it and anyone with knowledge of simple arithmetic can pick this book up This book also gives great insight into pure mathematics and mathematical proofs.

    17. Andrew Ribeiro on said:

      This was my first introduction to pure mathematics I thoroughly enjoyed the reading.

    18. David Haller on said:

      Pleasant, casual presentation of graph theory, and a nice warm up for reviews of topology and stochastic processes.

    19. Kevin on said:

      An accessible intro to the world of pure mathematics through the lens of basic topological graph theory.

    20. Allen Jr. on said:

      A very readable introduction with helpful examples and diagrams a great first exposure to the variety of topics within this mathematical discipline.

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