Black Horses for the King

Anne McCaffrey

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Black Horses for the King

Black Horses for the King By Anne McCaffrey Black Horses for the King Galwyn the son of a bankrupt and dishonored aristocrat has always had an ear for languages So when Lord Artos later known as King Arthur needs an interpreter to help him buy large horses to breed a

  • Title: Black Horses for the King
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey
  • ISBN: 9780152063788
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • Black Horses for the King By Anne McCaffrey Galwyn, the son of a bankrupt and dishonored aristocrat, has always had an ear for languages So when Lord Artos later known as King Arthur needs an interpreter to help him buy large horses to breed a troop strong enough to carry armed warriors against the Saxon invaders, Galwyn gets a chance to redeem his father s honor and make a name for himself Includes an author Galwyn, the son of a bankrupt and dishonored aristocrat, has always had an ear for languages So when Lord Artos later known as King Arthur needs an interpreter to help him buy large horses to breed a troop strong enough to carry armed warriors against the Saxon invaders, Galwyn gets a chance to redeem his father s honor and make a name for himself Includes an author s note
    Black Horses for the King By Anne McCaffrey

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      455 Anne McCaffrey
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    One thought on “Black Horses for the King

    1. Sara on said:

      This was the book that turned me on to Arthurian fiction, which then led me to Elizabeth Wein s The Winter Prince, which remains one of my favourite books today This Anne McCaffrey novel is a historical fiction novel set in the time of King Arthur Arthur, or Artos, as he is known in this story, is searching for black horses large enough for his warriors to ride To help him find and trade for the Libyan black steeds that he needs, he hires a young ship s apprentice, Galwyn Awesome writing.

    2. Nikki on said:

      Black Horses for the King is an Arthurian novel, but focuses mostly on an original character, Galwyn, as he joins Arthur s men and helps to look after his horses, and eventually becomes involved in making prototype horse shoes for them.It s a little odd for an Arthurian novel, as it has nothing to do with the now traditional focus of the stories on Lancelot and Guinevere, and barely even follows the well known characters the minor characters among Arthur s knights are original ones, while Bedwyr [...]

    3. Althea Ann on said:

      A straight historical novel which focuses solely on one point horseshoes.If, as some theorize, King Arthur, in the 5th century, imported impressive Libyan horses to Britain from the Middle East, how did he deal with the problems which would have occurred when animals used to a dry, desert climate were transferred to wet and soggy England Hoof rot and mold all kinds of horsey health issues would undoubtedly have occurred.McCaffrey gives us her how it might have happened, through the story of Galw [...]

    4. Kristen McQuinn on said:

      An Anne McCaffrey book I ve never read before This was a jewel for me, not only because I love Arthurian literature, but because Anne McCaffrey was one of my go to authors when I was growing up, and she remains one of my most beloved authors today I can t believe I ve never read this one before.I found this to be an utterly delightful tale I ll read Arthurian legends in just about any format you give it to me, but I really enjoyed the story of Galwyn and his journey to becoming a farrier for Kin [...]

    5. Marva on said:

      Not much need for a review After all, its author is Anne McCaffrey That s recommendation enough right there.On the other hand, this is not a fantasy book like her Dragonrider series While set in Arthurian times, Merlin isn t hanging around casting spells, there are no magic swords, the lake contains only fish, not mermaids.Since this book appears to be out of print, you ll have to look for a used copy Some are offered on There is no ebook version I know about.Anyway, find a copy if you re into M [...]

    6. Jennifer on said:

      A great little historical novel about the early years of King Arthur, imagining how he acquired horses large enough to carry his Companions Absolutely of the quality fans of McCaffery have come to expect.

    7. Stephanie on said:

      It s a slow paced tale about Welsh Roman King Arthur s farrier IDK you re either here for it or you re not.

    8. Jean on said:

      I love this novel, because it relates to the Arthurian cycle, without visiting the love triangle It deals instead with the building of Camelot, and the foundation of Arthur s ideal city.

    9. Jessica on said:

      A very factual look at how a pre Saxon warlord could have made himself and his knights into a powerful force to defend Britain Entertaining and well researched.

    10. Amy on said:

      Nice little book about King Arthur s cavalry An interesting aside from the author says that Black Horse Inns only appear along the route Arthur would have used in fighting the Saxons.

    11. Michael crage on said:

      McCaffrey is best know for her science fantasy series about the dragon riders of Pern, but this book proves she can write anything she wants to and do an excellent job This book is kind of an king Aurthian book It is told from the view point of what starts out as a young lad, Galwyn Of course since the timeline of the book is years, he grows up He runs away from his uncle s ship and joins Lord Artos Kind Aurthur , and his ability to translate into and from many languages and dialects makes him i [...]

    12. Josie on said:

      I didn t really enjoy this, mostly because I couldn t warm to the main character, and as it s written in first person, I couldn t get away from him Don t know what it was, maybe a sense of smugness, or holier than thou attitude, or perhaps just because he was so boring At least the book was short.

    13. Cynthia on said:

      Quite a different book by Anne McCaffrey than the ones that drew me to her as an author She s done excellent research on farriers and Arthurian times to bring a story of a young man serving his Lord Artos, a fictional account of something that could have happened The narrative itself did not always flow as smoothly as her sci fi writings, but it was charming nonetheless.

    14. Kristen Coffin on said:

      No hoof, no horse Interesting view on a potential history of King Arthur bringing larger horses to England, and the evolution of the horseshoe.Easy to read and face paced Sometimes random Celtic works are just thrown willy nilly into the sentences which is weird, but doesn t detract too much from the reading.

    15. Eric on said:

      A good quick read of historical fiction The ending seemed a bit rushed as the emphasis on the book seemed to be of story of how to be a farrier rather than anything else Still it was enjoyable.

    16. Heather Rohrer on said:

      A heart warming story with a young hero who gains confidence and uses his intellect well throughout the novel Black Horses for the King is a must read for horse lovers and fans of King Arthur.

    17. Morgan on said:

      This was a slower paced book, and I enjoyed it until I got to the end I felt the author got rid of one of the characters albeit a small nuisance character rather quickly.

    18. Jodi on said:

      Interesting well written book but I m not sure how much it really added to my boys knowledge I shouldn t review books based on how well it works for our curriculum, but since that is why I read them, I m going to anyway I am now interested to learn about how the horseshoe came about from reading this book so there s that.

    19. Sara on said:

      I may have been reading too much experimental fiction lately, but I found BHFTK pretty juvenile and melodramatic Pros first the historical research is impeccable, including Roman place names and established trading posts It includes amazing detail of shipping practices, the travel of Jews and Arabs later reviled and curtailed by Christian influence , and the importance of good horseflesh to military practices The characters comment on each other s physical build, armaments, and accoutrements All [...]

    20. Simon Mcleish on said:

      Originally published on my blog here in January 1999.Anne McCaffrey was never going to write an Arthurian story, because she felt put off by the Hollywood style image she had of the legends, presumably that put about by films like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur s Court In this novel, written for the young adult market, she has changed her mind But she has not really written an Arthurian novel the setting other the fact that it is early medieval Britain, with the presence of a charismatic le [...]

    21. The other John on said:

      A blurb on the cover of this one reads, The story of King Arthur as it has never been told before This is true It s true because this book seems to be as much about King Arthur s horse as it is about him Now like I said before, I ve never found horse stories to be all that interesting Arthurian tales, however, I find to be quite enthralling Mixing the two turned out quite successful and yielded an enjoyable tale Of course, Ms McCaffrey s ability to create interesting characters might have helped [...]

    22. Lydia on said:

      Roughly based on Arthurian legend, but with a very strong historical emphasis, so feels like a historical novel and has no fantasy elements Though contains elements of Arthurian legend, follows the story of a young man in Arthur s entourage who helps bring over, and care for horses to help in the battle against the invading Saxons This story is mostly about the horses and the development of sandals later known as shoes to help foreign horses adjust to different climate and conditions than they [...]

    23. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Rebecca Wells for TeensReadTooGalwyn Varianus s life has never been easy When his father died he was apprenticed to his cruel uncle on a trading vessel, though all he wanted to do was stay shore bound and work with horses But when Lord Artos calls upon Galwyn to help him bargain for horses for his Companions, Galwyn s life changes completely Once Lord Artos the man who will become the legendary King Arthur sees Galwyn s calming way with horses, Galwyn is invited to join the Companion [...]

    24. Clare Farrelly on said:

      This is not just another rendition of Arthurian legend Well it is but is is a story in itself The story is interesting and gives a fresh perspective on what would normally only be the beginning of an Arthurian legend It also has quite a few interesting historical facts woven into the story I also found it completely believable This book is no cliche In some ways the bad guy plot was a bit simple and in the end almost to easy to deal with But the main goal was to get Artos big black horses for hi [...]

    25. Brie on said:

      It s not that it s a bad book It s just that it s not really great I think I picked this up solely because it was written by Anne McCaffrey, and I went on a kick where I read just about anything she d written It was filed under the regular fantasy sci fi section, but that was a serious misfile Let s admit it this isn t fantasy This is historical fiction, and while King Arthur shows up for a few pages, he s presented as a historically accurate figure, not a Merlin and magic myth The book also did [...]

    26. Laura on said:

      Well, little did I know that I was getting a book for young adults foisted off on me However, since two of my long time loves are horses and King Arthur and this book combines both I was satisfied to read it.Covers the importation of heavy war horses who could carry the limited armor of the era plus the soldier They used what the book called Libyan horses, but were of what they now call Friesian type or Spanish type Then the challenge was how to keep their feet healthy The breed was adapted to d [...]

    27. Angie on said:

      Synopsis After his father s death, young Galwyn Varianus is apprenticed to his uncle, who puts the boy to work on the high seas But horses, not ships, are Galwyn s passion Luckily, a passenger aboard, Lord Artos later to rule as the legendary King Arthur , is bound for the great horse fair at Septimania Risking his life, Galwyn abandons his uncle to serve the gallant leader Galywn s calming way with horses quickly impresses Lord Artos and his men But what no one expects is how crucial Galwyn wil [...]

    28. Megan on said:

      Okay, when I first picked up this book I wasn t sure what to expect Anne McCaffrey writes wonderful science fiction fantasy books but her only other non science fiction book, The Lady, i was not that fond of.But, having read this book as a way to pass an otherwise boring afternoon spent in the library as a junior in high school what can I say, I was a major geek, and hanging out in the library was fun then staring at a wall during study hall I was immediately drawn into the story.The book is ab [...]

    29. Whitney on said:

      Black Horses for the King is the only novel of historical fiction Anne McCaffrey wrote during her long career as far as I am aware She made the vision of one Celtic Roman leader determined to bring his people warhorses and one ordinary young man s devoted efforts to see that vision through real and important to me This is vital because, though I do enjoy animals, what I know about horses couldn t fill a melon baller and I have been quite contentedly embracing my ignorance.In her Foreward McCaffr [...]

    30. Michelle on said:

      I actually got a message asking me why I rated this and didn t review so I will tell you.Every book is different, a new book, a new chapter a new life Don t compare them.I read this book when I was fifteen and never even seeing a horse before I could feel a velvet smooth nose and hear their puffing breaths know how much it might hurt to ride one as it ran and jostled you on its back To me this is what matters in a book An this book even as I read it again yesterday still lets me feel like I m th [...]

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