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Antarctica By Kim Stanley Robinson Antarctica In the near future Wade Norton has been sent to Antarctica by Senator Phil Chase to investigate rumors of environmental sabotage He arrives on the frozen continent and immediately begins making conta

  • Title: Antarctica
  • Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780553574029
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Antarctica By Kim Stanley Robinson In the near future, Wade Norton has been sent to Antarctica by Senator Phil Chase to investigate rumors of environmental sabotage He arrives on the frozen continent and immediately begins making contact with the various scientific and political factions that comprise Antarctic society.What he finds is an interesting blend of inhabitants who don t always mesh well but whoIn the near future, Wade Norton has been sent to Antarctica by Senator Phil Chase to investigate rumors of environmental sabotage He arrives on the frozen continent and immediately begins making contact with the various scientific and political factions that comprise Antarctic society.What he finds is an interesting blend of inhabitants who don t always mesh well but who all share a common love of Antarctica and a fierce devotion to their life there He also begins to uncover layers of Antarctic culture that have been kept hidden from the rest of the world, and some of them are dangerous indeed Things are brought to a head when the saboteurs or ecoteurs as they call themselves launch an attack designed to drive humans off the face of Antarctica.
    Antarctica By Kim Stanley Robinson

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    One thought on “Antarctica

    1. Robert on said:

      This the most perfect novel by KSR that I ve read The Mars books and Galileo s dream were ambitious and perhaps achieved but at the cost of some flaws That often seems to happen when writers really reach out and try to grasp something big and complicated but I would encourage them to try it anywayever Antarctica tackles a fair bit and succeeds every which way I look at it narrative drive, characterisation, subtext, prose style apart from an occassional jarring line here and there.Weird things [...]

    2. Jessica on said:

      I love this book It was the first I read from Kim Stanley Robinson, and I think this was the third time I have read it The book mixes a lot of historical facts about Antarctica with very believable fictional plot and group of characters very well done And it s fascinating as well I recommend it

    3. Jan Bednarczuk on said:

      Kim Stanley Robinson s Antarctica is the rare sort of book that can make the walls dissolve around you while reading it, so that you are no longer surrounded by the comfortable environs of your living room, or bedroom, but rather are completely immersed in the world described by the novelist in this case, the knee weakening, heartache beauty of the frozen southern continent I was not surprised to find, when reading the acknowledgments at the end, that Robinson has actually visited Antarctica him [...]

    4. Sara on said:

      Kim Stanley Robinson writes the driest prose and the stockiest of stock characters, but I thoroughly enjoy his work I think that perhaps the stock nature of his characters allows them to function as every men that the readers can then project themselves into Robinson is brilliant at fleshing out reasonable arguments for different view points In this case I really like the discussion about the Antarctic Treaty ats e atsm I also typically don t like nonfiction explorer books, which is why I went w [...]

    5. AdiTurbo on said:

      DNF The facts about Antarctica and past exploration of it are interesting, but as this is supposed to be fiction, it s not enough The characters are quite colorless and you don t care what happens to them The plot is very slow and badly written Not for me, I ll opt for a non fiction book about Antarctica or return to Matt Dickinson s wonderful thriller set in it.

    6. Rebecca on said:

      I have to say, Antartica is me coming back toKim Stanley Robinson after I gave up on him midway through his Washington Trilogy at the end ofFifty Degrees Below for those of you keeping score at home Like the Mars trilogy and the Washington trilogy, Antartica has themes of ecology, scientific advance and social organization While it would be foolish to assume that every author s views match his or her subject matter, one starts to sense a pattern Antarctica is that blurry line between contemporar [...]

    7. Juliet Wilson on said:

      This novel published in 1998 is set in an imagined Antarctica of the early twenty first centuryThere is an odd feeling of reading about a future that isn t quite the future but nor is it the present that it s somehow supposed to be Other than that though, this is an excellent piece of speculative fiction gripping and meticulously researched Robinson spent time in Antarctica as part of the US Antarctic Program s Artist and Writer Program.This is an Antarctica fought over by African oil companies [...]

    8. Kristian Bjørkelo on said:

      Enjoyable, but far from Robinson s best work The reading dragged on, as he spends a lot of time detailing the minutiae of living in Antarctica This is of course his intentions, and as with a lot of his books Robinson tries to tell us something about our world, our environment and the ongoing environmental crisis The state of the arctic and the antarctic are both good signifiers of how well we are doing, and we are not doing well at all.Antarctica is the story of a journey through the ice covered [...]

    9. Barbara ★ on said:

      I really wanted to give this stars but I just can t Though a huge effort obviously went into researching and writing this novel, over half of the 672 pages is boring as hell and difficult to slog through The scientific parts are too detailed and the average person would have absolutely no idea what they are talking about including me Oh I got the gist of the discussions but the minutia came across as the author just showing off his new found knowledge In some instances this information seemed l [...]

    10. Punk on said:

      Despite my interest in the actual Antarctica, everything up to page 12 in this Antarctica was tremendously boring and I lost the will to go on.

    11. Kathi on said:

      8 10An intimate, dynamic portrait of Antarctica, chock full of history, science, and ecological and social commentary, all of which occasionally gets in the way of some engaging characters and interesting storylines No one can say that author Kim Stanley Robinson doesn t do his homework the research was extensive, including time spent on the icy continent itself A thought provoking read, even almost 20 years after it was first published.

    12. J.G. Follansbee on said:

      This review also appeared on Joe Follansbee s blog.I ve been a fan of master science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson ever since the Mars Trilogy, which dealt with terraforming the Red Planet Now that humanity is engaged in an accidental terraforming experiment on its own world, it was the right time for me to read Antarctica, one of Robinson s lesser known novels I was curious how he treated the changes sure to come to the South Pole, because I m looking at a similar scenario in my own curre [...]

    13. Michael Burnam-Fink on said:

      Is landscape writer a thing Kim Stanley Robinson makes it his thing, and in this book he takes us to Antarctica, continent of ice and rock, the last great wilderness, a beautiful and deadly place.I ve been there, just as a tourist during one of the nicest summers on record, but KSR nails the ineffable qualities of the place and the strangeness of light and distance Robinson spent a season in Antarctica with the NSF s Artists and Writer s Program, and it was time well spent on all sides By far my [...]

    14. Veronica Shawcroft on said:

      Antartica is a great read I loved the descriptions of the land, the interactions of the various characters from one who has actually spent time there The book is fabulous almost right up to the end Then Mr Robinson gives way to a desire common to those who write about the environment to lecture the reader on what should be done to save the Earth Now I don t say the environment isn t a critical concern for us as a species but there are venues for that sort of thing and he doesn t even grapple wit [...]

    15. Dorene on said:

      One of Kim Stanley Robinson s eco thrillers As the title indicates, Antarctica is set in Antarctica in the near future As the global human population soars, Antarctica remains the last true wilderness still on the planet With the expiration of the Antarctic Treaty, developed and developing countries alike look to the frozen continent for solutions to their energy and mineral resource needs Scientists study the vast warming region for clues to geologic events of the past Vacation adventurers wish [...]

    16. Lucy on said:

      3 1 2 stars for this book It s on a border line between fiction and science fiction, set at some unspecified time in the near future after the date it was written Because it was written in 1998, that not too distant future is roughly now GPS is widely used now, and wrist phones are available but not as popular as the now ubiquitous cell phone It makes you wonder about the current state of other items like smart clothing that helps regulate body temperature But the futuristic gadgets are a minor [...]

    17. Sean Jenan on said:

      How to rate this book On its own terms, probably a three star effort The knowledge of the author was excellent his having lived in Antarctica was evident BUT I didn t enjoy being lectured for the final quarter of the book Yeah, I get it, humans bad, corporations bad, eco freaks good But you see, I ve been a boss for 15 years, and I don t idolize the worker quite so much as the author does here Which is not to say I don t appreciate my employees, and the work they do But co op Exploitation of the [...]

    18. Jenna on said:

      Part of me loved this book and part of me hated it I have somewhat of an obsession with Antarctica, but when faced with my nemesis, Science Fiction, I balked a bit The book was written in the late 1990 s and set now ish If you can ignore the occasional weird future ism everyone has fax machines And wrist phones , which are no fault of the author and every fault of the passage of time, and the overly in crowd feeling of place name dropping the author was a writer in residence at McMurdo, the big [...]

    19. E. Newby on said:

      This was a deep, enjoyable read I ve always loved the cold, quiet world of Antarctica as depicted in books and documentaries never having been there myself , and this book captured the spirit of the land perfectly After reading this book, I want to go south even , which is saying a lot considering how much I hate the cold The characters were well rounded, representing the many different paths that lead a person to the end of the world My only complaint regards the pace There were times the story [...]

    20. Lisa on said:

      I had some difficulty getting into this book, but the pace finally picks up This novel deals with an ecotage in Antarctica and fictional politics and factions I enjoyed the historical commentary of Antarctica in the novel An enjoyable read if you have time to read 412 pages and are patient.

    21. Chris on said:

      If you like this, go watch Encounters at the End of the World, on Netflix, to see Werner Herzog visit McMurdo and other places in Antarctica Really enjoying this book so far Robinson tells a good story and is a talented writer too.

    22. Elizabeth on said:

      A third science, a third cold, and a third hot chocolate And lots and lots of Antarctic history.

    23. Jonathan Strahan on said:

      I am in a seeming minority that loves Antarctica It s tightly written and compelling than the Mars trilogy, but covers exactly the same ground.

    24. Wendelah1 on said:

      As I m still working on my challenge within a challenge, Travel the World in Books, I decided to re read Antarctica A Novel 1997 by Kim Stanley Robinson The novel begins, First you fall in love with Antarctica, and then it breaks your heart It s a standalone but because two of its characters, a California senator and his aide, also appear in his Science in the Capitol trilogy, I think of Antarctica almost as a prequel As with all of his near future novels about the intersection of science, envir [...]

    25. Charlie on said:

      Definitely a classic Kim Stanley Robinson book I put off reading this one for a while because I thought the setting might be kind of boring to me, as a mostly dead place But he does a good job of describing it as not that Anyhow, I love the things about KSR that some people don t like wandering non plot driven sections, weird internal monologues, ponderings on ecology and society, roaming semi romances that never really work out, scientists trying to do politics and having trouble, bizarre semi [...]

    26. Donna on said:

      I really enjoyed this book Robinson s stories are always a treat This one is good but not my favorite among his books I really like how he looks at the workplace realities of different characters working at the scientific research facilities I also liked learning about the difficulties of survival in the Antarctic environment The main characters were very interesting Val the beautiful, strong wilderness adventure guide was the strongest and most interesting character X is just that, her X boyfri [...]

    27. Bonnie Staughton on said:

      Antarctica was an interesting book to read I didn t understand all of the terms the author used to describe variations in the snow and ice cover but I got the idea of how dangerous some of them can be and how COLD it is on the continent The story revolves around all of the countries that have set up scientific areas on the continent and the tourists who come to follow the paths of Antarctica s first explorers Political problems arise with mineral rights and oil rights and who actually makes the [...]

    28. Artnoose McMoose on said:

      I pretty much can t get enough of KSR this year, although I have to say, at this point I ve read enough of his books to see common themes, threads, and character types Occasional sabotage is being noted in Antarctica, and this book follows several characters as they make their way individually as well as collectively across the icy continent People come to Antarctica for many reasons science, employment, or adventure and some of them end up with Antarctica in their hearts Does the sabotage go to [...]

    29. Darryl on said:

      After reading the geological Mars trilogy Red, Green, and Blue , I wasn t sure if Antarctica was going to be another geological story Unfortunately, this turns out to be another story whose focus is on the geology and the environment, instead of a true sci fi near future story Though I truly felt as though I were in Antarctica, I did not want to feel this way for 600 pages The characters seemed to be secondary compared to the landscape and the extended history review of former Antarctic explorer [...]

    30. Misha on said:

      As literature, characters, and quality of writing go, this book would rate only 2 stars for me I actually had a hard time following what was real and what was fiction, if this was set in the present or the future, and if it was science fiction fantasy or was realistic science adventure.However, it s a novel about an optimistic 6 4 woman in Antarctica That alone makes this a 5 star book for me I genuinely enjoyed and appreciated the historical bits, too They were excellent summaries with balanced [...]

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