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Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts By Gena Showalter Animal Instincts Unleashing your inner tigress isn t easy when you re a doormat by nature Still after escaping a wretched marriage to a cheating SOB Dallas party planner Naomi Delacroix isn t about to let another ma

  • Title: Animal Instincts
  • Author: Gena Showalter
  • ISBN: 9780373771998
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • Animal Instincts By Gena Showalter Unleashing your inner tigress isn t easy when you re a doormat by nature Still, after escaping a wretched marriage to a cheating SOB, Dallas party planner Naomi Delacroix isn t about to let another man sweet talk her into sheathing her protective claws Not even hunky millionaire Royce Powell, who s hired her to arrange his mother s surprise party Even if he does make heUnleashing your inner tigress isn t easy when you re a doormat by nature Still, after escaping a wretched marriage to a cheating SOB, Dallas party planner Naomi Delacroix isn t about to let another man sweet talk her into sheathing her protective claws Not even hunky millionaire Royce Powell, who s hired her to arrange his mother s surprise party Even if he does make her purr like a kitten with one heated glance Royce claims he s been in love with her ever since she threw a party for one of his friends six months ago But if that s true, why is this incredibly eligible CEO currently taking applications for a wife Despite herself, Naomi is tempted to fill one out But can her inner tigress believe a man might change his stripes
    Animal Instincts By Gena Showalter

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      485 Gena Showalter
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    One thought on “Animal Instincts

    1. ◊♦ Naomi on said:

      I ve been wanting to read this book for a long time and finally took the plunge I really enjoyed it, it s a very light and fun read It also made me realize that I need to find books where the heroine as the same name as me, it makes for an even interesting read Try it I swear, it s the best.Naomi Delacroix is a thirty one year old party planner who s in the process of finding her inner Tigress With a capital T She s recently divorced, her ex husband cheated on her several times and treated her [...]

    2. L8blmr on said:

      This was a fun, light and sexy read, featuring a rich, hot hero pursuing a divorced, insecure career girl Not much new or original, but enjoyable in the way it was constructed, and no stupid misunderstandings always a plus for me This story is told in first person, which may be an immediate turn off for some, but I found it tolerable If you need a spicy break from heavier fare, give this romance with a sweet HEA a try.

    3. Brenda on said:

      OH MY GOODNESS Perfection Funny, hot and lovely HE IS PERFECTE IS AWESOME.Ok, I can t even describe how much I recognize myself in her Don t get angry at her, she s afraid, I d do the same SHE DID I understand her I TRULLY UNDERSTAND HER All her fears are mine Her life is my life Like forreal I m afraid of relationships, like her BC every single man I knew was a bastard, like her And she has a point I mean, NO ONE can say that their love is forever NO ONE People change and love is fucking risky [...]

    4. Caroline Yamashita on said:

      POR UM MUNDO COM MAIS ROYCE POWELL Ent o, ele a viu em um casamento h 6 meses E desde ent o a procurou, ligou, tentou de tudo para se encontrar com ela e nada Ent o, quem mais poderia organizar o anivers rio da m e dele SIMMMMMM, Naomi Delacroix Ela uma divorciada, que foi tra da, humilhada e n o quer saber de compromisso t o cedo Alias nem de homem ela quer chegar perto N o, at entrar na sala dele Ele faz de TUDOOOOOO para ter Naomi, inclusive desafiar o medo dela O livro hil rio, quentinho, de [...]

    5. Anzu The Great Destroyer on said:

      I must admit that this is my first Gena Showalter book I really don t know what made me pick this one, but I was glad I did It was really fun to read, relaxing and fast I guess I finished it in two days But it was like a breath of fresh air Too much seriousness gets to you in the end.Now, I really liked the story It was light but the best part of it was the humor I really enjoyed the whole Tigress thing I gathered some quotes that I thought hilarious, but there were too many so I had to do some [...]

    6. Elisa Rolle on said:

      Naomi is a newly divorced event planner who has decided to unveal her inner tiger She is tired to be used by men and now her life will be different but then she meets Royce, a multimillionar hunk who says he loves her and wants to marry her What a bastard, isn t he Royce is the perfect man rich, handsome, gentle, clever you really can hate him, too perfect Naomi instead is not so perfect average beautiful, no a success working girl, not very rich you really can hate her, too imperfect Instead yo [...]

    7. Donnelle on said:

      I won t go into plot details, as they ve been covered very well by previous reviews Instead, I m going to focus on Showalter s writing, because she consistently delivers books that are an absolute blast to read Untold numbers of writers, particularly in this genre, attempt to create heroes and heroines that are chock full of sarcasm and witty banter Unfortunately, most of their efforts feel forced and fall flat Showalter, on the other hand, has a gift for delivering truly funny and clever verba [...]

    8. Crista on said:

      This one had some promising aspects I was laughing out loud during this first part of this book, but then all of a sudden it just became to over the top and unrealistic for me to even be able to suspend belief for a momentwhich is funny because this a romance novel Here s what I disliked 1 I don t prefer to read books written in the first person These kind of books usually leave out to much of what others are thinking This book is a perfect example of just that 2 I don t like books where there i [...]

    9. Ale Rivero on said:

      Iba con muchas expectativas sobre esta historia, por eso creo que al final no me conquist del todo a pesar de que me haya gustado bastante.La historia de Naomi y Royce es entretenida, aunque Royce me sacaba bastante de mis casillas con sus actitudes Al final, el amor siempre termina transformando a los personas, aunque hay que poner bastante de uno mismo Entretenida.

    10. Katy on said:

      I think the fifth star I gave this book is purely for sentimental reasons I picked this up at a used bookstore right after my divorce and I was a mess It was by no means an amicable divorce I felt like life had torn out my heart, strung it up like a pinata, and taken a great big bat to it This book was just what I needed at the time It s about standing up for yourself It s about picking yourself up after a heartbreak and learning to trust again, even when you re completely convinced that all men [...]

    11. Ria Lize on said:

      3.25 5I m a sucker for books with the shy, clueless heroine and the relentless hot guy For the most part, I like the whole resistance and denial, him working to earn her trust Sometimes the heroine can be wrapped up in her own thoughts for too long, how she s hurt, or she s just not good enough, so the hero breaking those notions can be so much fun In Animal Instincts, it worked, and it didn t It worked because Naomi did soften up to him, and eventually she learned to trust Her refusing his adva [...]

    12. May on said:

      Know how sometimes you read a book and think oh, there was so much I should fault here yet I totally loved it I call this a guilty pleasure read, and Animal Instincts totally qualifies.The heroine is a plain jane doormat turned tigress , the hero a very rich handsome man She goes to work for him she plans parties only to find out he s already totally smitten with her and it scares her Why She had a yuck dad jerk ex husband Now, I feel like I could truly rip this sucker to shreds, and logically I [...]

    13. Liza on said:

      I must wrote this here because it s so funny, it s about Royce s parents I really did LOL at this and I sooo like the writing of Gena Showalter I ve never met two people in need of a divorce They bickered and fought all evening.Royce said that s how they express their love I don t believe him I mean, please You tell me if you feelthe love from this conversation written word for word as I remember it Linda Elliot, be a dear and get me another drink.Elliot Get it yourself.Linda Get up and fix me [...]

    14. Jen on said:

      Ugh This author could really do interesting things if only she could get a little depth into her heroes They re so one dimensional Do all her books have a slightly damaged woman getting bossed around by sexy man until she falls for him Do they all have to end with marriage and babies It just seems so forced If you re a single or divorced self help book lover who is convinced all men are evil but really deep down inside just wants a white horse and a walk down the aisle with lots of babies at the [...]

    15. Diana on said:

      Hired to plan Royce s mother s birthday party, Naomi is unaware that he s been in love with her for six months However much she is attracted to him, Naomi is scarred by a cheating ex husband and nasty divorce and is afraid of committing again.Fascinating A real departure for Showalter with a contemporary romance with no paranormal aspects Royce is at first a little overbearing but is perfectly romantic Naomi is a little less likeable with her trust issues that almost destroy their relationship.

    16. Amafle on said:

      Hace muchos d as un libro con tintes er ticos no me hac a pasar un rato tan agradable Es una historia divertida, sexy, pasional, rom ntica, tierna Naomi es una mujer tan real que me hizo verla en varias de mis amigas, sus miedos, sus fortalezas, su voz interior y esa manera de hablar con ella misma hicieron de este libro una maravilla Pero lo mejor, lo mejor de todo fue Royce este caballero entra a mi lista de chicos que amo en la literatura.Me gusto mucho.

    17. Kathrynn on said:

      I read this sometime in 2006 and it is NOT a paranormal book Strictly romance There are no twists or turns, no suspense and no action, but I enjoyed it Sometimes, just what we need to read for a chance of pace Naomi recently divorce and a party planner is courted by Royce CEO of aeronatuical company.

    18. Candice on said:

      I really enjoyed this one It had plenty of humor that s the biggest reason I enjoyed it so much I loved Royce, the hero, but I got fed up with Naomi s issues by the end of it all Ms Showalter definitely knows how to write a good one though She s always entertaining.

    19. ceecee on said:

      I absolutely love this book It had everything I love in a romance book The characters were memorable, I just wish the main characters had a little bit in depth back story.Royce, the main character, was my all time favorite He was a successful, romantic, eligible bachelor who fell in love with Naomie the moment he saw her at a party and pursued her even after six months of her saying no.My favorite part of the book was the ending This is one of the few books who actually got the ending right Mos [...]

    20. Irene on said:

      Loved this Likeable gal, but you don t really get a sense of how beautiful she is This gave me a great positive feeling in between books Would consider this my go to repeats list.

    21. Fefi on said:

      L ho trovato piatto,freddo nonostante tutte le scenette hot , insipido e molto scontato.Salvo solo le cugine di lei,le gemelle Kera e Mel loro qualche sorriso me l hanno strappato.

    22. Belen Checa Ibergallartu on said:

      Me ha sorprendido gratamente, libro muy divertido , r pido de leer y con l punto suficiente como para no parar de hacerlo

    23. Tracy on said:

      Loved the First Half, The SecondNot So MuchI was looking for a light, fun, romantic read taking a break, actually, from a book that defines heavy reading Of course I went to Showalter she s usually a sure fire gem in that arena And in Animal Instincts, she was as wellr the first half of the book.Naomi, burned first by the biological father who did her mom wrong then again by her own husband, sees love and marriage as the most insidious sorts of traps and thinks all men are utter snakes She s tak [...]

    24. Ariel on said:

      Io lo dico io e la Showalter siamo partite bene Non ho mai letto nulla di suo e gi mi piaceva troppo per non iniziare tutte quante le serie che aveva scritto Quindi mi sono detta Dai, inizio con un autoconclusivo per capire un po con chi ho a che fare.Ho un bel po di cose da dire su questo libro Molte cose mi sono piaciute, altre no Le divido in una lista, cos magari la recensione sembra lunga, ehehhe.Cose che mi sono piaciute Le gemelle Mel e Kera sono le mie ragazze, le protagoniste che vorrei [...]

    25. Robin on said:

      Naomi has been burned by a cheating husband, and now that she s divorced she s determined to never trust another man No dating, no falling in love, and definitely no getting married again Royce saw Naomi across the room at an event she planned for his friend s sister, and six months later he still can t get her off his mind He arranges for his mother to contact her to plan her surprise birthday party, and from the minute he gets her into his life he s determined to keep her there permanently I f [...]

    26. Serena on said:

      TRAMA Una vera tigre sa come mettersi in mostra Avanza a testa alta, con il petto in fuori e l aria di voler dire Ti manger vivo Naomi invece sa che liberare la tigre che in lei non sar facile quando per natura pi portata a fare da zerbino Cosa pu inventarsi allora una ragazza timida e delusa dal sesso maschile per recuperare i suoi istinti primordiali La sua identit pi remota, pi sottilmente sexy, in una parola il suo istinto animale Naomi infatti poco propensa a lasciarsi abbindolare dalle pro [...]

    27. Baylee on said:

      Questo romanzo in perfetto stile Showalter via le c e serie, fate largo a tanto sano divertimento Quindi non aspettatevi approfondimento psicologico, personaggi di spessore, riflessioni sui massimi sistemi della vita Qui si ride, gente E tanto Naomi una donna tanto delusa dagli uomini che potrebbe fare la promoter della castrazione chimica maschile Ben decisa a non dare mai pi credito all altro sesso, costretta a rivedere alcune delle sue priorit dopo l incontro con il bel miliardario Royce Powe [...]

    28. AlenGarou on said:

      Da zerbino a tigre a letto Da poco divorziata e decisa a non riaprire il suo cuore all a, l organizzatrice di eventi Naomi Delacroix sta cercando di tirare fuori la sua tigre interiore Decisa a non farsi pi mettere i piedi in testa da nessuno, incontrer il suo prossimo cliente, il bello e carismatico Royce Powell, ma la sua ineguagliabile fortuna le metter i bastoni tra le ruote, persino in questioni d a Infatti, Royce si dimostrer fin da subito interessato a lei, persino con intenzioni serie no [...]

    29. Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) on said:

      After a very bad marriage in which her husband constantly cheated on her Naomi Delacroix is determined to stop being such a doormat and let her inner Tigress out to play If this means unleashing her Tigress on the too sexy Royce Powell then so be it, the only problem being is that he seems to make her inner Tigress purrI had a grin going the entire time I read this book, it may have made me look slightly insane and maybe scared small children, but I was too involved reading the book to really no [...]

    30. Manuela on said:

      Mi difficile esprimere un giudizio chiaro e definitivo su questo romanzo Un 50 % di cose mi sono piaciute, ma un altrettanto 50 % mi ha fatto storcere il naso Il pretesto iniziale, le domande per sposare Royce per intenderci, l ho trovato francamente demenziale, al limite del ridicolo le schermaglie dialettiche e mentali tra i due protagonisti sono ben scritte, con uno stile fresco e diretto che diverte e non annoia mai, ma in generale l intero intreccio, lo svolgersi della trama e i passaggi em [...]

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