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Sterling E. Lanier

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Hiero's Journey

Hiero's Journey By Sterling E. Lanier Hiero s Journey Per Hiero Desteen was a priest a telepath and a highly trained killer Together with his great riding moose and the young bear who was his friend he was on an extraordinary mission For this was five

  • Title: Hiero's Journey
  • Author: Sterling E. Lanier
  • ISBN: 9780345308412
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Hiero's Journey By Sterling E. Lanier Per Hiero Desteen was a priest, a telepath and a highly trained killer Together with his great riding moose and the young bear who was his friend, he was on an extraordinary mission For this was five thousand years after the holocaust known as The Death Now the evil Brotherhood of the Unclean was waging all out war against the few remnants of normal humanity, determiPer Hiero Desteen was a priest, a telepath and a highly trained killer Together with his great riding moose and the young bear who was his friend, he was on an extraordinary mission For this was five thousand years after the holocaust known as The Death Now the evil Brotherhood of the Unclean was waging all out war against the few remnants of normal humanity, determined to wipe out all traces of its emerging civilization Hiero s task was to bring back a lost secret of the ancients that might save the humans But his path lay through the very heart of the territory ruled by the Unclean and their hordes of mutated, intelligent, savage beast followers And the Unclean were waiting for him
    Hiero's Journey By Sterling E. Lanier

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      Sterling E. Lanier

    One thought on “Hiero's Journey

    1. Alison Buck on said:

      LOOK, people Sterling E Lanier has the chutzpah to refer to the great moose mounts of the future as morse Consistently and without any apparent irony This book is amazing It is beautiful and pure This book is like a milkshake made out of Burt Reynold s chest hair and the skeleton of a Brontosaurus before they made us start calling it Apatosaurus Apatosaurus What kind of morse shit is that Brontosaurus means thunder lizard Do you know what Apatosaurus means Do you It means deceptive lizard Poor d [...]

    2. Terry on said:

      2.5 starsI really wanted to give this book a higher rating There s a lot here to love and Lanier has a very fertile imagination Psychic Canadian warrior priest Check also psychic Moose destrier Check psychic mutant bear pal and assorted demi human mutant creatures Check travelogue through post apocalyptic North America Check It s like the coolest campaign of Gamma World ever that you never got to play as a kid I fondly recall seeing the far out Darrell K Sweet cover on this book during nearly ev [...]

    3. Will on said:

      OH MY HOLY JEEZ I LOVE THIS BOOK It s ridiculous in all the best possible ways It s a beautiful artifact from a time before irony a time when you could have a bad guy named S nerg work for an organization called The Brotherhood of the Unclean , and not be kidding The writing is occasionally clunky there are parenthetical expressions inside parenthetical expressions, with commas sprinkled willy nilly It s campy and ridiculous and almost unbelievable yes The hero is actually named Hiero Desteen He [...]

    4. Derek on said:

      By the end, it had frittered away its energy The occasionally stilted or awkward writing style, the painful to read romance with a character who should have been interesting than she was who frankly should have definition than merely her relationship with the protagonist, Hiero , the near mechanical description and language used regarding Hiero s psychic abilities, the misguided use of exclamation points to bolster the narration, the narrator occasionally stepping out of the story to mention f [...]

    5. Adam on said:

      Sterling Lanier s tales of Hiero Desteen could easily fuel my illustrations and imagination for a great many years I love his explorations here of a possible future, sadly within which nuclear desolation or something quite like it had wreaked havoc on the world as we know it The Hiero books take place several thousand years after these destructive occurences, set within the confines of a North America very different and yet eerily similar, in some ways to the one which we are familiar with I cou [...]

    6. Julie Davis on said:

      I can t recall who recommended this book to me way back when but somehow reading it feels familiar Not familiar as in I think I ve read this before but familiar as in old style science fiction apocalyptic fantasy Into which I am sinking like an easy chair at this early stage of the book.5,000 years in the future, as an aftermath of the Death which happened long ago, mutations have run amok Some benefit mankind and some are creepy crawly creatures that actively hunt humans Telepathy between men a [...]

    7. Andrew Neal on said:

      This is my favorite book from when I was a kid I read it when I was 15, and it s perfect for me as a 15 year old.It s about a Canadian psychic warrior priest who rides a moose and is best buddies with a bear Also, he saves a lady from some giant birds and they fall in love.I reread it every few years and I still enjoy it, but I m really glad I read it first as a kid, because it s missing some of the stuff a book needs to thrill me these days Hiero isn t all powerful, but it s hard to really call [...]

    8. Christopher Litsinger on said:

      ZOMG A warrior priest riding a Moose yeah, sure, it s a Morse whatever befriends a bear and totally gets to sleep with a princess that he rescues from certain death and he has telepathic powers and then the princess totally lets him bonk a fairy chick The antagonists are a group of people called the Unclean The other enemy is a giant slime mold This book is terrible Awful On top of the insanely ridiculous plot the writing might be even worse The book has words like debouching and lianas and lots [...]

    9. Jennifer Seyfried on said:

      This is probably only for you if you are a fantasy roleplaying geek and I can call people geeks because I am one as it provided inspiration to the creators of Dungeons and Dragons and Gamma World My husband does not read a lot, but he has a small collection of sci fi and fantasy classics, and this one was literally at the top of the stack as the first one he thought I should read This is definitely a fantasy quest story complete with fantastic creatures and rescued princesses, but there are no h [...]

    10. Joseph on said:

      This was listed by Gary Gygax in the 1st edition Dungeon Master s Guide as part of a list of books that inspired DD, but I think it s probably accurate to say this book is a direct inspiration for Gamma World.The time is five thousand years in the future, thousands of years after The Death, a nuclear biological chemical war that ended civilization and left us with a mostly pastoral world populated by mutants and remnant humans and studded with ruined cities and radioactive wastelands, as such w [...]

    11. Craig on said:

      The best moose book ever, as well as a fine after the holocaust science fiction novel This one is well worth searching for it s sadly almost forgotten, but I think it s a classic in the same league as Miller s CANTICLE FOR LEIBOWITZ.

    12. John R Cobb on said:

      I ll never be accused of having highbrow literary tastes, but that s okay with me Before I started writing in earnest myself, I read voraciously, including everything ever written by Ray Bradbury and many other works by authors of action adventure, crime, fantasy, mystery, sci fi, and the supernatural Moreover, like my father and evidently, much of the U.S prison population, I ve enjoyed many frontier novels written by Louis L Amour Admittedly, I m not drawn to the classics Of course, having Sha [...]

    13. Jerry on said:

      I don t think I have ever read a book both as engaging and poorly written as this and I read, and enjoyed,The Sword of Shannara Lanier is so afraid of repeating the same appellation twice in a row that some of his references to his characters border on the offensive the priest s woman, his dark love, and so on The editing was ridiculously bad, too they even misspelled the main character s name at least once.But the sheer raw gonzo world creation overcomes it all This is Dungeons and Dragons and [...]

    14. Greg on said:

      I m re reading this in the midst of a mini binge of post apocalyptic sci fi Brian Aldiss, Andre Norton and there s a reason I kept this book for than 30 years after many Goodwill purges It s awesome intelligent bears, Canadian priest warriors with ESP, half naked pricesses, moose horses, evil societies, killer mutants, snapping turtles the size of cars, epic journeys It s fun stuff, and Lanier s smart enough to work in a lot of great ideas and twists to the old sci fi formula.The only thing tha [...]

    15. Jordan on said:

      I m always up for reading a book found in Gygax s Appendix N I was curious about Hiero s Journey as the supposedly biggest influence on psionics in DD It s influence on Gamma World is even huger, too But even on its own, it s a nicely readable piece of fantastical post apocalyptic fiction A psychic warrior priest that rides a giant moose and is friends with a telepathic bear, fighting mutants and sinister psychic technomancers, how can you go wrong with a premise like that

    16. Jen | Jen Talks Audiobooks on said:

      I read this back in high school and as that has been a long while ago, I can t really review it properly But I do remember that I found it amazing It may have been that dystopia as a genre was relatively new to YA or there just wasn t that much of it I will re read it at some point and do a proper review.

    17. DOUGLAS J BERRY on said:

      My fingers got a lot of exerciseGet the sample first to see if you can double tap it for readable content I was able to read it with difficulty A great science fiction story The basis for the gamma world game system Produced by the same company that brought us d d The tale of a psionic paladin questing through a radioactive wasteland still holds up Hope makes the publisher re issue this Considering the high price effort should have been put into formatting it correctly.

    18. David Schramm on said:

      Really was a fun book to read How can you not like a priest who rides a moose and has a bear friend just like Grizzly Adams Seriously though, an iconic book in the science fiction genre It feels like Lord of the Rings meats the apocalypse.

    19. Mark on said:

      DISCLAIMER THIS REVIEW IS 100% MY PERSONAL RESPONSE TO THE BOOK FOR A WELL WRITTEN, INFORMATIVE REVIEW, READ ADAM BAKER S REVIEW AND THEN READ SOME OF HIS OTHER REVIEWS BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL GOOD PERHAPS BETTER THAN THE BOOKS THEMSELVES PERHAPS NOT Maybe this book was doomed from the beginning for me See, I like reading fantasy don t tell anyone I said that , but I haven t actually read a lot of it The books I have read are the classics like J.R.R Tolkien, C.S Lewis, and Terry Brooks, so I got sp [...]

    20. Richard Abbott on said:

      Hiero s Journey, by Sterling Lanier, is set in a remote future It is post apocalyptic in tone, but the disaster The Death is so far in the past as to have an almost mythic quality.Humanity has, for a great many years, struggled to survive in isolated pockets, in what historically were marginal and insignificant places Many but not all former prejudices concerning race and lineage have been discarded, and the scattered survivors are mostly descended from those who were mixed race outcasts in toda [...]

    21. H. on said:

      Hiero s Journey is a very old fantasy novel that is both very bizarre and very traditional at the same time, but nonetheless stands up extremely well today Don t believe my first assertion Hiero s Journey was originally published in 1973 ok, many of you won t think that is that old Don t believe it s bizarre It s about a man with psychic powers living in a post apocalyptic Canada who rides a moose and has a bear companion Don t believe it s traditional Well, the subtext of the title Hiero s Jour [...]

    22. Cleverusername2 on said:

      Lanier s most distinctive gift as an author is an enthusiasm for his stories Even if you are not a fan of post apocalyptic fiction or adventure fiction you cannot help but be caught up in the frenetic eagerness of the narrative The sheer number of expository sentences that end in explanation points is staggering He may not be the most gifted author out there, but he obviously had a lot of fun writing Hiero s Journey and I found it a bit contagious The Hiero of this story is a priest in a future [...]

    23. Andy Phillips on said:

      Firstly, note that there is a sequel to this book, The Unforsaken Hiero, which I didn t realise until I was 90% of the way through the book Hence the book doesn t really reach a conclusion Worse still, there were supposed to be 3 books but the author has sadly been dead for some time now, so I doubt the story will ever be finished.Apart from that I enjoyed this book It features a kind of priest warrior the eponymous Heiro from a settlement in modern day Canada who sets out on a quest across Nort [...]

    24. David Nichols on said:

      Published in 1973, this campy but thoughtfully written science fantasy novel pits the biracial, telepathic, gun toting priest Hiero Desteen and his boon companions, African American princess Luchare, wise Brother Aldo, intelligent mutant bear Gorm, and the kickass riding moose Klootz against a variety of post apocalyptic foes giant lampreys, man rats, powerful disembodied psychic monsters, hairy howlers, freshwater pirates, amorous dryads, a gargantuan intelligent fungus, and a conspiracy of tec [...]

    25. Brad on said:

      I first read this book when I was about 15 years old It was a perfect fit for me at that time and it left quite an impression on me I have read it 2 times since then and thoroughly enjoyed it each time I cannot say whether I like it than The Lord of the Rings , certainly it is not quite as long or involved as Tolkien s work but it is a riveting story, none the less.I took it to my work place to read during breaks and a co worker began reading it He told me, in the course of the 2 weeks or so i [...]

    26. Kathryn on said:

      One of my favourite books, it has stayed with me since I first read it in the 1970s Lately I have been thinking about it a lot trying to remember the author s name Thank you Google and.Update I managed to pick up a second hand copy from the LonCon3 library and re read it straight away.I don t want to gush but the story and characters have stood the test of time Yes there are flaws the development of the relationship between Heiro and the Girl and the mix of magic and technology doesn t always fi [...]

    27. Edward Rosenfeld on said:

      A long time ago in the 70 s, I first read Hiero s Journey I have always had fond memories of this book Recently I managed to get a hold of an ebook version of this book and am in the process of re reading itThis is an omnibus version of both books s in the Hiero series my great delight, this book has held up rather well and I am very much enjoying it.5000 years into the future, climate change has eradicated much of civilization, the survivors live in the north of what was Canada, this is the bas [...]

    28. Becky on said:

      I can t believe I had never heard of this book until my husband pulled it out of a box from his teen years It s a great story, and well worth reading Read the sequel too The Unforsaken Hiero but beware it was meant to be continued and according to what I read on another website, will never be So it leaves you hanging But it s worth reading anyway the world Lanier has created is fascinating Perhaps improbable I think our culture would have disappeared completely in 5,000 years , but very interes [...]

    29. Jeffrey Anderson on said:

      An old favourite now available as a Kindle edition Great to read it again.It s a tale of a post apocalyptic future Regrettably the Kindle edition misses some of the formatting that made the original books easier to read In the original books when characters spoke telepathically their speech was in italics This was often pretty much the only indication that this was happening Still enjoyed the book though.

    30. Sean on said:

      This book introduces a rich world, cool powers, and neat animal companions It lacks a strong protagonist The dialog is a huge miss Every time Hiero speaks, he s either lecturing or apologizing for lecturing someone The psychic dialog is a bullseye Written with a vague halting character as Hiero attunes his mind to those of his friends, when the dialog is mind spoken it is original and interesting Despite everything, I was wholly immersed and zipped through it in no time.

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