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Katherine Kurtz Deborah Turner Harris

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The Adept

The Adept By Katherine Kurtz Deborah Turner Harris The Adept Sir Adam Sinclair nobleman physician and scholar is the only man who can stand against an unholy cult of black magicians threatening his homeland

  • Title: The Adept
  • Author: Katherine Kurtz Deborah Turner Harris
  • ISBN: 9780441003433
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Adept By Katherine Kurtz Deborah Turner Harris Sir Adam Sinclair, nobleman, physician, and scholar, is the only man who can stand against an unholy cult of black magicians threatening his homeland.
    The Adept By Katherine Kurtz Deborah Turner Harris

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      364 Katherine Kurtz Deborah Turner Harris
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    One thought on “The Adept

    1. Nick on said:

      I usually enjoy Katherine Kurtz s books This one however was just average in my opinion I guess I expected a lot and what I got was a meandering story with a few flashes of brilliance but ultimately not enough to make me give this anything but a so so rating I don t know how much the co author affected the story and I am unwilling to blame her since I don t know how much of what she contributed was lackluster It could have been that Kurtz just didn t perform up to her usual standards in this en [...]

    2. Ea Solinas on said:

      Imagine a Nancy Drew Hardy Boys mystery with all the delightfully cheesy trappings, set in Scotland with lots of occult bits That is the basic description of Katherine Kurtz s The Adept, a stately supernatural thriller that seems to be gleefully rolling in cars, kilts, gentrified upper crust cliches and magical reincarnation stuff It s strictly a guilty pleasure fun but slightly goofy.Sir Adam Sandler is a shrink, baronet and Adept mage for the forces of Light ah, the shorthand for generic Good [...]

    3. Arthur O'dell on said:

      I love this series it s a mixture of British mystery, Scottish folklore, and the occult, with a little thriller action thrown in And it still holds up pretty well, for being over twenty five years old.

    4. Erin on said:

      My initial impression of the book and the characters hasn t changed much They re both serviceable, but aren t amazing Peregrine and Adam remain rather flat and unengaging Peregrine hangs on Adam s every word and is always surprised, only occasionally mustering up the will to make declarative statements He s a big, dumb, puppy Adam s take on the Bruce Wayne character rich man with a butler who knows everything and has many secrets comes off as bland and shallow simply because he rarely, if ever, [...]

    5. C. on said:

      Warrior Doctor Knight DetectiveDefender of the LightHe is Sir Adam Sinclair nobleman, physician, scholar and an Adept A man of great learning and power, he practices arcane ancient arts unknown to the modern world.He has had many names and has lived many lives, but his mission remains the same to protect the Light of the world from those metaphysical criminals who prowl the Dark Road.Now his beloved Scotland is defiled by a ruthless cult of black magicians who will commit any atrocity, from m [...]

    6. Emily on said:

      Kurtz writing just doesn t pull me in There is too much detail about things I don t care about please don t tell me how great the engine on the super cool car they are driving sounds _again_ and not enough description about the actual meat of the story The magic was couched in metaphysical, puso science terms and kept vague enough that the reader had to make some leaps to follow but didn t have a mystical bridge to help with suspension of disbelief The climax wasn t as suspenseful as it should h [...]

    7. Robert on said:

      This book is not usually the genre I go to when I read books But at the cost of 1 from a thrift store in excellent condition I couldn t refuse I was surprised to learn that The Adept is a well written book This title from 1991 27 years ago holds up today I have no doubt as to the writing ability of Kurtz and Harris If you are into alternate reality stuff, especially combined with supernatural or occult themes you will like this book It s not hard to imagine the characters in this book and the wr [...]

    8. Donna on said:

      The story wasn t bad, but the editing was horrible From beginning to end there were constant typos and punctuation errors Some of them were quite funny, like the Frasers becoming Erasers, but, really a 12 year old could probably do a better job at editing I found all of the errors, i.e quotation marks in the wrong places, as well as the over abundance of misspellings and typos to be so distracting that I m not likely to read the sequels.

    9. Betsy on said:

      I think I read at least one of these years ago, but I didn t remember it as I read The first book in the series, this introduced a number of characters and plot starts The world building, while interesting, is accomplished in a very info dump way, so it interfered with plot for me I ll read some , obviously, just because Sinclair.

    10. Lori on said:

      So Glad to have this Wished there was some way to let someone know about copy errors Some were very distracting Love the story Hope all the series are available.

    11. Craig on said:

      NiceGreat read that grabbed from early in the reading and held it to the end This is a book that will be reread with pleasure in the future.

    12. Warren Dunham on said:

      an upper class British psychiatrist who knows about magic finds an artist who sees things.

    13. Fefi on said:

      Finalmente si capisce qualcosa di pi su chi sia Pendergast e la setta cui appartiene, con molte sorprese

    14. Bob on said:

      I enjoyed this book but the typos allowed in this e book were very distracting.

    15. Victoria on said:

      Found this whole series on the shelf at the library across the river I joined for books my own library doesn t have I took it because I have read a number of the Deryni series by Kurtz and enjoyed them This is very different Written in the early 1990s, set in Scotland of the present day, it nevertheless has a somewhat historical feel to it Perhaps that is because so much of it takes place in stately homes and ancient sites The one thing I enjoy most about the whole series is the basis of the pow [...]

    16. "Aubri"/Lisa on said:

      Sir Adam Sinclair and his posse of esoteric crimefighters called the Hunting Lodge keep the world, and in particular Great Britain, safe from the Lodge of the Lynx and the dark forces of Evil This first book introduces the reader to Sir Adam and his privileged life as baronet and Master of the Hunt who brings into the fold a new fledgling esoteric crimefighter one Peregrine Lovat, portrait artist and budding psychic forensic artist The characters are well defined and interesting and the mysterie [...]

    17. Nancy Oakes on said:

      I must say, I am a total sucker for anything in the occult fiction realm I like when I find a series that can entertain me for a while, and I think I ve found one here Soif you re looking for some extraordinarily great literature, you re not going to find it here, but you will find a fun story filled with elements of the arcane and esoteric along with some Templar knights This is just one of those books you read when you need something light and fun.Set in Scotland another reason I like this boo [...]

    18. Josh on said:

      Revisiting another old friend in this fun series from the 90 s.Overall it s still excellent, but I admittedly view this one with rose colored glasses because I did love it so when it first came out There s a few bits that read a bit dated now, but overall it still retains its urban fantasy charm.The highland touches are nice and really lend nice color to the whole thing, and the interweave of psychiatry and psychic forces is really rather nicely handled And frankly there s a good emphasis on how [...]

    19. Lianne Burwell on said:

      I haven t read this series in a while, so it was fun to pull them out again.Sir Adam Sinclair is a psychiatrist He is also a mystic warrior for good to put it in a silly sort of way Peregrine Lovat is an artist who can see beyond the surface and it is driving him batty He is introduced to Sir Adam by a mutual friend, and Adam is than willing to help.Meanwhile, unpleasant types are using magic to steal historical artifacts in a quest for something they mean no good with, you can be sure.You don [...]

    20. Tobias on said:

      I have always been interested in Knights, especially the Knights Templar, Christian Warrior Monks from about 1100 1300 AD The Adept is a modern day reincarnate of one the Grand Masters of the Knights Templar He among the other Knights continue the eternal fight between Light and Darkness by tapping into the mystic powers of their past lives to defect such enemies like the Nazis This book has everything that I love in stories, English and Scottish history, knights, magic, mystery, in a modern wor [...]

    21. Jane Mercer on said:

      I first read this from the library 20 yrs ago, they only had three of the 5 of the series but I still bought them years later when the library sold them on Recently I got hold of the missing 2 of the series and am rereading the whole seriesAs with the first time I found it a fascinating read.A mix of magic and detective work with a spice of faerie and a surprise visit by Nessie.An excellent tale it s only fault may be a touch too much talking but exciting and intriguing I really enjoyed this boo [...]

    22. Julia on said:

      When I read this years ago, I liked it but not as much as the later Adept books This time around it was better than I remembered.There are two main characters Adam who knows his history and his magical powers, and Peregrine who is freaking out because he can see things from the future and the past but doesn t know what it means My change in perspective has made me sympathetic to Peregrine and less impatient to get on with the conflict against the bad guys.

    23. Kate on said:

      I gave the book a fair try after getting it as a gift, but I just can t get through it The writing is terribly overdone, and the main character just comes off as so supremely competent and respected, to the point where everyone else in the book is downright deferential, that I just found him grating and smarmy I did have a good laugh reading some of the overwritten descriptions aloud to my spouse, but otherwise the book held no enjoyment for me.

    24. Michael on said:

      Though I like other Katherine Kurtz novels, I m not going to make it through this one It reads like occult fiction than fantasy and I m not impressed I m about a third complete, and I m not giving it the leniency that I would give a classic Why do I give it two stars instead of one if I m not finishing it It s not horrible, it s just not a book that I want to spend my life reading There are way too many great books out there.

    25. Yougo on said:

      Intended, I think, to be a supernatural investigation book It s a decent read, the author being a decent wordsmith I felt drawn some to each of the characters, but not as much as I thought I would in the end Supernatural without being creepy, occult without being evil and dark All in all, it was decent, but not compelling enough that I want to pursue the remaining books in the series.

    26. Sean Randall on said:

      Another pickup of a recommendation from a friend I quite got into this one, although Lovat s wide eyed fascination at every turn grated a little after a while The characters were quite interesting, and even if there s nothing in your heart for all the magic and so forth, you can at least enjoy the story and excellent geography and historical detail

    27. Li on said:

      I ve read some of Kurtz s other books in the past but I have not read a book by Harris yet But I was at the City of Fairfax library for the first time usually go to my local one and this book was in the free bin This is one amazing book Very well written and really not what I expected I just bought the next two in the series from a used book store, and the second one is pretty good too.

    28. Ippino on said:

      Bruttino.La trama telefonata, senza nemmeno un colpo di scena.I personaggi sono bi dimensionali, con il protagonista perfettino che non sbaglia mai sembra un incrocio tra James Bond, Indiana Jones, ed un conto in banca osceno.Lo stile di scrittura pessimo, molto scolastico, senza alcun pathos Troppe descrizioni, troppe lungaggini, troppe cose ovvie scritte una dietro l altra.

    29. Aaron Anderson on said:

      I d read the first couple of these in my youth I decided to try reading all 5 of them now I don t really recommend them to others having read them all now They re too black and white, good vs evil, which must have appealed to me when I was 12 I only finished the last book or two for completeness because they aren t that long.

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