Nostalgia for the Absolute

George Steiner

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Nostalgia for the Absolute

Nostalgia for the Absolute By George Steiner Nostalgia for the Absolute Writer and scholar George Steiner s Massey Lectures are just as cogent today as when he delivered them in perhaps even so He argues that Western culture s moral and emotional emptiness stems from

  • Title: Nostalgia for the Absolute
  • Author: George Steiner
  • ISBN: 9780887845949
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nostalgia for the Absolute By George Steiner Writer and scholar George Steiner s Massey Lectures are just as cogent today as when he delivered them in 1974 perhaps even so He argues that Western culture s moral and emotional emptiness stems from the decay of formal religion He examines the alternate mythologies Marxism, etc and fads of irrationality astrology, the occult Steiner argues that this decayWriter and scholar George Steiner s Massey Lectures are just as cogent today as when he delivered them in 1974 perhaps even so He argues that Western culture s moral and emotional emptiness stems from the decay of formal religion He examines the alternate mythologies Marxism, etc and fads of irrationality astrology, the occult Steiner argues that this decay and the failure of the mythologies have created a nostalgia for the absolute that is growing and leading us to a massive clash between truth and human survival.Ultimately he suggests that we can only reduce the impact of this collision course if we continue, as disinterestedly as possible, to ask questions and seek answers in the face of our increasingly complex world.
    Nostalgia for the Absolute By George Steiner

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      146 George Steiner
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    One thought on “Nostalgia for the Absolute

    1. Francisco H. González on said:

      Nostalgia del absoluto surge a ra z de cinco conferencias que George Steiner Par s, 1929 dio en la radio para la emisora CBC en 1974 A pesar del tiempo transcurrido creo que lo expuesto no ha perdido vigencia Como es habitual en Steiner Fragmentos, El silencio de los libros este hace gala de una prosa sint tica, de breve extensi n, pero de gran calado, a mi modo de ver.Toda vez que la religi n y la teolog a han quedado obsoletas, ante ese vac o, ante esa nostalgia del absoluto que siente la huma [...]

    2. Scott Woody on said:

      I came on this book through a tweet by Marc Andreesen, where he claimed that it handily explained a lot of modern day Weltschmerz The central thesis is controversial but rings true Scientific rationalism induced the death of Christian religion in Western Europe and the popularity of aliens, communism, eastern religion, Freud, and structural anthropology can be explained as a direct replacement of the role religion used to fill.In fact, George Steiner goes one step further and calls these movemen [...]

    3. tomasawyer on said:

      Texte Super clairant Il a continu p tiller dans ma t te de la biblioth que jusqu chez moi Il explique tr s bien comment notre soif d absolu est l origine des mythologies et la part de mensonges qu on ait pr t tol rer pour continuer croire en quelque chose m me lorsqu on est areligieux Il ne s agit pas comme je l ai craint au d but de mettre sur un pied d galit sciences et religions, mais de savoir questionner absolument tout On comprend comment se construit une croyance absolu, une religion avec [...]

    4. Ross on said:

      Pretty unclear ending the search for truth via science and reason or something to replace the loss of Christian certainty God is Dead Doubling down on the Enlightenment despite truth being potentially harmful Didn t leave much to hope for, but Steiner also seems to shrug at the current possibilities His conclusion reminded me of the first paragraph from Lovecraft s Call of Cthulhu The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents We l [...]

    5. RK-ique on said:

      I bought this CBC Massey lecture when it first appeared a couple of millennia ago 1974 75 It was important for me in that it was only after reading it that I first framed my own deeply rooted skepticism I agreed with Steiner up to the point of his discussion of scientific truth Then I took a large piece of paper, stuck it up on the wall of my apartment and wrote, I don t believe in anything Still don t I think It definitely pointed out the impossibility all systematic philosophy for me Good book [...]

    6. Jorge García on said:

      No es el George Steiner m s inspirado Para mi gusto, hay demasiados lugares comunes y resulta banal su cr tica a los sustitutos religiosos el marxismo, el psicoan lisis, la antropolog a estructural de Levi Strauss o lo que l denomina orientalismos.

    7. David Withun on said:

      Steiner begins by examining the impact of the death of God and the decline of Christianity as well as the emergence of various alternatives to and replacements of Christianity in the modern world As he examines these alternatives and replacements, he concludes that each is lacking in fundamental ways and fails to achieve its goal of creating a new system by which man can live and, most importantly for Steiner, each evades the truth of the matter in favor of a new mythology The conversation then [...]

    8. MichaelK on said:

      Five lectures on the decline of Christianity, the death of God , and its effects on Western civilization.Steiner examines three modern mythologies which attempt to fill the gap, the hunger for absolute truth, left by the decline of religion Marxism, Freudian psychoanalysis, and Levi Straussian anthropology A mythology, in Steiner s sense of the word, has an easily recognizable beginning and development a prophetic vision preserved in canonical texts later disciples and prophets develop the teach [...]

    9. Maurizio Manco on said:

      L ostacolo esercita su di noi un attrazione magnetica C qualcosa nel fondo di ciascuno di noi che preferisce le difficolt , che cerca le questioni aggrovigliate Al livello pi elevato, questo avviene perch i pi dotati, i pi vitali fra noi sanno da tempo senza avere magari mai articolato questa consapevolezza che la verit pi complessa dei bisogni dell uomo, che in realt pu essere totalmente estranea e nemica di questi bisogni Era una convinzione profondamente ottimistica, propria del pensiero clas [...]

    10. Jake Losh on said:

      A good, short book that seems thoroughly sensible The gist is that the author argues that the major intellectual movements he calls them mythologies of 20th century stem from a reaction to the spiritual vacuum left in the wake of the rise of scientific rationalism The first four sections are attempted take downs of Marxism, Freudian psychology, L vi Straussian anthropology, and occultism, respectively I m not informed enough on any of the topics to say whether the author is successful The final [...]

    11. Aelena on said:

      hay que tener en cuenta que son conferencias, y no ensayos por lo que no cabe esperar la misma profundidad en el tratamiento de los temas Steiner est l cido dentro de que pienso que en las charlas se limita a un nivel m s introductorio, pero creo que cumple bien ese papel quiz s es al final cuando flojea un poco, pero es perdonable.

    12. Paul on said:

      Steiner suggests that the Marxist, the psychoanalyst, and the anthropologist would be furious if you told him his beliefs and analyses of the human condition are mythologies and allegoric constructs directly derivative from the religious world image which he has sought to replace It s a short book, but you can see this theme expanded in Cavanaugh s Myth of Religious Violence.

    13. Toon Pepermans on said:

      The only issue where I disagree with Steiner is his all too quick dismissal of what he calls orientalism, but I can imagine that back then it involved a lot of superstitious superficial beliefs and practices and maybe still, but probably a lot less I would say he s being rather eurocentric there.But overall very good.

    14. Rhys on said:

      Summary as we seek philosophies and cosmologies to fulfill our need for the absolute, we find there is nothing entropy Here s a pick me upper Two deities, two gods, to overwhelming agencies, govern and divide our being, said Freud Love and death, Eros and Thanatos The conflict between them determines the rhythms of existence, of procreation, of somatic and psychic evolution But finally the contrary to all intuitive, instinctive expectations, to all our hopes it is not Eros, not love, but Thanato [...]

    15. David on said:

      Muy bien estructurado La pregunta que me queda es por qu casi todo el mundo considera que los nuestros son unos tiempos an malos Por qu consideramos que la poca actual es esencialmente diferente de las dem s Si no he entendido mal, Steiner nos dice que los paradigmas que explican el mundo se han caido, entre ellos el marxismo, y luego nos dice que otros paradigmas se est n imponiendo uuh eso no se llamaba dial ctica o algo as Ya, ya s que esta review es mala, pero 1 est fuera de mis posibilidade [...]

    16. Levi on said:

      in these lectures Steiner covers very interesting subjects withhis usual brilliance, but i ve got to say the format is a little too constraining before he can really get his teeth into something it s time to move on still, gotta love George i highly recommend any of his stunning collections of essays.

    17. Bernardo on said:

      Un libro de filosof a en may sculas de los que te hacen vibrar y te quitan el sue o Escrito de forma clara y concisa, accesible para cualquiera, pero no por ello pierde en profundidad Al contrario, el autor demuestra una sabidur a incre ble Se disfruta y se devora independientemente de que se compartan o no las tesis que sostiene el autor en mi opini n, discutibles

    18. Feisty Harriet on said:

      Steiner is a narrow minded, xenophobic right wing nut who somehow genuinely believes that anyone who does not share his ideas is less than Ugh, I wrote angry retorts to his words on almost every page.Not recommended.

    19. Giovanni Sps on said:

      Amazing book The new aspects for the world that it gives you, change your entire philosophy for life

    20. Graham on said:

      Good to read, though I think the message has permeated the culture masses cause I feel I ve heard the idea before.

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