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Assegai By Wilbur Smith Assegai Wilbur Smith has won acclaim worldwide as the master of the historical novel Now in Assegai he takes readers on an unforgettable African adventure set against the gathering clouds of war It is a

  • Title: Assegai
  • Author: Wilbur Smith
  • ISBN: 9780312567248
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Assegai By Wilbur Smith Wilbur Smith has won acclaim worldwide as the master of the historical novel Now, in Assegai he takes readers on an unforgettable African adventure set against the gathering clouds of war It is 1913 and Leon Courtney, an ex soldier turned professional hunter in British East Africa, guides the rich and powerful from America and Europe on big game safaris Leon had nevWilbur Smith has won acclaim worldwide as the master of the historical novel Now, in Assegai he takes readers on an unforgettable African adventure set against the gathering clouds of war It is 1913 and Leon Courtney, an ex soldier turned professional hunter in British East Africa, guides the rich and powerful from America and Europe on big game safaris Leon had never sought fame, but an expedition alongside U.S President Theodore Roosevelt has made him one of the most sought after hunters on the continent Soon, he finds that with celebrity comes not just wealth but also danger Leon is recruited by his uncle Penrod Ballantyne, commander of the British forces in East Africa, to gather information on one of his clients Count Otto von Meerbach, a German industrialist whose company builds aircraft and vehicles for the Kaiser s burgeoning army While spying, Leon falls desperately in love with von Meerbach s beautiful and enigmatic mistress, Eva von Wellberg On the eve of the World War, Leon stumbles on a plot by Count von Meerbach that could wipe out the British forces in Africa He finds himself left alone to frustrate von Meerbach s plan, and in grave peril as he learns about the enigmatic Eva Set amidst the tensions that will spark a war across continents, Assegai delivers the fast paced action and vivid history that has made Wilbur Smith an internationally bestselling author.
    Assegai By Wilbur Smith

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    One thought on “Assegai

    1. Eric on said:

      Assegai is a consummate feast of a story that is rich in vivid description The author takes the reader into British East Africa of a 100 years ago The wildlife, the people, and landscapes all come to life as we follow Leon Courtney s adventures leading up to World War I I listened to the audio book and Simon Vance does an outstanding job with this story.Assegai references the spear used by the Maasai tribesmen of Nairobi It has 3 foot long razor sharp metal blade attached to a hardwood shaft to [...]

    2. Tom Tabasco on said:

      I had forgotten how much fun a Wilbur Smith book can be He truly is a grand master of adventure writing and historical novels So what if his mind is stuck in the 19th centuty and he is prone to wild hyperboles His fiction has a very peculiar, inimitable voice, made of strong, simple traits, a fast, always exciting pace, a rich prose, and a good amount of poetry especially about African nature and habitat The Big Five game animals African lion, African elephant, rhino, Cape buffalo and African le [...]

    3. Melanie Fraser on said:

      This exciting adventure set in Africa is thrilling to the last word There is danger lurking from humans and animals throughout which kept my attention rapt Although I found the approach to hunting animals by the foreigners visiting to join safari trips reckless and cruel, this was offset by those running the safaris shaming the foreigners about their behaviour.Wilbur Smith has once again presented a masterpiece of drama with magnificent descriptions of the splendour of African scenery juxtaposed [...]

    4. Mrsku on said:

      WHAT is happening to Wilbur Smith Did he die and is someone, possibly his grandmother, writing on his behalf Because this book was such a let down Where are the complicated and heart wrenching story lines of his River God series, where s the excitement of Africa that was in his early Courtney books i.e Sean Courtney As far as a recount of hunting wild animals in Africa go this book was ok but even then it wasn t so great The characters were weak and unloveable, unhateable as well but then I coul [...]

    5. Matt on said:

      Smith ups the ante in this Courtney novel, lucky number thirteen, which has very fluid ties to its predecessor Set in British East Africa subsequently Kenya , the story centres around the life of Leon Courtney, son of Ryder Courtney After a court martial finds Leon removed from the British military, he becomes a professional hunter, taking many important men on big game safaris through the tribal lands Approached by his uncle, Penrod Ballantyne, Leon agrees to help keep his eyes and ears open as [...]

    6. Voldemort on said:

      I should have stuck with my TO READ list This book was a chore, a bothersome pain in the ass So why keep on reading it Because I wanted to find out mamma Lucima s prophecies which ended up lame so beloved readers don t expect much and I wanna complete my 300 books challenge for this year silly me.The charactersLiked none of them I felt there were chosen just for the benefit of the story pointless might I say No depth whatsoever and the way the two main characters fell in love She was so beautifu [...]

    7. James Brough on said:

      What can I say Obviously well done by the master storyteller, however, this plays out too much like a Hollywood nazi spy epic.Evil German mastermind with a bloodthirsty appetite and spoiler alert a fake hand that is a mace, flying to cause havoc in a zeppelin I found it bizarre that Leon has no problem killing animals and committing adultery, but when given an opportunity to kill or let the lion do the job the main antagonist he suddenly has a conscience the size of Africa.The period is caught n [...]

    8. S.R.R. Colvin on said:

      Assegai as uh guy is by far my favorite Wilbur Smith book Often times he includes graphic scenes of boy meets girl, which I personally don t care to read I am a mother of three so obviously I know how it all works I just don t need to read about it smack in the middle of a great adventure The skin scenes are kept to a minimum, but the action is hot I love Africa and adventures in the bush This one is set pre WWI in British East Africa Smith beautifully describes the landscapes, the wildlife, and [...]

    9. Elizabeth on said:

      totally romanticizes colonialism and reeks of the white man s burden most frequent descriptors of women are mysterious, motherly, and tiny waisted for heaven s sake.

    10. Mal Warwick on said:

      One of the best ways I ve found to learn history is through historical fiction Though I ve studied African history and read a fair amount of nonfiction about the continent, I may have learned just as much from Assegai, a popular novel set in British East Africa now Kenya in the period 1906 1918 The title means sword in the language of the Masai As a novel, Assegai is far from perfect It tells the adventurous tale of a young white African man, just 18 at the outset, who displays his seemingly sup [...]

    11. Anastasia Perrou on said:

      Bell_____________________ Smith , 1900 , , , Smith 500 , , , .

    12. Didi A on said:

      Read my full review.Assegai sounded like a great adventure spy drama with some romance thrown in, so I was very surprised to get 300 pages about how the protagonist became a hunter, then hunted, then visited the Masai prophetess, then hunted some , then visited the prophetess, then hunted Courtney is a cardboard cutout character sexy, tall, hunky, blonde, brave, rebellious and strong willed At least we are told he is In the beginning I almost believed it, because he seemed to have an arc He want [...]

    13. Faith Mortimer on said:

      I have read every single book of Wilbur Smith to my knowledge and I am sorry to say that he must be feeling his age as this is not one of his best by a long shot.The period setting and idea is good WW1 and devious goings on in darkest Africa between the Germans and some renegade south Africans.Smith s detail on game drives is paramount, and exciting stuff even for an ecologist but romance and characterisation in this novel were just plain yucky.Leon Courtney the perfect specimen over 6 foot, hun [...]

    14. Powerock on said:

      A selection of my book club to be discussed next week I have loaned it to another member but when It is returned, I will quote here some of the romance lines The word corny is not so sophisticated but it fits More later.Update Sorry I cannot quote the lines that appalled me The book has been returned so I cannot provide you with a good laugh My book club generally liked the book with agreement that the historical setting, pre world war I in East Africa, was interesting especially the author s in [...]

    15. Magdelanye on said:

      The only thing that kept me reading this disturbing book was the conviction that the hero would wake up and become aware of the travesty of safari hunting,which is outlined here in tedious and horrifying detail Glimpses of African tribal life and African history were indeed of interest,but the paternalism and obvious glorification of Britain rather intruded.And of course the hunting details were devestating.And instead of becoming an advocate for animal rights,the hero s focus shifts drastically [...]

    16. S.K. Levy on said:

      Leon Courtney is the protagonist in this Assegai, number thirteen in the Courtney family series It is a love story, but not a mushy one It s also about so much and sheds a fascinating light on Tribal Culture in Africa The only major drawback is that there is a lot of animal killing, which I am not a fan of reading at all I pushed through all of this though, as I knew there was a wonderful story within I couldn t quite lose myself in this book, but I know it was only due to the description of so [...]

    17. Lynn on said:

      Back to Africa with the Courteneys, and safari treks and exciting action, Smith is back to his old form after his blip on the good writing radar screen with Quest As always, Smith weaves much historical information into the novel, and the sections about Teddy Roosevelt and his safaris is an eyeopener about how the big game hunters traveled Extremely captivating I ve spent nights unable to get off the Sereghetti, chasing bull elephants, and dancing around the campfire, with the chant of just one [...]

    18. Erin on said:

      Another Wilbur Smith classic, love the ability to be transported off into a different world in a different era.

    19. Caroline on said:

      Wilbur Smith has enthralled me in the past Sadly, this was not the case Bland, bland, bland The best part of the book was the love and detail that Smith gives to the landscape and richness of the beautiful naturalness of the countries cultures he is depicting Although I will say, I really can t stand the thought of what colonialism has done , and those it has killed, so already I had that in the back of my mind the entire book None of the characters even the leads were anything worth remembering [...]

    20. Alan on said:

      Vintage Wilbur Smith, with another tale in lives of the Courtney s and the Ballantyne s Love or hate some of the heroics and predictable romances, a must for Wilbur Smith fans with the usual licence and history to boot Even with increasing competition from modern day authors Wilbur Smith continues to hold his own with his unique style of historical fiction.

    21. Vivian on said:

      Really enjoyed the story There was so much going on that I could barely put it down The kill details were a bit much for me as I can t understand killing for sport But the history and rich geographic descriptions made me still give it five stars.

    22. Karen on said:

      I relistened to this so that I could be ready for War Cry and despite its shorter length, it was a good listen, like some of the old Smith books I also preferred the ending rather than that hanging ending in War Cry.

    23. Criss on said:

      This was my first Wilbur Smith novel and I really enjoyed it The man can really write an action scene It also contained a couple of my favorite things, time and place Time early 20th century and place Africa I could have done without the mushy stuff, but overall a very enjoyable read.

    24. Alan Whitfield on said:

      After giving Wilbur Smith a break for 10 years or , this is the next book of his I read It was just as fun as ever.

    25. Lynn Hutchinson on said:

      Another great story by Wilbur Smith, full of surprises and intrigue.

    26. Richard Edwards on said:

      Great seriesLooking forward to the next book in the series if I can get out of this one on my iPad.

    27. Dale Weaver on said:

      Liked the story but not the killing of elephants, lions, and buffaloes

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