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Pauline McLynn

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Missing You Already

Missing You Already By Pauline McLynn Missing You Already A man who looks after the lost property at a railway station in the West Country finds an abandoned urn containing someone s ashes sitting on a bench on the platform Who could have forgotten to pick

  • Title: Missing You Already
  • Author: Pauline McLynn
  • ISBN: 9780755343386
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Missing You Already By Pauline McLynn A man who looks after the lost property at a railway station in the West Country finds an abandoned urn containing someone s ashes, sitting on a bench on the platform Who could have forgotten to pick it up when boarding the train Meanwhile, a young woman is coming to terms with the fact that her mother has Alzheimer s
    Missing You Already By Pauline McLynn

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      Pauline McLynn

    One thought on “Missing You Already

    1. Sandy on said:

      Really, I need a 4.5 stars rating It was really good but not amazing Not a simpering tale of dealing with a parent who has Alzheimers or a soppy love story but it could have been written as either The tale is not unemotional, far from it but weighs up the good feelings with the bad, the need to vent with the need to love A sort of good ending which the author reasures without words that the continuation of the lives of the Fulton family and those around them will continue to get better in some c [...]

    2. Julie on said:

      A really well written, enjoyable story by author and comedy actress Pauline McLynn.The main character Kitty has a dead end job and a mother suffering from Alzheimer s She succeeds in seeing the bright side of things and deals with her mother s illness and everything else life throws at her with great compassion and humour.A poignant, moving but also at times humorous book.I will definately look out for books by this author.

    3. Maha on said:

      It s just so easy to read and you feel how every character is feeling Made me tear up a few times but also made me laugh in others The relationship between mother and daughter and what they had to go through together was wonderful to be a part of.

    4. Pauline Moseley on said:

      Not the usual type of book I read I could relate to it in parts and it was well written but just not exciting enough for me

    5. Shanoe on said:

      I think it s difficult to rate this book, because it has two sides One side is the fantastic description of Alzheimer, not soppy, not dramatic, but a nice mixture of rational and emotional I love the relationshop between mother and daughter and how they try to cope The other side is Kitty s personal life and I simply don t get it, why she s been acting like she did all this time, this unhealthy status quo All in all it was a good read but not what you expect when reading chick lit, because it wa [...]

    6. Shannon on said:

      Not a life changing nor a particularly memorable read but enjoyable enough.I don t usually read this kind of chic lit esque fiction but something about it just caught me one day Can t say what it was exactly but anyway, I bought it Basically the whole way through, I was feeling for Kitty our protagonist Her life is pretty bad crap job in a nothing town, the man she loves is married to her best friend and her mother has Alzheimer s Things really could get a bit better for her right And we do get [...]

    7. Nicola Mcfall on said:

      I always really enjoy Pauline McLynns books and I was very excited to get my hands on it I found it quite difficult to get into to begin with and I started to worry that I wasnt going to enjoy it at all, but when I did get into it I loved it It lacks the humour of Pauline s earlier novels but I loved the characterx and found the whole story very touching and believable The story was told by different narrators that switched without warning, sometimes this could be confusing but this actually onl [...]

    8. Beth on said:

      Maybe it is just my current mood but this book is so lovely It tells of heartbreak and loyalty and faithlessness and love in a way that is deep but never maudlin It tells the story of what could be a million people, just ordinary, not so important people but shows us the shape and shade and nuances of each life and in doing so, allows us to see the story of each one The author moves between narrators so that we see within each person, each person is allowed their own I and in doing so, the autho [...]

    9. Judy on said:

      So far, this is an extremely touching story, the relationship of a daughter and her mother, who has Alzheimer s disease I am learning a lot about the disease and also about the vigilance etc necessary for a caretaker and about the love the daughter hs for her mother I don t know what the outcome will be but the book warns that tissues will be necessary I just finished this book and recommend it highly Although it s sad as the mother s Alzheimer s disease progresses, life goes on thru good and ba [...]

    10. Cheryl Bellingham on said:

      This book had me in the palm of its hand I really felt for kitty and the position she found herself in The loss of such an important figure in kitty s life will ring bells with so many readers and also for the ones who still have loved ones surrounding them it urges you just to reach out and express how dear they are Above all the book demonstrates beautifully that you never know what is round the corner and where you can find love and laughter Will definitely read from Pauline mcLynn

    11. Rachel on said:

      I have read some of Pauline McLynn s earlier novels, and found this one in the library Think that I was probably initially drawn to the strange idea that Mrs Doyle from Father Ted was writing detective novelsThis one isn t a crime novel, and appears to be set in England We ll see how it goes.Jan 10 skipped through this to the end, just to see what happened Didn t find it so engaging as her others.

    12. Rosalind on said:

      Not my usual type of read, but I really enjoyed this Pauline McLynn has a lovely style of writing and although the book tackles an extremely sad subject, she kept plenty of humour and hope in the book I ll be looking out for some of her other titles now.

    13. Sandra on said:

      A wonderful story and a gentle depiction of old age and dementia.

    14. Dale Harcombe on said:

      Actually not read I got so far and the voice of the main character drove me crazy Maybe it is a problem of timing, having read so many good books recently but the character annoyed me so I gave up.

    15. Kiwileese on said:

      Listened to this as an audio book the joy of driving for a living so i loved the narrators Norfolk accent it brought the whole book to life A beautiful story

    16. Angela on said:

      This book was well written and very easy to read A good insight into how life might be like caring for a parent with Alzheimer s.

    17. Natalie on said:

      A touching story and concept but lacking in any narrative drive Still, a nice little read that s worth it.

    18. Carla on said:

      A very poignant but also funny book about living with someone suffering from Alzheimer s, well written and also well narrated on Audible.

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