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Homeland By Barbara Hambly Homeland Those who loved Cold Mountain or Geraldine Brooks s March will embrace and long remember this spellbinding novel of two remarkable women torn apart by conflict sustained by literature and art united

  • Title: Homeland
  • Author: Barbara Hambly
  • ISBN: 9780553805529
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Homeland By Barbara Hambly Those who loved Cold Mountain or Geraldine Brooks s March will embrace and long remember this spellbinding novel of two remarkable women torn apart by conflict, sustained by literature and art, united by friendship and hope As brother turns against brother in the bloodbath of the Civil War, two young women sacrifice everything but their friendship Susanna Ashford is theThose who loved Cold Mountain or Geraldine Brooks s March will embrace and long remember this spellbinding novel of two remarkable women torn apart by conflict, sustained by literature and art, united by friendship and hope As brother turns against brother in the bloodbath of the Civil War, two young women sacrifice everything but their friendship Susanna Ashford is the Southerner, living on a plantation surrounded by scarred and blood soaked battlefields Cora Poole is the Northerner, on an isolated Maine island, her beloved husband fighting for the Confederacy Through the letters the two women exchange, they speak of the ordeal of a familiar world torn apart by tragedy And yet their unique friendship will help mend the fabric of a ravaged nation.The two women write about books and art, about loss and longing, about their future and the future of their country About love About being a woman in nineteenth century America About the triumphant resilience of the human spirit Their voices and their stories are delineated in indomitable prose by an award winning writer who captures in intimate detail a singular moment in time In Homeland, Barbara Hambly takes readers on a unique odyssey across a landscape treacherous with hardship and hatred She paints a passionate masterpiece of a friendship that not only transforms our understanding of the most heart wrenching era of American history but celebrates the power of women to change their world.
    Homeland By Barbara Hambly

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      309 Barbara Hambly
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    One thought on “Homeland

    1. Chris on said:

      Hambly s historical novel is set during the American Civil War and is supposedly a series of letters between two friends who find themselves on opposite sides Cora is a supporter of the Union, and Susie is a supporter of the Confederacy This book is not at all what I thought it was going to be What starts at as a family drama a la North and South, turns into a discovery of what it means to be a woman and what is worth fighting for on a familial or personal level And quite frankly, if you love Ja [...]

    2. April Plummer on said:

      In this beautifully written novel, two young women originally brought together through marriage maintain an unusual friendship during the Civil War Cora is from the Union and lives up North while Susanna is from the deep south and part of the Confederacy The novel is written through their letters to one another during the years of the War There are some twists in this book the reader doesn t expect and I won t give them away here But this book made me think A lot.There were times during the war [...]

    3. Alison Sinclair on said:

      Homeland is told entirely in the form of a correspondence between two women nominally on opposite sides of the American Civil War Susanna is the daughter of a Southern plantation holder and a gifted artist intellectual Cora, from Maine, is married to one of Susanna s family friends, Emory Susanna opens the correspondence with a plea to Cora not to tell anyone that she saw Susanna in a compromising embrace Cora gently admonishes Susanna that the man Emory s widowed father, Justin does not have a [...]

    4. Dylan Brown on said:

      It s 1861, two friends Cora Poole and Susanna Ashford are caught up on different sides of the Civil war The only thing keeping them together is their letters to each other Over the next 4 years the continue to write letters to each other Cora Poole is living in the Union and Susanna Ashford is living in the Rebel States The entire book goes over their daily lives, what they think of the war, what the war has done to their lives and how they are struggling to adapt to the war and being so close t [...]

    5. Paula Hebert on said:

      in this unique take on the civilwar, two women, one from an island in maine and one from a plantation in tennessee, become fast friends and begin a correspondence that continues throughout the war even when the letters cannot be delivered, they continue to write, as an outlet for stress and frustration this book gives us a wonderful understanding of the hardships that the people left behind had to endure through sometimes horrible situations it also sings the praises of the strength of women, un [...]

    6. Lisa on said:

      Barbara Hambly writes great historical fiction I very much enjoyed her antebellum New Orleans series, starting with A Free Man of Color Homeland is an epistolary novel, consisting of correspondence between two women during the Civil War In their letters, the women, one from the North and one from the South, reveal the effects of the war on them, their families, and society around them They also reflect a great deal on women in literature, which makes the reader reflect also The ending of the nov [...]

    7. Kim Hampton on said:

      This book consisted of letters exchanged between Susanna, a Southern woman, and Cora, a Northerner, throughout the duration of the Civil War Although a work of fiction, it paints a realistic picture of what life was like for women during that time, and the hardships and tragedies they endured A must read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction.

    8. Debbie on said:

      This book tells the story of the Civil War on the homefront, in letters between sisters in law, one in the North, one in the South The hardships that each endured were amazing While some of the relationships were confusing, the story was interesting, the letters were gripping, and the ending was a pleasant surprise.

    9. Colleen on said:

      I m not normally interested in epistolary style novels, but this one was quite well done The way the author timed the letters where there was a disconnect between the writing and receiving was an added layer that really helped in keeping things feeling disconnected during the war.

    10. Sandy on said:

      An interesting book, but one that I found a little hard to follow It didn t flow for me.I had to keep looking back to see who was writing.To explain, this book is the correspondence between two women during the time of the Civil War One woman Cora lives on an island in Maine and the other Susanna lives on a plantation in Tennessee So I found that I had to keep looking back to see who was writing to whom Another problem I had was that a number of the letters were marked not sent I didn t understa [...]

    11. Virginia Myers on said:

      My daughter gave me this book she had bought it in a book sale at our local public library Now, I am not for sure how a library chooses the books that are appropriate for such sales, but I believe they are books that are either outdated or are not being checked out by the public Now this one was not outdated, having been published in 2009 and on a subject which is currently very popular the American Civil War.I have no actual evidence that the American public turned its back on this book but I h [...]

    12. Tamora Pierce on said:

      The only reason I didn t read this book the moment it came out you all know I adore Hambly s work is because it s an epistolary novel, consisting solely of letters I hate epistolary novels by and large I figured if anyone could make me love one, it would be Hambly, and of course, the moment I made myself start to read, I fell in love with it.The letters are written by Cora, of Deer Island, Maine, who is married to Ethan, the neighbor and friend of Susanna, of Greene County, Tennessee The book be [...]

    13. Trish on said:

      Homeland is primarily about friendship, specifically between two women Cora living in ME, and Susanna living in TN during the Civil War, but it is also about the relationships we form with characters from books and how books become some of our most coveted friendships.The story is written in epistle form, with most of the letters written between the two women many not sent due to lack of mail service, others because of content, and some lost en route Their letters document the war and the trials [...]

    14. Erin on said:

      This book chronicled two fictional women, one from the North, married to a Southerner, and the other living in TN, and the letters they wrote to one another during the Civil War It was interesting to learn about the lives of the women during the war their hardships varied from losing family, to starvation, rape, abandoment, and disdainment of former friends What I found interesting about this book was the idea of war from a woman s point of view In this time period, women had few to no rights A [...]

    15. Juanita on said:

      Review Homeland by Barbara Hambly The book was interesting with the material on the Civil War, the President Lincoln, President Johnson, General Lee, General Grant and information on the troops who fought on each side All the information about the Military, the wounded , the men who died in battle and the roughness of how the homeland people, mostly women, got through each day trying to survive the lost of love ones, and the blazing of their homes, and hunger, was told by two women Susanna and C [...]

    16. Deb on said:

      I enjoyed this book a lot than I thought I would It took some twists that I did not see coming I absolutely LOVED how the classical novels though most were not classical at the time were such a major part of Susanna s Cora s life Susanna is from the South, Cora is from the North Set during the Civil War They have totally different backgrounds, but they become fast friends Cora marries Emory, Susanna s childhood friend This book takes so many twists and turns They write letters during the war So [...]

    17. Libby Ames on said:

      I don t know how I expected a book set during the Civil War to be anything but depressing Maybe I was hoping for another Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, but this book was not it The book was well researched and focused on very interesting and painful aspects of the Civil War It is a book of letters between two women Cora, a northern woman married to a southern man who chooses to fight for the South because it is his home and Susanna, a southern women trapped in the South, but with [...]

    18. Grace on said:

      In this unique take on the Civil War, two women, one from an island in Maine and one from a plantation in Tennessee, become fast friends and begin a correspondence about books art, love and loss and the futre of their country that continues throughout the war Even when the letters cannot be delivered, they continue to write, as an outlet for stress and frustration This book gives us a wonderful understanding of the hardships that innocent people endure during war It also sings the praises of the [...]

    19. Barb Heart on said:

      Two women write to each other during the civil war one in maine and one in Tennesee Historically I learned quite a bit You really got the feel of all the sacrifices in all different ways that everyone no matter what side you held The destruction the emotions shunning years without kowing and was surprised by all the deserters I think I was taught so much about patriotism etc at this time I didn t stop to think of families whose whole support was by the father, husband, brother Also has intrigued [...]

    20. Tamhack on said:

      I really liked the book and the two characters I liked the format it was written in letters written back and forth between the two characters The women were on opposite sides of the war Their letters gave a good picture of the suffering brought on by the war especially how the women, children and families were affected I liked Susanna s character I was a little disappointed at the end when her actions didn t fall in line with her character But the author redeemed herself in the end One favorite [...]

    21. Pat on said:

      Loved this Written as a series of letters between 2 women, it charts a relationship between a woman from Maine and one from Tennessee through the Civil War, showing the hardships and challenges those left behind had to face From a casual meeting, the women grow a strong and enduring friendship through their letters, comforting, sustaining and strengthening each other throughout the War, even though they are on opposite sides Neither one feels they fit into their community, and each has a strong [...]

    22. Jenna on said:

      I adored this book For a very long time, I really didn t care for literature about or set during the Civil War Reading Gone With the Wind changed that opinion, so that I ll at least give it a chance I ve never read anything by Barbara Hambly before, but I really enjoyed this novel Epistolary novels are some of my favorite types of books e.g Ella Minnow Pea, The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and I was excited about reading Homeland I grew attached to Sussanah and Cora and I found m [...]

    23. John Park on said:

      Cora and Susanna exchange letters across the lines in the American civil war Initially rather decorous with some soft shots at easy racial and feminist targets, the screws gradually tighten as relatives die or betray each other and starvation threatens The deep friendship between the two women almost founders when Cora s husband, who is fighting for the South, impregnates Susanna s sister and forces the Susanna into deceitful secrecy The ending doesn t describe how Susanna escapes from the outla [...]

    24. Lesley on said:

      This was a re read, and well worth the re reading Novels about the American Civil War are not usually on my list of must reads, but I ll read pretty much anything Hambly writes in the confidence that it will be good, and will be solidly rooted in research without info dumping to show off how much research the author did It will also probably be about those silenced by history or at least left out misrepresented by grand historical narratives In this instance, we have an epistolary novel of femal [...]

    25. Libby on said:

      An epistolatory novel of letters between a woman in Maine and another in the south during the Civil War What is unique is how it shows that not all southerners were on the side of the Confederacy and not all northerners fought for the Union The devastation and deaths were overwhelming and many of the letters written by the women were not sent until after the war Often what is not said is important later when you figure out what is going on Cora in Maine begins by saying she doesn t read fiction [...]

    26. Jessica Jewett on said:

      I found the concept of this novel very interesting I haven t read many novels done completely in the style of letters going back and forth between the two main characters However, I felt like some of the aspects of this novel fell short of my expectations I feel like the language was not as authentic to the period as much as it could have been On the other hand, the details about the daily lives of these two women were very well researched I just wish the language was a little authentic to the [...]

    27. Amy on said:

      Most of the Barbara Hambly books I ve read are her sci fi fantasy series which I ve really liked Homeland is in the style of the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society , written as a series of letter between a couple of women one in the South and one in the North during the Civil War An almost intimate look at the lives of these two women, from tedious daily chores to the growing seeds of the women s movement I loved it Heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time If you liked Guernsey , [...]

    28. Becky on said:

      I love civil war novels so I tend to steer towards them This was a tale told in letters written between 2 women, one a northerner who was married to a southerner the other woman was a southerner, both women had modern ideas for their time At first it was hard to follow who all the people were in the letters but it came together nicely you were able to catch a glimpse of what women left home during the war had to deal with.

    29. Kathryne on said:

      A fascinating look at life during the Civil War through the letters of two women, one in the South, one in the North There are no easy sentiments here, no pretty women swooning in party dresses these are women who are living hard and isolated lives while the men around them are at war Smart, independent women who were already looked at a bit askance by their peers for those traits and who now have to put them to good use to survive It is not an easy read, but it is worth it.

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