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Tara Janzen

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Crazy Sweet

Crazy Sweet By Tara Janzen Crazy Sweet During a secret mission gone bad covert operator Gillian Pentycote ceased to exist Held captive by a madman shot full of drugs that stole her memory Gillian survived Now with a new identity and no

  • Title: Crazy Sweet
  • Author: Tara Janzen
  • ISBN: 9780440242796
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • Crazy Sweet By Tara Janzen During a secret mission gone bad, covert operator Gillian Pentycote ceased to exist Held captive by a madman, shot full of drugs that stole her memory, Gillian survived Now, with a new identity and nothing to lose, the woman who calls herself Red Dog has gone from bookish secretary to sizzling hot hired gun And she has one plan to find the man who shattered her life anDuring a secret mission gone bad, covert operator Gillian Pentycote ceased to exist Held captive by a madman, shot full of drugs that stole her memory, Gillian survived Now, with a new identity and nothing to lose, the woman who calls herself Red Dog has gone from bookish secretary to sizzling hot hired gun And she has one plan to find the man who shattered her life and take him down for good.Special agent Travis James has the same plan, except he has rules to follow and using a gorgeous amnesiac as bait isn t in them So Travis must play a dangerous double game of his own He knows Red Dog will do anything to lure the ultimate criminal to her side and exact revenge But from Central America to a Colorado showdown, Travis has gotten his priorities straight He ll kill the bad guy, but only if he can save the beauty and never, ever let her go.
    Crazy Sweet By Tara Janzen

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      266 Tara Janzen
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    One thought on “Crazy Sweet

    1. Dee on said:

      Two haiku review She s very damagedNow she s a stone cold killerHe cares, blames himselfLeast fave of seriesSorry for her, but don t likeStill tons of action

    2. Christa on said:

      I love this series, and although Crazy Sweet wasn t my favorite of the books, it was engrossing and enjoyable This book focuses almost equally on two couples Travis James and Red Dog Gillian Pentycote, and C Smith Rydell and Honoria Honey York Lytton Gillian Pentycote was kidnapped and given a mind altering drug which robbed her of her memory in the previous novel Now, two years later, she is known as Red Dog, and she works as a mercenary, sometimes for SDF, sometimes for others Her sole focus i [...]

    3. Crista on said:

      No, No, No This book is all wrong What a horrible end to the Crazy series I hear that Steele Street continues with the Loose series, but after the last two disasters, I think I ll read the reviews before taking any of my time only to end up disappointed I have to admit that I m still not over Crazy LoveDylan and Skeeter got the big shaft I need to move on, but aghhhh I guess when the dust all settled, I m just not into a scatterbrained, ditsy professor turned cold blooded, ruthless, revenge driv [...]

    4. Jae on said:

      Thank goodness there were two other secondary characters other than Gillian and Travis in this book Those two could just possibly be my who gives a toss hero and heroine so far I didn t really care that Gillian was on a suicidal personal vengeance mission, still didn t care that three other SDF operators were out all night trying to stop her and most definitely didn t care that she got shot herself in the end.I am giving the whole 3 stars to Honoria and Smith I lurved how they got stuck together [...]

    5. PepperP0t on said:

      Can a book jump the shark Yes Can there still be fun had Absolutely, the problem is it doesn t happen here Humph, General Grant s mild mannered secretary, Gillian Pentycote, had been kidnapped, given an experimental drug that wiped out all memories except four, one of which is the renegade CIA agent that arranged the kidnapping but got away during the rescue, adopted her alter ego name of Red Dog is partnered with former model, Travis James that was taught to shoot to protect himself are now Ste [...]

    6. ♥ Vonda M. Reid ♥ on said:

      Overall Rating 5 Action 5 Emotion 5.5 Romance 4.5 Sensuous 4 Suspense 5 Laughter 20 Tears 5Avidly reading The Steele Street Series, one book right after the other Each book has been great But Book Six, Crazy Sweet, was awesome Once I started reading, I did not want to put it down for any reason to feed the dog, to sleep, etc This book deserved the big 5.0 rating It so engaged my emotions that I had to give the emotional aspect of the book a 5.5 out of 5.0.Crazy Sweet was a book of great contrast [...]

    7. Erinn on said:

      Sort of a spy novel akin to the formulaic series on television only the plot was flimsier and the romance was thicker I m not sure who the audience is I struggled to finish the book simply because it was that hard to remain interested There are simply better books out there.

    8. Karen L Gallagher on said:

      I read this entire series a while ago I liked the writing style, setting and characters Fun, fast reads all of them.

    9. Josi on said:

      I love the cars in these books This time it was Adeline I also like how there are multiple storylines going on at the same time Ready for book 7.

    10. Alex on said:

      I ve been trucking along with the Steele Street stories having a grand ol time, but I have to say that for me, this one was a speed bump After Crazy Love I was really looking forward to Red Dog and Travis story Travis transformation alone has been kind of out there, but still within the realm of Okay, I get it because he still holds on to those characteristics that were him down to the marrow like the meditation and laid back attitude He s just also been changed ever since he shot a man to save [...]

    11. Sara on said:

      As long as you go into this book NOT expecting the stories of Travis and Gillian, aka Red Dog then the book is enjoyable The story definatly seems to focus on C Smith Rydell during a trip to El Salvador Janzen herself seems not at all interested in Travis and Gillian s stories because she constantly drifts off when she s narrarating their stories Basically, out of the 300 or so pages in this book only 75 are dedicated to Red Dog and the Angle boy Other than the beginning dissapointment, I found [...]

    12. Anita on said:

      This book is just jam packed with sex, dangerous situations, lots of action, and that is just the first 100 pages The rest you will have to read for your self I think that Tara Janzen is a very underappreciated author and it is a real shame she hasn t written anything since wrapping the Steel Street series in 2011 Gillian, Admin Assistant to General Grant, was given a mind wiping drug that destroyed her memory at the end of Crazy Love This book picks up two years later and we find her transforme [...]

    13. WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker on said:

      I forgot about C Smith Rydell liked him when he was Kid s partner in Crazy Kisses Looks like he is the side story in this book since Janzen can t just concentrate on one couple I am really liking Mr Rydell and almost wish this was his story.Even being a couple chapters in I just didn t get where Janzen is taking this story I get Gillian wants to kill Royce CIA agent gone bad and I get Travis is in love with her I didn t get the bondage sex scene between Gillian and Travis and as much as I am beg [...]

    14. Anne on said:

      Still love that rough and tough Steele Street team Nothing will stop me from enjoying this gloriously unrealistic series.This book was a little less fun than the previous in the series for a number of reasons First, the sex scene between two characters was kinky to the point of gratuitousness This is because of the lack of emotional availability of one of the participants The participant is willing but emotionally Sensation only When a character has that flaw an emotionally satisfying relationsh [...]

    15. marieno on said:

      The book started great It was funny and fast enough but it didn t stay that way.Red Dog and Travis were this big mess of a couple I love you but you re too much, did you cheat on me, yeah That kind of couple DRAMA We meet of C Smith Rydell Book 4 remember the guy who didn t want to take Nikki off Kid s hand because she was crying and his Cupcake and I m hook If Creed and Kid had a baby, it would be C Smith Rydell Truthfully, he wasn t as hot as both of them but he was something sorry ladies, we [...]

    16. Michelle on said:

      I really enjoy the Steele Street series because they have super sexy, alpha heroes and heroines that kick ass and can bring those heroes to their knees This is definitely not a series you can jump in on so if you haven t read the previous books, Crazy Sweet is going to be a little difficult to understand Our hero, Travis, has been around since book 1 and has slowly integrated himself in to the world of SDF and has become a valuable asset to the team Gillian had just left Arizona for a new life a [...]

    17. Megan on said:

      Gillian Petycote has not only lost her memories after being kidnapped and injected with a uber truth serum but developed into the ultimate assassin, and the only thing she remembers are the two bad guys who did this too her and the Angel who saved her Travis, the newest member of Steele Street and part time nude male model in Nikki s Angel series, is Gillian Petycote now Red Dog savior Using his almost complete doctorate in psycology, sexual imprinting, he s the only one who can keep her from fr [...]

    18. Samantha on said:

      I have liked this whole series I think the reason for a lot of the below average reviews is because Ms Janzen changed her style in this book In past books, she s had two lead characters that are involved in the action and the romance However in this book, she doesn t do that There are actually four lead characters She uses Angel and Red Dog as the action and Honey and Smith as the romance If you look at it that way then I think you ll enjoy the book a lot Many were just upset that Angel and Red [...]

    19. Pattianne on said:

      CRAZY SWEET STEELE STREET 6 Travis and Gillian During a secret mission gone bad, covert operator Gillian Pentycote ceased to exist Held captive by a madman, shot full of drugs that stole her memory, Gillian survived Now, with a new identity and nothing to lose, the woman who calls herself Red Dog has gone from bookish secretary to sizzling hot hired gun And she has one plan to find the man who shattered her life and take him down for good.Special agent Travis James has the same plan, except he h [...]

    20. Helen on said:

      I ve read several of the Steele Street books and liked them for their fast pace, their gritty depiction of heroes who operate just this side of the law performing secret missions for the government while driving souped up classic cars, and their hot, sexy romance between the leads This book delivers much of the same, but the ending disappointed me The pace here is page turning, switching between the secondary plot of C Smith Rydell and his Honey York, and the Angel and Red Dog romance Honey and [...]

    21. Maggie on said:

      This was really C Smith Rydell and Honey York s prologue It was Travis and Red Dog Gillian didn t have the arc that C and Honey did I also really didn t like Gillian I didn t connect with her, and didn t feel that there was anything there for me to like Then, because I felt that way, I didn t understand why Travis DID like her, and that made me dislike him as well What HAPPENED to him, anyway I absolutely did not buy their romance mostly because their romance consisted of two sex scenes And that [...]

    22. Jessica on said:

      At the end of the last installment of the Steele Street books, Gillian aka Red Dog was tortured by a sadistic doctor in a white room The drugs injected into her body caused amnesia She spends the next two years tracking down the man who told the doctor which drug to use that one faithful night But now, she s gone too far This time, she left her calling card Literally And the ex CIA agent turned rogue is ready for the fight she has been preparing for At the same time, a few thousand miles away, w [...]

    23. Danielle Gypsy Soul on said:

      By far my least favorite of this series so far We had two decent, normal people who have become hard core killers who are able to take down the bad guys without a problem I didn t buy the whole Gillian becomes Red Dog or maybe I just didn t like Red Dog Not sure what Travis saw in her either since she clearly didn t give him much other than sex I just didn t buy the relationship between the two of them and didn t care all that much for Red Dog s vendetta The only saving grace of this book was Sm [...]

    24. Erin on said:

      A bit uneven Janzen does best when she s funny, and Travis and Red Dog are not funny Their relationship is perhaps a bit dysfunctional, which could have made for a great story, but there were too many pages dedicated to the secondary romance for that to happen I wanted to see Red Dog change I like how much Travis has developed over the course of the series, but Red Dog was definitely shortchanged On the other hand, the Smith Honey storyline was sharp and funny, what I m used to from Janzen I t [...]

    25. Loring Church on said:

      Wasn t as enthralled in this last book of the series, because my favorite characters stories had already been played out So, this was like a book that stood alone to me, even though previous characters were sprinkled in For me the Crazy series ended with Crazy Love I was hoping Red Dog would get her kill and it didn t happen, ugh That was her whole purpose, she was willing to break all the rules and leave the man she loved to do Royce in, and it never came to pass I was interested in the Smith [...]

    26. Stoli on said:

      End of seriesd my least favorite because I didn t agree with the choice of love interest for the main character Travis deserved much better than what Gillian had become after losing her memory He really should have left her instead of staying with her out of guilt and knowing she was no longer emotionally capable of connecting with anyone Quite a disappointing pairing on this one Much better plot line with the secondary love story between Rydell and Honey Will still read the offshoot of this ser [...]

    27. Darcy on said:

      I was very sad with this book Gillian was a mess before, but super sweet so different from Red Dog that a person could be I didn t like Red Dog, she was so harsh and focused I know why she is like this, but it doesn t make me like it.I did like that Travis was still there for Gillian Their relationship was definitely an unusual one, but it seemed to work for them The whole storyline with Smith was both boring and funny Honey grew on me as we got to know her I am hoping there will be a future wit [...]

    28. Quinn on said:

      Wow I was prepared to hate this book given the glimpse we got in the previous installment the premise had the potential to be disastrous, and it probably would have been in other hands but I ended up still having a good time It s official Janzen s shopping list would probably entertain me.To be fair, I think it was C Smith Rydell and Honoria Honey York s story that really saved this one loved it but the Travis Red Dog storyline didn t suck nearly as much as I expected it to.3.5 stars

    29. Betsy on said:

      This really had two sets of characters, and the one that was secondary was far better than what was meant to be the main relationship, I think Knowing that the series continues, this definitely felt like a transition book It ties off sort of one dangling relationship between characters who are completely different from their starts and it starts another one Less action than previous books, fewer cars, less interior design description Yes, I ll keep reading the series.

    30. Jennifer on said:

      I was not pleased with Travis and Gillian s story Mostly, because of Gillian The drastic change in her character was very disappointing However, I did like the set up for C Smith Rydell Even though I was so unhappy with this story I will continue to read the rest I am definitely looking forward to Rydell s story.

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