Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects

Tom DeMarco Timothy R. Lister

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Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects

Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects By Tom DeMarco Timothy R. Lister Waltzing with Bears Managing Risk on Software Projects The authors consultants in risk and management show how to identify and embrace worthwhile risks in software development and offer strategies for common risks that software projects face such as sc

  • Title: Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects
  • Author: Tom DeMarco Timothy R. Lister
  • ISBN: 9780932633606
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects By Tom DeMarco Timothy R. Lister The authors, consultants in risk and management, show how to identify and embrace worthwhile risks in software development and offer strategies for common risks that software projects face, such as schedule flaws, requirements inflation, and specification breakdown Annotation c Book News, Inc P
    Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects By Tom DeMarco Timothy R. Lister

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      494 Tom DeMarco Timothy R. Lister
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    One thought on “Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects

    1. Jean Tessier on said:

      The guys from Peopleware are at it again This time, they tackle the management attitude that plays the ostrich and keeps its head in the sand, denying reality instead of facing it They are making a case for knowing what risks lie ahead, how to notice them, and how to prepare for their possible occurrence.In their usual style, the authors keep things light and simple, yet offer quick and easy rules to get you going The book is peppered with anecdotes taken from their professional experience You c [...]

    2. Tomas Urbonaitis on said:

      Great book on project risk management I wish managers would read it AND use ideas expressed here in practice The only issue, that I have, is that it relies quite heavily on upfront planning although it stresses the importance of incremental delivery but I guess it is a necessity, if you want to manage risks, as opposed to just do it and see how it goes.

    3. Richard Wu on said:

      Found this book lying around the office Picked it up quick read, clear language The theory first half is interesting than the suggested praxis second half.A major weakness of the book is its complete failure to address Parkinson s Law, which was proposed in 1955, is a legitimate phenomenon, and undermines large swathes of the proposals laid here I find it hard to believe that the authors, being seasoned experts in management science, were unaware of its existence, and thus charge them with the [...]

    4. André on said:

      EINF HRENDES RISIKO MANAGEMENT BUCHmit guten Ideen, z.B Fertigungstermine als Wahrscheinlichkeitskurve Risikodiagramm statt als Datum auszudr cken Das Buch ist DeMarco typisch runtergeschrieben, seine Leser h tten nur Zeit f r ein flott geschriebenes Buch, das sie im Flugzeug lesen k nnen Trotzdem ist es nicht beliebig, im Wesentlichen l uft alles auf die Monte Carlo Risikosimulation als numerisches Verfahren zur Risikoaggregation Gesamtrisiko und der relative Bedeutungen von Einzelrisiken zu Ni [...]

    5. Dario on said:

      Basic risk management introduction for IT projects, that challenges the delusionary optimistic can do mantra of so many companies It is very useful to become aware of technical risks and the importance to raise them early and manage them, along with a number of approaches to minimise those risks Also acquiring the basic risk management vocabulary helps understand the problems from the business perspective and helps us technical people be better aligned with the company objectives i.e financial s [...]

    6. Wendy on said:

      Has some interesting observations about why nearly all software projects run late, and why most organizations do a terrible job at managing risk It also presents a model for estimating risks and their probable impact to your project schedule which seems like it ought to be very useful, but I haven t figured out how to put it into any sort of practice in my own projects Part of the issue is that the model assumes that you have a pretty good method in place for estimating how long things ought to [...]

    7. Chris on said:

      Good but not as good as Peopleware, this book talks frankly about managing risk in intellectual projects with unflinching honesty, and does a lot to attack various corporate cultures where downplaying and minimizing risks takes hold, putting blinders on everyone and often leading to disaster.A lot of this stuff is intuitive and can basically be boiled down to saying Oh for heaven s sake, just use your brain and apply real world thought to business decisions which sadly, often needs saying And re [...]

    8. Evan Leybourn on said:

      Too many organisations to not understand how to identify, treat and mitigate risks And those that do, often overcompensate Waltzing with Bears takes readers on a journey of risk and risk management in a very entertaining and enlightening way My only criticism of the book in many places Tom doesn t support his statements with sufficient evidence Any much of the evidence that is put forward in anecdotal, qualitative or statistically insignificant.That being said, I would recommend this book to any [...]

    9. Johnny Graber on said:

      A quick read on managing risks you should not miss Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister put the important aspects in a little book that is not going to bore you with much theory If you want to go deeper in the theoretical fundaments, then you find all the references you need If you don t want to go down that rabbit hole, you can follow along and get a well written explanation on what you should look out for, how to gather risks and what your job is to manage them.

    10. A. on said:

      I ve read this book in connection with work related stuff pushing my little project at work I found this book honest on dirty laundry of software projects than usual books on project management But here and there it was not enough for my needs, hence if you are new to software systems project management and looking for information READ this book BUT don t stop on it, look for other books too.

    11. Bjørn Taranger on said:

      The book argues the case that software projects need to address the risks associated with the project in a structured an methodical manner Risks are always present, and those that you ignore will occasionally hit you hard.I find the basic premise of the book quite convincing and relevant I also believe that some of the practical steps recommended in the book have been superseded by the agile methodologies that are dominating the field nowadays.

    12. Kristjan on said:

      This was classical DeMarco and Lister statements made than 10 years ago, still being valid for the industry Highly enjoyable read and full of straight to the point statements I would have only hoped, that chapter 19 Value is uncertain, too , chapter 21 Value offsets risk would have been longer.

    13. Marcin on said:

      Wow This book talks so perfectly well about risk and uncertainty and exposes why we don t do it on IT projects and what are the repercussions DeMarco and Lister really understand how and why agile works and this was in 2003 Most organisation as still way behind their thinking.

    14. Sergey Zubov on said:

      The first half of the book that contains common information about risk management is great But the second one that teaches how risk management should be performed seems a bit outdated If you aren t a big fan of waterfall like processes, you d better skip the second part.

    15. Andy Tischaefer on said:

      Good book full of practical examples and techniques around risk management Formal, but still accessible.

    16. Jeff Dalton on said:

      Interesting book with some pragmatic advice for anyone that manages software projects.

    17. Mattia Battiston on said:

      Great guide on how to really do risk management properly The book offers lots of practical tips and gives lots to think about.

    18. Alan on said:

      The best book I ve ever read on the real world of software project management Explains risk management in clear eyed, comprehensible terms And yeah, the title is a Dr Seuss reference.

    19. Ken on said:

      A great inteoduction to managing risk in any project, team, or as an individual.

    20. Kim on said:

      Some good ideas However, it fails to take into consideration certain essential concepts such as Parkinson s Law and Student Syndrome I still prefer the holistic approaches of TOC and CCPM.

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