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Jill Marie Landis

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Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone By Jill Marie Landis Heart of Stone She had the darkest of pasts And he had everything to lose by loving her Laura Foster free from the bondage of an unspeakable childhood has struggled to make a new life for herself Now the owner of

  • Title: Heart of Stone
  • Author: Jill Marie Landis
  • ISBN: 9780310293699
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heart of Stone By Jill Marie Landis She had the darkest of pasts And he had everything to lose by loving her Laura Foster, free from the bondage of an unspeakable childhood, has struggled to make a new life for herself Now the owner of an elegant boardinghouse in Glory, Texas, she is known as a wealthy, respectable widow But Laura never forgets that she is always just one step ahead of her past When RevShe had the darkest of pasts And he had everything to lose by loving her Laura Foster, free from the bondage of an unspeakable childhood, has struggled to make a new life for herself Now the owner of an elegant boardinghouse in Glory, Texas, she is known as a wealthy, respectable widow But Laura never forgets that she is always just one step ahead of her past When Reverend Brand McCormick comes calling, Laura does all she can to discourage him as a suitor She knows that if her past were discovered, Brand s reputation would be ruined But it s not only Laura s past that threatens to bring Brand down it s also his own When a stranger in town threatens to reveal too many secrets, Laura is faced with a heartbreaking choice Should she leave Glory forever and save Brand s future Or is it worth risking his name and her heart by telling him the truth
    Heart of Stone By Jill Marie Landis

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      474 Jill Marie Landis
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    One thought on “Heart of Stone

    1. Theresa on said:

      Heart of Stone was a heartwarming read Set in the 1870 s in Texas, this novel had me under its spell from the first pages The characters were proper and gentile, but still with the strength that you would expect from living it a tough time and place I loved the main characters Laura Foster was a hurt woman with a tarnished past, but she overcame it, and developed into a strong woman Brand McCormick was the town preacher who had strong morals and a family Both had strengths that were put to the t [...]

    2. April on said:

      Free Kindle download I actually really liked the story but felt conflicted about it being Christian fiction because essentially the heroine lies about who she is throughout much of the story the hero has something to hide about his past, too, and what makes these lies hard to take is their so called respectability in their community He s a reverend, and she s a well respected widow with a spotless reputation.Normally, I d be fine with that set up it makes for a good story The heroine starting an [...]

    3. R.L. Syme on said:

      This book was a great read And this is the highest score I ve ever given a Christian fiction book, except Redeeming Love For all those readers out there who fell in love with Redeeming Love all those years ago and have been waiting for a book to come along that could compare to it, look no further This is it This book will have you laughing and crying It will draw you into its story and suspend your disbelief completely It will make you want to turn the page, every page, and it will touch your h [...]

    4. Hannah on said:

      Though the plot line is not completely predictable, I was slightly disappointed I had trouble connecting with the characters and feeling their emotions The basic story is a classic tale of forgiveness Laura is a self made young woman who was sold into prostitution as a child She now owns a boardinghouse and desires only to live a normal life Her love interest, Reverend Brand, is a lovesick suitor, who determinedly pursues her She avoids him, in order to protect his reputation But it turns out th [...]

    5. Colette on said:

      I received this book as an Advanced Review Copy, and thought I was getting a historical romance it was a historical romance, but it s in the genre of Christian Fiction Once I got over the shock of this being an inspirational romance, I really liked the story It was a sweet story with a good message follow your heart, be willing to forgive those who have erred in their ways, and don t let others decide your fate for you The characters were all likable, and the Reverends kids made me laugh with t [...]

    6. Katie(babs) on said:

      The widow Laura Foster has made a place for herself in Glory, Texas as a respected member of this Christian community where she owns a boarding house that only caters to women and families That would all change in an instant if her neighbors knew who the real Laura Foster was Laura is not her real name, it s Lovie Lane, former New Orleans prostitute who was sold into sexual slavery along with her younger sister Megan, who was nine at the time The Lane sisters, along with their two younger siblin [...]

    7. Cherise on said:

      3.5 starsWhen the Potato Famine hit Ireland, Laura Foster came to New Orleans with her family to find a better life What they found was poverty When her parents died shortly after, Laura and her 3 sisters were divided up by her uncle, the two youngest were sent to an orphanage, Laura and her sister Megan were sold elsewhere.Years later Laura has invented a new life, name and history and is living in Texas as a successful business owner and widow When Reverend Brand McCormick begins courting Lau [...]

    8. Cafelilybookreviews on said:

      Book One in the Irish Angels Series, Heart of Stone transports readers back to the 1800 s where eleven year old Lovie Lane is sold to a brothel by her cruel Uncle Tim Orphaned by their parents who came to America following the blight in Ireland, Lovie and her sisters are betrayed by the family who promised to protect them Innocence ruined, as she grows up in the brothel Lovie becomes a determined young woman who plots her escape from the life she detests Fast forwarding several years, as an adul [...]

    9. Dianna on said:

      Loved this book First time I read this author, but I ve already bought Heart of Lies 2 in Irish Angel series.This is a story of love, forgiveness, caring and sharing.Laura and her family moved from Ireland when she was 10 years old to the Irish Channel in New Orleans which was for the poor Irish Shortly, after arrival both her parents died She and her 3 sisters were taken in by an aunt and uncle who really could not afford to keep them Two of the sisters were put into an orphanage Laura and her [...]

    10. Tweety on said:

      3 1 2I enjoyed this just as I expected too, since I love Jill Marie Landis style I personally think the second book,Heart of Lies in this series is better, I liked the characters and the scenery This one was good, we have strong characters, unexpected happenings and suspense But it was dark and not really my kind of plot Lovie Laura is a former prostitute who now has established for herself a name, Mrs, Foster, the Widow Foster No one knows her past and she intends to keep it that way But the p [...]

    11. Zette on said:

      I enjoyed this story of a former prostitute pulling herself out of that lifestyle and trying to make an honest living by herself Jill Marie Landis has a comfortable reading style and makes it easy to get to know the characters and see their personalities The only disappointment I had was the curse word that was added to the dialogue of the villain Yes, I m being picky since it was mild the d word but I don t want Christian publishers to start down this slippery slope They allowed one in this boo [...]

    12. June on said:

      I loved, loved, loved this book It was a sweet story of redemption, forgiveness and unconditional love.Lovie has recently landed in New Orleans with her parents and 3 sisters They have come all the way from Ireland The only person they know is their father s brother and his wife and 2 kids, but their uncle is lazy and not an honorzlbe man like their father When Lovie s parents die their uncle sells the 2 oldest girls Lovie 11, and Meaghan 9 to a brothel The minute they are taken in the brothel i [...]

    13. Kristina on said:

      Alright people here we go Normally I don t think of Romance and Christian Fiction being closely entwined The author manages to do that and do it well in this book I like the main character Laurae was such a multi dimensional character who perseveres while trying to overcome her past The love factor in this book is just goodere s no better way to put it It s good and it s kind, and you just wanted to fall in love yourself This book has you laughing at times and crying at others, and all the while [...]

    14. Sheri Salatin on said:

      My thoughts I m going to skip the narrative on this book and just go straight to what I thought of it I liked it, but didn t love it The author did a good job with the sensitive subject of prostitution But the reason that I didn t love it was because there was something lacking The faith in Laura Lovie felt forced There was a point in the books that she submits to Christ, but after that, the jump was too sudden I felt that the end of the book was a hurry up and get this thing finished This is ju [...]

    15. Catherine on said:

      I didn t like this book very much Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers had a similar plot and did it a thousand times better The characters didn t have much personality All I got from Brand was that he couldn t take no for an answer can I please stop reading books about this, it s annoying in real life and not romantic and from Laura I got nothing at all And not because she closed herself off, I just had no sense that she was anything but words on a page I ll pass on future installments.

    16. Lynda on said:

      I love it when I find a good writerMs Landis is a good writer weaving sorrow, love, pain with the exact right humor at the right time I avoided picking up my Kindle today because I knew what would happen I started this book just last night I chucked than once and guffaw at one point Characters with depth People with no character at all but did have the Title.A sweet cat called Peaches A horse named ah, shall we say appropriately I do not to give anything away about this delightful story One fin [...]

    17. Carly on said:

      2.5 stars not bad, but not really good, either Drug out way too much in parts, didn t have a great flow in others And I didn t like how some of the issues were handled Oh And I HATED when one of her characters spread the lie that God won t give us than we can handle LIE Nowhere on the Bible does it say that It does say that HE can handle anything, and that with Him we can do all things, but that doesn t mean we won t be in over our heads ever It means He won t.

    18. Patty Campbell on said:

      My first read of this author, Jill Marie Landis Won t be my last.This is a charming story It covers some very serious issues and how the characters handle them For those of you who love a love story, but don t necessarily want to read sex scenes, this book will convey the strong emotional depth of the characters without them The clever way Landis has written the story, it just doesn t need them Landis is this very talented author.

    19. Marguerite Gray on said:

      I will definitely read the rest of this series Laura the oldest of four sisters is forced into a life of prostitution after her parents die and her uncle sells her to a brothel She promises to find her sisters but has to escape her own prison first The story follows her from New Orleans to central Texas Will her past catch up with her

    20. Sherri on said:

      A touching book The story of Lovey Laura brings up the issue of secrets, forgiveness, and judgmental attitudes No matter how much we spit shine our outer lives, only God can truly cleanse us Ms Landis has made an excellent start to the series.

    21. Shanda on said:

      Heart of Stone is the first book by Jill that I have read, and I ll start my review by saying I plan to read two of her novels set in Glory, TX Homecoming and The Accidental Lawman This review can also be found here ldswbr 2010 07 heThe ReviewHeart of Stone is the first volume in the Irish Angel series I like the cover and the title is appropriate to the main character, Laura Foster, and the way she has learned to cope with her past experiences Laura is not necessarily hard hearted, though she [...]

    22. Katie on said:

      I was pulled into this book from chapter one After you meet Lovie and her three sisters all recently orphaned and left in the care of their uncle you are left reeling by the close of the chapter when all her three siblings are ripped away from her and she is left in New Orleans brothel Some readers might be concerned, since she spends many of her years IN a brothel, how many details of her time spent there does the book include I was very happy and content that it was kept to a minimal and nothi [...]

    23. Sheba on said:

      I LOVED this book I do not write reviews very often but wanted to write one about this book Short summary Laura Foster is a woman with a past she has attempted to outrun with money and a new name In her community she is respected and well regarded by all and attracts the attention of the town reverend, Brand McCormick Because of her past Laura does not think herself worthy of Brand s affection and advances Little does she know Brand has a past of his own that might make her think twice about his [...]

    24. Laura on said:

      This is the first in the Irish Angel series by Jill Marie Landis This is also the first book of hers that I have read I do not expect it to be the last Laura Foster runs a boardinghouse in Glory, Texas She masquerades as a widow to protect a past she wants to keep a secret When the Reverend Brand McCormick begins calling on her, she is afraid that her facade will be broken and she will be forced to move on again When I first began reading the book, I was a little put out by Laura s attitude She [...]

    25. Dorcas on said:

      3 1 2 STARSFirst off, the writing skills are 5 star My rating of 3 1 2 stars is simply a matter of personal enjoyment and not a judgement on the author s writing.I had recently finished Heart of Lies I read them out of order and loved it SOOO much that I knew Heart Of Stone was going to have a hard time living up to my expectations And it did Why Partly, I suppose, it was THE SETTING Heart Of Stone takes place in a small Texas town not the Louisiana Bayou which I found fascinating E CHARACTERS s [...]

    26. Shari Larsen on said:

      This inspirational novel is set in the town of Glory, Texas, in the 1870 s Laura Foster a.k.a Lovie Lane is the wealthy owner of a refined boarding house She has a past she is ashamed of and trying to hide At the age of 11, she and her 3 sisters were taken in by an aunt and uncle after her parents died from yellow fever in New Orleans, and having too many mouths to feed, her uncle put her two youngest sisters in an orphanage, and sold Laura and her sister Megan to a brothel Laura does everything [...]

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