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Isabel Colegate

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The Shooting Party

The Shooting Party By Isabel Colegate The Shooting Party A contemporary classic restored to print at last Colegate explores a world aristocratic England on the eve of the Great War with affection and distance and sees it whole The Atlantic Monthly It is th

  • Title: The Shooting Party
  • Author: Isabel Colegate
  • ISBN: 9780380595433
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Shooting Party By Isabel Colegate A contemporary classic, restored to print at last Colegate explores a world aristocratic England on the eve of the Great War with affection and distance and sees it whole The Atlantic Monthly.It is the autumn of 1913 Sir Randolph Nettleby has assembled a brilliant array of guests at his Oxfordshire estate for the biggest hunt of the season An army of gamekeepers, bA contemporary classic, restored to print at last Colegate explores a world aristocratic England on the eve of the Great War with affection and distance and sees it whole The Atlantic Monthly.It is the autumn of 1913 Sir Randolph Nettleby has assembled a brilliant array of guests at his Oxfordshire estate for the biggest hunt of the season An army of gamekeepers, beaters, and servants has rehearsed the intricate age old ritual, the gentlemen are falling into the prescribed mode of fellowship and sporting rivalry, the ladies intrigued by the latest gossip and fashion Everything about this splendid weekend would seem a perfect consummation of the pleasures afforded the privileged in Edwardian England And yet it is not the moral and social code of this group is not so secure as it appears Competition beyond the bounds of sportsmanship, revulsion at the slaughter of the animals, anger at the inequities of class these forces are about to rise up and engulf the assured social peace, a peace that can last only a brief while longer In imagining Sir Randolph s shooting party, wrote The Spectator, Miss Colegate has found a perfect metaphor for the passing of a way of life Author Biography Isabel Colegate is the author of twelve novels, a collection of short stories, and, most recently, A Pelican in the Wilderness Hermits, Solitaries, and Recluses Counterpoint, April 2002 She lives near Bath, England.
    The Shooting Party By Isabel Colegate

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      449 Isabel Colegate
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    One thought on “The Shooting Party

    1. Cphe on said:

      Already an adequate synopsis on offer for the story This should have been a short novel but it was quite a dense and thoughtful read Wonderful characterisation and atmosphere, a way of life that is lost forever All the characters both the primary and secondary are strongly depicted but it s was the culture and values of a bygone era that was the standout Came across this on the Boxall 1001 list Well worth the read.

    2. Laura on said:

      With a light, deft touch, Isabel Colgate explores the autumn of Edwardian England as encapsulated in a country shooting party It s the fall of 1913, and Sir Randolph Nettleby is hosting an assortment of well heeled guests at his country estate for a weekend of shooting, gossip, and mild intrigue There s class conflict, subtle love stories, a missing pet duck, unforgivable egos, and a wandering animal rights activist who, oddly enough, immediately hits it off with Sir Randolph The temptation for [...]

    3. Elizabeth (Alaska) on said:

      I learned about this book from Second Reading Notable and Neglected Books Revisited by Jonathan Yardley, a Pulitzer winning reviewer I added a dozen of those books to my shelves, but have so far read only two I am somewhat amused at myself as those books are similar in that they have little plot but a lot of characterization Of these, I can see why they were included for second or third readings In The Shooting Party, the characterization is not just of the people in the novel, but of the time p [...]

    4. Elena T. on said:

      Cene interminabili, balli splendenti, l organizzazione di una battuta di caccia 24 ore in una grande dimora ogni evento governato dalle medesime ferree regole, in un epoca cerimoniosa Accanto a questa folla luccicante , ecco l altra parte del romanzo, la servit , un piccolo esercito che si alza all alba per andare a letto a notte fonda, il cui lavoro indispensabile per la rappresentazione scenica L introduzione non poteva che essere di Julian Fellowes, padre di Gosford Park e Downton Abbey Roman [...]

    5. Yukino on said:

      Questo romanzo mi ha spiazzato.Mi aspettavo qualcosa di diverso, un p pi frivolo se si pu usare questo aggettivo per un libro E invece stato intenso Dalla descrizione del paesaggio, dei personaggi e ai loro dialoghi, tutto cos profondo e decadente Come i nobili con le sue convenzioni e la servit , che ormai non trovano pi posto in questa societ che sta cambiando Lo si nota benissimo attraverso il divario tra genitori e figli.Devvero bello non me lo aspettavo cos Ritrae perfettamente uno spaccato [...]

    6. Kusaimamekirai on said:

      Just before the outbreak of WW1, a group of English aristocrats gather on the countryside estate of Sir Randolph to take part in his annual hunting party What follows are urban vs rural, young vs old, rich vs poor, tradition vs modernity, dichotomies that hang over the story like an approaching storm that threatens to destroy everyone involved.There is a singular physical tragedy here but it seems Colegate was interested in examining how social position is no bulwark against personal tragedy Be [...]

    7. Tony on said:

      THE SHOOTING PARTY 1980 Isabel Colegate .Set at an English country manor in 1913, this novel provides an excellent depiction of the closing of an era in English social life A shooting party affordable only by the very rich is a social event where members of the wealthy class get together to participate in an organized hunt The animals are provided by the host pheasants, rabbits, ducks, etc These game animals are raised by the host until a sufficient number are available for an exciting hunt The [...]

    8. Jennifer on said:

      Touted as the book that inspired Downton Abbey in an ugly and annoying sticker that I can t peel off of my book without a mess I m surprised I m not seeing people reading this book It really does read like a BBC drama for anyone looking to get a dose of a British country house in Edwardian England The story revolves around one weekend when a shooting party is held on the Oxfordshire estate of Sir Randolph Nettleby There are affairs to be considered when doing the seating plans and rivalries to [...]

    9. Lewerentz on said:

      Malgr les premi res pages qui m ont fait tr s peur dans le sens o j ai cru que je n accrocherais pas du tout, ensuite, j ai vraiment beaucoup aim Un de ces romans anglais sur le d clin d un monde, d une poque l aube de la premi re guerre mondiale Quelques longueurs mais sinon, c est top

    10. Connie on said:

      I struggled to get through this book and it is less than 200 pages To me, reading it is like standing in pointed toe shoes in a long reception line of people you barely meet but feel you must remember their name as they will pop up again.I neither could relate nor befriend any of these characters Really, shouldn t there be at least one likeable character per novel I realize it was suppose to paint a picture of the time period but wasn t it plotless, dry, darn near constipating My biggest regret [...]

    11. Roberta on said:

      The Shooting Party un romanzo che sicuramente piacer a tutti coloro che apprezzano Downton Abbey E ambientato nell Inghilterra edoardiana dell anteguerra, ben prima degli sconvolgimenti sociali economici e politici che portarono ad un ripudio di una societ e di un modo di vita basato sul governo di una ristretta lite di famiglie nobili attorno a cui ruotava un sistema di servit con cui ogni persona era a contatto, fosse dalla parte del servito o dalla parte del servitore Fu solo negli anni Setta [...]

    12. Kris Herndon on said:

      This is a good example of third person omniscient point of view and a really good book It tells the story of a group of characters who converge in a particular place a tragic event that takes place there and what happens after Unlike a lot of these Grand Hotel type multi character narratives, it s not sprawling or epic It s just that the author wants to show one particular thing and what it means to many different people It s skillfully done and very enjoyable.

    13. JacquiWine on said:

      Set on an Oxfordshire country estate in the autumn of 1913, The Shooting Party presents a terrific insight into the dying days of the Edwardian era, the beginning of the end of a time honoured way of life for the English upper classes.The novel follows the final twenty four hours of a three day shoot, a landmark event in the social calendar of the Nettlebys and their immediate set Our host is Sir Randolph Nettleby, a landowner and member of the old guard, one who values the long established trad [...]

    14. Michael on said:

      A very satisfying read The author has focussed on a weekend s bird shooting mainly grouse at the estate of a wealthy mansion owner in England a year or two before the outbreak of World War one Noted gentry, who are recognised for their shooting ability are invited along with their spouses for a weekends shoot There are many characters in the novel but each are so well described and integrated to the story in a way that all are readily remembered as the intensity of the story evolves The descript [...]

    15. Mary Robinson on said:

      An aristrocratic shooting party in the days before World War I, showing both the strengths and great weaknesses of this privileged group, the class system that made them privileged and the questionable rite of the shooting party Beautifully written, evocative of that time period Good for Downton Abbey fans.

    16. Val on said:

      The Shooting Party is set in England in 1913, in the months preceding the outbreak of World War I and the action takes place over just twenty four hours.It is a snapshot of a way of life which was soon to vanish and I liked the way the story was condensed into such a short time I also enjoyed the language and the way it was written There are a lot of characters for such a short book, which made them difficult to all tell apart sometimes The shooting party members didn t have very different opini [...]

    17. Chari on said:

      Como siempre a la hora de puntuar un libro me dejo llevar en mayor medida por las sensaciones que me ha despertado la lectura del mismo, y como soy una angl fila incurable, le concedo cinco estrellas a esta novela que sirvi de inspiraci n para crear Downton Abbey y Gosford Park Por que con esa atmosf rica, detallada y oto al descripci n que hace la autora de la naturaleza en la finca durante la poca de caza en la propiedad de sir Randolph, un arist crata terrateniente, me gan , me sent part cipe [...]

    18. Scoats on said:

      Continuing with my quest to read every book we own I picked this one up used at some point, probably many years ago Who knows how many times it had moved with me Sometimes I find pure gold that has been on shelf unread and undiscovered for decades Sometimes I find stuff that I could have disposed of years ago The Shooting Party falls into the later category for me Even though the subject matter is really old hat to me at this point, I wanted to like this book I don t Colegate s writing is really [...]

    19. Valerie on said:

      This is the story of what happens during a weekend shooting party held at Nettleby Park, an estate in the English countryside, in the period just before the beginning of the first World War The central story is a rivalry between two men that leads to an accident don t want to ruin it But the main interest is this moment in time that Colegate has capturedrfectly A younger generation eager for change, an older generation mourning the loss of feudal traditions f the English countryside Everyone inn [...]

    20. James R. C. on said:

      For me, this is sounding the Great War from the Belle Epoch through Mark Helprin, The Soldier of the Great War savoring a Masterpiece Theater like series in my mind Keeping to the shelter of the trees he Cornelius Cardew fixed the piece of cardboard on which as bitten i large red letters THOU SHALT NOT KILL to the top of his stick and waited for the beaters to disappear into the wood As he Dan Glass s father stepped out of the trees he did not see the woodcock which flew out low and fast at the [...]

    21. Tim on said:

      I was reminded of this novel when I watched the terrific film made of it with James Mason perfect as the English gentleman, old school and John Gilegud perfect as the eccentric pacifist Set in 1913, portentously, on the eve of the First World War, at a massive country house the aristocrats are gathered for blood sport Edward Fox is very good as the example par excellance of the stiff upper lip type The thunderous blasts of the shotguns prefigure the destructive guns of the war A great book and [...]

    22. Peggy on said:

      In 1913 Sir Randolph has one of his famous hunting parties, which ends in tragedy This novel is a challenging read There are a confusing number of characters with few details provided to help differentiate among them, particularly the women The story is told from multiple viewpoints, and none is sustained longer than about three pages Interesting for its gorgeous descriptions of the Oxfordshire countryside and as a snapshot of life among British aristocrats on the eve of World War I.

    23. Evan Thomas on said:

      Just a perfect gem of a book Colegate adds layer upon layer complexity to make the modern reader interested in the lives of characters that they will have nothing in common with except desire, envy, and ambition Like the best plays it takes a limited scene, a small cast, one day and weaves them into nest of complication that hurtles perhaps somewhat obviously towards tragedy in a world we know is doomed to extinction.

    24. Mary on said:

      I loved this book.So of it s time which wasn t to be the same after WW1.A time of shoots and house parties of the aristocracy.It also touched on the lower classes.Hard to believe that this book was only written in 1980.I really felt Iwas there and was so glad that the duck escaped

    25. Susan Libanio on said:

      I read this book many years ago, when I was quite young and still believed in fairy tale true love We humans love to tell stories and believe them for all sorts of reasons SPOILER ALERT The hero and heroine will never marry and form a family unit however, the heroine s husband is silently aware of their lifelong liaison, and even approves the hero s bloodlines This is an acceptable form of behaviour in their set This book severely challenged by youthful illusions, but I came to realize, years an [...]

    26. Timothy Phillips on said:

      There is raw hardness in the midst of elegance in this book and both reveal themselves with huge compassion That for me is the essence of The Shooting Party s achievement To encapsulate an era in a two day story without ever resorting to caricature is remarkable The writing tingles with meanings sentence by sentence and it is somehow explicitly clear throughout that the characters lives are busy continuing off page even when we are unable to see Increasingly, as I read, I felt I was in the realm [...]

    27. Robert Hepple on said:

      Published in 1980, The Shooting Party revolves around a major shooting event in the grounds of a country house in late 1913, and in the process looks at the end of an era Very atmospheric and beautifully written and yet not an awful lot happens I can t help but thinking that the praise heaped on this novel has over egged it somewhat, but opinions clearly differ.

    28. Lucrezia on said:

      Nice book, with a beautiful and graceful style, but perhaps a bit slow and with too many characters for such a short work I ve always had problems with books with an abundance of characters because I always struggle to remember who is who and it takes me a long while to connect with all of them.AnywayThe story is set in the English countryside a couple of years before World War I Sir Randolph Nettleby hosts a weekend shooting party in his vast estate, for his illustrious guests.Kindhearted and s [...]

    29. Beth MacIntosh on said:

      Really boring Not sure why this is considered a classic by some.

    30. Aurelia on said:

      I was disappointed with book but it was interresting about the shooting parties, how it works

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