An Offer From A Gentleman: The Epilogue II

Julia Quinn

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An Offer From A Gentleman: The Epilogue II

An Offer From A Gentleman: The Epilogue II By Julia Quinn An Offer From A Gentleman The Epilogue II Everyone deserves a happy ending Especially Posy Reiling the decidedly not evil stepsister from An Offer From a Gentleman She s been living with the Bridgertons for three years but despite Violet s

  • Title: An Offer From A Gentleman: The Epilogue II
  • Author: Julia Quinn
  • ISBN: 9780061965562
  • Page: 114
  • Format: ebook
  • An Offer From A Gentleman: The Epilogue II By Julia Quinn Everyone deserves a happy ending.Especially Posy Reiling, the decidedly not evil stepsister from An Offer From a Gentleman She s been living with the Bridgertons for three years, but despite Violet s most fervent matchmaking, she hasn t found a husband Posy claims she s content to remain a spinster, but Sophie Bridgerton has other plans
    An Offer From A Gentleman: The Epilogue II By Julia Quinn

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      114 Julia Quinn
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    One thought on “An Offer From A Gentleman: The Epilogue II

    1. Dina on said:

      What a lovely short story To be fair, those who haven t read and loved the Bridgertons series won t enjoy this additional epilogue written by JQ Obviously, I loved it It was like revisiting old friends, and I was than glad to find them still living well and enjoying the HEA promised in their original books.As usual, JQ s witty writing was sharp as ever and I found myself laughing than once Here s one of my favorite quotes Would you like some tea I would love some, Mr Woodson said to Posy Above [...]

    2. Exina on said:

      It is about Posy and not about Sophie and Benedict who happen to be one of my favorite couples, so it is a little disappointing for me.But just a little, as I liked Posy s novella very much a budding romance is always captivating, especially love at first sight, besides it is written in a very engaging way Sophie and Benedict also made me smile Benedict nodded slowly Do you think I should go out there Don t you dare So I m not supposed to protect her honor It s her first kiss He quirked a brow A [...]

    3. MountainKat on said:

      Wonderful addition to the original story I was expecting of Benedict and Sophie, but it was great to see Posy get her happy ending too The audio was very nice.

    4. Amanda Sheila on said:

      I WANT TO READ MORE ABOUT POSY Gah I want to know what Posy and Hugh did just after their first meeting oh my god, how lucky to be Posy This sweet short story is a little bit continuing after An Offer From A Gentleman and I enjoyed it Definitely adorable and I really wish it s a bit loooonger.

    5. Aleena on said:

      One spinster heroine, can t find the love of her life.Ditto hero.One matchmaking relative.Hero sees heroine.Heroine sees hero.Insta love can t take their eyes off each other insta wedding.The end.

    6. Nhi Nguyễn on said:

      Oh wow, I thought I would love to read about Benedict and Sophie s marriage life after what happened in An Offer From A Gentleman, but man, the story of Posy and her future husband was so good that it nearly satisfied my appetite for historical romance Benedict and Sophie, oh those two were still deeply in love like it was the first time D But Posy and her brood of children, wow 3 I love romance stories that end with the births of children, conceived from the love of their parents, and this nove [...]

    7. Melissa on said:

      This was a nice enough book, I guess It definitely was fine for a small e book I thought that there was a lot of potential in the love story found in this little epilogue However, I think that the book suffered because of its shortness Posy had been a minor character in the main book, An Offer From a Gentleman, so she had not been really explored much as a character It was obvious that she was not mean spirited and evil like her mother and sister For most of the novel she had seemed to be weak S [...]

    8. Jessi on said:

      I know authors can t succumb to every wish of their reading audience, but I wish that Posy Reiling had gotten her own full length story I always envision her as Melanie Lynskey who played a similar character in Ever After At the end of An Offer from a Gentleman, Posy moved out of her mother s house and into that of the Bridgerton s She s happy there, happier than she ever was before, but she still wishes for And her sister technically step sister, but who s counting , Sophie, wants to find her [...]

    9. Jilly on said:

      Cute follow up to the book I was glad for Posy.But, this part made me laugh married to a British man who loves his tea How do you take it Posy asked However you wish Oh now, this was too much No man fell so blindingly in love that he no longer held a preference for his tea This was England, for heaven s sake More to the point, this was tea Truer words have never been spoken.

    10. Annie on said:

      I great little story I always liked Posy and I m very glad that she got her own story even if it s just such a short one And Benedict and Sophie were just hilarious Every conversation of them made me laugh so hard Especially when they are in his studio, spying on Posy Benedict was so funny when he thought aloud about how this would be a good training for him when he has daughters himself Just hilarious

    11. emma on said:

      this is too funny i can t get rid of the image of sophie and benedict pushing each other out of the way to spy on posy

    12. Diane on said:

      Posy was such a sweetheart in the original story so I was happy to hear her story end well too.

    13. ᴍɪᴄs ✖amante de los spoilers✖ on said:

      Me hizo sonre r como una tonta aunque fue super precipitado el romance entre Posy y Hugh me encant.

    14. Sue on said:

      Like the epilogue WAY better than the book Love seeing Posie get an HEA.

    15. ellymate on said:

      Actually this can t really have a rating, but finding out about Posy was in some sort cute.Worth reading if you know the characters.

    16. Sassafrass on said:

      I m not exactly sure why this is the epilogue to Sophie and Benedict s story since it pretty much all about Posy but I was so happy to see that she got her HEA It was a lovely ending to her story.

    17. Andy Oyana on said:

      Me alegr tanto que Posy pudiera encontrar la felicidad despu s de todo.

    18. Zairobe25 on said:

      Muy breve, la historia de Posy, entretenida pero innecesaria.

    19. Cindy on said:

      Bener banget, semua orang berhak untuk bahagia Sebenernya ini cerita bukan soal Sophie dan Benedict sih, tapi lebih ke saudara tirinya si Sophie, Posy Nama yang aneh Mengingat dulunya dia baik bangt sama si Sophie aku rasa dia pantas dapat Gentelmen deh , ini Posy 11 12 ma Penelope zaman ababil dulu The problem is that most people don t seem to realize how lovely she is SophieSaat baca kalimat ini aku terasa tersentil, karena ada memang orang orang diluar sana yang kadang gak tahu charm mereka i [...]

    20. Olanrewaju Olarinde on said:

      Very sweet Saccharine filled But a great happy ending for Posy.

    21. Natha on said:

      Buku aslinya memang lebih mirip kisah Cinderella, di mana ada ibu tiri yang jahat dengan kedua saudara tiri Bedanya, di sini sang saudara tiri, salah satunya baik hati Itulah sebabnya Julia Quinn menuliskan 2nd epilogue berhubungan dengan si saudara tiri yang baik hati itu Bagaimana kalau si gadis akhirnya menemukan akhir yang bahagia, meski memiliki saudara dan ibu yang jahat.Di sanalah Sophie dan Benedict turut campur dalam perjodohan yang bahagia Buku aslinya bukan favorit, tapi aku cukup suk [...]

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