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Yuyi Morales

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Little Night

Little Night By Yuyi Morales Little Night As the long day comes to an end Mother Sky fills a tub with falling stars and calls Bath time for Little Night Little Night answers from afar Can t come I am hiding and you have to find me Mama Fi

  • Title: Little Night
  • Author: Yuyi Morales
  • ISBN: 9781596430884
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Little Night By Yuyi Morales As the long day comes to an end, Mother Sky fills a tub with falling stars and calls, Bath time for Little Night Little Night answers from afar, Can t come I am hiding and you have to find me, Mama Find me now Where could Little Night be Down a rabbit hole In a blueberry field Among the stripes of bees Exquisitely painted and as gentle as Little Night s dress cAs the long day comes to an end, Mother Sky fills a tub with falling stars and calls, Bath time for Little Night Little Night answers from afar, Can t come I am hiding and you have to find me, Mama Find me now Where could Little Night be Down a rabbit hole In a blueberry field Among the stripes of bees Exquisitely painted and as gentle as Little Night s dress crocheted from clouds, this is a story to treasure.
    Little Night By Yuyi Morales

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      374 Yuyi Morales
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    One thought on “Little Night

    1. Lisa Vegan on said:

      Gorgeous and unusual illustrations, each one taking up the whole page with the story text over part of the picture, and lovely sentiments of a mother s love for her daughter I read this illustrator s book Los Gatos Black on Halloween, and loved it and enjoyed the English Spanish language story This book has a separate Spanish language edition I would have loved some Spanish in this English language story as well In the illustrations I particularly loved the stars, in all the places they appeared [...]

    2. Kathryn on said:

      Absolutely gorgeous, luminous illustrations make this an outstanding book The story is about Mother Sky who tries to get Little Night ready to play in the sky, but mischievous Little Night loves to hide Wow, I loved it

    3. Michael on said:

      Wow, what a beautifully illustrated and engaging children s book This is a fascinating short story about Mother Sky and Little Night, getting ready for the end of the day It is very accessible for children because it depicts familiar activities of bath time, getting dressed, combing hair all accompanied by the playful interaction of hide and seek as Little Night tries to delay each activity What makes it special is how the illustrations show you these are all metaphors for the daylight ending an [...]

    4. YoSafBridg on said:

      Just when you thought i might have gone and tried to grow up on ya all i have another wonderful picture book recommendation for everyone to check out Little Night by Pura Belpre Award winning author and artist Yuyi Morales Little Night begins at the end of the long day asMother Sky fills a tub with falling stars and calls, Bath time for Little Night Little Night answers from afar, Can t come, I am hiding and you have to find me, Mama Find me now Hmmm, Mother Sky looks down a rabbit hole She puts [...]

    5. Scooping it Up on said:

      This is a favorite of my newest daughter, who is desperate for books that show characters that look like her, i.e little girls with brown skin Every night she asks for this book and I am happy to oblige.This fact won t apply to many families out there, but book s flow and rhythm makes it easy to translate into Amharic, my daughter s language, which makes for a soothing bedtime read.Each page depicts a little girl, who is the night, hiding from her mother the sky She wants to be found, but plays [...]

    6. Angela Dell on said:

      Little night is both written and illustrated by Yuyi Morales She is, in my opinion, one of the most talented illustrators This story is beautifully illustrated in a range of blues and purples to depict the characters of the night Mother Sky and her daughter Little night live, play and wonder the night sky Little night, like any other young child, is silly and lovable She can not do anything without hiding form her mother first, take a bath, get dressed or eat to name a few I would use this with [...]

    7. Dolly on said:

      With soft, soothing colors and a whimsical story, I think this would be a perfect bedtime read The Little Night character is adorably mischievous and the Mother Sky character is nurturing and playful The story seems to end a bit abruptly, but otherwise it s a fun story to read aloud We really enjoyed reading this book together This book was selected as one of the books for the September 2013 Bedtime stories discussion at the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books Group here at.

    8. Carly on said:

      Little Night is a simple book about a mother getting her daughter ready She bathes, dresses, and feeds Little Night, each time having to find find her where she s hiding The book has the most beautiful illustrations I have ever seen They really capture the beauty of dusk and night and of the special relationship between a mother and daughter My daughter and I read this book every night and just adore it

    9. Christy on said:

      Little Night, written and illustrated by Yuyi Morales, is a bedtime story book that captivates readers with its delightful story and magnificent illustrations The text is light hearted and warm Readers feel the genuine and loving relationship between the mother, Mother Sky, and her daughter, Little Night.Little Night won both the 2008 American Library Association Notable Book Award ALAN and the 2008 Golden Kite Award The ALAN is awarded to children s books that are especially commendable in qual [...]

    10. Leslie on said:

      Yuyi Morales plays with the getting ready for bed story as Mother Sky tries to coax Little Night into a bathtub of stars The sun sets, and the sky cools and darkens Mother Sky s skirts as she bathes and dresses a child interested in playing hide and seek.Little Night hides in places wherein night would blend, with animals and hues like a little night The color scheme moves from warm sunset reds, oranges, pinks to cooling and harder surfaced reds to deepening into purples and blues The evidence [...]

    11. Christine Turner on said:

      A stunning bilingual story by award winning author and illustrator Yuyi Morales.As the long day comes to an end, Mother Sky fills a tub with falling stars and calls, Bath time for Little Night Little Night answers from afar, Can t come I am hiding and you have to find me, Mama Find me now Where could Little Night be Down a rabbit hole In a blueberry field Among the stripes of bees Exquisitely painted and as gentle as Little Night s dress crocheted from clouds, this is a story to treasure With a [...]

    12. Maria on said:

      It is common knowledge that Yuyi Morales is a color genius and a word magician, and with Little Night, she does it again Yuyi s color palette is imaginative, unique and vibrant Her colors are so deep So sparkly I am convinced they will glow in the dark if I were to turn off the light I LOVE her combination of magenta and red with turquoise and purple her compositions are magical My eye flows over the pages, dancing from one spread to the next Yuyi s text is lyrical and soothing, perfect for a be [...]

    13. 529_Quincy Owens on said:

      Little Night by Yuyi Morales is a short tale about Mother Sky and her playful daughter Little Night Throughout the story, Mother Sky goes about her motherly routine of taking care of her daughter which includes bathing, feeding, dressing, and combing her hair All of these events happen in a God like manner The Milky Way for instance is nothing than nourishment for Little Night The God s in this book are definitely of Mexican descent There are also numerous illustrations of buildings which refle [...]

    14. Jack on said:

      I love this book, the storyline, the characters, the interplay of love The illustrations are just wonderful I was very moved by the author s dedication and notes in the back of the book.Age Range 2 6 yearsGrade Level Preschool 1This review is of the Roaring Brook Press First Edition April 3, 2007.Note a bilingual edition is scheduled for June 28th 2016 by Square Fish Little Night Nochecita Mi nieto loves Ni o Wrestles the World as do I.Yuyi Morales is a three time PURA BELPR winner.

    15. Lisa on said:

      Enchanting This is everything a picture book for babies and toddlers and preschoolers should be Mother Sky leads her daughter Little Night through her bedtime routine of taking a bath, putting on pajamas, brushing her hair, etc But it s Mother Sky, so Little Night bathes in falling stars, dresses in clouds, and gets stars in her hair Little Night hides at each step along the way, telling her mama that she ll have to find her first And, of course, Mama finds Little Night each time.As always, Yuyi [...]

    16. Melanie on said:

      Little Night is a 2008 Americas Award Nominated book by Yuyi Morales There is also a Spanish version of the book entitled, Nochecita I read the English version of the book First off, Yuyi Morales illustrations are simply phenomenal The dreamy, flowy pictures match the book s theme about bedtime Mother Sky plays hide and seek with Little Night as part of their bedtime ritual This would be a great bedtime read aloud book for young children for English or Spanish speakers since there are 2 versions [...]

    17. Larissa on said:

      Morales, Yuyi Little Night New Milford, CT Roaring Brook, 2007 Print Ages 8 10 Little Night is a book about how Little Night is trying to hide from her mom and they are pretty much playing hide and go seek to be able to find each other while trying to also prepare dinner as well This wasn t a very fun one to read, because the pictures to me, personally I didn t really enjoy that much, but some students might love it Personally, I feel that this book isn t that really exciting and the graphics ar [...]

    18. Victoria Swisher on said:

      Mother Sky says is searching for her Little Night who is not yet ready to be found Little Night leads her mother in a game of hide and seek all across the country side Eventually, Mother Sky catches up with Little Night and as they play catch with the moon, night has finally fallen over the country side.I enjoyed how simple and sweet this story was, and also the cultural inspiration The illustrations were very beautiful and contributed to the story very well I would include this book in my class [...]

    19. Linda Lipko on said:

      When Mother Sky tries to give her daughter Little Night a bath, Little Night plays a fansical game of hide and seek Always knowing where she could find her child, she looks for her in a loving way Reaching out in the miles and miles of night sky, when she locates her child, she baths her and combs her hair, making swirls fascinted by three barets The barets anchor Little Night as they provide bright light of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.There is a magical, whimsical, wonderful air of this book Rid [...]

    20. Gabrielle on said:

      Little Night is another beautifully illustrated book by Yuyi Morales Her illustrations are so lovely, and in this book she uses lots of dark purples, browns and reds to depict the night sky The story is about Mother Sky and her child Little Night as they play together Mother Sky is very loving and playful with her child It s a very lighthearted story, but Morales dedicated the story to two Mexican mothers she knows who are fighting poverty and illness to raise their children This is a lovely sto [...]

    21. Elizabeth on said:

      The beautiful illustrations I ve come to expect from Yuyi Morales.Mama Sky is brown and Little Night is black, complete with locs view spoiler While the ending is somewhat abrupt, I appreciate the idea that, The author isn t putting Little Night to bed it s nighttime, it s time for the child to be waking, to be bathed and dressed, fed and groomed, and given the moon as a ball with which to run out and play hide spoiler

    22. Nancy on said:

      Yuyi Morales illustrations and words flow together through the pages of this spirit filled nocturnal tale of Mother Sky and her daughter, Little Night Morales insight to beauty, love and nature is evident when reading and viewing the warm purples, reds, and browns along with the fullness of the mother and daughter in this picture book This is a beautiful book to put any child or adult to sleep by.

    23. Stephanie Tournas on said:

      A poetic bilingual Spanish bedtime story Mother Sky puts her playful daughter, Little Night, to sleep, but only after many games of hide and seek Strong deep colors with a sprinkling of star light set the mood for night, and the playful affectionate patter of mother and daughter speak of unconditional love, as eternal as the night sky A lovely book for bedtime sharing, whether the reader speaks Spanish or not.

    24. Julie on said:

      What a beautiful book to read to a child at bedtime While we are getting ready for bed, the mischevious Little Night keeps Mother Sky busy with a game of hide and seek while she tries to avoid getting ready for her day.Yuyi Morales s story is perfectly complimented by her pastel illustrations The book is truly a work of art As you are reading, Mother Sky s skirt transforms from the flaming colors of a sunset to the soft violets and blues of night.

    25. Gianna Marino on said:

      Yuyi Morales is an amazing story teller, illustrator and creator of magic She does it once again with this starry tale of Little Night and Mother Sky The playfulness and joy of Little Night hiding from her Mother Sky is sweet and loving Yuyi s art, as always, is rich and emotional.Must read, must have, must think of it every time you look at the night sky.

    26. Jackie on said:

      A creative use of stars and sky terminology, Little Night by Yuyi Morales captures those bedtime struggles with imagination and playfulness Mother Sky cheerfully helps Little Night slip into slumber, while playing along with her daughter s pre bedtime antics A wonderful book for bedtime Used for Sky and Stars Storytime October, 2011.

    27. Connie on said:

      When I say this book is gorgeous, I don t mean it looks merely pretty, or even beautiful I mean the colors are rich, the lines vivid, the faces real I would say that the text is sweet, but that s like saying gold or honey is kinda yellow Honey isn t half as sweet as this book, anyway.If you can only buy one bedtime book this year, make it this one You won t regret it.

    28. Jim on said:

      Little Night, by Yuyi Morales, shines with hues of the colorful night sky The story, about a little girl, the personification of night, who wakes up when the rest of the world goes to sleep will delight kids with it s topsy turvy viewpoint As Mother Sky plays a game of hide n seek with Little Night, the girl gets ready for her dayrr her night Charming story and gorgeous art.

    29. Romelle on said:

      A beautiful and unique story of Mother Sky and Little Night Author illustrator Yuyi Morales uses a sweet and fun approach to show the wonders of the sky from dusk to night through the characters The lovely lyrical language and muted colors are soothing and makes a perfect bedtime story

    30. Anna on said:

      This was a cute story about a mother and her child that I think young kids would really enjoy The pictures are great and the book captures the special kind of relationship that a mother and child share.

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